Quite A Film :)

I am no great in reviewing a film, in my blogging history this is my second film review but surprisingly am a notorious movie watcher, once upon a time my desktop and my memory disk they are filled with movies and most of them are Hollywood(am not praising myself here) am an anti narcissist :P

Before watching this film(am not named it yet), two films which i have watched around 10 times are Shawshank redemption and Saving Private Ryan.the film that overtook my top 2 is " Scent Of A Woman ", nothing erotic as it suggest but a wonderful story that every should should watch !

Hollywood stories will not be as big as our epics but their screenplay is better than anyone else and also their technologies help them, why i like scent of a woman(film) ?
I proceed(without boring you(hope so)) !

Scent of woman has got a two line story, How life of a blind man and school student changes because of each other and that's it.. Bo Goldman has done quite a job for screenplay, Music is brilliantly done by Thomas Newman often he reminds me our Indian musicians, Martin Brest(Director) has guided these crew to a beautiful island.
Not to forget, Al Pacino and Chris O'Donnell are the pillars of this success film, man their acting is less to nothing.

Frank Slade(Al Pacino) is retired lieutenant colonel of United states army and a BLIND ALCOHOLIC, he is as hard as diamond lives a lonely life and drinks day and night. Charlie Simms(Chris O'Donnell) is a preparatory student who is pursuing his studies under scholarship and has a poor,sad background. It was a thanksgiving time while most of the students leaves for their home, Charlie runs short of money to travel to his home and decides to spend his thanksgiving weekend for a temporary job.

Temporary job is to take care of Frank Slade(Pacino) for thanksgiving weekend, before commencing his rough and tough job,Charlie and George Willis, Jr.(Philip Seymour Hoffman), another student at the preparatory school bears witness to several students setting up a prank for the school's headmaster Trask(Rebhorn).

Next day their prank goes well and executed as per their plan, which humiliated headmaster in front of whole school, so this headmaster wants the perpetrators to be punished and he somehow holds the future of Charlie and George and threatens them to reveal the wrong doers name, but they hesitate and then headmaster gives time till thanksgiving weekend.

After this mess,Charlie begins his work, Frank Slade(Pacino) is a rough military man and a blind either, is no easy man to cope up with. Frank takes Charlie to New york for their Thanksgiving weekend,Frank has separate plans, to be precise his motto is to ENJOY THE WEEKEND AND DIE AT THE LAST DAY.

During their weekend at New york, they gets closer and Frank understand the good heart of Charlie and vice verse, Charlie persuades Frank not to commit suicide and even gets the pistol of frank, but somehow AL PACINO cheats him and tries to commit suicide, but all these mess got over with a huge(beautiful tearful) conversation.

They comeback to their place, now Charlie has to attend the proceedings of identifying guilty which he don't want to, Charlie has none to support him at that time Frank9Al Pacino) steps in and helps Charlie and proves the school that he is a nice gentleman.

Climax of the film is the best part, Best dialogues and sentimental ending, Scent of woman comes from the extraordinary smelling capacity of Pacino and at climax he even gets a partner, who is also a teacher for Charlie.Film ends with an Happy note :)

I would have messed up here in the name of review and all that i ask you, JUST TRY THIS MOVIE, you will love it :) 2 hours and some quarter minutes, i watched and i don't wanna procrastinate and miss sharing my wonderful experience and tomorrow morning i gotta wake up at 4 A.M, no matter WHATEVER IT TAKES I DECIDED TO DEDICATE THIS POST FOR Al Pacino, which is the least i can contribute for his work :) i know he wont read it but there are some loner friends of mine, they MUST WATCH IT !!


  1. Yet to watch...Nice effort, Deepak!

  2. this is one of my all time favourite movie. have watched it several times.

  3. I haven't see the movie yet.but i like your words.its make some interesting on me to watch.thanks.

  4. Interesting point of view. One thing I could say about Hollywood film is a film is focused on the topic-a thriller will be our & out thriller, a rom-com a romance and comedy. While Bollywood movies are a masala movie with songs, dance, comedy, drama and a happy ending all thrown together. Now new directors and producers are moving in that direction - ex: Delly Belly, Don 2

  5. am a great fan of Al pacino...and loved this movie for his performance...I think, he won an oscar for this..

  6. sure, wil watch it for ur blog sake atleast deepak!! :P

  7. One of my favorite movies. Powerful characters in the plot and Al Pachino was at his best!

  8. oh good one...I would watch it:)
    u mentioned Shawshank Redemption, its been rated no.1 hollywood movie.


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