Flex Board Culture..

     "  Welcome To R.K Family's Marriage, Welcome ...... Welcome ..... Welcome ..... ", Am not welcoming you to this post neither to anyone's marriage, i am gonna share you some funniest factors around me perhaps around you too, There is specific culture which is blossoming across our land, i don't know what category it falls under and i can't categorize it..

Few months back, i was back in my native place, it is a kind of town which stands stranded between a city and town, can say it as a developing part of Tamil nadu, there is a marriage hall near to my house, it is a very big one in my locality and most of the big heads function will take over there, it is situated in a busy road, people will be flying through that road and it is a road that never sleeps in day time.

From my colony that marriage hall is hardly in a distance of a kilometer or less than that, i was going through that area, all that i can see is " Welcome ...... blah blah " and some gigantic posters of unknown man and women(Bride and groom), they looked horrible in that especially that groom, i don't know how he had a heart to sanction that photo to display in a public place.

I have to cross the road and i must take a turn, as i said road is a busy one, it is not so easy to cross that road leisurely, if you are careless and that could be your last minute on earth, while taking a turn we have to check either side and that's the rule and yes i took a look in order to check is there any drunken dumb or vettel speeding through the road but all that i noticed is an awful smile of that groom and i can't see anything beyond that fatso..

Not only me, there were oldies and L board learners there who were struggling to cross the road as if they are crossing Amazon, who asked and who gave permission to these stupids to block the road ?? it is sooooo lame that people are doing such stupid things which has no use.

I don't know how this trend exists in other parts, but in Tamil nadu it is so familiar " Flex board cultures ", if there is a birthday for 2 year old THEY WILL POST IT IN FRONT OF BUSY ROAD, If there is a marriage or betrothal for some big heads, their stupid followers have no other way to impress them, so they post big(awful) pictures of them and embarrass people, Tube lights and flags for miles and miles will be erected all the way through that hall, wastage of resources and power.
Only happy news is that " Few advertisers gain some money " but for that we can't put our lives in stake, few days ago in heavy rains a women lost her life by falling inside an opened drainage which is blocked from others view by an advertisement board, if that board is not there she could have been saved and survived...

There cannot be a subject deployed in schools to teach such basic decency and ethics, people should upgrade themselves and evolve themselves as a matured one, it will not be fair to advertise it, even if we advertise these it would look like " STICK NO BILLS " on caps and bold letter over a newly painted wall, even advertisers wont ruin the beauty like that..


  1. It does happen but needs to be checked, as said, " All things in moderation, including moderation"

  2. Well buddy this happens only in India,even literate people do such kind of things.
    I live in outskirts of Mumbai city, here if any marriage occurs they implant big loud speakers with a bombastic sound and with high bass, we feel the vibration produced by the sound even we are a kilometer away from it. If anyone complaints they will show they political contacts and will fearlessly play loud music up-to 2am midnight.


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