TortoisE As The KinG oF JunglE

Bedtime stories of all kids has one thing in common and that is " Lion is the king of jungle ", but years after i fear that tortoise will replace lion as king of the jungle, my fear came after reading a shocking news in today's news paper, The Hindu quoted " Sports bill rejected ", we often speak and often blog as in a country with billion, it is shame to have medals in single digits and many times a single medal, we blame politicians for this and at rarest of the rarest time, when politicians takes this matter, something for sure disrupts and collapse the initiative so easily.

One such example is Sports bill, which will bring sports body which is scattered all over India in to a strong bond, partiality towards cricket will be optimized, because of this vibrant sports culture, we are ranked in medals tally lower than small countries like Kenya and Nigeria, they don't even have infra as we have, but they scores much and better than us,
To be a Manager or to a be a CEO of a reputed firm, they ask for 10-20 years experience in that specific stream, but in a national level and in international level to head a sport body, there are no eligibility criterion, you don't need to hold a bat to govern cricket community of India, just a name politician is enough, politics is everywhere and politicians are omnipresent.

To be a politician all that you need is money or else your father or mother to be a part of a national party, dont have above two ? no problem, act in a film and enter politics, this is the stage of politics, i would like to explain about BCCI here, yes the powerful cricket body which has power to bend the international cricket community.

BCCI - Board of cricket control in India, some times cricket control in world, Shashank manohar as president who is a lawyer by profession and never played any form of cricket and N,srinivasan as secretary who is a chemical engineer and industrialist, if you take our neighbor cricket boards, Both pakistan and Sri Lanka are governed by former cricketers and definitely not like us, our cricket body has politicians,lawyers,industrialist and very few former cricketers. Former BCCI president and also present Agriculture minister of India, where 70% people practices it, he holds two jobs, Rajiv shukla a misiter of state and also U.P cricket board member holds another strong position in BCCI, Farooq abdullah NRE minister and Vilasrao Deshmukh another minister also falls under Politicians cum cricket governors.

Omar abdullah, J.K Chief minister and son of Farooq abdullah a cabinet minister, tweets that sports head should not be a part of cabinet which decides on approval of sports bill, as a result that TWEET was REMOVED.

70 year is age limit to be in office says sports bill, but those old people believes they can do whatever a young man can do, why not play for India ?

  • Under the Bill, the BCCI would have come under the Right to Information Act, which means none of its activities could be kept secret any longer.
  • The board would have had to place its audited account on their website and would have had to present them annually before Parliament
  • The board would have had to ensure that at least 25 per cent of its officials are former cricketers and that none of its office bearers are over the age of 70. 
I don't have patience anymore, if at all we want medals and want india in medals tally, reforms at sports are not enough, reforms at politics should be made at great level, up to that Let tortoise rule the jungle and let tortoise be the head of Lion.

5 (FivE) Is GreateR ThaN 6 (SiX)

                   After saying 5 is greater than 6, i need to confirm myself that am mentally sound and am not midget in maths too and so i believe 5 is bigger than 6, yes obviously. i have proof's and guys please nominate me for greatest invention of this century which you are going to read :P
There are two oldies, A and B on either side of a road witnessing a bus speeding across them, Man A on one side says that " bus traveled from my right to left ", on the other side that Man B believes that Man A is wrong and says " NO, Bus traveled from my left to right "...

As such, sometimes in arguments people argue and make points for their perspective even if both them are correct, so it is clear that a entity in this world is viewed at multiple views, hence in my view 5 is greater than 6.

Let me tell you what is 5 and what is 6 , i mentioned 5 senses of animal as 5 here and 6 senses of humans as 6 here, after making this point most of you would have yelled me and accepted it as true, for few good heart which don't yell at me and don't accept 5 is greater than 6, i am moving further for them.

My teacher said and perhaps if she is still teaching, she says that humans evolved from monkeys but science says that Human and monkeys has a common ancestor and at many times, we often insult animals by calling a man as " SWINE " " DOG" " ASS " etc and to be precise we wont leave their excreta too, we utilize them to insult as " BULL SHIT" haha, let me point out what makes the 5 to be greater than 6.
            I wont blame technologies such as war equipments and self defense equipments for that, because if animals have had the brain to invent such, they would have definitely done the same, but something that makes animals wise are, i actually saw a article on my book, " Man feeds on cow milk ", " did cow feeds it calf a human milk ? "... a strong question that we never asked ourselves,

In history, our ancestors slaughtered billions of animals for their deities and still on practice at very low rate, animals never hurt humans in a intention to hurt, they fear us and protecting themselves, for that case they attack, more over animals are not hunting humans and carrying our kids, displaying them on cages, very importantly ANIMALS never murders their own offspring, they kill for food.

Historical Monuments are often considered as WALK OF THE FAME. people enters their name and their love name in those monuments, they are making history on history and even on public places, public properties such as trains,bus roads etc etc, people will burn these places if they want their leaders to be released,is this a sign for our sixth sense ?? In this case 5 is bigger and better than 6.

Racism, though there are racism in both animals and humans, racism is threat to the humans a lot, if a person is killed or attacked just for melanin pigment, racism has no boundaries, we say black, white and whatever, skin color has nothing to do with a man traits, killing,harassing and hurting for color,
5 is bigger than 6.   

           In animals, neither terrorist cells nor countries which eyes on fuel banks of another country are there, they wont play puppet game on another country, they wont levy taxes for making nuke things,which was pioneered by the tax maker, most of all there are no wars between, tigers and deers, which is better 5 or 6 ?

           Humanity is dying, at some part of time in future it will R.I.P, so called united nations silently spectates the death and starvation of humans, if at all animals had their own UN, For sure they would not let the starving animals to die, genocide in the name of language and skin color exists only in human race.

          Everything mentioned above by me is my perspective view of the world, it has no intention to hurt any of fellow people, i might have used strong words to describe the strong phenomenons, this is what happening with us, just a lame comparison, i will be happy, if it makes a single person to think...
5 is bigger than 6 , THE END !

         Notable differences between them is, Human's will bury the dead pals and fellow people of their race, animal wont bury, but nowadays time there are so many dead bodies lying here and there on roads, human bombs humans, in this case animals are far far better ! 

PowerfuL PalindromE EndS ThE CarnivaL..

Are you an ardent fan of J.K Rowling ? or at least a passionate reader of Stephenie Meyer ? neither of them ? hm, how you will fell when bunch of relatives you spent a week with leaves altogether on a single night ? Hard rite, i experienced the same feel  as Indian carnival at ramlila maidan ends, usually carnival comes with a giant wheel, but this carnival came because of a giant problem and wheeled the "O" shaped building(parliament) as a busy building, for past week, our ministers sweated a lot even in air conditioned rooms, no gun, no suicide vest or not even a threatening phone call, but just a man in white dress made the biggest democracy of the world to bend and bow to his knees, am no expert on lokpal or on constitution civics, but what i witnessed gave me much more info than what my history teacher taught during civic class.

Power Palindrome, the man i mentioned as powerful palindrome requires no introduction, if at all an introduction is not needed, i had rather stop introducing him to that dumb guy or gal, i still remember a C language program which came for my board exam and that is " write a program to find whether the given word is palindrome or not ", i used to ask myself why the hell we need to find palindrome, i would regret now as Anna the powerful palindrome ends the great Indian carnival !

A calm face, with an entrapping smile, well decided and chosen words, this is the anna i saw on television weeks before, from the day he begun his fast, it has been a carnival, not alone at ramlila maidan but also on Chennai,Bangalore,Mumbai. Anna begun the fast all alone, but people with I'm Anna caps and T shirts persuaded the public and taught them the sensitiveness of the issue, while the media people enjoys 24x7 work as their channels and twitter world gives running commentary as if world ends this day, omg omg it tested my patience several times, people started to support anna in mass and bunch, few opposed it and huge supported it, to be frank if i was in that 74 year old man's position i would rather enjoy my final days by watching useless serials and would end up my life in a chair, but he did not and that is why he remains and will remain in the heart of Billion Indians.

He is a true Gandhian, limitless will power made him to survive without food for 12 solid days, he reminds me of swami Vivekananda and his powerful quote, give me 1000 youth's. but anna got them in more numbers without asking, 100's and 1000's of blog defines him in a way best than each, but everyone has the love and shows their regards to the best leader.

It is someday in between his 9th or 10th of his fast, am not sure about the day, he felt that his health fails but his strong will gets strengthened every seconds, he asks the mass gathered there " protest peacefully, if they try to take me to hospital, protest in a peaceful way, don't let them take me "
after acting a single film nowadays hero's are thinking of to indulge in politics and after all few people singing in some TV shows consider themselves as hero's and starts fan page on face book, if i compare them with this majesty, it could be an insult for him.

As of today's position, it is not so easy to attract the attention of parliament, though they have works or not, it is not so easy to lure them, but he made the whole parliament to turn back to his direction, in this tech piled era, where postal way of communication is at verge of extinct, he made the most respectable leader and prime minister to draft him a letter.

There are POTA,GOONDAS or blah blah act and laws are there but never they eradicated and served their purpose in 100%, as a law says " 100% efficiency is impossible ", we cant expect even our LOKPAL to eradicate corruption, but this strong will to fight the government will remain as a best example to prove that 100% efficiency is possible.

While at the verge of ending his fast he says that, "By wearing anna cap or anna t shirt you can't become a anna, you can be anna only if you follow anna's principle ", what to say for this ?
this is not the battle between government and rebels, it is a battle to test the citizenship and responsibility, civilization of Indians, cause may be same but way of fighting differs, in 1900's Gandhi proved it, in 2000's anna is proving it :) 

Please Neglect Diesel Engines !

Yes, as my post title says, please neglect diesel engines, but as a condition do that only if you satisfy two cases,
CASE 1: I don't care about my country and my fellow citizen and especially i don't care about my next generations.
CASE 2: I have my own oil refinery wells in gulf.
And what about people who don't satisfy the above two cases, well we have a solution for those who are neither oil refinery owner nor a selfish giant, solution is ? exactly a diesel fueled engine.

Being a Mechanical engineer(so called) if i have been asked " what kind of car can i buy ", my answer will be definitely a "diesel fueled car", unfortunately till i write this line none have asked me a suggestion so far. why is that diesel engine preferred over petrol engines, very very simple, Diesel is cheaper than petrol, this is what we can say to person who have no idea about automobiles, but there are so many facts beneath them !

There are so many cars and companies running on roads nowadays, when i was in my single digit age that is late 90's, there were only 3 famous cars that can be seen on Indian roads, they are ambassador, maruti 800, premier padmini. but along with me Indian automobile sector has also groomed.

"Tata", one of the world's and India's most prestigious car makers, used Fiat engines in some of their vehicles, As fiat and their other counterparts from european continent still remains as best of the world. We are well used to different type of engines nowadays, V-Tec from Honda, variable valve timing, TDi from Ford turbocharged direct injection, but FIAT's MULTIJET diesel engines made a revolution in diesel engines sector.


Diesel engines are often considered as low power and non eco friendly cars, but Multijet technology changed that perception on diesel engines, Alfa Romeo, one of my favorite car and so billion people's favorite car used such multijet engines, In India, the Multijet engine is manufactured at Fiat’s Ranjangaon facility and they are assembled on state of the art assembly lines which have a high level of automation for all critical operations to guarantee world class quality, besides performing in depth checks are also environmentally friendly.

Fiat is the pioneer in development of diesel engines, unijet engines were developed by them in early time and it is also considered as a revolution . what is unijet ? unijet uses two injectors to inject the fuel in the engine cylinder, let me tell you the difference between gasoline and diesel engine.

Petrol engine is also called as spark ignition engines, where a spark ignites the mixture of air and fuel that has been sent inside the engine cylinder and the ration of compressing the air fuel mixture inside engine cylinder for a petrol engine is quite less on other hand diesel engine also called as compression ignition engines, where high temperature achieved by compressing the fuel is enough to ignite the fuel, no need for specific spark and compression ratio for diesel engines are higher compared to that of petrol engines, diesel engines are costly and greater in size compared to petrol engines, but remains good in fuel consumption issues but also diesel engines need greater maintenance.
A surprising news to all Indian made car owners is that, maruti sx4, tata indica vista uses and used Fiat engines.

Technologies alone cant make fuels credible our next generation, some conscience is also needed, in this case, very much needed, SUV the brand name which makes people to claim proud, it consumes hell lot of fuel and mileage that it gives is too low for its consumption, in a house of 4, Four separate cars whatever cars they are multijet unijet tdi vtec etc, is always a waste of resource.

It is just like, taking bath by mineral water in a land where it is tough to find a cup of drinking water, cycles can be replaced by cars and bikes to travel inside a institution, walking is a good exercise instead of walking in treadmill, a small walk to a cafe with your friend will be pleasing news to the generation which can use fuel for their ambulance, we cannot expect or imagine our oil prices to climb down and it is so lame to think of it when we are wasting the resources,

Instead of worrying about the past, we can introduce new technologies to our country like alternate fuels and flex powered vehicles, we copy so many things from west from fashion to film, why not copy a good piece of technology which save life !
A technology which utilizes fuel properly.

Do NoT ReaD ThiS PosT

Do not read this post, why did i made it as title, simple, i am not going to tell anything new in this blog, it has clearly and elaborately told by others., you cant find anything new in my following words, if you are still interested to find out what is written below, well go ahead !

Two words which rocked and rocking india for past a month are, ANNA and LOKPAL, to be frank i tried to confine myself to not write a blog on lokpal, reason is people got used to it in their daily life, whenever they switch on some news channel, they flashes these things every second and front page of all news papers carries these messages. this is some thing we should be proud of, after 1947 India has never seen such a historic scene, people waving Indian flag walking out in streets and bikes carrying tri colour, really it makes me proud, while most of the days not only on elections, we can notice our national and regional parties flag flying high in lamp post and  even at traffic signals, at least in that case,this is really a dramatic change Indians have noticed.

While rest of the world watches it as a turmoil, we Indians(other than ruling party) watches it as a change for a cause, so far India had a descent image, whenever foreign leaders visits our nation, they wont miss this word " LARGEST DEMOCRACY OF THE WORLD", but really they dont have a clue how this largest democracy works, It never matters how other countries views us as, we always remained as soft target for terrorism and we are country which wont hit back, even if we know the epicenter of all such terrorist activities. wiki cables deliberately shows our impotence towards terrorist attacks.

The bandwagon effect, it is not a perfect phrase to denote our lokpal fight, weeks before London saw a drastic riots which really marked a black spot on English people, being one of the oldest country in the world, their people still remain as barbarians, Our fight for lokpal would have really ashamed them and taught them How to protest, while the london guys used social networking sites to burn their own buildings, Mighty Indians used for a constructive purpose, there are something English people should learn from their past colony.

As for now, crowds supporting anna hazare is keep on increasing, how does it happened ? are all of them who raising slogans are aware of entire lokpal ? for the latter question, obviously it is NO, not all of them who supports hazare at streets are aware of it entirely, while media which should be unbiased is now a PRO LOKPAL, media has a great role on this, all over India there is a huge wave for anti corruption, 2g scam, common wealth scam, aadharsh scam and upcoming wimax scam, it really stirred people's patience.

I really dont know when will our parliment pass this bill, a week or month, perhaps a year, constitution, democracy, laws, what for these are ? for the welfare of the people, if those people will be happy by passing this bill on parliment, why by passing it ?

One thing which is very true and obvious is WE CANT ERADICATE CORRUPTION, we can reduce it to a greater extent with lokpal bill and one thing which i hate in lokpal is bringing PM under its control, if you dont trust our prime minister of india, how can people trust thos who are in lok pal panel /.?
I want to quote what my brother said, " TRUST SHOULD BEGIN SOMEWHERE ", without trust we cant survive, so why not trust our PRIME MINISTER ? and neglect him from lok pal control.

It took 10 days for Rahul gandhi to break his silence on lok pal issue, he says that he want to think and speak, but now opposition feels that How could he speak without having his turn ?, what is wrong in their question, all of a sudden how can a person violate laws and on other side even if he has spoken not on his turn, why make it a issue ? Unsolved mysteries....

We are not sure what will they pass, when will they pass , where will they pass, as we are doing for half a century, lets hope for a good news !

School Of Exaggeration

Few days back, obama quoted Being president of america is the best job in the world, but what is the easiest job in the world ?? you will be very aware of it, if you have ever watched 24X7 news channels, it is damn easy to exaggerate and slam things, that is what our beloved so called media people are doing, i know it is lame to blame it entirely on a single whale called MEDIA, few of the media are doing a commendable job still,

In Fact they are the whistle blowers in certain incidents, they do the best job in reporting things from remote part of the world, where even god cant monitor :P, such a strong media which showcases the people's trouble and a brave media which telecasts the dirty face of hailed politicians,businessman,celebrities and whatever you may add, the same strong brave media is also doing another thing very perfectly and what else it would be ? English language says it as " EXAGGERATION "

Being an ardent fan of all 24X7 channels that i can able to see, one thing i hate them and one thing they all have in common is act of exaggeration, from cricket to chit chats, what they do is merely exaggeration, it really put the viewers in a state of irritation, you can say and must say good morning at morning time, you cant be wishing it all over the day, but we must understand their situations too, when they have no other news, they must run their channel all over the clock and calender, they have no other options left than exaggerating and making the hole bigger and biggest.

This is the blog which i wanted to write for over a period of time, when mumbai was ruined by terrorist activities and alike 2 billion indians, i was always desperate to hear some live news and info, so what i did is just switched on one among the 24X7 news channel, news anchor was putting up all her efforts and feelings to describe how it was there, i really appreciate it, but in another channel i saw a sentence flashed like this " we are first to telecast this video, exclusively on this channel alone" another channels shows " we are first to show you live pictures of people running over " like this we can see more examples,

A perfect journalist and media man will not be aimed at the fame or credits for what he did, he will be aimed at the result and well fare of the society, if the former is the case, what they did was to claim the credit for their work but it looks so lame, Media can shake this country, people will believe whatever they say, once they telecasts it and thats it billion people seeing it will believe it emotionally, when such a media with huge effect on this country can bring impacts which are good, why showcasing your fame ?

Another recent example is anna hazare fast, indeed it is an semsational issue, but i saw few reporters exaggerating the fact, morever some tv channel relayed the blood pressure, sugar level of anna on air, what is this ? in order to show your supremacy over the rivals, lot of good things can be done !

I was seeing few scenes of the film " PEEPLI LIVE ", i scolded those scenes for deliberately hitting out at indian media, like they are aimed at TRP rate or whatever they call, but as for now, it makes me to think alike those film maker view , there are lot of news happening in the land of billion people and they worth attention too, then why exaggerating anna ? as a matter of fact, what anna hazare fasts for is worth reason to exaggerate, he is making miracles there, but relaying things again and again like other channels, will make people to write stupid blog like this, Media has a great role to play in country like ours, but it should be used wisely !

Meet The Monarchs !

vanakkam, vandanam, namaskar, welcome to meet the monarchs show, haha, just tried like a Tv show anchor, doesnt work out for me, :P

Monarchs : sounds crispy right ?? ahem.. well. Largest democracy they call, sovereign state they call, finest republic they call, whatever they call, let them, all of us would have experienced a questions, damn sure all of us and everyone one of us, who went to school would have come across a basic stupid question, WHAT IS YOUR AIM ? answer as follows-> IAS,IPS,IAS,DOCTOR,IAS,IAS,IPS, lolz, this is what i remember from my childhood days, it sounds very funny for me now,none of my classmates are any of the above now.

Ok, let me be precise, Monarch is someone who rules the office and country all over his years, until he dies(naturally, unnaturally) latter will be the often and after his tenure, his son or sons will fight for their father's possession, but what is happening at our country is not exactly as i mentioned

25 is the minimum age limit to enter Lok sabha, is it really possible to enter lok sabha as a MP ?
Yes possible, but conditions applied

1) You must be a son of familiar and powerful politician.
2) You must be a daughter of powerful and familiar politician.
3) you must be at least son or daughter of an actor or millionaire

if you satisfy any one of the above conditions, you have 99% of chances.

Agatha sangma- Youngest minister of state in India is a daughter of former speaker and present strong politician of north east india,

We can add some 8 or 9 persons to this list, it doesnt make any differences, only the name and locality differs and at today scenario, a common man from middle class background can never think of entering politics, he can enter politics by sacrificing his youth life and at his death bed, he will hold some place in party, thats it,,,

this is how largest democracy of the world works !

IS THIS " TrysT WitH DestinY " ?

A government of the people, by the people, for the people,
These are the words i remember from my school days, i remember these words very well, have written several times as an imposition for changing the order and committing spelling mistakes, if a child of 10 or 12 years old is asked to do an imposition for just changing the order, what punishment can we give to the white hairs who totally boycotted these ? While Gandhiji,Nehruji,Nethaji,Bhagath singh lives as statue and in the name of streets and blocks, 2G and CWG lives in the heart of India.

My deepest feeling is as follows, Few days ago i received a mail from Timesjobs saying " DISH CLEANERS URGENTLY NEEDED " am not surprised by it, any money which comes by hard work is not to ashamed of, crazy thing is the qualification criteria they said " ANY DEGREE B.Tech/B.E blah blah " For a post of cleaning the dishes, they need a degree but for a post of developing a nation and its billion people there are no qualifications required !

If you have ever switched over your Mtv, star cricket, Espn to Lok sabha Tv, what you are witnessed or about to witness will make you laugh, i was seeing a parliment in session of UK, it is really really awesome, a single man speaks and 100's of ears listen, but whereas in our parliment 100's of mouth speaks unfortunately no ears can hear it, which has the right to be called as parliment ?? even a fish market in my locality will be very civilized than those !

August 15 1947, a day which cannot be forgotten by a true indian, to mark our independence day what we do is, in school times i will reach school in early hours and the only thing i wait for the chocolate they provide at last, in college times we will plant some trees, here it is so easy No national anthem, no parade and nothing,

Our television channels on independence day, will begin the morning coffee talk with some hero or beautiful heroine, who has nothing to do with our independence day and will conduct shows and telecast film which cannot be related anyway with our independence day, very few tv channels with a sudden flash of knowledge and love over the nation will display patriotic songs(with advertisements), no one will remember the jawans who go through fire and water everyday,  what we achieved over these 64 or 65 years(i am not certain how to calculate) is really a commendable job, but we could have achieved a lot, without corruption and with a strong judicial system.

We made a bitter relationship with china and supporting tibet, without reasons we sent our army to sri lanka and got our prime minister killed, but politicians before 2k were really lived and served of their ages, but politicians of today india is also living and leading the life as our ancestors, Patriotism is really at stake, with solid percentage of 30 to 40 % of people in below poverty,we are providing our beloved MP and MLA with numerous allowances and solid payments, while most of them are crorepatis already, they find tough to maintain austerity..

Without knowing such people are about to come, fathers and grandfathers of us fought with british and shedded blood, they sacrificed all their youth life inside bars, donated blood to soil and the spirit they had, wah wah , am ashamed of myself, ourself , because of not living a life like them, my inability to act against such injustice is killing me everyday, as a common man with no powers, what i can do is like this, sharing my temper in the name of blog, happy in dependence day !

United Nations- Deaf As A Post !

Deaf as a post, few days before i was reading this metaphor and after reading it, i was scratching my head to find a best example for it, what in this world could be deaf as a post ? i presumed a man without two ears as a deaf as a post, but even while seeing something with his eyes, he can hear the unsaid words, then what else could be the best deaf in the world ? well, unanimously it is our UNITED NATIONS.

What is United nations ? There are no words am going to put up here to make you all understand how this stuff works, everyone knows what is UN, to be precise it is league of countries, which is aimed to maintain peace and brotherhood among the nations, this is what my history teacher told and believed in my childhood days, now while looking back at those days, it surpasses the comics of charlie chaplin.

United nations is the baby of league of nations, league of nations failed to maintain peace and stop second world war, that is the reason they said for formulating this so called united nation, funny thing is even after the induction of UN, there were so many wars and genocides, so can we search a grandson for league of nation ?

I am an Indian Tamilian, one of the world oldest and finest language, the reason for writing this article is also because of being tamilian, GENOCIDE OF TAMILIANS IN SRI LANKA !!
am no bernard shaw or milton to play with words, i will use my best to explain the pain of my people. i(we) watched them bled, cry, die. i cant do anything to save them, to save my people i did nothing, world did nothing, so called united nations did nothing, toddlers to white hairs were killed without mercy, how many of us know this fact ? how many of us reacted to this fact ?
what did UN reacted ??

United nations security council comprises 5 nations, which has VETO power, means overall authority, they are given this to maintain peace and stop war, funniest thing is that those 5 members are CHINA,FRANCE,USA,U.K,RUSSIA each of them served world wars and killed a million., today they have become the permanent members, they can stop or start any decision, what did they do stop my people being killed ? China is busy on disrupting TIBET and USA,UK,FRANCE are busy on deploying fighter jets to middle east, While Russia is developing their missile technologies, none did anything to protect my people, even Indian government!

Not only for sri lankan tamils, so many african nations such as somalia and few others were seriously troubled, with famine and tyranny, what UN did ? Ban ki moon serves his next tenure, what he achieved in his first tenure ? answer is LEt us watch as we watched by folding our hands!

With these powers, it is quite clear that, UN is just a puppet in the hands of those powers!
We watched and will watch !

Everyday Is Not The Same !

Everyday is not the same, obviously there are 7 different days in a week, each of them differs by their name and order, but this is not what i meant here, Everyday is not the same, especially in India, a country with billion people and as same number of deities, everyday is not the same day here,

August -7 -2011, the day i wrote this article, it has a significant value and it is Friendship day, about friendship there are infinite words to describe in various languages, a word " happy friendship day" to our close, distant,intermediate friends, it means a lot,. Everyday we have friends and we have languages but why we are not wishing them ? is that what you ask ? i will give you a example, you are living everyday and every possible second of your life, but why your birthday is special to you ? or to your people ? we cant be wishing happy new year for the entire year but we ought to wish on the new year night or at least on new year day, like that so A friendship day wish on its day, as i said It means a lot !

Why i write these things ? As necessity is mother of all invention, experience is father of all my blog topics, i want to wish my best buddies a Happy friendship day but today i fear i cant afford to wish them ! :( you know why ?? for indians it will be obvious for other buddies, let me explain

Most convenient and cheap form to communicate with buddies here on india is TEXT MESSAGES(SMS), where every service provider will provide you a finite amount of messages for certain amount of money which can be used in stipulated time, for 3 months by paying 49INR you will be given 1000 free text messages, which will elapse after that time, in between these days , you can use it for free,, now you ppl got it ? i dont wanna bore much.. let me straight..

Since this day is friendship day, wanna wish my friends a small word, but the cost for it is Rs 1 per message, if i have 45 buddies to wish them it takes 45rs(1$), which can be afforded but it is considered as waste of resource, This trick on applying cost for a free message is developed by this Service providers so people will at any cost use this message to wish. see how talented they are ? much talented than our politicians who cant hide the looted money lolz :P

Am not scolding them or blaming them, but am thanking them for not allowing me to wish my friends at cheap cost !! long live airtel and rise rise the salary of your ceo's with my 1rupee :(

ALL ARE EQUAL BEFORE LAW* (*conditions applied)

Article 14 of Indian constitution says that " All are equal before law ", i hope great hearts who framed this great constitution is failed to prefix CONDITIONS APPLIED tag, i dint say anything out of a proof and i dont have that intention to blame anyone.
It's happening and happened and for sure will happen, Constitution says all are equal, but minsters and mp's can have a greater allowance without any austerity, their allowances are much greater than ex service people, even if a slim voice is raised against reducing the salary and austerity, they will swing the assembly,

They will throw a cm of a state for his corrupt office and will ask him to step down, but they will make the person who that former cm shows as a successor, its just like appointing a thief to rob.

LOKPAL Name that makes politicians to have nightmares, why this govt is so slow on making it as a act, its very simple, its just like a carpenter designing a coffin for himself..

ALL ARE EQUAL before law, so a most backward class student can pay just 50 bucks for buying any application, where a forward class student should pay 250 or 500 bucks for the same application., not in money alone.

F.C Student must take a high score of 199/200, to get a seat, which can be easily packed by a S.C student of a score 185/200., that's it all are equal before laws, a person working for railways can travel for no cost and a person who works for roadways can travel on bus for no cost, can a person who works on bank can take money for no cost ?

SUch a wonderful system we have. conditions applied !