Shameless Sabhas..

I have been to fish markets several times, though the place and people there looks nasty and unhygienic but there exists a flawless unity within the uneducated, poor vendors who holds the responsibility of their family of 4 perhaps more than that,when one vendor sells by shouting about the price and quantity, next vendor will be in dead silence till the other one finishes, then when the other one finishes his funeral speech on fish the next vendor will take his stage and shouts, can you understand their maturity and co existence ?? when they behave and show such maturity to save their family of 4, why our politicians who holds the life of billion Indians remain immature ???

I have never seen such co existence and unity is our UPPER and LOWER houses of parliament, in rare cases when some member of parliament is attacked, there will be a huge solidarity to express their contempt but whenever either a useful or disastrous bill comes to the parliament, you can expect the worst ever shameful acts of our beloved politicians, neither them nor speaker nor citizens of India will understand what they speak for and about, even school children and cage animals will follow the rules after some atrocity, you people don't even have that basic ethics ? why are you there in parliament ? you are there to represent us, you are indirectly representing me, i will not be doing such shameful stupid things IF I WERE THERE, but you people did and doing and for sure you may do.

Either for good or for a bad reason you stand against or stand for, why you people behave like apes ? even they will show some sign of evolution when they hold some high post, why don't you ? almost everyone of you are rich but fewest of few are educated.

How shame it will be for Indians living abroad and reading all your non sense in their dailies ? Think about it ? already we are wasting for an animal which killed 100's of Indians and sitting safe inside some undisclosed jail of Mumbai, you are also doing the same killing people's money and enjoying freedom.

I have some points, which will at least make these politicians to work their purpose.

1) You can't boycott the session more than once, if you don't like the bill, you must speak and justify your point in the allotted time.
2) Minimum attendance of 90% should be maintained, else you must attend lagging sessions and speak about the problems of you constituency.
3) You cant damage public property to hurt your opposition, if you do so you should be sacked from the post and jailed.
4) If you don't attend the session other than medical reason, you will not be paid for rest of the month until next session of parliament and you will not be given any allowance to use government car,house or phone.
5) Importantly, if you walk from your seat and protest and if you stand as a hurdle for the parliament work, you must be jailed and should not be given salary.
6) specials force should be there to maintain peace inside assembly or house, if they find inappropriate behavior they can throw them away.

We are losing 4 crore a day, so far 32 or 36 crore has been lost, its our money and whatever house upper or lower, BEHAVIORS are certainly lowest that we can see.

You travel in FORD and you use IPHONE and you watch TV in SAMSUNG, your son studies at Harvard and you use all foreign products for your new house, THEN WHY DO YOU OPPOSE FDI ? if it is bad really, convey opinion and take some opinion poll, why spoil the parliament ? as you say symbol of democracy !

Despite all these shames, they are thinking to PROVIDE EVERY MP a TABLET, not tablet for headache, GADGET i am telling, they will be given 50 k for that, it is just like making a DUSTBIN out of DIAMOND.

Where we are heading towards with these irresponsible politicians ? is this the country where Nehru, Gandhi, Tilak lived ????
Shame shame shame on India, parliament is dying and India's reputation is at stake !

Winter and summer session has one thing in common, most those proceedings will be adjourned, everyday if they adjourn, why should there be a parliament ? vacate the place and let the poor people stay there !

President is sleeping as usual, i really wonder why should we need a president other than to give awards and waste money by flying abroad ?
I worry about me and my next generation, will India be ok in future with these irresponsible immature politicians??


  1. Educational essay..:)
    We have to pay the price of democracy.

  2. That is one strong post venting out every one of our frustration.. I liked the way u compared them to fish sellers.. and I also feel that the fish sellers are better!! :)

    but those points are too tough to implement don't u think? u cant just like that be strict to people who lived as outlaws and nomads..!!

  3. Before winning the chair, politicians are normal human beings; but after winning the power, it’s a whole different story. They become abnormal after tasting power and the people know about it better than anyone else!!! Someone has got to help the poor country folks......


  4. all of us know this is what has been happening..and this is what will repeat..some basic education has to be provided to these guys...

  5. politics in India will ever change....or it is very hard to teach them

  6. Nice! its high time that the bill should be passed.

  7. Do u know what a group of babboons are called?..A congress of baboons. A group of owls is a parliament of owls.....Each position has its own stupidities that are part of it and I guess cant be changed much


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