"Missss.. You are Looking Beautiful "

      " Miss Shall i Drink Water ? ", " Miss Shall i go to 1 toilet ? ", " My Rubber fell down miss, Shall i take it ? ? ", " Good morninggggggg misssssssss ", " Thank youuuuuu misssss ", " Missss, He took my pencil "...

Nostalgic memoirs of my school days, While all bloggers are celebrating their cherished Children's day moments, i am not an exception to share my own mischievous days... As a long march begins with the single step, world tallest,largest man's life would have also begun with a toddler's time.

Other than Home works and teachers, children's have no worries and no sorrows in their life, often we will blabber that " It would be nice, if we are a children still ", i have also encountered such phrases, i believe when man started to grow, his nostalgic moments also grows along him..

My amma and appa, both of them are working people.. i grew under the care of grandma and my uncle(mom's bro), in mid 1990's there were no big cities and malls that we have like now, most of the India are town's and villages, Being from a mid sized town of south most state of India, alike all other children i enjoyed hell lot of fun and pleasures.

Being away from my appa and amma, i got so much of care and love from my grandma, i studied in a school of some 200 children, if you ask me " Do you want to be a king of  village or a slave of city ? ", without a second thought i would say" KING OF VILLAGE ", in that school i got special privileges, since my mom is also a teacher, i got good care from all teachers...

I forgot that teacher's name, she is caring and beautiful women(she could be in her 40's now :P) she was my class teacher and she never applies BINDI, she will be friendly to all people, from my grandma who drops me at school everyday to "AAYAMA" means a women janitor..

Whenever any teacher enters, we all together in chorus " Gooooodddd Morningggggg Missss ", it will extend for some 10 seconds, alike that while the teacher leaves in more zeal " thankkkk youuuuu missss ", Noise and time count will be much more than the previous one :P and we have the strange habit of calling women teachers(though they are grandma's) as MISS :)

I remember this, one day i asked her " Why you are not applying bindi ? Are you Christian ?? ", she laughed laughed her lungs out and i was scared, i really don't know what i asked, just while hearing to some adults speech, i considered that Muslims and Christians wont apply bindi and in a shear curiosity i asked her... i was scared in a thought that she may complain to principle, who will have a big ruler not for drawing lines on paper but on mischievous guy's arses :)  

That evening she told this incident to my grandma and both of them laughed... Still my grandma would remember this and laugh, after some years, i moved up to different school and here the incident is different, " one of my friend i think his name is Abdul, he praised a mam that " You are looking beautiful in blue saree miss "... LOL, i don't know where he is and where that mam is, i hope that he will not be inside bars for eve teasing :)

As everyone misses their childhood days, i miss them badly and i miss my beautiful(Bindi less) teachers and i miss those " Aayama's " and i miss my friends, All that i have is Just memories, those sweet memories shall exist forever...

happy Children's day :)


  1. That's a very sweet memoir, Deepak. I am sure we all remember our school days the most. The times when we were the most innocent and candid :) I pay a visit to my Primary teacher even now. She has the most influencing in my life. Good ol days:)

    Happy Children's Day (...to the child in you:))

  2. I just left my school to Join an engineering college.. And your post.. Man Terrific..!! Just brought those old and gold memories back!! I luv my school !! IT made me !! Thnk you for such a nice blog!

  3. @deepazartz
    thank you mam :) happy childrens day forever :) :P

  4. that was beautiful . . n pretty sweet . . loved it :)

  5. enjoyed reading it!!!
    It took me to my school days...

  6. I remember an anecdote. My biology teacher came to class with prominent dark circles under her eyes. I told her "Miss, you look tired". She shrugged it off. But my friends started teasing me saying I have a crush on her :P

    Lovely post :D

  7. a refreshing post that led me to my childhood, even in Delhi we used to sing i the same chorus-"gooooooood mourniiiiing maaaaaam"
    childhood is nostalgic!!


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