Serial Killers ( Strictly " A " )

           An electronic device that allows the broadcasting of audio and visual content to a mass audience over a long distance is known as Television, well in Indian oldies case it differs in a wide margin, For an old woman or man in India, Television is a device which brings down the tears without GLYCERIN and peaks up the PRESSURE AND STRESS without ant real problems !

          Serial killers, I'm not pointing at Jack the ripper or Zodiac killer here, in a case they are far better from our serial directors A.K.A Mass murderers or Human glycerin, Those real serial killers killed countable people, but serial directors are killing mass people everyday...

Sad Story of South and North: I belong to southern part of India, Which is portrayed as place of Tech geeks and sambhar Idli fanatics and similarly North portrayed as PAN people and excellent entrepreneurs but Not at all i will say... Globalization DUDE, Villagers of India are hearing to Ice cubes now and scolding fellow guy as Nigga(though they really don't know what it is), addressing guys as dude and gals as babe(yuck culture).Now all parts of India are deteriorating in same speed and to same destination.

           Coming to the theme, In this part of India, Tamil,Telugu,Kannada,Malayalam has one thing in common and even in Hindi channels too, Well received TV serial will be dubbed in all Indian languages and what else ?? So far it made people of certain community to cry and stress up, now it is on screen for all Indians(mass murders).By "negative effect" I mean has many harmful effects, which outweigh whatever good effects there may be, so the net result of TV is bad. And by "society" I mean all TV viewers, as well as all citizens in countries with TV, but with special emphasis on the youth.

I would like to quote a similar story of a serial, " kavitha is eldest daughter, She has 6 sisters and 1 brother ( Compact Family ), Her Mother is alone because her Dad eloped with another women( even after producing 8 ), SO the total family is dependent on Kavitha for money and guidance, Kavitha is beautiful girl so she experience some harassment at office,But her stupid boss fires her with wrong justice and decision.. it became a bullying act and she swears at her boss that she will develop a better company than him,,, Blah Blah Blah Blah,,, 1000th episode She forms a company, 1500th episode She surpasses her old boss and now stays in a bungalow with her siblings and cars lot lot lot... 2000th episode here comes a twist : Her old boss at whom she challenged is her OWN FATHER " HUH ???

Another serial, " Rakhesh loves shanthi, shanthi is Dinesh's sister and Dinsesh loves Ramya, Ramya is Shanti's friend, who is also friend of Rakhesh and here comes Anubhav who is mutual friend, His sister Aarthi loves Rakhesh but rakhesh loves shanthi, So Kumar who is unawre of it still loves Aarthi "" ....... Serial is still going on, should wait a year more !!

                     What an Idea SIR JI(director) ??? OMG this is just 1% of what they do ? If i tell another story, you will switch off system and sleep ! But our poor oldies and aunties do watch it :(

TV is an essential tool for information, providing the viewing public with critical news and it is also a dynamic tool for education, providing young viewers with another medium for learning that enhances their academic and real-world education. TV has unacceptable levels of drugs,sex and violence, while in my 2nd round I will discuss how it is a tool of rampant commercialization.

Retired actresses are still heroines on small screens, they have no work than worrying people, SO called directors use these chances to icon themselves as ACTORS, that's the weirdest part, even stunt and songs are encroaching serials,,, Per day there are 10-15 serials in each channels !!
Think about the children of this age and families, by watching such stupid serial getting stress in inevitable and it ruins your leisure time...
Why should we need to know about "WHERE GOKILA IS GOING ? ", " PYAAR KI DO KAHANI " , " BHABHI ", " CHELLAMA " ..... what is the use ?..

South copies stupid serials of North and vice verse, result is same...
RUINS THE ALL GENERATIONS... Violence and Drugs in serials are more than films, Most of the serials have only one motive " TO MAKE VIEWERS CRY ", their stories are same,,, I accept there are few good serials and shows which would make us laugh(though all of them laughable)...

Comparing to Serials, Advertisements sounds interesting and creative... I HAVE ONE REQUEST for ANNA, people of Manipur has a demand and people of Election commission has a demand and me too, PLZ BAN TV SERIALS :)
Where are you JACK ?? There are more people here to be punished, who earns money from viewers stress and pain...                                    

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  1. I can guess from ur post .. how much these soaps have troubled u! :) but i go with u.. these stupidity should be banned!! :)


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