WhaT You HavE, SecreT oR Reason ?

"Boost(energy rink) is the secret of my energy" says sachin, very famous advertisement of my childhood times, i will often mock that phrase at funny situations as a feeble attempt to make people around me to giggle. i never tried to understand what that phrase really means, for me it is an ad endorsed by am icon, not only for me but also for millions of kids and adults out there, it is just an advertisement !

Just look that ad with eyes of toddler, you can answer questions on psychology perhaps discrete mathematics but to answer a toddler and to satisfy his question it takes hell lot of task, so ask like a toddler, what does secret means ??

Secret is something kept concealed from others by a single person or to a limited group, so as the above answer says, secret is something concealed, then how boost could be a secret if sachin discloses to millions of viewers,, ??? confused right ?

i am neither posting about sachin or about advertisements in India, former is a pool legend and records and latter is chamber of more foxes and less lambs. forget it, just take the phrase " Secret of my energy ", it means that secret behind sachin's success is boost, what if i go and endorse, BOOST IS THE SECRET OF DEEPAK'S ENERGY, even the cameraman will throw a pair of shoes at me, so is there a rule, only successful people has secrets ?? am i confusing ?? well..

Secrets and Reasons, what's the difference ?? Secrets are revealed by a person, who tastes a maiden success or bunch of success, where REASONS are told by people who fails to succeed and by those who lost totally.

Understood now ? whatever you blabber after finishing the marathon, it will goes directly to the FIRST page of dailies and whatever truth you say, it will go the corner column of the same daily, so truth doesn't matters much here, all that matters and means is RESULT !

What i am trying to say ?? just nothing, we are people of result oriented, we never see the efforts the true efforts made by a person, we never see the real talent behind a janitor, Not only Matt Damon a.k.a Will Hunting, there are so many will hunting and Ramanujan,Einstein cleaning the floors. why ? just because of a single failure or multiple failures, we label a man as LOSER perhaps as stuff less shit.

Talents are everywhere but to identify the talent it needs a specific talent and to appreciate the talent it needs much more talent, but we don't have such talents much here, so only Ramanujan got Hardy, a person apart from miles and miles to identify a genius. i believe there are so many such genius minds working in factory for daily foods. single person can't be a reason, our society is the main reason for this malnourished environment which bombs public places, our failure to feed and support hearts is turning against us.

Society thinks that a person who studies in IIT as a brilliant and a person of same age who studies in some local college with low marks as a AVERAGE student, these classifications in our system really infects the future of these buds.
Lokpal,FDI whatever it may be, main reform and revolution which India and youth like me needs are in Education, white revolution is needed. Reform our education system, stop asking " where did gopal go ? " in question papers, ask " who is Einstein, Who is Bhagat singh ".

Society makes very few kalam and very few Ambedkar comparing to the total number of kalam's and Ambedkar's that we produced really. failing to acknowledge a talent and keep on digging a person with his failure is thing which i hate most in our society !
I leave it to " Time " to answer it !


  1. I'm not too sure about the example you give but yes, it is a dog's world out there that measures you by the amount of success you have had in life. While 'success' itself is relative, it's mostly the amount the money, power and the position you hold that matters to society.

  2. Talents are everywhere but to identify the talent it needs a specific talent and to appreciate the talent it needs much more talent
    This reminds me of someones words.."I spent all my efforts turning myself into a valuable Gem but there is yet to come a person looking for one"

  3. i loved the part where u wrote if i say boost is the secret of deepaks energy..lol....very well written,and actually our countries education system needs a serious overhauling also rather than commerce arts ets more professional courses should be offered in schools itself to provide a strong base to kids..like in world schools like goenka which offer business managemnt course etc..

  4. So many things told in this post! Made sense majorly. But felt some were unrelated. But, I liked the way your nuerons gets connected ;)


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