I think all of you viewing this post now may have a question in common, " Johnny ?? ",
" When did this film reached theaters ? ", " Is Johny Depp the actor ?" "What language ? "..

Few Intellects would have googled this name and got their answers, all right " Johnny " is a Tamil film, which was not released yesterday not before a month or not even before a year, Johnny is a film released on 1980 :P

" Is this guy mad ", is that what you ask ?? Well, let me be.. I have never wrote a review for a film and i find myself not fit to comment on film, like posing my leg over another with a cup of pop corn and easily scolding director and actor for their action...

Johnny is a film which affected me a lot, it has 3 main reason ..

1) Flawless and stunning story..
2) Evergreen music from Ilayaraja..
3) Iconic acting by Rajnikanth..

Story is very simple, There are two people(heroes) who look similar, one guy is a barber while other guy is a Fraud, both leading roles are played perfectly by Rajni,.

           Johnny(Rajni) is a fraud who stoles and cheats greedy people with his smart ideas and never leaves a clue, he continue his cheating streak for one good reason and that is to save his father who is deeply devastated with the loan dues, so in order to save his father he commits crime by stealing and cheating the greedy ones, Archana(Sri devi) is an iconic singer, Johnny is her ardent fan, he never misses her concerts, soft romance develops between this two characters, on the other side police is on the search of Johnny for his forgery's.

Vidyasagar(Rajni) is a barber and a loner, who has no family but he also fall in love with a poor pretty women, whom he loves and considers as his life partner, they date together.. but that loner women whom vidyasagar loves cheats him by eloping with a rich man, so worried vidyasagar kills that pair and eventually all the crimes are listed on Johnny, but vidyasagar is also in the trouble since both of them looks alike.

Archana(Sri devi) came to know about Johny's father case and clears his debt by selling her properties, on the other side both fugitives are on the run, while vidyasagar has a cunning idea to transform himself as JOHNNY so that he can live a wealthy life with archana and police will catch Johnny for all his crime and including the murder.

Turning point:
                             Vidyasagar reaches to archana by introducing himself as Johnny and tries to settle there, but archana who is truly loving Johnny despite of his criminal records influences Vidyasagar and by seeing her true love over real johnny, vidyasagar confess his mistake and accepts all the crime even done by the real Johnny and surrenders to police, Johnny who is on the run reaches to archana now and that's the END :)

It may look horrible now, but to take a film like this on 80's is really a great work. MUSIC.. it is another reason why i like this film, Ilayaraja is outstanding musician always, his mild touchy background music is impeccable and coherent.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't judge this film with my awkward review, really a must watch film, but unfortunately no subtitles available...


  1. Had watched this movie long long ago. You have tempted me to watch it again! ;)

  2. I had watched this film twice.good film and review.thanks.


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