Ohhhh SHITTT.. STOp STOpppppP.....

 " Dai Machi, where are you da?? What Chennai ah ?? You @#$%*&!@(*(!*** (CENSORED), Why you didn't inform me ? Where are you now ? " - My Friend told over the phone.
Never mind, hearing and using such a wonderful phrase(Bad words) are just like eating gulab jamun for college guys, i reached Chennai some days ago and didn't tell about this to any of friends, after the exams we have not met for some weeks.

Few of my best friends were here(Chennai) for their work and since i didn't inform them about my arrival, they were shocked and abused me to reach them.. That first two lines are just part of our conversation, so my friends asked me to reach their home for just having some words together.

I was in Suburbs of Chennai and my friends are not much away from my place and one fine evening i was getting ready for meeting them and asked about their place, it is very much near to me just 5-10 stops if we go by bus.

Specialty about his place is that stopping is present below a bridge, most of the bus which go through that place will use that bridge so we have to walk a lot to reach that specific stop but certain buses will go via that stop but problem is their LIMITED AVAILABILITY AND FREQUENCY :(

So i waited in stop for almost half an hour for getting that specific bus, though some bus which go via that bridge were coming, i was adamant to take a specific bus, my another problem is i have never went through that bus, it was my first time. already my friends were abusing through the phone for my delay.

With a high patience over the horrible words and pathetic crowd, i have somehow managed
to float inside that bus and got a FOOT BOARD, one interesting thing in CHENNAI CITY BUSES are they have Pneumatic automated doors, which will open and close in a very hard way, i have seen people bleeding with its power and interesting thing is all those people who got injured are those who traveled in FOOT BOARD.

I stood cautious and i dint see any other thing than that DOOR, i was counting the stop and seeing every stop with a doubt, i could have asked to the conductor, but there were people around me, they would have labeled me as a NEW BABY TO THIS CITY, which i certainly hate, so my ego blocked me.

At last that Stop came, DOORS OPENED, SOME FRESH BREEZE apart from the WARM INSIDE AIR came through that door, there were CROWD OUTSIDE THE BUS TO BOARD IT, THERE SHE WAS....

I think she was wearing some PINK shaded CHURIDHAR and a typical Girly handbag, I AM SURE SHE IS A SOFTWARE TECHIE, anyone who has a good eyesight can assure it, SINCE A DARK ID CARD hangs over her NECK said COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGIES, " OH, SHE IS a TECHIE, hm.... " She looked STUNNING, CALM and damn gracious (might be ELDER to me:P:P)

" Will this BUS GO TO VELACHERY " she asked politely,(Thanks that she dint add BROTHER to that sentence :P) she asked to me i guess because her eyes were focused at me, i heard her words but i didn't respond fast, though i know that this bus will certainly go that place she asked for, i was FROZEN, after few seconds " YES, it will go ", i replied...

She sneaked in like snake and i was busy in leaving way for her and others," She is beautiful :P ", as Conductor whistled and that hard door CLOSED like India-pak Gate..

I was standing cautiously and gazing through the buildings, " I think the stop has come ", " No, I missed it "...

Ohhh SHittt, i missed that damn bus stop... " Conductor ANNA, Stoppppp Stopppp, i missed the stop ", i shouted..
" Do you have sense ? what were you doing so far ?", he YELLED and dint blow his whistle and sadly bus stopped in the next stop(WHICH IS THE END OF THE BRIDGE).
INDIA PAK GATE OPENED AGAIN but at the next stop :(

I could have boarded in the normal bus and i could have reached very earlier :(
" Tun dun tun tun dun tun ", my mobile alarmed..
It was a call from my friend, ohhhhh shittt after a huge humiliation from that conductor its my friends turn.....

" Dai, Where are you ?, are you coming by bus or bullock cart ? " he said..

       " Machi i missed the stop da he he, i grinned :P " i replied..
Few seconds of silence over the phone..
"Halo?? " i said..
" Poda @#$%^&********, where are you now ?  i will come in bike ! "...

:(  sob sob " THE END " :)


  1. Nice one. thought you would keep missing your stop till velacherry. ;)
    And ya, those word war like conversion between friends, that so wonderful. I miss them all these days.

  2. Ha ha! There was humor in the way u put it..! Funny words make the situation funnier.. In-spite of the hardship you did have some wonderful moments too..! didnt u? ;)

  3. that was a lot of cussing or as you put it "gulab jamun eating" :)

  4. this blog is certainly a break from ur normal blog subjects..good one.. Where in Chennai where you planning to go to?I stayed in Vadapalani and then Tamabaram for sometime..Bro works in CTS and claims that there is a huge rush of female (beauties) crowd from all over india and so buses to CTS are normally crowded..he he,,..i remember he once blaming them cos CTS took away the friday casual day bcos of them :-) no offense intended,,..

  5. @leo:) no dude, my friend would have killed me.. so got down at next stop:)
    @KP:) thank you so much,wonderful moments ??? aiyo.. no no she is like SISTER to me :P :P :P :P

  6. @lifeunordinary:) you were absent for long time, what happd ? yeah tasty jamons :P
    @zradar:) i was in tambaram too, are you sure you wasn't that girl perhaps aunty ???
    NO offense :) J 4 FUN :)

  7. hahahaha...sahi hai beta...lol.....entertaining read though.

  8. thank you for comment and vote.
    where you are studying ,
    In chennai??


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