GeT iT @ Dean's Office !!

Describe an event where your sharp mind and fiery tongue got you out of a sticky situation- Fiery Grilled and Indiblogger asks me(us) to describe an event where our mighty mind and fiery tongue which altogether saved our bacon !

In that case, i must and most of the college students of  present have to discuss about 90% of their college memoirs, it's my turn to share my sweet memoirs, i think that perfectly suits the contest objectives,rest i leave it to you to decide how good i explained(show some mercy). i must be frank then i am going to publish several of such stupid incidents not only for the contest and prizes but also for the TOPIC which impressed me and suits my college times :)

Mechanical Engineering(collars up) and i was in my final year, so NO SENIOR and none are up above us, in that motto we roamed,roamed(not studied) and enjoyed.
On a fine morning me and my best pal missed our first hour(Heat Transfer) which is real synonym for BOREDOM("proxy given" SMS said).

My punk said "hey, shall we go to library ?", i was shocked. he never ever reads a newspaper."Excuse me" i replied.

"Dude i must change my status like i bunked my class " his justification.
" Facebook is not allowed  in our digital library " from my side.

"So what ? we can change the window while librarian checks in" he stormed.

Then i accepted his proposal to go for a ride in library, funny thing begins now :) while entering the library we have a big notice board(though none notices it) as big as our entrance, first point says " No Mobile phones allowed inside ".

We stepped in and luckily we got system to browse,surf whatever, next hours is " Automobile engineering " my favorite class and we have a viva round which contributes to Internals(phew).

I totally forgot that viva matter and was enjoying, at that time my friend ringed to remind me about viva, i was answering him and told him that i will come asap, as soon i said that. i had only my mobile back cover, where are rest parts of mobile ? my mind asked.

Collect your mobile at Head librarian's office a voice behind my head, oh shit " i am screwed ", bloody librarian snapped my mobile for using it inside library.
sorry sir, was an urgent call i pleaded, that bloody librarian was deaf as a post.

He ran to our chief librarian and produced my mobile in front of his table, now am screwed very well and deep, " sir sorry sir "(repeat it twice thrice).

No response from his side, he packed my mobile and with a grace threw the SIM card at me and said " Come with me to DEAN'S OFFICEEEE " . oh shit, i can't believe this, two things will happen, either i wont see my mobile again or my id card will be seized. i don't want either of that to happen.
Possible thing i can do is, Surrender and show white flag to librarian. distance between Library and Dean's office is a quite long, so i can put all my bet in these between distance to get my mobile back.

I know this chief librarian, he stays near my locality and have seen him several times dropping his kids at a school, where my aunt works,spark ignited(mechanical term).

"Sir, i know your house very well and my aunt works in the school where your kids goes to" in a different tone:P
"SO WHAT ?? " his sharp reply.

"I could introduce you and your kids to my aunt and will ask her to take care of em " whoa now TWIN SPARK(DTSI) :)

"Oh i see" he stopped at the place, i won the half battle :P
"Yes sir, certainly will ask her to help your kids in grades, even i have her number in my mobile, hopefully if you give. i will contact her right in front you " in a confident voice :)

"This is your last warning, if i see you again in trouble, you are gone" he gave back my mobile and reminded that aunt matter :)
With a smile i got it back and returned to library entrance,where my friend was waiting and it was surprise for him(quite disappointment too).

None escaped from this chief and this stupid funny system, next thing i did is " tossed my mobile in front of the pawn(librarian) who took off my mobile " and without seeing back, we stopped next at our classroom :)

P:S- I don't have aunt working in the school where librarian kids attend and to be precise I LIED HIM :P Fiery tongue and so called sharp mind gave me some FRICTION in that sticky situation :)


  1. haha Nice Story from your college memories Karthik..

    even we used to do the same.. but most times it was during class tests or major practicals in lab :-P

    Manish Menon

  2. Don't Publish it!.

    Deepak,I'm encountering a pblm.I'm not able to access the

    I was able to 3 hours back.

    The rank is not displayed in the page too. Are U able to?.
    Are U able to?

    pls leave a comment in my web page.

  3. @MyKitchen Flavors-BonAppetit!. I am experiencing the same problem mam, some worm i think.. Indi will be back hope so, already i published :(

  4. Happened to stumble upon yo blog..nice work karthik!!

    This is my 1st comment eva on yo blog..will keep on dropping by more often :)


  5. I am happy to nominate you for a blogger award. Please visit the link to know more

  6. Good informative and humorous posts. And thanks for the comments on my posts and the promos on Indiblogger,Have a nice day!

  7. hmmmm i dont wanna sound rude, (plz believe i am a good guy :P) but it was a ok read, i was searching for that one special quality, but it wasnt there... but i appraise ur intelligence that u pulled it off before the dean visit, which was kinda cool :)

    Take care and keep writing..........

  8. @Thousif Raza Thanks for expressing your views. i am a normal guy and i don't have any special qualities as you have in your blog(plz believe am also a nice guy :P) :)

  9. Nice post.. Good luck.
    Now just wondering did he never ask you about the aunt matter again?

  10. hehe...great idea!
    i was also once trapped in the same that case i ended writing " I WILL NOT USE MOBILE PHONES IN LIBRARY" 50 times...not as lucky as you...nor did my librarian have kids..!!!!

  11. Its good that you could finally attend the viva.

  12. Good one.All the best for the contest


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