TEN is Greater Than ELEVEN ?

I am not mad and am certainly not a Mathematician physicist to coin theorems or equations to prove 10 > 11, As one among the 2 billion Indians and along with the Indians all over the world i believe that TEN in Greater than 11, if not in whole world but for India, Obviously i will swear that this post title is true ..

Venus- Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty..
Mars- Roman God of War..
TENdulkar- Indian God of Cricket..

Sachin sachin sachin...Whenever and wherever Indian cricket Team shows up, you can see either
" I love sachin " tag or " I miss Sachin " tag, people are very much obsessed with Cricket and all those obsessed cricket lunatics are equally obsessed to Sachin, Is sachin greater than cricket ? Yes, will be the answer from billion mouths...

His service to cricket is some 21 - 22 years, which is greater than mine and most of the young cricket crazy guys, what this 5feet 5 inch maestro did ? Why people hail him as god ? None dares to ask such questions, If you any Indian cricketers both retired and playing, their answer will be yes and for aspiring cricketers he is certainly a role model...

Honestly, Sachin is good human, i don't know how he is really, with the way he speaks and acts, he is really a man down to earth, we have hardly or never seen him in a spat, he is man of less words more action, for the question Is he a good man ? Yes definitely... Some stupid so called fastest bowler claimed that SACHIN is afraid of him, for that comments Sachin replied as " it is below my dignity to comment on this " LOL...

Is he a best cricketer in the world ? This can be tough question, we can say that He is also one of the best cricketer in the world, from India.. He is the best batsmen that India ever seen, can call him as Man of records because whatever he do it takes a shape of record !!

Are we exaggerating the TEN factor ? yes i do think so, In this last humiliating English tour, Most of us are concerned about Sachin rather than winning the series, even In the upcoming west indies tour we are more concerned about Sachin's 100th 100... We want India to win and of course we want sachin or any other Indian to make a record,, But considering a man over India is something silly...

Who is Sachin?, Billionaire ? Asked a Spanish journo during Indian grand prix, Cricket is game played much in 10 - 12 countries, to others Cricket is something unknown, so that Spanish or some Europeans are not aware of cricket or Sachin.. but Football and Tennis are different, We never give any other sports star a hype that we give for sachin, that's something really bad..

Fact is we are exaggerating Sachin's factor, certainly he is the best cricketer and best human and no doubt in that, but Praising and expecting a single man and leaving the whole nation is wise ?? Sachin or India is the trend and it was the trend once !

Sachin was given a Ferrari car, it created TAX speculation and when he built a new house, some other rooted up, Just because he is an Icon or He is god, we can't bypass laws and formalities.. If some other sports star had done it, it would be something different and dynamic... None can forget Tendulkar as long as they remember cricket, He carried the pressure of playing for India for almost 22 years, he must be identified as THE GREAT and he is already identified and portrayed..

Scene of India winning the world cup is emotional to me, How if India wins a Football WC or Hockey ? Feel would be and should be the same, we want more Sachin in Hockey,Football, Tennis etc., so let us give some chance for another sportsman too...

As of now, TEN is really really really GREATER than ELEVEN... that eleven is just playing eleven of the team, about his 100th 100,,, It must come and it will come, but it should not be pressurized as a MUST DO thing to him... Whatever we do it matters him and India...
Sachin is sensitive and sensational topic, i can expect some hard comments from his Die hard fans, No worries, just share your thoughts as comments,, because you are in WHATEVER IT TAKES :)


  1. I have not been following cricket after the world cup win, so cant say much but yeah though I am not too much a cricket fan, am a sachin fan too :) check this out http://jerlyt.blogspot.com/2009/11/sachin-tendulkar.html ;)

  2. Enjoyed it.

    But why did you raise the Indian population to 2 billion?

  3. Jerly : that's cool and yes i ll check :)
    Matheikal: Sir, am too weak in statistics and Maths, Pardon me :P


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