History To Blow 1026 Candles

      " Alexander, Julius Caesar, Alfred the great " are some of the most famous kings in world history and to many of our outsourced Indians they are best ever names in the history, in the mean time we have forgotten the achievements and we have forgotten the well accomplished reign of our very own Indian emperors.. We have mega structures which are no lesser to Eiffel tower or Colosseum..
       Brihadeeswarar Temple is one such stone wonder which remains less known, built in 1010 AD it holds the record of first ever temple made of granite, it stands tall and strong still, architectural works are too hard to express in words, it can be only realized with our eyes. I am living just 10 blocks away from this wonder, to be frank me and lakhs of citizens in this town, this temple is the symbol of pride, whenever i say my town name people remembers it with this temple and it is standing for 1000 years, while the bridges built a year ago devastates in a one night rain, how smart our ancestors are ? where did they study engineering ? which university offered masters to them ??, care that people of my town shows for the temple is too small to what they deserve, there are many such less portrayed marvels existed and existing in India.

RAJA RAJA CHOLA: I am not sure how many Indians are aware of him, but thousands of Australian and European tourists who visits this temple will remember him as long as they have memory. Chola dynasty is one of the well flourished kingdom in south India and they remained as a hard spot for so many rulers and conquerors, South was divided in to CHOLAS,CHERAS,PANDYAS...

They were busy in  fighting themselves but interesting point is no Invaders or no Mughals had courage to disturb them, they never gave no chance for an another ruler to occupy the land,History of Raja Raja chola was not so smooth, he acclaimed thrown in tough situations and made his kingdom a role model.

Chola's are the first to use NAVY, through which they conquered the Sri lanka and few other islands, HE IS ONE OF THE UNDEFEATED INDIAN KING and best military commander, he had his own style of employing elephants for construction purposes and war as well !
He is acknowledged for introducing ELECTION(Kudavolai) where leaders will be elected based on their CRIMINAL RECORDS, even now we don't have such systems..

Millennium celebrations of the BIG TEMPLE held few months back and This November 14 and 15 will be celebrated as SADHYA VIZHA(birthday of Raja Raja Cholan).
This is 1026th anniversary for him and can see the temple flooded with decorations and lights to honor its creator,  Every year 3 lakh visitors will gather to witness the temple and specific amount of increase in crowd can be seen for this event..

This structure stands as a symbol for India's historical strength and structural power, we must be certainly proud of it, people from all religion and region of India can acclaim this temple as our symbol of pride and National heritage...

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  1. Wonderful -pularikuthu- in one of my articles had me comparing chidambaram temple with empire state building albeit in a lighter vein!


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