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Where was the seventh billionth baby born on Monday?, you can't really tell an exact answer, several countries and media believes this incident as a pride.. Except to that baby's family and friends, is this growing population makes our survival tougher ?

China and India are the toppers in world population chart, To be frank we are not developed country but We are developing countries.. Population is really a factor which affects the growth and infrastructure of a nation, it is easy to manage a group of 100 comparing to a group of 10,000..
Apart from this negative effect, Population is key factor which saved India and china from recession, If not 100% at least for 50% it saved us... Reason is our big domestic markets..The growth that these two countries are seeing now is on the back of their large young working population. The aging Germany or US know very well the importance of having a young and working population and its effect on economy. A good well educated young working class can lift a nation against all odds and vice verse...

In short words, Growing population is neither a problem nor a boon, In this post,I have made my Comparisons of two nation about Two different Cases, In one case India(Tiger) already surpassed China(Dragon), and in another case India is soon expected to surpass !

Case 1 : Most of us are unaware of our position on defense, India is the NUMBER 1 Importer of defense and military equipments, India surpassed China few years back.. Now we are developing our defense system drastically and our politicians intents are flawless, defense news are coming through all papers and each day, India is keen on buying more and more fighter jets, carriers and equipments, Not to forget India is also improving our own units to produce indigenous products.Indian Ministry of Defense has laid out an ambitious agenda to substantially increase the country’s capacity to produce military hardware by the end of this decade.

With annual GDP growth rates between 7 and 9 percent in the past decade and the government’s commitment to steady investments in military capabilities, India’s spending on defense as a share of its GDP has remained relatively steady at 2.5 to 3.0 percent. Consequently, India’s defense budget has grown by some 64% (in real terms) since 2001—reaching $36.3 billion in the 2011–2012 budget—and enabled the implementation of long-term acquisition plans...
Ministry of Defense (MoD) has approved a Rs 64,000-crore (approximately $13 billion) military modernization plan that would include raising four new divisions along the India-China border.- Strategic Studies Report.

So by Beating China in terms of Military consumption, India showed its ambitious idea of modernizing its military.. So in this case India surpassed China in modernization of military..

Case 2: I have thought of this often, Whenever and wherever you go in India, People will be Queuing up, Irrespective of place from temple to bar, crowd crowd crowd !!!
Competition has become an routine for Indian students, too much of talents and competitions increases the doubt of distribution of equal growth !
  • India is now forecast to surpass China in total population by 2030, five years earlier than previously thought.
  • India’s population is slated to rise by almost 350 million over the next quarter century, twice as fast as the United States, Western Europe and China combined.
  • While China’s population is currently (2005) larger than India’s by over 200 million, by 2050 India’s population is expected to exceed China’s by 200 million.
  • India’s urban population is projected to rise from 29 percent of total population in 2005 to 41 percent by 2030.
China has proclaimed that it will continue its one child policy, which limits couples to having one child, through the 2006-2010 five year planning period, While Chinese follows some regulations on controlling its thumping population, there are no such controls in India for its booming population, so at the end of the day we are at the top of the pinnacle..
India is currently home to about 1.21 billion people, representing a full 17% of the earth’s population. India's 2011 census showed that the country's population had grown by 181 million people in the prior decade.Although India has created several impressive goals to reduce its population growth rates, the India and the rest of the world has a long way to go to achieve meaningful population controls in this country with a growth rate of 1.6%, representing a doubling time of under 44 years.

Question mark is the usual thing which we end up when we talk about future and especially when we talk about population, we have many such question marks,, This post is not an exception,, Let's wait !


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  3. ohhhhhhhh, at least my post made your dumb mind to think LOL LOL LOL :P


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