RevolutioN 2011

Well, we are about to say a FINAL Bye for the year 2011, which i will call as Year of Turmoil or Year of Revolution, Though 2011 can't compete for a pinnacle place in history like 1917 for Russian revolution and 1789 for French revolution.

2011 is the year of PROTESTS,  be it ARAB SPRING or LOKPAL PROTEST or OCCUPY WALL STREET, year 2011 has been a year for people who stand against evil or good whatever you can argue.
Every year there are some unforgettable moments, which media people will use it wisely to glue the viewers, but apart from India's world cup glory and some tit bit moments, year 2011 will be a well known year in Indian history for protest against LOKPAL.

People have changed, they are no more mute spectators, still we have some mute people across the nation, i would say like Number of mute spectators has been considerably diminished.
Koodankulam nuclear plant protest, which is baseless protest. note one thing from it, people have grown up to argue and bargain for themselves, which has not happened much in previous years....

Even in International level, 2011 is a earmark year for some spectacular and surprising incidents, Occupy wall street and EU,Greece economy slowdown and people protesting against Greed,Capitalism and we can go on adding it up.

Libyan revolution, though some of us believes it as a shadow game of NATO, good thing from that is PEOPLE dethroned their dictators,Egypt is birthplace of this modern day revolutions, which proved the world that revolutions can happen anytime and at anyplace, where there exists evil !
Like in Hinduism or in any religion, holy books saying " whenever Evil arises, i shall come and destroy it ", i think people have took that seriously and found the god within themselves !

Even in Russia, people protested against their longtime leader PUTIN, there are something happening around the globe and that will be a decrease in TOLERANCE level of common man !
very importantly, 2011 is an unforgettable year for Americans, they can peacefully board the air crafts after KINGPIN terrorist BIN LADEN is killed.

All these revolutions and protests have brought politicians to a standstill state, it is not their playground anymore and Media knowingly or unknowingly, with or without dedication has helped these people to protests strong !
I expect 2012 should be a good year for all of us, which is highly impossible, i shall say like this, let we have a good and strong will to face anything !
Good year ahead ! Happy New year bloggers:) 


  1. lets see what change this revolution brings..

  2. True what you said about Tolerance... the level is diminishing fast. It's not easy to love everyone but atleast we should tolerate them...had learnt in of my lessons from the school. Now, we can't even say that:(

    Hope 2012 would be a better year in everyway spreading warmth,joy, love and at least tolerance!!!!

  3. yes, good will to face anything, not to forget the past as well!! Fantastic New year ahead!

  4. Happy New Year Deepak!!!
    Little late but then its never too late..right? :)


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