UnhearD SymphonY

I was just trying to add a MUSIC gadget to my blog, should i add Spanish guitar ? or to go with insane Michael Jackson songs ? according to me and in my experience of hearing, Indian music is the best that i have ever encountered, be it Hindi or Tamil, i can't and you can't deny that. but my generation guys and girls are attracted by some insane,idiotic crap called pop, hip hop. no wrong in being a citizen of world ! (don't forget our own Mozart's)

     Unheard symphony, according to the world " WOLFGANG MOZART " "BITCHY MADONNA" or some faggot" ELTON" are the some of the best Musicians ever world has seen, there is no R.D.Burman no RAVISHANKAR and NO ILAYARAJA IN THAT LIST !

     I accept that everyone i abused are great musicians to their people, they have got talents and i can't deny that, without arguing about who is the best, i want to show people in my blogosphere about a person who never tasted what he deserves, he is none other than ILAYARAJA !
If there exists a Tamilian or Telugu, without knowing Ilayaraja, he must be either deaf or blind, sometimes both.

This dark,short,skinny man has something stronger than Mozart, he never copies and he is not a plagiarist like today's musicians, his background music of some films will portray the story, it will rejoice and rekindle you or it will make you cry.
Hear these LINK LINK  LINK LINK MY FA-VIE if you wish.

A.R Rehman worked with this legend and whenever i see some music show from Kerala,TN,AP, there will be a ILAYARAJA song. i know a man who watched "HEY RAM" movie 21(i guess) times(counting), not for Kamal or Rani but for that BACKGROUND MUSIC ! that man is myself.
Whenever i go for a long drive, i will upload only Ilayaraja's Instrumental musics.
I will blame Ilayaraja for developing tinnitus in my ears :(

In mid 80's and 90's, Tamil songs were on the peak, there were no Internet like we have now, else some Hollywood director would have booked Ilayaraja and we(India) could have got an Oscar long ago.

We hear music of million miles away, in the mean time we fail to hear our inter state musics,After Tamil, Hindi music impressed me veryyy much, next i would go to Mallu music, K.J.Yesudas is a gifted,blessed soul. have you ever heard his voice ? her i give Yesudas+Ilayaraja.

Ilayaraja is the unsung and barely touched symphony of India, personally i hate his character, he is sort of egoistic guy, ditch his characters. as Jackson is a pervert pig.
But comparing Raja and Jackson is just like comparing Diamond with Pebble !
I just shared some songs to make you all hear the Indian Mozart !
Just a dedication to my king of music Ilayaraja !


  1. I liked this yes ..Unsung hero s they are..It astonishes me how someone like Lady Gaga can become an international hit, while so many others remain ..'Unsung hero s'

  2. He is one of the grtst Artist India had..in India certainly he is not an unsung hero....may be in d world stage he is nt dat renowned may be.but dats nt our problem its dose ppl who dnt knw him..actually missed an oppertunity to listen to sum classic true music..grt post :)

  3. A true genius indeed he is! And that part about the background scores: Completely true. Sheer magic!

  4. Good post. Being Ilayaraja's fan and grew up listening to his songs, enjoyed every word/link of your post.

  5. I was not aware about him until now :)


  6. Who said he is unsung!.. he is in heights at many hearts ,many music n many strings, his own way.. :) if oscar is suppose to be the only recognition for heights, then let ths words be " He is equal to thousands n tons of those Oscars"

  7. True Deepak.. We like his music to the core.. And atleast through ur blog.. some ppl who doesn't know him , may consider to hear his works...


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