According to the recent research by bluffer & bluffer organization based at Charlatan city of Cheatasia nation, it can be proved in future that MOUNT EVEREST is not the highest in the world, in the press release chief research head boss of bluffer & bluffer org his highness majesty Mr. cheater junior told reporters that, " We are about to prove that Mount Everest is not the tallest ", while replying for the question " Then what's the highest in the world ? " Mr.Cheater Jr replied " Height of absurdity of Indians is the best competitor for that place ".

Okay, don't yell at me and if you have smiled Thanks for that, HEIGHT OF STUPIDITY, HEIGHT OF ABSURDITY whatever synonymous word for " stupid " you may add, Indians are tough competitors.

Reason 1: We are more concerned about Aishwarya rai's than children affected with encephalitis, Breaking news " Aish delivers a girl baby ", what it has to do with India ? it is a personal news and definitely a sweet news, but what does it has to do with national breaking news ? what does it has to do with FRONT PAGE ?

Reason 2: Sachin's 100th 100, we were more concerned about this specific milestone than appreciating other people and we are still concerned about it than sachin, he himself said wisely that this is just another number, but we want it to happen than winning a series.

Reason 3: A porn star in a reality show, what else could be humiliating than to see an Indian woman labeled as porn star and already we could not differentiate a porn movie and a commercial films.

There are several such reasons to quote and main reason for all such things is our INDIAN MEDIA. as long as they don't change their strategy, we will be the leaders in the race of WORLD HIGHEST and our race will be for ABSURDITY !


  1. Not a very good sign for India....someone has got to do something about this!!!


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  3. Ha ha.. that is a good one too! I keep wondering about the point one.. Ash! she is a lady and married.. and she ought to have a baby! why waste money on gambling for that!!


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