I Wish To Be A DeaF AnD BlinD..

Whenever we come across a person with physical or mental disability, we will compromising ourselves for being born with a sound body, but nowadays i believe and feel that " being a Deaf and Blind " we can have an unaffected and peaceful life, we don't need to hear the griefs and we don't need to see the tears of deteriorating soul.

These words, i penned after seeing an incident and which is common of its kind nowadays, you can't judge it because, world is so busy in identifying and classifying the agony of a common man, there are numerous such cases to identify, the case am going to tell may be a common phenomenon to few people and lame post to few people. Here i go..

" INDIAN FISHERMAN ATTACKED BY LANKAN NAVY ON INDIAN WATERS ", fisherman i meant here may be a Tamilian or Punjabi, That doesn't matter here, He is an Indian.. Will you allow an alien to slap your son at your home ??? None will.. But " I will allow aliens to slap and humiliate Indians " Says India and Indian government.

Sri lankan navy, yes that small,tiny island nation humiliates the citizen of World's largest democracy, a democracy which is by,for,of the people fails to identify and find a remedy for it. this is not the first time a lankan targeting a Indian, For every month 2-4 such incidents are happening and for sure may happen.

Tamils are targeted says media, No.. they are Indians, so don't discriminate a soul based on its ethnicity and statehood, Indian navy which is to safeguard Indian citizens and Indian waters is just watching like a cricket match, Dear Indian navy Where in INS VIRAT ? Where is INS godavari ? Where are your fleet carriers ? Where are you super cruise missile ?? Are they just for stage show ?,, Everyday here an Indian bleeds and receives Humiliation..
Why Indian navy exists ?? To mock drills and pose for photographs ? Shame on me and shame on us...

Sri lankan navy enjoys such sadistic approach on Tamils(Indians), usually all over the world COWARDS will enjoy such disgusting pleasure, Sri lankans are pioneer in that., there is nothing to wonder " WHY LTTE was started ". ..
I accept that government is so busy in protecting borders and there are no doubts, India and our defense authorities are working their best, but somehow they are having FISHERMAN ATTACKS on their selective amnesia list.. My dear government, i am none to order to you but as a common citizen of India " Save my brothers and save their families on shores "

Sri lankan navy is a symbol for EMBARRASSMENT to WORLD NAVY,, attacking a unarmed man is an cowardly act, better they can try all kind of stuffs with Indian navy, but result will different., Dear lankans A.K.A Cowards stop this stupid act and fight like a man(If you are a man) so i will change the meaning for SRI LANKAN NAVY in my dictionary, which is now Coward(bunch of cowards = lankan Navy)


  1. we all wish to be deaf and blind. we are just bunch of helpless people who can just sit and watch such gruesome act over and over again. only time we have our say is when we cast our futile vote for either congress or bjp.

  2. You mean we are not - when it comes to National and Social cause?


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