Unity In DrainCity..

      I am not sure whether Nehru  is right on coining " Unity In Diversity " to denote our integrity but i am 200% sure that " Indian cities are united and alike " in terms of their Drainage system, Let history curse me for coining an all new awful word Draincity lol..
     " Unity In Draincity ", i reached Chennai by 5 in the Morning, Chennai which is dubbed as "City of Flyovers" was sleeping still, it was an ultimate shock to me, people here will start their day so early as people in the other metros, It seems that " Varuna Bhagwan " bestowed all his water power in a single night.. I can't figure out my stopping, it was damn dark and at an instance i felt like i was standing in Venice...

        Buses swept across the canal while cycles, two wheelers were busy in their SCUBA diving, It is definitely not a new scene for a person who stays in this city for years, but to anyone who are on their first visit, it will have a negative impact on their minds, almost all the streets are flooded and most of the drainage's are vomiting...
Everything seems to be standing on an island, few bulletins interrupted my thoughts and they are..

" Now Rain Rocks The Capital after the High Court Bomb " - Delhi

" Mumbai airports are shut after a giant flood capsized the Metro " - Mumbai

        Certainly Indian cities are united when it comes to poor drainage system, 5 days of continuous rain is more than enough to kill the population, Continuous rains are more deadly than nuclear missiles and Jihadi's... We can stop or divert man made mistakes but it is damn hard to stop the natural disaster, We dint learn from our past.. Mumbai on 2005 suffered it's worst ever and i don't know when other cities will get their turn !

Chennai's Infrastructure is so far so good, regarding roads and flyovers Chennai's politicians are doing their best, but when it comes to drainage system, their scores are speeding across the negative extreme !

When a week long rain shows up, almost 50% of the Chennai people will need Boats and ships for just coming out of their house, I agree that government is so busy in dealing with corruption, new development factors and lot, it is so lame to blame all of them under single cloud, but we can expect them to act before the disaster...

Well organized streets and drainage system existed once in this continent, Long long ago they did that without any scientific assistance, why can't we ? why can't we do that with our IIT's ? While bloggers and journo's are busy in blaming, half of the youth are at work for MNC and most of the oldies are busy in serials and importantly few MP's are busy in getting bail... None has time to think about our poor drainage system..

What if some miscreants acts intelligently like blasting silver iodide and make some artificial rain, it will have an impact in Indian population for sure, Rich people will be safe in 10th floor while poor India will be getting submerged !!

To, Respected and His Majesty, Sri Sri Sri Mr.Varuna Bhagwan, " As we are suffering from heavy rains, we kindly ask you to grant us leave for sometime and for your information, we have poor drainage system so kindly consider the magnitude while showering your love over us "
yours Obediently,
irresponsible citizens..
Thank you :P


  1. Drenched, soaked, drowned - when it rains it pours- Bengaluru is in the same league, no partiality from Varuna devatha :)

  2. Drenched, soaked, drowned - when it rains it pours- Bengaluru is in the same league, no partiality from Varuna devatha :)

  3. So true.. but aren't u one among us.. the irresponsible citizens?

  4. @Krishnapriya Lol, Yes certainly an irresponsible one but % differs :)

  5. @sunita: sad about it and we must be sad for each other :P

  6. That is a true reflection of the state of affairs in the metros and even smaller towns and cities. We have no drainage, no toilets for the slum dwellers, no sanitation in general. Period. but who cares? Not the politicians, not the government.


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