BuncH oF BeggarS

This will be the shortest and angriest post from me, everyone is keen on wishing each others, be it stranger or soul mate, new year is the newest festival of all times and only one festival where the whole world rejoices.(if you are a person who give respect and hates to see loafer words, KINDLY STAY AWAY).

But for students and young guns of India, it won't be. because there are several educated,technological beggars. bloody damn money stealer gangs,with their eagle eyes pointed at common man's wallet.

"Dear subscriber, regular SMS rates will not be followed on 31st of December and 1st of January, so we are glad to announce you that " you are screwed,hammered and raped".
I pay for what i message and importantly, In a republic and free India. a citizen can send only 200 SMS but a politician can corrupt 200 Crores. wah !!
So, at end of the day, we can wish Happy new year by January 2.
If you have well built wallet, you can call everyone in your contacts and wish them happy new year, which is practically impossible !

Text Message is the economical as well as quickest way to convey information, but while thinking about this cheap tricks to earn(steal) my money, better come to streets and sit with beggars and ask for money, i will better give you a lot than what you charge for my messages ! Long live Technology and long live Politicians !
Fuck you Tele-STEALER(s) !


  1. Long live ur post!! :) Anyhow wishing u happy new year :)

  2. following tat trai's f***ing regulation, govt (kabilcibal) trying to regulate social networks... chakthe large democratic of the world...

  3. I dont understand this.why this Blind Eye on the part of regulator.
    I heard the Telecom Cos can have 5 such days in a year. sheer nonsense...

  4. @Shanmuham.S I don't understand what you say sir, i call this as begging or stealing act !
    If there exists a stupid rule of giving 5 days, that could be the bloody worst choice !
    already these stealing companies are enjoying public money !

  5. bloody I hate this beggars too, As it burns a major hole in my pocket :( any ways wish you a haapy new year DP :)

  6. Long live babushah......... lol
    Karthik Indian Tele. sucks. I m surprised to see that even Airtel Bastard customer care have wrong behavior against the customers. Yesterday I was messing with customer care and that guy started abusing me. Such a ****** company.

  7. A very pissed off guy, you are..its plain business man, milk it wherever and whenever you can..happy new year :)

  8. ha ha awesssssssssssssooooooooooome :)
    A very Happy new year Deepak :)

  9. i agree ! happy new year anyways :)

  10. Hey Krathik, don't start the year in this mood. :) We are beggars, but we are placid beggars, who don't give in to rage. Have a wonderful new year ahead.


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