'+' AnD '-' Of SOCIABILIS.

MAN-The Social Animal, yes he is and like most of the mouths across the world will accept MAN as a social animal, without a doubt most of the scholars will accept Human as a social animal, my question is HOW SOCIABLE we are ?? and what are the pro's and con's of being sociable ????

Food,Cloth,Shelter are basic needs of human, with these he can certainly survive, be it Desert with a healthy food and with an apt shelter and clothing, man can survive in desert, not only on desert and glaciers, if we get appropriate food,shelter,cloths man can survive in mars and even on sun.
            But for today's man, there are so many varying 4th need, for few it is Printed paper which holds value, few call it as Dollar and few calls them as Euro. For my generation "Internet" will also be counted in basic needs of Human, without them i can certainly survive but i will find it hard,worst,tough,difficult to cope up and for a person who has bundles of printed papers(money) and nil experience with sufferings, nil experiences with agony,worries. at that point of time he will long for FIGHT,ARGUMENT,LOVE,CARE,HUMAN TOUCH etc.

           Lock up a man in a room, which has dollars,tasty foods and all convenient time passing gadgets, will he stay there for a year ? maximum a decade ? well, whatever the numbers are, he can't survive without interacting to a fellow human.

Think about this, how would be the situation if for the first time in the world after everything was created and imagine humans are evolved much better than apes, how would be the situation if a man from Africa and a man from America(for ex) meets ? to be specific take TRADING as an example, it may be for spices or for gold, without being a sociable person a trader can't sell his product or a consumer can't receive a product and being sociable is the important thing to live happily and it is the main ingredient for co-existence, MARKETING:)

Have you watched the film IN TO THE WILD ? beautiful film, please watch. It tells the human value and what it means to be with a companion and it will definitely tell you the real story of LONELINESS perhaps SOLITUDE , now i finish up my boring oration and i now move for + and - of social networking !

             SOCIAL NETWORKING- Not the film based on facebook but for the theme of the film, what is social networking ? It is similar to grouping of people in to a specific club, they name it as leisure clubs and recreational clubs, but real meaning of social networking is often pointed at ONLINE COMMUNITY.
             Facebook,Twitter,Orkut etc etc. there are so many such sites, to make you sociable. why should we be sociable ?? after all we are Human, we have to trust on others and we have to rely on others to survive our time. for many people social networking is a tool to understand people and it is certainly a tool for me, by which i met so many precious people !

  • *I have spent some time in loneliness, since all of my family members are in working community, i have to spend some time in loneliness after my college got over, i will have food for more than my stomach, i will have more table and chair space,i will have many rooms but i will not have anyone to utilize it, i hate loneliness. at that time i got in to facebook, which helped me to spend time with some strangers, IT BREAKS LONELINESS of PEOPLE.
  • *Known is a drop but unknown is an ocean, true. we will be a mood that we know much than others, when you interact with others you will realize, so social networking helps to gain knowledge and especially improves our vocabularies and language skills,HELPS TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE.
  • *Good leisure habit, love and care are two things needed for troubled souls and these supports are available in social networks, be it false or true, even some fake words makes us to rejoice, we gain some support and we gain some innovative ideas, it helps us to earn money and importantly SOCIAL NETWORKING is nowadays used in LAW ENFORCEMENTS like traffic polices etc.
  • *Good way to market your product, be it soap bars or gold bars, with the help of network we can advertise about valuable products and certainly there will be a good result, not only products we can share our TALENTS, which will be appreciated and will be a key to develop our talents.
  • *Finding a SOUL PARTNER, there are different people co exist with us, their tastes will differ, it is damn difficult to find and adjust with traits of a person and we can't find a photocopy of our own character, Social networking helps to understand people of all kind and in some cases it gifts them a LIFE PARTNER or BEST FRIEND.
    There are much more, at this time i can remember only these.

Not all the mushrooms are eatable, there are some poisonous either.

  • *Cheaters,Fraudulent,Fakers these people exists everywhere and especially very much higher in social networking, people who trusted wrong person at wrong place will be a victim, sadly we can't live without trusting and sadly we cant live by trusting everyone.
  • *Social networking can be both overwhelming and addictive at the same time,you may find yourself checking for updates several times throughout the day when you really should be doing something else.at end of the day we will spend our valuable time for useless things.
  • *Ultimate trouble is that if you don't share any information, none of your friends will be able to understand you. On the other hand, if you share too much you may discover that someone else is masking under your identity and it brings uninvited problems.
  • *Malicious contents, there are so many examples, somewhere a school going learned how to make a bomb and used it to treat his enemies and have you heard it, a guy jailed for tweeting some info with offense and remember LONDON RIOTS, which spread through social networking sites.
Well known quote, " Every block of rock has a statue in it, it is up to the task of sculptor to find ", it speaks about our topic, it is in our hands how we use our resources, according to me social networking is a great invention to make us exist with diverse human beings.
P;S- I credit this post to Binoy Karan who gave me this SOCIAL NETWORKING idea as a result of my continuous disturbance, if you like me to blog about something then please provide me that TOPIC, will take it as a challenge :)


  1. Socializing is easy with internet.. but is this true kind of socializing? Do we really care or know about the people we socialize with? Good thought provoking blog

  2. @Farida Rizwan thank you mam:) true kind depends on the person who we speak and obviously on us, socializing through online is not that much risky if we rely on a person who is true but problem is HOW TO IDENTIFY THE TRUE PERSON :( hehee

  3. Pros & cons of social networking site very well explained by you. How about you writing something about 'Superstar Rajinikanth & Amitabh Bachan ji'. Who is more popular in the flamboyant media world???? It's just my suggestion; I guess, this topic will interest a lot of readers...

  4. @sriramnivas thanks sriram :) good idea, will try executing it :)

  5. I feel you should know where to draw the line...and at the end its also fate.
    You have an interesting place here,thanks a lot for visiting my blog.

  6. Nicely analyzed Socializing. An Award awaits U at my space.Please Come and Collect it.

  7. social networking is a boon for people who otherwise have a sedate life. and i don't see too many cons here. as always brilliant post deepak.

  8. nominated u


  9. I liked the way you analyzed the pros and cons of it. Socializing is good and establishing new contacts through social networking sites is something which I wont agree to, maintaining contacts through social networking sites sounds better. Agree with the others pros and cons. Finally it all comes down to how you balance and keep yourself balanced without getting addicted.

  10. @factsandnonsense THANKYOU-THANK YOU, for that award and your comment :)

  11. @Ashwini Thank you ashwini :)as you said, it depends on how we balance it !

  12. I think it best depends on the user...if one is able to balance it and not get into the 'just the Net life' then perhaps it's not bad...


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