The ParottA ParadE !

The Parotta parade.. LOL, catchy name ?? NO ? :( :( :( .. well, before i begin this post, i confess that this post is my first of its kind on eateries, so far i have been eating all sort of eatable things but never cared about how do they make it, time and fate can put you in any situation that you never expect and am proud to say i wrote a post on cushions oh sorry CUISINE, see i don't even know the difference between cuisine and cushion :)

Now yo readers, take your hands away from mouse or keyboard, now clap your hands as a welcome gesture, see still few of have not followed my words, do it i say... hmm nice now i can hear your applause :)

If you have traveled to Tamil nadu. especially to the road side shops, in night time you can hear a pounding,knocking noises from road side restaurants. no ? then go ahead.. yes ? you also go ahead :)
Parotta parade, just a new name.. like an old wine in new bottle, dish i am going to tell you about is well known dish, i assume well known to people of Tamil nadu, i am an ardent fan of this spicy,yummy dish. we call it as KOTHTHU PAROTTA :P i can hear your words( damn, for this dish you gave this much introduction ?) hehe, yeah what to do, we are forced to survive with a veil :P

This is certainly a non vegetarian dish but even vegetarians can eat(if they wish to eat non veg), i have had this dish in star hotels and also at the road side shops, taste of the road side shops are taller and fatter than the bill of star of star hotels. such a yummy dish to me.

I have watched some recipe making dishes on televisions along with my mom, so with that strategy i will try to explain.

Ingredients required:(for 1 plate)

  1. Obviously Parotta   - 2 N.O(depends on your belly size)
  2. Egg                                  - 2 N.O
  3. Chalna (Kurma, Side dish they give for Parotta)
  4. Chilly and Pepper (as you wish)
  5. Tomato, Curry leaves, coriander leaves.
Tried My BesT :) How It Looks ??
      Interesting thing about this dish is we can do this at our household(most of the people who are ardent fan of this will eat outside) provided that we have Parotta with us, way of doing this dish will be captivating.i have divided the process in to ADDITION AND MULTIPLICATION process.

ADDITION PROCESS:First thing is to breach the Parotta in to small pieces and then chalna(kurma) should be poured all over the pieces and then egg should be stirred and poured over the mixture, if you wish you can add pepper,coriander leaves,curry leaves and tomatoes, perhaps if you need more spicy outcome, chilly powder can be added, for non vegetarian lovers fried meat,chicken can be added.
Now our addition process is over, then we move to multiplication process.


This is pretty much simpler than addition process, here we should just use some spatula or tumblers to make a good mixture of all our components and this mixing mode should be continued for 3-5 minutes, while knocking these ingredients, typical koththu parotta noise(sound) will come, which is the trade mark of this dish.

That's it, simplest dish is over and our Parade of Parotta is ready for serving :)
Tomato sauce will be a better side dish and for those spicy guys, you can have this dish with some spicy non vegetarian dishes, provided your stomach will not get upset :P

So readers, now we dont need starve or mouth water when we hear that TONG TONG sound while traveling through the roads, if you hear those tong sounds, buy all ingredients and do it at home, lets have it HOTTT :)

That's it, SIMPLEST DISH is over and will meet you again (Only if Indiblogger announces another competition on eateries) till then bye from chef Deepak Karthik:) Will meet you again with a funny dish :P


  1. Delicious post. Kothu porata. That's one of my favorites while in TN. There's always something special about it when you eat them at road side shops. We used to escape the guarded gate of the hostel during odd hours to eat them at the road side vendor.And "kadalai" for side dish.;).
    And a lot of sweet memorable incidences are associated with that dish. Lovely days.:)

  2. Though I prefer the kambam koozh to this from the thattukadas, my guy is a diehard fan of this:P

    Have you tried making this yourself Deepak? :D

  3. You have given the recipe too. Thats so sweet :P :D
    I am a vegetarian but still love parota :D

    Nice and hilarious :)

  4. Very tasty..shall surely try it...liked your honesty!

  5. Wow!,Super delicious and yumm post.Luvly Kothu Parota. All the best or the Contest.

  6. Chef Deepak, U can beat me in the kitchen with this winning post. I'm well-convinced that U can do Muttai Parota better than me(already overtaken me in votes).Congrats Yaar!.

  7. Wow...Yum it sounds, I mean funny it sounds..


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