The ScapeGoats :(

If we all have some problem, we can plead towards god for protecting us from those miseries and misfortunes, what if god himself has unlimited problems ? this is rough translation of a funny Tamil quote, it seems funny but the message it has is what we see in modern India, everyone will reach to a hospital whenever they are in risk of losing their lives, what if hospital itself turns a grave yard ?

1)Aftermath of Mumbai attacks made(few) hotels and public gatherings to tighten up the security measures and Coastal security is also among few department which saw some drastic reforms, all that it took was HUMAN LIVES which has no value. 257 human lives are the inputs for all these reforms and most of them is still under operation.

National security guards hub has been set up and they gained some importance and value that they really deserve, so every time when a disaster happens, we act like that we are not sleeping anymore, but truth is we are just awake for some limited time and after that its the same old story, this is known to every tom,dick and harry of India, except politicians who are certainly apart from common man's sufferings.

Only on some sensational days like religious and national festival, we have our cops securing the public places and holding some outdated equipments, very similar to some low grade film shootings.

2)I don't know how many of you are aware of a school fire accident which took away 83 children life at Kumbakonam, Tamil nadu, it happened very much near to me in a distance of 40kms, i was in my school then, i don't remember much about the situations and how it happened but i can still remember the scenes,agony of mourning parents, some of them lost all their children in that fire disaster, after that only government revolutionized the school premises all over the state, no hatched roofs rule came.

Small children are made as scapegoat to revolutionize and protect the future generations, how hard it will be if we have someone known to us in that deceased list, we should running to morgues of the city to just find the body ? i can't even think about that. poor souls and it is better to die like this than to see our beloved one dying like this.

There can be much more incidents and happenings like cinema theater mishap and bus accidents,whatever they are but they all will definitely have one thing in common, that is human death, may be the number differs but a human life lost is lost, number and place doesn't matters.

How good our environment is ? how good our safety is ? we copy songs,films,culture from aliens but do we copy some much needed essentials things like safety structures and life saving technologies ? NO certainly NO.

We don't have fire extinguishers everywhere, but we have sophisticated extinguishers hanging at place where there is money,power and rich people. but at common man's place they cannot be seen, why this inequality? we have lot of IIT and so called brilliants applying and wasting their time in VISA. we never cared for a development in our own state.

Statistics says India lacks development and research, r&d is very much needed for an organization growth, so what about an organization of 1 billion people ? don't we need a research and development wing ?

Only good news and tribute that we will give to the deceased a.k.a scapegoats will be PROVIDING A SAFE ENVIRONMENT, so that incidents which took their life will never be heard or seen in our soil. that power lies with politicians.


  1. An indeed though provoking ususal deepak..and here s a note of appreciation from me to you..check my blog -

  2. Indian politicians are known for their recklessness....They don't have any idea about poverty and the value of life. But ironically we people vote and most often make the wrong choice!!!! Hope, things will change only if we start thinking not as individuals but as responsible citizens.....


  3. You brought out the sad truth painfully. Human life seems to have no value attached to it. And that too in a hospital where lives are supposed to be saved! Very heart-breaking!

  4. Very well written! The fact is we don't need R&D but we have to open our minds to accept the best practices of the first world countries! When we are competing with them for everything how abt we compete who is the safe as well.

  5. Deepak i dont know if this news reached south, but in the north at least,there have been many instances where new born babies were roasted alive when their incubators caught fire.
    Do you think police nailed the culprit or judiciary punished the guilty ? HA!!

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  7. Thank you Zradar and Sriram :0 well said, and Zradar it's my duty :P

  8. Thanks appu :)
    Raj: am glad for your visit and hope you are abroad, you are somehow safer than us :P :P takecare while crossing streets :P


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