Am An Addict !

  Yes, as my post title says " i am an addict ".. not only me but anyone who reads the post title is an addict, aren't you ? well, let's argue.. wait it can't be an argument when one man keep on talking about his views, so i will put it up like this, well i will share my views !

"Damn, Why him ? " he is an addict dude.. " What ? are you mad to befriend him ? " he is number one drunkard.. Usually we all have either experienced by hearing or speaking these words on someone at some part of time.

For me, when i was about to attend my first day of my college, My mom,brother and all people who cares for me gave me a similar caution, Be selective with your friends, Never speak with a bad guy, Don't indulge in rubbish activities, of course no parent will ask their son and daughter to do rubbish things, but have you noticed ? to all students who attends their first day these words will be the caution, if all of us are good and if all of us warned about bad guys, then where that bad guy exists ?? strange..

For recent time, i have realized that i have been addicted to blogging. previously it was facebook, at that time even while falling from the floor my mind will think like " Hey Deepak, why don't you post this as your status message ? Faaaalingggg in d stepssssss help meeeee" at some part of time everyone one of us will be an addict for something or for someone..

I wrote this post after seeing another blogger, posted his views about obsession, i will tell you people all of us are obsessed with something aren't we ?
Obsessed with money,fame,love,eatables,drinks,cigarette etc.. But whenever we pronounce the word addiction, our mind redirects us to " Drug addict " " Chain smoker ", these alone will not be classified under addiction.

Even drinking coffee and reading news paper in bathroom is also a kind of addiction, passion and addiction has only a slight difference, i am just posting my views. i don't find great difference between them, A terrorist is addicted to his principles " he wants to kill people ", it is hi passion.. " An army man should stop him " it is work and passion might be addiction whatever you call..

Addiction is not at all bad, all of us are addicted, it doesn't mean that all drunkards are bad. there are so many people living with multiple faces, cheaters, traitors etc, but getting addicted to a good thing and bad thing classifies a man. Gandhi's addiction is to free India but Ghadaafi's addiction is to control Libya.. It reflected their life !

At end of the day and end of this post, i am sharing you one thing that you can't deny, All of us are addicted to our " LIFE ", everyone is damn addicted for their own life.
Even Buddha's NO INTEREST philosophy is also an addiction about not having interest in anything. Get addicted but for good things and good results..
Addict signing off :)


  1. Am addicted to ur blog!! :P :P ;)

  2. @vidhya: ahh ?? Then i can smell that you are addicted to lying too :P
    @magiceye: Thanks bro :)

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  4. very true...i was addicted to orkut, then blogging and indiblogger ;)

    village girl

  5. My recent addiction is indiblogger, indeed! Thus I'm here commenting on your posts. Your posts prove my point that 'weird is real'


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