"I Love You"

     As Some of you Judge and as some of you doubt, " This is not a post for my girl friend and definitely not for my boy friend(Dostana :P) and what to say " I love you "...

What is love ? how you will define ? I will answer as "Love is everywhere on every relation and on every living and non living thing, love is omnipresent but ONLY PERCENTAGE of its existence DIFFERS "...
I love you, yes i love the person who is reading this.. you may be a friend,brother,sister,uncle,aunt or granny.. I just love you and all that i am going to write and ask is " Love me back "...

i am not going to write " Self motivational book " nor am a robin sharma.. In this busy world, both vehicle traffic and web traffic are higher,larger than anything, i find people fails to realize and embrace the essence of relationships..i am writing all from my heart, i am feeling very much enthusiastic this moment and am going to celebrate it by writing this to you people, no matter how many of you read, at least if one of you read this one, mission accomplished :)

Do you know your neighbor's name ? have you ever spent time on having a chit chat with your parents as you have with your friends ? have you ever expressed your love to siblings ?
i have never done that, but i can assure you i will do each and everything of above and more than that, i assure you that i will spend every minute of future in enjoying and expressing, i will assure people around me and far from me that i will be the best and soft man they ever met..

In my past i have been a rough guy, i have hurt hearts of people around me with my sarcastic words, i have shown TIT FOR TAT attitude and i have took revenge and i have lashed people even physical assaults.
I remember one of my school buddy in my hostel days, we were thick as thieves and people will always address as as twins, at some point we developed crack and stopped speaking, he had my photo which he burned in his room, i heard it through my other friends, so what i did was " Went to his room and intentionally took his picture and burnt in front of him", thats all we never spoke again.. whenever i see him close with someone, possessiveness erupts and i feel like going to him " Am sorry for all ", but you know i was a ego maniac.. " Deepak, you are not less than to anyone ? are you going to be a cheap by asking sorry to him ? " my inner voice spoke, i avoided asking a sorry and he never asked too.. School life got over and whenever i hear his name i will remember him, i have regretted for missing him and his company...
Yesterday i had a similar fight with my best friend, she has her own characters, we developed an useless argument and it exploded badly, i got irritated and said " If i speak with you again i will kill myself ", she replied " oh fine, even if you find me speaking with you kill me too", THE END... i felt it hard, for few hours i could not take it up, i know both of us have mistakes, i don't want my school incident to happen again, so just asked pleaded her " Sorry for as many times ", i killed my ego and attitude, " this time too my inner voice spoke " you are a guy and she is a girl are you going to ask sorry to a girl and become a girly boy ? ", I didn't mind it, in order to show my manhood i don't wanna miss a good friend of mine.. i neglected that MAN attitude and just apologized and at the end of the day we both apologized and continued friendship,, IF I HAVE DONE THIS SOME YEARS BACK, I Wouldn't HAVE MISSED AN ANOTHER BEST PAL in my life...

I felt that, EGO and ATTITUDE are useless, i decided to be a spongy boy, if you swear at me, go ahead no problem YOU ARE MY BUDDY, if you insult me no problem, i don't mind it.. at the end of the day " We are going to live with fellow humans, not with lion or dogs "

We will not achieve anything by being rude and by following tit for tat to our friends we will not achieve a penny, " Life is short and live it together ", " so all that am going to do, " KILL EGO and GROW HARMONY " LOVE ALL.. instead of spending time on fighting, we can spend time on being together, a smile on a friend who is on fight will help both of you a lot, a smile on someone who is yelling at you will change his attitude on you...

And i take this as an opportunity to apologize people who were all hurt by me :) :)
I love you and i am going to love you all forver... what about u ?

P:S- i credit this title to DEBAHYOTI GHOSH, we had a discussion before writing this on having a topic, he is an impressive blogger but people are so busy to embrace talents, have a look at his blog Facts and Nonsense


  1. Very nicely written. You are right - it is all about ego and attitude

  2. wow, never expected a comment from you sir, thanks a ton for your words :)

  3. wow brilliant post. and by the way before you mislead people by giving me credit for the title or anything, let me clarify that when we had a discussion i just replied back with few smileys, thats it, as i had absolutely no clue what you were talking about. although i would gleefully accept that link at the bottom but honestly i can never think of coming up with such cool write ups.

  4. Ego is a funny concept! We end up hurting others (and ourselves in the process) trying to keep it up. It's always nice to shed it once and look at things from a different people. We do need people around us; no point scaring them away.
    Great blog!

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  6. A very nice post. Little ego is required or else people take you for granted dude. My personal feeling. Please do visit my post Aye Zindagi!

  7. I can resonate with what you are saying as I also had similar experiences. But I believe in the axiom "Forgive but do not forget". Anyway nice post and looking forward to more of your writings.

  8. It is good to give uo false prestige and ego when a good relationship is at stake. It is good attitude to be practical in life. :)

  9. It is good to give uo false prestige and ego when a good relationship is at stake. It is good attitude to be practical in life. :)

  10. heh..heh..
    That "Outstanding Friend" is me! :) :)
    nice post, deepak! :)
    Thanks, love u too :)

  11. Attitude and ego are so close that they are often misunderstood, but unless we have a true experience, we wouldn't agree... I too have lost a friend this way, and wouldn't dare to loose anyone else..nice post..

  12. lovely blog template and nice post...great!!


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