2011 HIT LIST !

Other than asking " where will 2011 go and where 2012 will come from and arguing about DOOMSDAY" which won't come till our presence. i have visited a blog and that blogger had listed his best movies he watched in 2011, so i got COPYRIGHTS from him and now remade it(no dubbing) :P

Unlike other blogs, i wont share as best and worst. i have listed both of that type, these are just my views, take it lightly !
Movies i enjoyed and suffered watching in 2011 !

10) Blue Velvet: One and Only reason to list this movie here is " Please Don't even watch the film poster ", one of the worst(infinite T) ever film i watched in my life time, perhaps because it was released in early 80's, films has no logic. to be frank this film is very very similar to our MASALA film ! total BULL SHIT :P

2) Scent Of a Woman: Most of you would have voted and few of you would have read the QUITE A FILM post, undoubtedly this will be in a BEST movie in my collection, Al Pacino is obviously awesome, handsome and the background music as well.  

5) Horrible Bosses: Some dialogues from this movie will test your facial expressions, but apart from the nasty part, this movie will be damn funny to watch with buddies of your age, i certainly enjoyed this movie. laughed laughed laughed !

3) Curious case of Benjamin Button: Don't have much words to express the post feel after watching this movie, fabulous fabulous fantasy fantasy. cinematography is the highlight of this period film and without a suspicion all actors have delivered their best and it will be crystal clear if you watch this 2 and half hour movie, climax will be touchy, hold your tears :)

1) Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara: This movie is unforgettable because of it's dialogues,locations and chemistry, trio kind of films are quite old in our country. but this one has something special in it, friends resolving their phobia's and the lyrics penned. man i can't forget this movie !

4) True Grit: Western movies will be full of fun and excitement to watch, we love to see the times of years ago and those circumstances,environment,lifestyle will be great to watch. this movie is more about " Revenge,Gratitude,Humanity ", it clearly portrays the human nature and human weakness !

6) Cowboys and Aliens: I watched this movie only for Harrison ford, this is also sort of western cowboy movies, but surprisingly a different composition, a cowboy and an alien :P
it was great to see see the dialogues and especially the suspense behind the scenes.

8) Burn After Reading: This is the next funniest movie to horrible bosses, Coen Brother's outcome. wonderful screenplay and damn interesting scenes. you will never expect what will be happening in the next scene, such a tango of twists. 

7) Little Miss Sunshine: Comedy-Drama film, which portrays a family and their problems,characters. importantly it gives us a message " Never ever give up ", good film to watch with family and i personally watched this film for Volkswagen minivan :P

9) 30 Minutes or Less: Quite a funny movie, watch without expecting logic. it involve a bank robbery and some dirty scenes, pretty tough to watch along with family. but it will be definitely a funny thriller combo !

1) Yuththam Sei: Must watch thriller movie, if you are looking for some Tamil thrillers, go ahead with this, brings a view of watching a holly wood film, wonderful background score and wonderful cinematography,screen play will mesmerize you and hold you on seat.  

2) Mankaatha: I am a fan Ajith Kumar, i can't leave his film in any list, Mankaatha is an action-thriller-comedy movie, songs will be great and gives a mild shade of western rocks and story will be rock hard and unpredictable.

3) Good Will Hunting: It is damn tough to define this film impact, it tells about the other side of America and M.I.T. i loved this movie and Direction by Gus Van Sant, he just rocked and Damon acting - bloody brilliant !

4) Snehaveedu: I watched it for Mohanlal, reviews said that Mohan lal played a comical family man role, whatever he plays he will give his best. Movie is all about fun and TWISTS :P two songs impressed me, one from Shreya Goshal !   

5) Old Boy(Korean): Light hearts should not watch this, pretty tough to digest the story, twists and turns are fitting with that story and gives a  sad impression ! will be a good one for those who love SAW series !

I wish, 2012 My internet speed should high as ever and so that i can download more movies, long live Torrentz.eu !
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  1. Now, that's quite a list ;) I haven't seen so many of them, I'll catch up soon :)

    Happy New Year :)

  2. Good post.
    Loved the line at the end "I wish, 2012 My internet speed should high as ever and so that i can download more movies, long live Torrentz.eu !" :D

  3. Good list!! But i haven't seen some of them.. :(

  4. Shawshank Redemption use to be my favorite movie

  5. Great post. watched all these movies. I respect and share ur same view for all the movies, except Blue Velvet.

  6. Good recap of the movies seen by you Deepak :) I liked some of them. Hangover 2, 3 Idiots are some of the movies you missed i suppose

  7. Have to check out some of them.. Wonder why I haven't seen ZNMD yet?

  8. hey good account..n happy to know u caught up snehaveedu . . big mohanlal fan out here ;)

  9. I am going to watch some of the movies in your list which I haven't seen yet (obviously those whom you gave better reviews) :)

  10. Gosh! I feel really out of the loop now. I have seen just two of the movies. *facepalm*

  11. Lol U watch Korean movies too....Hats off ;)

  12. I loved scent of a woman, Al pacino is a Class act, after all he is the best actor ..

    horrible bosses is good , not sure how zindagi na dubara can be classed in all these names though..

    True grit you should see the older version it was much better ..



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