Top Stories of India In 2011.

We are going to bid a farewell to the year 2011, Soon and welcome 2012 with new hopes and aspirations, As we are very  much eager to welcome new things, we should cultivate this good habit of recalling the past at appropriate time which is a great habit. As an Indian I am excited to share with you the most Influencing happenings that happened in our country in the year 2011. Come and join me in the journey of recalling 2011.

Top stories 0f India in 2011.

Year 2011 was a year of change and achievement , After a long wait India achieved World cup, Government has initiated Aadhaar card and Aakash tablet PC , People had started a revolution like Jan lokpal bill and the freaks cheered up for formula 1 and technological changes like tablet PC have hit the India market. God surprised us with his treasure,Finally 2011 is a great year for India.

Bidding a farewell, while we cherish the top stories of 2011, Hope 2012 will be glorious for all of us.

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