Blindman's LamP !

If you ask me why you started blogging ? i will say " It is an accident ", definitely yes!
But after sometime i started using my blog to vent my anger and frustration, one among my anger,agony and frustration over this SOCIETY is EDUCATION !

500 years ago perhaps still ago, there were no engineering, no medicine colleges and no law colleges, but there were some kind of excellent educational universities which educated people who found out the mass of EARTH with impeccable measurements and found out a way to survive but definitely there were no state 1st, no district 1st and no Harvard pass out and obviously no IITians to discourage many and encourage few. 

Most of my friends are applying for visa few to America and few to Canada, they go there to study and they will not have a mind to return so few of them will work there and still somehow makes up to get in to the Indian dailies HEADLINES, " Indian appointed in OBAMA'S elite group"  i call it as fuck shit !

I don't know why, i go hard when i speak about Indian education system which is not at all worthy, hardly you can see a kid going to school without crying, our system is a SHIT. which segregates students as AVERAGE,ABOVE AVERAGE,EXCELLENT !
What is this ? are they brains or some export quality pulses ?
i will tell you a well known Zen Story(pardon if it is boring),
One blind man decided to go out in dark, so he stepped out. but his friend gave him a lamp, surprised blind man asks his friend " are you stupid like Indian Television serial directors ? i am a blind what the hell this light gonna help me ?.

Blind man's friend replies: This light may not help you, but helps others not to dash with you.
Blind man accepts the point and moves away with that LAMP.

Some stupid guy dashes with that BLIND MAN, now our angry blind man asks
"Are you stupid like Indian Television serial directors ? " Don't you see my lamp ? "

Stupid guy replies: I can see your lamp, but light is not glowing, Lamp is dead !The end !
Similarly there can be so many blind man and woman with a lamp called DEGREE, M.B.B.S, F.R.C.S, B.TECH (HONS) ABCD etc etc !
But nothing inside them ! Just like a blind man traveling in DARK(with a useless lamp) !

     But according to society, they are IIT passed out and gold medalist and earns a huge package, whereas a Mechanical engineer can't repair his own bike and an electrical engineer can't repair his own fuse !
But we still compare and swear at kids who performs bit dull than other kids !
     Remember, Ramanujan had no Singh or Patel to identify his talent, only a Hardy from hundreds of miles apart IDENTIFIED his talent, it is a common strategy we never value a living thing ! 
     Marks are nothing just numbers(fuck that shit), don't grade your kid or any kid with that mark. every human has a hidden talent only we lack people who has the talent to identify and support talents !

We need a Paper revolution to make a strong India, i expect some ANNA to revolutionize Indian(fucking) education system !

ALL IIT guys are not Einsteins and ALL "F" grade guys are not dumb !
It is you, a perfect dumb bum if you see with a imperfect eye and marks a man with his marks ! so i end this with my MIDDLE FINGER UP for those who reject FAILED guys


  1. I feel., lamp is not for the blind person... Its to the society to show that yu nt walkin in dark. Society wont bother if yu r blind or not but they ll bitch abt yu if yu travel in dark.. Many times, we do most of the things for others... Education is one among them..

  2. @Smile :-) Your last line, is very very very true !
    We can't live for ourselves, we are living for others here..
    So we expect not to be isolated by the name of MARKS and GRADES !

  3. Very good Deepak,
    You should & must carry on..

  4. Loved the last bold lines!
    So much agreement and very well written. :D

  5. Gimme a high five man!! an electrical engineer who cannot fix a bulb!

  6. @Ana_treek sure i will greet, but who is that great soul ? is that you ???

  7. Seems DP is venting out all his frustrations and anger out ;)

    yeah I completely agree with you we live in a scociety where ppl have a strong belief.. only an engg ang doc can suceed in their lyf and can stand an existence in this cruel world! And on top of that these so called society ppl let dowm the creative and courages ppl who aren't academically well off..

    In the end we need to console ourself and be our self to be happy or else follow this so called society and and make yo lyf hell!!!!

    Loved the last line goes really well for those idiots demoralizing F grades students!!!

  8. Hey Deepak,
    Your points are valid and accepted, but I suggest you to tone down the language slightly so that people of all ages and backgrounds can read and appreciate your blog.
    I agree that mere degrees are not a passport to success in life. A number of these IIT/IIM guys have turned to drugs, drinking and also have suicidal tendencies....just IQ wont help, some general knowledge and EQ are important to become successful in this world.

    The reality is that most of these Master and PhD.s from some of the best universities in the world actually work for drop outs like Bill Gates and other billionaires. On the other hand there are people who are good in academics and in their careers, and we have to respect their knowledge/education it Ramanujam or Einstien or whoever it may be. But expecting everyone to get good grades at college is foolish....not everyone becomes bringt student and engineer or doctors....some may become choreographers, business men, sports champions, etc. Bringing out the best in someone is more important than merely comparing with a neighbor and trying to replicate or copy them.

    Lets admit that Indian education system is crappy, and what it can do is just give you some bookish knowledge about different fields or disciplines. If you think that is enough you cant survive. However, if you take effort to learn and experience beyond this system, then you are on right track.


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)