Difficulties Of Being Ourselves..

" Be Yourself " is one among the popular advices bestowed all over the world, though we follow or not, though we know what it means or not, No matter.. People will Que up to advice you and instruct you to Be yourself !!

To be natural is such a very difficult pose to keep up ~Oscar WILDE ! Note the Funny thing on this quote, If your are by yourself you will not accept and you should not accept any kind of advice from any dumb-ass, By doing(hearing advices) so you naturally fail on being yourself.
There are differences in Being genuine and Being right, sometimes what you do or what you propose may not be a right one but it was your genuine one, If you follow yourself you prefer authenticity over perfection, We have got only one life and that is also tussled in between lot of visible and invisible phenomenons of our society, at this tough hard time, feasibility of being ourselves and being yourself is a very very toughest task !

We the Humans are social animals, it is damn hard to survive this planet all alone, without a family or without a friend if you try to live, soon you will be a dinner for worms, undeniable fact is that Human need fellow humans to survive with or without happiness !

We need to understand the principle of co existence and We learn that some things we do are aimed at gaining the approval of fellow human or might be for an appropriatereward, while different actions will result in varying degrees of disapproval, approvalor punishment and these factors decides on being yourself or being yourself( but with others impact).

Decision and Idea that we provide are not always from our heart, Many times they are edited for others satisfaction by our brain .

Being straight forward is one of the toughest job than cleaning Lion's teeth or pulling snakes' venom, I will tell you my experience on being straight forward and still am an outspoken person but revised edition...

It was a time in my school days, From my native place i was forced to attend an residential school far away from my home, am not an excellent student neither a dumb, that school composed of various various categories of students, from cities, villages and bright students dull students, rich poor etc....

The moment i stepped in to the school, it was like heaven, i was very happy and thanked parents for making me to join there and at the moment they lefty and went back home, Heaven changed to Hell... Harsh words of warden and senior teasers made a negative look on that school even before the class commencement, My first night on that hostel was horrible, Next day school started and on my first class, a senior teacher greeted us and asked all of us about hostel experience, most of the guys voluntarily favored the school's reception, in my turn i just spoke what i feel, i may be a person who wont adjust with others, whatever i told all horrible things to that sir and right from that day he kept on bullying me and scolding me for the remark i made on school, which is my genuine one from heart....

Hostel life shaped me to be a better human, there are only 2 conditions for survival....
1) Turn the surroundings and people around to act according to your wish !
2) Turn yourself to a person who acts according to the surroundings !
unfortunately there are no middle class in this classification !

Our words, Our own words will have both positive and negative effects on people around us, sitting inside a funeral we can't do as per our wish, I'm myself i will laugh at funeral, People will spit and throw you out....
Being a social animal, we must attach ourselves to other social animals, which is the only way to live a happy life by heart, few adjustments with in us and around us will definitely make a new life to live which will be a healthy one for sure !!

There was a birthday for one of my friend, actually i dint like her dress and i just said it looks awful to you, after this incident she hardly speaks and shares with me, PROBLEM OF BEING STRAIGHT FORWARD OR WHAT YOU ARE WILL BRING MORE Foe's Than Friends "...
I read a blog once, where everyone voted, commented and hailed... To be frank and honest, that post a shit.. according to me it doesn't deserve the hype it had, But i don't wanna spoil another person's joy which i spoiled once and several times..
So i just commented, GREAT ARTICLE...

We need so much of courage and strength to be ourselves and speak what we feel,
In this new world, it is so hard to be what we are and speak what we feel ..
Amount of such people are less than our Tiger reserves !
So, what does it really mean to be yourself? If our instincts are dulled from years of living as part of human culture, does this mean that thereis no hope for us to be natural? Thankfully, this isn't the case..There are no mistake on modifying ourselves to make a man laugh and at the end of the day, it is your life and you decide on what you are and what you speak, you own the copyright for your life !P:s: It Doesn't mean that all blog i commented are just for namesake, just quoted 1 experience here !


  1. It is indeed difficult to be oneself. But more difficult is the step that comes before that: defining what "oneself" means for us.

    Great post!
    And good to see such posts being written.

  2. I believe one must stay frank and straight forward with friends and near-dear ones. This will only help them know better, where they go wrong or how they can improve. Of course with people you may not know, you will always end up being diplomatic unless you're one of those really FRANK & OUTGOING natured person who wouldn't care being SELF!

  3. True!! But, similarly, U should have the heart to accept when other person tries to be straight forward like U!! :P


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