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Satellite launchpad countdown, Sachin's and Ronaldo's famous jerseys, Fancy bike registration, Age factor, Lump salaries, Mantras, Address, ID cards, Mobile & Telephone, Zodiacs, Election votes(Indi votes), Jail Terms and from everything to anything, right from number of wives to film sequel like SAW 1, SAW 2 etc etc !

What they have in common? NUMBERS, not just numbers they are NUMBERS.. without numbers we can't pass a single day, what do you want sir ? TWO pizzas.. We need THREE pockets of A+ blood.. Hey beauty shall i have your NUMBER ?.. I will meet you by 5 in the evening.. MUMMY ask brother to keep channel 21..  Sir,will 6A come by this way ?.. I sentence you for 10 years.. Happy 2012.. Importantly and happily NO MATHS EXAM :P

Enough examples, so what i am trying to say ? actually, i was thinking about 2011 and 2012 and that doomsday predictions(which i expect to happen) but i don't believe, i got a spark, why do humans give so much importance to NUMBERS ? what is in it ?
Right from "Rank 1 in L.K.G " to 200 crore corruption scandals, there exists numbers, even they make me to think themselves(Numbers) as GOD, they are omnipresent right ? 7 continents, 5 basic elements, 1 earth ! wow, i admire them. they are everywhere.

Why human and how human invented this system ?  what if there is no numbers ?
simple, we dont have time, we don't have days,week,months,years(leap).
We don't have values for our currencies, so no need to worry about rupee depreciation and importantly no need to worry about death and no need to panic about numerology. YOU(numbers) tempt me to go MAD, how beautiful you are ? each of you have a specific shape,symbol and value.I love you numbers, i love you for 21 years :P :)

How our greattt(infinite 'T' ) grandfathers would have used it ? i suppose, they could have used it to count themselves perhaps to count their belongings, as a marking ?

32,000 years ago says science, by which 32,00 itself a number :) uncertain number !
Indians discovered '0' why should there be a number for emptiness ?


Why should 1 holds a value 1 why not 10 ? we can count only 10 numbers with our fingers(without repeating), so they are from 0 to 9 ?? am going MAD :(
4x3= 12.. what is 12 ? Multiply them, divide them, add them, subtract them. THEY ARE NUMBERS !

Unlike some hypothetical things which has no beginning and no ending, Numbers has a origin :)

I came to know that, Egyptians marked 1000 with a symbol of LOTUS, for 3000 3 lotus, Hieroglyphics which is the cradle of our communications, i have another doubt, were these numbers given by ALIENS to us ? to make us measure and compare things ? if we have invented it(really incredible), i believe our counting of years should have begun then ! 

Interesting info, as follows.. Counting in groups of sixty was a procedure in Mesopotamia, where their principal units of weight and money were the Mina, consisting of 60 shekels, and the talent, consisting of 60 Mina. They also divided the year into 360 days (6 x 60), the time of one hour into 60 minutes and each minute into 60 seconds.(similar to the way we measure time today?)

Numbers and counting them is an easy task now with our  highly skilled gadgets, thousand years ago, Indians developed(believed) numerals, even which was stated by Einstein.
Interestingly, Arabs called numbers as HINDSAA(not sure of spelling), they mean that GIVEN MY HINDUS(am not appreciating religions here), one thing to make us proud, INDIA taught humans to COUNT !

Apart from claiming authority, i wonder how beautiful they have developed, i believe that our ancients would have studied the SKY, based on their shapes and arrangements, they could have made " ZODIACS ", in Hindu temples we can find NAVAGRAHAS, Planets are so familiar to our ancients. how is that ?

None could answer, i believe in RELATIVITY, today we live in 2011, which can be either 1911 or 3011, we are telling and calculating on some relations, distance to America is a absurd question if it is asked without disclosing from where ? similarly i believe, everything we follow are relative to something !

We say speed of light is 3x10 to power of 8, who knows that is impeccable calculation ? we are making and marking that for our comfortable reasons... so i stop here and i think i have confused you(what do you say ?), as other Humans who never asks what why and where, we can also continue our work. so now people continue your favorite shows on time and guys note her number, girls count your trendy collections and kids continue your TABLES :P
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BYE :P


  1. nice post. sud get good NUMBER of votes this time as well :D.

  2. Man! That IS some information there. "Some" meaning some number, not "Sum". :P

    Anyways after reading some interesting info about numbers, only thing I found striking was you believe in doomsday. Seriously dude?

  3. @factsandnonsense I doubt that bro !
    anyways, it doesn't gonna matter !

  4. @Akshay Kumar G lol :) i don't believe in 2012 predictions sir, i love to see how this WORLD ends, anyways world is dying everyday !

  5. Nice one, Deepak. Makes you think again about how we look at and use numbers in our daily life.

  6. Super post!!!!! You have thought about it in great detail!!! Yes, it's Amazing right!

  7. A very nice post. Numbers are so taken for granted that we dont understand its true criticality and relevance.

    keep writing. I will keep reading.

  8. such a great post deepak ji, really awesome:):):):):):):)

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    which shows aprraisal for your blog post..

    nice one..

  10. It's been some 'number' of days that I have been here.... sorry for the delay.

    Great post. I hope you get a huge 'number' of people to understand and appreciate this,

  11. lotta info bro..quite a post this one is...well,after readin ur kolaveri song (100th post) i have tried one too.. have a look - http://zradar.wordpress.com/2011/12/26/kolaveri-viral-infects-daughter/

  12. Infinite likes :P interesting infos..

  13. Well whatever it is about numbers I sure hope all of us have a flourishing growth in 2012 ;)


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