Well, apart from Hinduism,Islam,Christianity,Buddhism,Jainism and all isms, another -ism do exists perhaps exists with a strong bond and i call that as "Regionalism", we can't deny this because we have the regionalism in blood,DNA or whatever you call, we have some traits of our fathers which dates back to evolution time, those traits are Racism,Religion,Regionalism.

How people started to civilize ? They grouped themselves and named their group and drawn some invisible boundaries and later waged war for their land,Money,Women
and etc etc, from Sumerian to Indus valley civilization, what we understand is GROWTH of a specific region, it may differ in numbers but all civilization has a common thing and they are boundaries, which marked the diversity of mankind, some call it as region,state,territory and some call it as clan,caste,religion and some grouped themselves by their languages and work etc, but undeniable truth is PEOPLE CLUBBED TOGETHER BASED ON SOMETHING FACTOR !

What is Regionalism ? - Loyalty to the interests of a particular region or  A policy whereby the interests of a nation in world affairs are defined in terms of particular countries or regions.(

Blogging, All of us who reads others blog will have their own blog and it marks all of us as BLOGGERS, so in bloggers i identify there exists a affinity towards other bloggers based on region,language and gender(this is separate chapter).

Whenever i visit a blog, especially their LABELS, i can see a bold label of their state, why so ? simple reason is, they speak and write what they experience and what they see everyday, this is not the sole reason, patriotism and love over our mother land is the prime reason for our regionalism, take my blog i made some posts on or for Tamil Nadu, similarly my friends from diverse states do so.

If it is U.S.A, they have a common language and there also exists a regionalism like Texan,Southie etc, but our story is different, we have different languages here,different religions and different races !

Affinity towards our mother land is unstoppable, when we meet an Indian, say for example one person is from Delhi and another from Bangalore. they will thick as thieves since their environment is damn different, but how will be the situation if the same persons meet each other in Delhi or Bangalore ? affinity will be less.
But what if two Banglorians meet at Delhi ? obviously they will be together.

Right from country to states,districts and locality and even to streets there exists a regionalism, in our childhood times we will have some street fights with kids of other areas but our own district, later on in schools we will have a competition within the state that is districts etc, later in college there comes states.
Take sports, people have to shine in each region and should show their loyalty to each team they play and then only they can show their talent for their country.

Regionalism- Good or Bad ? i have no specific answers like black or white, am grey in this matter, everything should be in limit when the yield point is crossed, whatever the material is, fracture in inevitable :(
Why this post ? right from Shiv Sena(Maharashtra) to Naam Tamizhar(Tamil Nadu) there exists a stronger affinity towards their state and it is natural, but i feel that we should not expose our regionalism very much and we should not target at the minority. simply in few words i say, UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL !


  1. Affinity to our region is not a bad thing, but when it prevents you from mingling with people from other places, it could be considered as something which is uncalled for. We should never judge a person depending on where he is from, we should form an opinion only after getting to know that individual person.

  2. yeah :) it is not at all bad, when it is with in a limit, that's wat i said :)

  3. I believe India is ONE from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and that's the reason we have so much unity despite of diversity.

  4. You said it right. It's in our blood. Sometimes when we meet someone, we notice their accent and their name just out of curiosity to find where he/she is from. We may not ask them directly, but we build up conclusions immediately in our mind.
    Regionalism, to some extent is good but too much of it can be bad.

  5. @Nisheeth Ranjan NO ranjan, i don't think so.. we have diversities visibly !

  6. Too much regionalism is too much bad... thanks to share a nice post...

  7. First of all the map you have used in your blogpost depicts a broken India. i.e. parts of Pak-Occupied-Kashmir and Aksiachen region which officially belong to us but right now in enemy control are not shown in it.
    Regionalism has made people so anti-national that they don't even bother about the fact that a region of our country has been illegally occupied by an enemy country and nobody bothers to protest.
    Your map clearly exposes how regional you are.

  8. Another thing, the term Indian has been used on "Native American Tribals" in the Americas. These tribes have no relationship with our country. I am yet to come across another person who identifies himself as "Indian" and protests this wrong identity label.
    That is because Indians here are proud to say they are "Tamilians" "Bengalies" or "Punjabis" or whatever they are and not proud to be "Indians".
    Such a sad state of affairs thanks to regionalism.

  9. @Sahasi what are you talking ?? Am not regional, i think you dint understand my post and what i have said, I AM NOT REGIONAL.. Who is occupying where ?? when you speak this much specific, you are supposed to speak in specific on what you comment !

  10. Read "Breaking India" by Rajiv Malhotra. Regionalism when it is too much, brings in hatred.
    Not even INDIA, we should think about the whole human race. Everyone has the same red blood!

  11. @Sahana Rao that's well said and good info on books :) thank you !
    red blood ?? hehe then americans and russian do have red blood :PP LOL j4f !

  12. regionalism shud be considered as a social evil....
    livin in bangalore i have experienced it. usually tamils are roughed up by auto drivers here... but you dont face this problem [openly] when ur interacting with highly educated people...

  13. @esh:) yeah, i have experienced it and it went for a fight.. wont and cant forget that cab driver from Bangalore !

  14. Regionalism is inevitable. You will first think of your own family before you think of others. Its kind of same when it comes to one's own city , state or country. However as you said there should be some restraints. One cannot do anything in the name of patriotism. A correct balance is required.

  15. Regionalism is inevitable. You will first think of your own family before you think of others. Its kind of same when it comes to one's own city , state or country. However as you said there should be some restraints. One cannot do anything in the name of patriotism. A correct balance is required.

  16. living in bangalore i can write a book on regionalism... once upon a time i used to call myself as a telugu guy was tamils were openly abused even in schools... now the situation is lot better. even today u widely experience it. apart from tamils even malyalees experience it but thanks to their unity, they cant be taken for granted. if u abuse one mal another 10 will come for his support.... its not the same for others...

  17. Hi Karthik, it is quite true that regionalism exists in India to some extent. All the languages and our customs emerged from the same old Sanskrit and Vedic culture. Irrespective of whether educated or not, if a person has not widely travelled, you can observe such traits in them. India dominated the world economy till the 17 th century to the extent of contributing to 1/4th of the world GDP because we all had a common Sanskrit language as a means of communication. This was broken by the westerns for their own cause of their missions and soon missionary english schools emerged questioning our unity in the form of false theories like the Aryan invasion which is still taught in school social textbooks. We need to see that we have a common Sanskrit language as a part of the school education to impart that sense of unity right from the very early stages. Here is my research on Vedic culture and work to be done to regain the lost legacy


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