Bharath ka BuffOOns(Don't Laugh) !

In the line of of Bharat Ratna,Padma Bhushan etc etc, Indian government must seriously think about giving away awards for buffoons a.k.a jokers,comedians etc :)
Bharat Ratna is the prestigious award to any Indian like that Bharat ka buffoon should be considered, without a doubt we will have so many entries in this categories queuing up.. I have nominated 4 people for this category, thought of rounding it up to 5, if i really think about adding an extra entry it will end up in 100, so enough is enough. lets see the nominees...(drums and guitars playing).

4)MR Rehman Malik (Pakistan Interior Minister) odd one on the list huh ? no, giving away awards to international jokers will certainly popularize this award, ipso facto Pakistan WAS once with India, so no odd feeling and no brother feeling too :P

This honorable interior minister makes us to think, "was he is COMA ?", all of a sudden in SAARC summit, Mr.Malik said that " Kasab is a terrorist ", " he must be hanged", wow invention of the century. this one statement is enough to prove that he is one of the strong contender for this award and at another instance, while Pakistan media displaying some beard morons burning TRICOLOR and raising anti-India slogans, (THESE MORONS are obviously a bunch of cowards, so dont worry abt that incident)
again when asked about that incident, Interior minister of Pakistan says " is it so ?? bring it to my notice ", glad that interviewer didn't laugh. Such a funny minister.

3) Mahesh Bhatt: His second part of name is so accurate to his character, he often speaks and takes film of some strange kind, instead of dyeing his white hairs, this oldie is shaking hands with some porn star and telling " SHE IS A GOOD WOMAN ", i wonder why such kind of things happens here, we can expect KASAB or Daughter of Bin laden soon in BIG ASS sorry BIG BOSS(similar quality).

His son made it in to news during Mumbai attacks and its his turn to support Pakistani comedian cum model Veena malik, his supports flies across borders and i dono what he thinks of himself, a playGRANDPA ?? go play with your grandchild or watch some BHAKTI shows or go for yatra.

2) UMA BHARTI: Should i laugh or cry ? pity to have such politicians in India, " I will burn wall mart " she says in parliament, is it nice to speak as a member of parliament ? she is famous for slapping some official or driver, i don't know and don't want to know, Though dwarfest she is undoubtedly a STRONGEST contender in the list.

1) Mayawati: Huge contention among Indian women politicians and definitely list won't end up without her name, i feel sad for the U.P, while children are dying out of diseases, she is building and opening her own statue, no am not speaking about the elephant statue am speaking about her own statue. Julian assange deliberately insulted her, " sends her jet for pair of sandals " world laughed and U.P cried.if she becomes as PM, India will have 400 states and India national animal will be ELEPHANT and parliament will hold her statue and INDIA will be renamed as INDALIT(perhaps weird than this). with ppl like these, INDIA ??????

I leave the final judgement to you(new nominations are invited ) and kindly VOTE for the best JOKER(toughest job) ???


  1. yeah it will be cool to have an award like this :)

  2. Agree with you and Joshi...good to have an Award to celebrate the frivolities of mankind.

  3. nice list....

    P.S. i think porn stars cam be good woman...

  4. There are lot more buffoons like Anna Hazare, Rahul Gandhi :P


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