Do you remember Elliot carver ? James Bond ? or at least Tomorrow never Dies ??.. I have seen that film several times(Not worth watching), i must be clear that am not writing movie review now, In that film " Tomorrow Never Dies " , there would be a media mogul portrayed, which has resemblance of media tycoon " Murdoch ", well i must be clear that am not writing about NEWS CORP.. In that film, that insane guy will decide news and things will happen after publishing their papers. so funny right ? no ? :( OK go ahead.
Press council of India, which is regulatory body for media in India, has got its best ever president and he is Justice Markandey Katju. Man he is sizzling with his words and views, he is so honest about his view and  am glad for having such wonderful visionaries with us.

Media, especially news media and especially 24X7 channels are going mad, they can really play a great role than politicians when it comes to infrastructure,law and order,inequalities,terrorism etc. But are they doing so ? can't blame on common that all media are worst, there are well respected media and most of them are print media like THE HINDU and so many, but there are very few selfless media in 24x7 category.

' X ' channel is first to report from ground zero and X channel is showing you first visuals are so lame my friends, taking credits for such selfless works are damn lame, so cheap to hear and read., they can still focus on worst regions instead of covering useless things.
Justice katju was 100% correct with his words, which created huge uproar in media, because they will hate anyone who stands against them, in fact i went through some worst articles on defaming Mr.katju.
Here read his view on media Katju clarifies.

There must be some regulations and rules must be forced on media, because in my region all political parties runs a television channel and news channel, it is so hard to find which is the correct one, there are rare channels which displays the true news as it happens.

Make regulations and build a prosperous media society and let the young Journalist to act for a cause and don't force them to play for TRP..
And Mr.katju i admire you sir, though you got retired you want to build a strong society, my salutes :)


  1. At times media go mad. I hate it when they project their views instead of the reality. That is what we find on TV most of the time. I remember watching a political issue on 2 channels simultaneously. In one they are blamed and in another they are justified. They fail to strike a balance. media can't take sides, justify or blame anyone. they should ideally present it to the viewers and let them arrive at a conclusion.
    And as you mentioned, there are a few who realize their social responsibility, commitment and stick on to the facts. they deserve an appreciation.

  2. thanks for bringing this to focus.

  3. guess you went through the article The Hindu came up with which has him clarifying his opinions . it was a wonderful read. . totally agree with your take . .

  4. Good topic you bring up here. I too have been following him and I agree with you. This "Fair is foul and foul is fair" attitude of popular media is regrettable and is a sign of a somewhat hypocritic society in the rise which strangely reminded me of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"!


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