What To Post ?

How about writing a poem ? perhaps a short story ?? why not a social problem ?? no it is an usual one, " oh yeah i accept.. ", then why not a review for film or some gadgets that you never ever touched ? "Not an bad idea, but you know am sooo lazy to gather info about it now ! " Damn, write some of your experience.. What ? Experience.. I Don't want to bore people...
WTF then don't post anything.. huh ?
No i want to post something now...
yes,I want to post, I want to postttttttttt......

I was digging my thoughts vigorously.. No use, i couldn't finalize a topic to blog about, i asked for topics to my friends, honestly they tried their best but am not satisfied and i find those topics doesn't deserve a separate post(Though this one also doesn't deserve), so i asked them for more and more,, at one point of time all that i can see are some censored sentences.. If i continue to ask for more topics, i fear my story itself could be flash news or blog post like " Blogger(So Called) killed for asking topics to blog about ". so certainly i stopped asking and annoying them..

By 3 in the noon, Electricity maintenance, " Deepak soon make it soon, finalize a topic and post, just ten more minutes to go past 3 ".. i was terrified, started to check the wall clock and checked whether it is showing correctly by confirming that time with my laptop, yes it is showing the correct time...
What to do ? No topic.. what to blog ???? ... 3'o clock(tick tick)... Current cut(tick tick)... post(tick tick) ... Finalize(tick tick) .. ask topic(tick tick).. indiblogger(tick tick).. Google(tick tick).. find a topic.. blogjunta(tick tick)..writeupcafe(tick tick).. you didn't post anything today .. so post post post something, come on (tick tick)...
Awwwww.. STOP IT(tick tick tick tick.....) !

I could not finalize a topic, i rejected all the topics i thought of and my friends told to post.... GOINGGG MADDDDD.... Posttt something..
I Googled " BLOG TOPIC " some useless search results came and i am not satisfied with that..
Damn it is 2:55.. 5 more minutes....precisely 4 minutes and 50 seconds...

It reminded me of defusing bomb in Counter strike.... Shit i give up, got no topic to blog about, wait ! " Why not blog this whole mess ??? " my cunning inner voice hinted..
Therefore i blogged :) Lol.. Don't abuse me :)

P:S- i Din't finish it on or before 3 and only posted after the current maintenance..


  1. Abuses. Abuses. You have done it again, bro. One more post that draws you in, but unlike the previous one about blogger types, this time without really any substance in it. Glad you made your power maintenance deadline, though! Enjoying (and trying to get used to) your "ishtyle."

  2. Lol :) Thank you Subh !
    Thanks for your patience :) :)
    If you are about to read more from me, certainly u must have more of it (Patience)... LOL

  3. good one! congratulations on making it!

  4. The 'confusion' that made me blog!!!
    Sometimes, people are lucky enough to be caught in a whirl of messy thoughts so that they can come up with something really unpredictable & worthy.
    Entertaining post Deepak....

    From: www.sriramnivas.com


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