HI there, Before you begin this post i have two points to say and try to follow it :)
1) This is the longest i wrote in recent times and comprises of so many words(feel) inside it, i request you to read it sincerely and excuse my spelling or grammars and try to understand the essence of these words, Thank you :) Comments Needed as GIFT.
2) if you are a person who hates to read big posts please try to read something that you can and still you are reluctant, thanks for your visit, please press ALT + F4 and even delete the HISTORY :P

"I Have A Dream" is the most famous public speech given by Martin Luther King.Jr, not only Martin Luther King every human must have their own dreams and most of us owns multiple dreams, For Martin Luther King its " RACIAL EQUALITY ", for Mahatma Gandhi its " INDEPENDENT INDIA ".. Like such every human ranging from a children to senior citizens there exists a dream perhaps dreams.

What is Dream ? I can't forget this quote " DREAM IS NOT THAT WHAT YOU SEE IN SLEEP, DREAM IS A THING WHICH WON'T LET YOU SLEEP ", i can still hear these words ringing knocking my ears, i got these golden words of wisdom from our former president Abdul kalam, People confuses DREAM(i) with dream(ii), DREAM(i) is a fire, it is a sweet agony which will be alive and awake till you kill it and now another dream(ii) it can be a cupid's dream or a nightmare, this is a conventional one, people who stayed and went without a trace are dreamers of such kind.

Previously i mentioned about DREAMERS, Gandhi and Martin Luther King and there are many such immortal icons, how they achieved immortality ? did they are embalmed by their ardent followers ? NO.. They followed their DREAMS, yes DREAM FOR A GOOD CAUSE but not totally selfish, they are remembered and they will be missed for sure in future, people will say " i wish i should have lived in the time of Gandhi ", but none will utter a word " I should have lived in the time of Hitler ", what you observe from this ? DREAM qualifies a person, DREAM models the person and DREAM is secret behind their immortality and DREAM is the key ingredient in the process of making HAPPINESS.

So what do you say ? You wanna be remembered as Gandhi or You wanna be ditched as Hitler ? i can say one thing for sure, it(immortality) depends up on your dream and again for sure it DON'T DEPENDS ONLY ON YOUR DREAM and also on your executing capability of your dream and also the way you choose to fulfill your dream.

I am no Churchill no Wordsworth to play with words, i will try to interpret my DREAMS to you, all that i ask is Please Lend me your eyes :)
I am not a person who tasted success at my first attempt, i am more of a person who stands between a loser and winner, i have a good family to back me all the time when i fail in the process of doing anything and i have a courageous heart to do it again and again..

I am 21 year old as of now(2011), for first 16 years if my life i hardly knew what world is ? i had no internet connection, no NDTV and more importantly i was in a TOWN(Just an upgraded village) i am not good at studies, just an average boy who scores average marks in all subjects, as a result i got some 68% in my secondary examination. my parents wanted to put me in a better school(Residential one), i agreed without knowing where i am going to be,i will tell you my friend THAT DECISION was my building moment of life, i came through failures,punishments,humiliations,hurts,cheaters etc and as such i came through good people,fun,love and affection, that blow has both good and bad effect on me.

Even in my college which i completed as a day scholar, i enjoyed a lot than studying, whenever people advices me to score more i considered it as an usual boring one and i personally realized it later, during my final year " CAMPUS DRIVE " i think some 50 companies came and 95 % of my batch got placed with a fine package, but i too had a package of mine(arrears). I know myself very well than others for sure i can assure that am not a worst class dull performer, am neither too good nor bad. but they badged me as a failure and never allowed to attend a single interview, my friends who copied from me :P and learned from NOW SITS IN A REVOLVING CHAIR in AC packed room and me writing this post :P
This is not the end perhaps this is my beginning, i understood with my mistakes and i decided one thing, these days made me a half philosopher and rest mad guy, i won't get sleep that easily, i will sleep by 2 in the morning, just regretting for my mistakes, i read a book " MONK WHO SOLD HIS Ferrari ", something like a change happened, stopped regretting and decided to make a goal for myself and now i have a goal "

Goal is simple, " DON'T LIVE AND DIE LIKE A CONVENTIONAL, TRADITIONAL MAN ", i want myself to be remembered as an ICON, as a man who must be remembered and missed at least by 100 or 200 hearts..

TALENT is everywhere in the world, but do we have a heart to acknowledge and appreciate a talent ? a big NO is the answer, we set a eligibility to join a college and an eligibility to join a job and all above we have a great system of caste based things, forget not " EDUCATION IS THE MOTHER OF ALL ", when you neglect education and its system, forgive my friend we are traveling towards dead sea.

We say Failures are stepping stones of success but do we practice ? do we appreciate a person who failed ? Some lucky students like me will have a understanding parents but not all has, parents will compare and scold for the marks you left, say if you got 95/100, there are parents who expect still better, but they do in the care i know and all of us know.

Indian Education system thrives on 2 things, MARK and MONEY.. go for this job you will be paid high, attend this course you can easily get job.. PARENTS DRIVE IN THE CONCEPT OF MONEY and STUDENTS DRIVE THEMSELVES IN THE CONCEPT OF MARKS.

PRESSURE has been intentionally mounted in the hearts of young students and as the result, they don't follow their DREAMS, they just act like a car which reaches the place for the driver.

People fails to see their purpose and fails their dream and lands up in some packed building and dies as a common man.

My dream is to be a Light house for my fellow humans, LIGHT HOUSE yes the one which is used to reach the shores safely, i wish to be a light house for some struggling souls and as you think am not POWERED LIGHT, but i have some amount of POWER to fuel my lights :)
With that i can help someone to follow their dreams. Motivation and appreciation it at its low in these days and MISTAKES,CHEATING,INGRATITUDE is at it's high nowadays.

I wish to improve my knowledge and my bank balance and of course at the end of the day i belongs to common human who needs money to survive and enjoy, once i become stable and glowing by myself, i will have the eligibility to be a light house for people who struggles and writing is best way to influence people, i have so many dreams both short term and long term, Becoming a writer(Don't laugh) is also a dream and it will be accomplished with sincerity and constant learning.
As i mentioned my so called DREAM, i request you to have a NOBLE Dream which not only increases your bank balances but also increases the stage of your fellow human, at the end of the day WE CAN'T LIVE ALONE.. WE NEED A GOOD SOCIETY, WHICH WILL BE THE ONLY ASSET AND GIFT THAT YOU CAN GIVE TO YOUR NEXT GENERATION "

As i said earlier, DREAMING is not bad thing but cause and intentions of the DREAM decides your fate and draws a line, one side you can become a GANDHI and on the other it's HITLER or anyone of this worst kind,, DECISION IS YOURS !....
THE END(DREAM Begins )....

"This post is an entry at Blogjunta Dreams Contest to be judged by Jyoti Arora, author of Dream's Sake "
I WOULD LIKE TO THANK BLOGJUNTA and JYOTI ARORA for bringing up this competition and it eventually made a platform to express my untold dreams, To be honest for this specific competition i din't post this for prize :) previously i was doing for prizes but for sure i din't post this for freebies..


  1. Well, it sure is a long blog :) As for dreams, following tyhem is what is important. My son chose to give up engineering his first term and learn animation. He has just now completed his degree in animation :)
    How very true. A dream will never let you sleep :)

  2. Oh I forgot: Good luck with the contest :)

  3. all the best for the contest.well said and excellent post.ur dream is genuine and good.


  4. First 2 msgs were a warning..I did follow..Sure to be long. But it was inspiring..
    And I second Shail..Yes, A dream shouldnt let you sleep, and thats what gives you the strength to pursue it :-) May your dream come true Deepak.. And good luck for the contest..

  5. @Shail:) Thank you so much mam :)
    @JAi:) Thanks bro, will chk ur blog :)
    @Zradar:) yeah, just for change posted like that mam.. contents are enjoyed and posted, THANK YOU mam !

  6. wow, this was different than the usual expected posts.. good luck :)

  7. Hi Deepak,
    This is such a wonderful post,all the best for the contest,and may God fulfill all your dreams.

  8. all the best deepz for ur dreams to come true :) after reading this post u made me realize my dream in ma life ... thanks da :)

  9. Very heartfelt and touching post. I am certain it will inspire all who read it to renew their commitment to their dreams. All the best for your contest.

  10. @MEna:0 Thank you :) keep visiting,,
    @SEEMA:) Thank you so much mam... Never expected a comment from you... Thanks again for your words and efforts

  11. Actualization of Dreams is one factor that differentiates legends and pipe-dreamers.
    I have heard of a story that Shri Dhirubhai Ambani used carry a chit in his pocket. That chit had all those stages of Oil & Gas Value chain where he wanted his footprints.
    Dream you must, but no one says dreams can not have brevity.

  12. Wow..what a truthful post..Thanks for sharing it with us. I have a dream and a song to sing...dream and DREAM are two different things didn't know that. We need to dream/DREAM to build castles in air and then work hard to give foundation to them.
    Best of Luck for contest!

  13. Dreams are the best part of human life.. it defines.. Your dreams must come true if ur true to yourself...!!!
    I try tolive my dreams..!! a budding engineer.. but i hate engineer.. love to write abt gadgets.. but who cares ... So i decide to write a blog on em.. I won't give up on my dreams will.. reply me if u can at yash@techdweller.com ..!!

  14. I do hate long posts as I always feel brevity is the soul of wit. But at times we need to speak a lot to say something. And things which come from heart are often long. Great post....

  15. "DREAM IS NOT THAT WHAT YOU SEE IN SLEEP, DREAM IS A THING WHICH WON'T LET YOU SLEEP" But what will I do??... Iam a chronic insomniac :D

  16. A bit longish but as we know dreams can't be contended within boundaries.Good work

    do check my blog:
    Pro Pulse

  17. you will be remembered as an ICON :)


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