COURTESY - " Rest In Peace "

    Welcome Idiots and Stupids, Why the hell you visited my page ?? Can you please Back off ?? What do you want ?? Still reading this passage, i appreciate your patience and sorry for this weird introduction, i just tried symbolize the content of this post in lines.. Lets go, we will deal about the hilarious humans of today !

Have you ever tasted road side stalls ? I have several such vendors near my locality,Their taste is not lesser to any other star hotels perhaps better than those prestigious hotels, if you ask me about their hygiene and way of cooking, it may seem to be a bit risky to eat there, but we are not sure about the kitchens of star hotels either and there are some funny videos on how chef prepares a dish while sneezing and coughing, okay let's come to the point, i have observed that vendor, he is the single man to cook,serve and receive money, it will be a high pressure job, but despite of his worries and pressure, he never fails to do one thing and that is " GREETINGS ".

Person who comes to the shop may be 10 year old or 50 year old, he will address everyone with " Vaanga anna, enna sapdringa "  which literally means " Welcome brother, what do you wish to have ? " and even in the peak time where college students. software professionals and construction workers from northern India plunders him with repeating their order, he with a smile and patience responds to them politely, even in the time of " change problems ", he will not bother those 1 rupee or 2 rupee we owe, such a gentle soul.

Another vendor, who runs a similar road side shop with decorated lights and hygienic use and throw plates sells things near to him, but with mt experience i have always seen a less crowd here than the first vendor, reason: he will invite people like this " WHAT DO YOU WANT ", there will not be respect,love and patience in his talk, i never go to him an so many people too, why ? Just because lack of hospitality.

Hospitality is the essence of Indian culture familiarly called as "Atithi Devo Bhav " which means treat guest like a god, but the followers of this tag is so rare.

I will tell my experience, i know a friend who studied with me in school time, i met her after a long time and got her id and i sent a chat ping " HI... " dead silence on the other side, When there is no response i will get damn annoyed, next day i saw her again and sent a " Hiiiiii .. " this time, same silence existed on other side, then very next thing i did is JUST BLOCKED HER id.

Have you noticed a funny category of people, " Will keep their availability sign as BUSY, after few minutes it will turn to IDLE ", why this stupid exhibitionism ? which loser gonna give you award for pretending to be busy ?

When you don't respect a person, you are just simply missing a person and his positive effects, there are many such girls in this category, they consider themselves as AISHWARYA RAI, though they look like 200 year old embalmed Nefertiti, their attitude is just like " Don't be smooth ", " Show your ego "... i hate these bitches !

Guys are not lesser to them, i know a blogger(so called stupid) i hate that monkey to the core, i liked the way he wrote a post and i appreciated,voted etc and so many guys,girls did, what he did is, " selected few pretty looking girls who voted and commented and wrote their names in BOLD text, thanked them for voting and commenting, to rest of the awful guys like me " NO RESPONSE "...

You can see people of such kind everyday, might be a shop keeper, watchman or a conductor of your bus, who always erupt like Krakatoa..
Courtesy,Politeness,Humanity classifies and distinguish HUMANS and WILD, but Dogs are far better when compared to people of this strange kind..
If you are a person who never asks sorry and never says thank you, i have two words for you " FUCK YOU " whoever you may be uncle,aunt, sister or bro.. I just don't care, from my view you people are not HUMANS..

I have read a great meaning for THANK YOU AND SORRY..
Thank you- I appreciate you  :)
Sorry - I value you :)
Thanks for reading and also my thanks goes to the people who directly landed to this conclusion... Sorry if i have hurt you with my harsh words :)



  1. Starting sentence was a huge turn off. But it is from the sarcastic satan, I thought let me take it.
    Call them hypocrites. Simple.

  2. Thank you :) you could have quoted the last line too :) just wanted to show the real face of few people :0 can call as hypocrisy too :)

  3. sorry that was a test comment as my comment normally gets rejctd when i coment from my google account..i simply loved this post of urs..brutally honst and so very true....


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