DO India Have An Oppostion Party ?

" We strongly condemn this action ", " We demand justice ", " We want perpetrators to be punished ". " We want Prime Minister to resign ", " This country is under corrupt government ", Other than shouting this words in front of numerous mikes and cameras, what have our opposition parties have done ? ? ?
After seeing such blame game quotations, one prominent question which arise is that, " Do we have a strong opposition party in India ? "

India follows BICAMERALISM, which has two houses of parliament, though we have two houses, very rarely we can see them functioning smoothly apart from market style uproar of opposition parties, India is a nation which follows MULTI-PARTY SYSTEM, which allows multiple political parties to contest and can form government either in coalition or separately, But other than Congress Party, i don't think that we have a strong party, Let me explain my statement,

  • Raman Singh - Chhattisgarh
  • Narendra Modi - Gujarat
  • Prem Kumar Dhumal - Himachal Pradesh
  • D. V. Sadananda Gowda - Karnataka
  • Shivraj Singh Chauhan - Madhya Pradesh
  • B.C. Khanduri - Uttarakhand
  • Arjun Munda - Jharkhand.
  • Sushil kumar Modi, COALITION and Deputy Chief Minister of BIHAR .
BJP remained in power at center along with several coalition parties, from 1998-2004, previously for just 13 days they remained as ruling party in 1996, vajpayee as prime minister, They really performed well in the rise of kargil war and testing India's Nuclear potential, it was great period for India other than few disgust communal riots happened in 2002.

Now Let us have a look at Ruling congress party stats,
  • Jarbom Gamlin - Arunachal Pradesh
  • Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy - Andhra Pradesh
  • Tarun Gogoi - Assam
  • Sheila Dikshit - Delhi
  • Digambar Kamat - Goa
  • Bhupinder Singh Hooda - Haryana
  • Prithviraj Chavan - Maharashtra
  • Okram Ibobi Singh - Manipur
  • Pu Lalthanhawla - Mizoram
  • Ashok Gehlot - Rajasthan
  • D.D. Lapang - Meghalaya
  • Oommen Chandy -Kerala
 Out of 28 states, it is impossible(right now) for any single party to rule all of them, regional parties plays a major role in capitalizing their region, using the language factor and they are constantly surviving in their respective state, such as Tamil Nadu, where it would be either DMK or ADMK will be in ruling position, so at this places National parties must take a good step in making coalition, congress are better heads than BJP in this, so they made timely move and joined DMK in 2009 elections which helped them to come in power, where BJP had no seats.
Congress party which is very famous right from freedom struggle is well spread in all parts of India, But BJP which was founded in 1980's is not as familiar as congress in all states, Except karnataka in south, BJP has no great deal, like that in North East regions, BJP is not a big fish, But along with alliance congress makes a good revenue there.

With so much of scams, Common wealth games, 2G spectrum case, Aadharsh Housing scam, Kg basin, Air India, CAG reports continuously indicts the wastage and poor plan of the ruling party, even though we have this much of corrupted and tainted cases, How congress maintained to win the polls of 2009 again ???
1) Their 2004-2009 tenure was really an average score, there were no great scams and they shaped country decently, they had a good growth rates.
2) There was no strong politically a opposition party to beat Congress.
I find the second reason as main for second term of UPA, because BJP is showcased as a communal party, just because of 2002 riots, though they are strong and deep sympathizers of Hinduism, their lack of good leadership and good coalition made them to sit in opposition side again.

Communist party of India is also not great front runner, other than states of West Bengal and Kerala, they never carried a momentum with them, even now they lost both their power houses, other regional parties will make comic like forming 4th and 5th front and they never made it to front, always stands last in poll results, positions like this will make a single power party to think that they are the head. so as the result of it, mistakes happens.
Instead of just blaming in press meeting, if opposition parties make a good move by making people to trust them, will give them good chance to form a government, whenever there is fear of loosing the power, politicians will really do lot of good favors to maintain their power.

India is not single party nation like China,Cuba, though they are single party nation, china shows a vast development and control over the world,i remember and quote a funny line i heard from my teacher.
In school when we asked our sir, " to whom you will vote ? ", he replied with smile " your question is just similar to, selecting any one among two thieves to loot your own house ", at that time i could not understand it, but not all the politicians are bad and not all the people of India are good, mistakes and problems happens everywhere, Being Indians if we are united together, it will be a great strength.

Just learn how John McCain and Obama, gave a smile and a friendly pose together after election, can we imagine such thing in India, if anything like that happens, i bet we will develop a lot than we are now.

Other than throwing mikes and kicking tables of Public property, they can contribute a lot to the growth, i saw few clips of Kashmir assembly proceedings, one so called member of Legislative assembly, was standing above the bench and shouting, is this ethics ????  is this civilization ? for doing such atrocities people voted and elected you ? are we Humans or Monkeys ? even monkey's will behave well, we need some strong laws for such mis-behaviors and MLA should not resign his post without the permission of people who elected him. agony continues but this post ends here !

Invisible Tears....

Invisible Tears, In our routine, machinist life, we hardly have a chance to understand the smile and tears of a stranger but also a similar human being to us, we never smile at a neighbor, never have a gracious look at the stray dogs, life has become so lame, i have arranged my words collectively in the name of poem, about a small boy i saw as a server in a restaurant.

Why ? Why life is so complicated ?
Perhaps i may view it wrong, whatever it is,
Tears turns as Ink and i pen this with that ink.

"What do you want to have, sir" you asked politely.
The word Sir, i don't deserve it i know and you as well,
Neither you nor me know about each others.
we must be of same age, i spoke with in.

Me and My family ordered a bunch of items,
which is too large for your skinny hands.
I watched you, yes...
I watched your dark hands cleaning the rotten table
I watched your deteriorated dress,
Which have no more place to accommodate a stitch.
You wore a slipper with no sole, such a poor soul.
Infected nails, withered fingers.

But your eyes spoke a lot,
It banks and telecasts your longings.
If you have had a parents like mine,
If you have had a brother like mine,
I am sure,you will be here and enjoying the meal.
One and Only sin that you did,
You stayed in a poor mother's womb for 10 months.

As like other teen guy of your age,
You will also have a dream,
Dream of wearing a pair of Adidas,
Dream of using an Apple ipod,
Will your dream remains as a dream forever ??

I have never seen anyone of the 1000 god's we have,
Not going to see him or her in future too,
Even though, i will seek justice for you, why ?
Why this much much partiality ?

I saw your eyes gazing me and my dress,
I can't explain the feel of guilt i got,
Food was tasty and after few pieces of it,
I started enjoying the food, slowly my guilt,feel for you started to vanish.
But one thing for sure, after seeing you.
I will definitely stop at least one guy like me,
I will not let him feel the guilt i felt by seeing you.
impact of such people will stay in our hearts for few seconds, during its tenure we can try to help few people, for those who are in a position to help such people, Gift them a life, water the withered buds, people spend lot of money in temple, dropping solid cash,gold,silver will never reach god, service to god is service to poorand save some humans too :) :)

My Worstestest Night...

After posting a post already, today i restricted myself not to write an another post, just because of two reasons 1) I don't have patience to type 2) I want the readers who are already few in number to read my previous post of this day, but these 2 reasons are shattered in to pieces after facing one of a worst night i ever had. i have shared my experience here and it was really irritating too the core while experiencing it but once it turns to your memories it will make you smile, if you wish to read about worst experience go ahead...

It was a sunny day, 365 days of Chennai almost sunny days, people who stayed here for a while or even at least for a day, would realize this temperate zone and the intimacy between sun and this region, i have heard people pointing a note " winter of Chennai is just like summer in my place ", that is the kind of thermometer scale we have here, morning part of my day was really good other than so called broadband connection from a company which starts with R, though it had a speed like dial up connection, they named it as broadband, such a sense of humor they have. i had a typical south Indian lunch and with tummy full, i tried to switch on television and watch some 24X7 radio cum news channel, while i gave a look at clock, i was shocked because clock gonna strike 3, like such Americans have an alarm for national security(watched in Die hard film), i was rushing to charge my mobile,
It was almost 2:58 PM and then that disaster took place, Fans stopped, Televisions were dead, mobile is not eating the charge, oh yuck " CURRENT CUT " a local word to denote Current shut down, as such school students have schedule for their periods from 3 pm to 4 pm, this are have survive without current,technically we must go back to dark ages of our grandfathers, in this hot noon it is so hard to survive without air conditioners and fans, i just opened a small paged novel, i have no patience in reading pillow sized books where before finishing the book i would go to the start and read what happened :P, so while going through the novel, i was almost drenched in sweat, i tried to wave papers as hand fan and almost succeeded by sleeping, i was desperately waiting for clock to knock 4.

Yes clock knocked 4 times but i dint woke up and just slept nicely with a fan on full swing and totally forgot to charge my dying mobile and then i woke exactly by 6, plugged charger in to mobile and there comes a twist, current dies temporarily again, err then i waited for Mr or Miss or Mrs Invisible(current) to come, got bored and so went for a evening refreshment, had a good bath but still then current dint show up, went to rooftop just roamed over the balcony and i can see so many heads doing the same, people here will come out only during the time of crisis, it went for a hour and then a rejoice echoed as CURRENT CAME from small guys of my area,
I ran like BOLT and opened the doors, keeping doors open for 10 seconds is also a grievous mistake in today's social life, i have a bad experience for that too, i just kept my LOCK opened in the gate, while i checked it back after hours, i cant see a lock in the place i kept, bussss some intelligent thief looted it, i don't know what i am going to do with JUST key or what he is going to do with just a lock, then opening the door and switched on the light, as like reverse button current went off, err then walked back to balcony and of course by locking doors echoes of rejoiced suddenly blurred :P

Continued my walking part, after 20 minutes same echo rejoiced as " current came ", this time i decided to go after few minutes, like our ministers who will reach disaster place as late as possible, so i went after a while, this time when i switched on, Thanks Satan current was still alive. it was CLT20 cricket match, as like normal Indian youth am also a crazy fan of cricket, match was between HOME( Chennai super kings ) and South Africa's Cape cobras, i was really resting back and watching the toss, coin was tossed and was expecting Chennai to win the toss, as before CURRENT CUT.

This time i decided to continue the novel in candle light, great scholars studied under street lamps, hehe let me be a so called scholar, it was irritating to study in that candle light, so was just sitting and looking at my mobile which was dying in my hands, started texting my friends to kill my boredom, it was comforting to text friends.
Time went on to 11 PM, no sign of current and it was sweating again, new rule from TRAI made all young Indians to send only 100 SMS per day, beyond that you can't send a single message, so i was conservative in saving messages, hell !!
I wanted to sleep badly, but there were no current and my mobile reached last point on battery and i reached my limit for messages, it was all silence and my mobile is all new NOKIA 2007 model, which is basic i cant even hear songs, i was just sitting and then good news Current came but a bad news it went off again.

Then i scolded people of Electricity board and TRAI with myself and started to show my temper to lifeless things, i reached 0 tolerance and i cant carry on with this anymore, i felt alone and mobile ripped, err what an ugly night, at last current came and as fast it came, match was over :( :( :( dint even see a single ball of that game !! then i decided to share my temper, i have this blog for that and so shared my so called worst night, there are people who would have faced worst than this, but it was a real test for my patience, which i dont have so just shared it here and felt free, so now i can sleep happily :) good night :P :P

5 Kind Of Mankind In India....

            " Do you know with whom you are messing ? ", " Do want me to emboss a punch on your face ", These dialogues are often heard and spoken during our bullying times of schools and colleges, We are always surrounded with people of different platforms, people of different characters. Most of us would always love to establish ourselves as a powerful phenomenon, we want to showcase our power,pride and values. for that we would often exhibit something. well as the headlines says 5 Kind of Mankind In India, in my point of view, i have categorized 5 kind of powerful people who can stamp an impact on Indian society, can also call as 5 kind of powerful people from India too, Only Forbes will release powerful people list ? why not one by ourselves,

Everyday i am witnessing some kind of surveys,polls indicating some kind of results, they say that they survived middle class,upper class etc etc, they say they surveyed south India west India North India etc etc, i still believe i belong to any of those class and very much sure of living in some part of India, but i have never been surveyed by anyone neither my family nor anyone whom i know, but all surveys holds and speaks for me, pretty funny and i wonder after seeing them " WHERE ARE THEY TAKING SURVEY'S, WHO ARE THEY ACCOUNTING, WHY DO THEY ADD EVERYONE'S OPINION ? " so i decided to conduct and categorize people based on my view :P :P :P

5) CORPORATE MAGNATES: Financially powerful people, who fuels few politicians for mutual benefits, power drivers for growth and Indian economy, because of people like them, India is not country of JOBLESSNESS, we have enough indigenous companies which stands taller as such of those well developed, these people have also helped India to grow by donating (in past), personally i have great respect for TATA family, we are fortunate to have such people from India, who really shaped Indian education by contributing in so many ways, there are few black sheep too, who avoids paying tax and instead of helping sufferers to sustain, they party all the night, of course its their hard earned money perhaps their grandfather's hard earned money, they have all rights to spend and burn it, corporate social responsibility( CSR ) which can be done better than now, is often considered as a alternate to cut down the tax levied and so people builds 100 floor house with helipad, few donates diamonds,golds ( in kg) to temples and making god's still richer, Philanthropy in India is like feeding a nut for elephants. mouth which needs are many but hands which feeds are too low. their ratio are worst than our child sex ratio :(, so only these tycoons are stands at last, capability and talents are there, but a resource which is never used is no way different than hazardous waste.

4) CRICKETERS: Sportsman's really deserves a place in all time powerful people, because whatever they do, it will become a style, just like kids addicted to cartoon characters, their attachment towards the cartoon hero's are pretending be a such a hero, it has no difference to a teenage youth who is ardently addicted to his sport idol, but as far as Indian dictionary is concerned, sports means cricket, switch on your television and watch for some advertisements, from laptops to ceiling fans, cricketers are promoting it, can you tell me a hockey player or football player who promotes products in such a way ? If you take list of richest sports people from India, 8 out of 10 could be from cricket. cricket has huge impact on India, If a cricketer decides to shorten his hair, people starts to shorten theirs too, if a cricketer wears Number 10 jersey, even those who never played a game desperately seeks a similar jersey, if a cricketer endorses a specific brand of health drink, kids do buy it. if a cricketer decides to go for a temple, our 24X7 would never miss a chance and chanting " WE ARE SHOWING YOU THE LIVE VISUALS OF MR.X visiting his favorite temple, he has been seen wearing a white t shirt and let us have blah blah blah ". across the globe it wont matters much, as for as India is concerned CRICKETERS are IMPACT makers.

3) FILM INDUSTRY: Recently we witnessed a great slope on manufacturing sectors, % plunged badly, i know an Industry which never bends. Film Industry of India, BOLLY WOOD , KOLLY WOOD, TOLLY WOOD, whatever wood it may be, being  world largest producer of films and i think first of a cinema industry to come in the short list of Wikileaks, Film industry of India never requires an introduction and reason for its inception in powerful list. There are certain amount of stupidest creatures who are very much interested in gossips, there can't be a shame like gossiping about a person who we never know in person, but cinema gossiping is one the well paid jobs, beloved journalist will pay and fight a lot to publish it first on their papers and posting a glamorous snap in mid page or front cover, it increases its sales, directly or indirectly we are also one of the prime reason for this culture,there are so many idiots who splash milk over the lifeless POSTERS of their actor, Politics has its one of the four leg of its chair in cinema's, politicians uses actors in campaign( funniest ), few states of India have had considerable amount of Ministers,M.P,CHIEF MINISTERS hailing from film industry, no doubt film industry id POWER HOUSE in India.

: No list would complete without a politician, either good or bad, either about power or weak, either about killing or getting killed, politicians are strongest and powerful people in the world, i no nothing much happens around in the globe and even not much in India, but as far as a common man's view, politicians are powerful people, right from grabbing land from farmers to kidnapping and killing the one who stands against, if you look back at the list all those in NUMBER 5,4,3 will gears up to number 2 in some part of time, people who has strong foundation in film,sports,business will automatically qualify for the post of politician, though their success and loss depends on their familiarity with people and money, politician is collective name given to the powerful people, often there is a phrase, bureaucrat who has an excellent academic record and qualifies himself for Indian police service, whatever it is is, But he must salute a politician who would have just crossed school, since they rule people of strong and weak, they are undoubtedly POWERFUL people, ranging from Nehru to Manmohan singh, well respected and much criticized powerful people belongs to the community of politics.

1) SPIRITUAL, COMMUNAL LEADERS: i am not sure how many of you will agree to this, but according to me they are very much running ahead of politicians and all other members, because being in a land of spirituality, one thing which attracts and attracted foreigners to India other than its wealth is our spiritual culture, which gives peace and rest for those who comes here, but never given like such to people of our own, why they are powerful ? though many of such fake leaders are proven guilty and behind bars, there are few genuine people, you and me know very well that, politicians are very much attracted towards rituals to safeguard their posts, so we have heard them doing such ritual things and we have found few evidence too, even big fish politicians who have all considered as country's finest, receives blessings from such communal and spiritual leaders, these communal and extremists are very much responsible for vote bank politics and in a country of castes and religions which is equally as big as our populations, politicians and businessman, even actors need blessings and support of these people to achieve and taste success, esp to maintain harmony inside a nation of multiple languages and religions, these people are very much needed indeed., either they know nothing or everything about spirituality and either genuine or fake, the words coming out of these leaders are very much powerful, at times they also play a major role in promoting peace.

Any list of powerful people would comprise people's from this category and rest of us belong to another category " which is of no use, but to just eat,live,enjoy,earn and live happily with the family "

That's it, so called my list and view of powerful people from India ends here and like in films before starting the first scene they will show " characters shown are imaginary and not to hurt any of the living and dead people........ " i'm ending this post as, words used here are only to show my views and not in an intention to hurt anyone :P

Vroom Vroom, Rey Rey ! ( whistle sound )

           Inspired by Diarios de motocicleta Walter Salles made an biographical film on iconic Che Guevara, Inspired by seeing that film, i was riding my 1000 cc all new Suzuki GSX-R1000 at a speed of 150 Km per hour, if using mobile phone while driving is dangerous, thinking of something you are fond of is also equally dangerous, i literally ran out of control and while before hitting on " Laxmi " , that's the name that old women shouted on cow by seeing me speeding towards it, suddenly a heavenly voice, it said " Get a ticket and then Sleep ".

Oh gosh, even in dream i was not allowed to enjoy the thrill, but already i got a ticket for my travel, how many times should i nod my head like a buffalo, hell ya. at this point, i am going to define as best i can, about a journey on Metropolitan Transport corporation bus of CHENNAI city Vroom Vroom, Rey Rey
(whistle sound )

It was a dusky evening and also a dusty evening, either of them is common phenomenon in urbanized India, In cities like Chennai, it is damn dangerous to cross the road, even crossing in Sepang F1 circuit could be easier, but here people who walk will also travel at an abnormal speed, neither asks sorry nor looks back whether you are safe, such a clock work world., i was waiting for C51 bus, it is a bus which connects sub urban places with major hubs, it was first time for me in that route, i was searching for bus stop, i saw group of men and women standing, i picked best among them to ask " where is bus stop ", the man i chose was a software profession but he answered in a hardware manner, " this is bus stop ", i gave a bad glimpse and stepped back in Que, but this Que has no order.

One good thing in MTC bus is that they have L.E.D Displays and it will be visible at greater extent and at darker evenings too, but the bad thing is that, all of them will be on TAMIL, only people who knows it can get a correct bus, rest of all should either use a mobile which supports translation or should learn Tamil, never ask a fellow man who is standing with you, he will tell a way which even a Chennai guy cant understand and reach., since i know Tamil very well and since i can see the route number, i rushed towards the bus, but bus dint stop near me, instead it moved a far and stopped, few clever fellows perhaps experienced fellows got in to bus easily and waved hands, as a spectator i watched my route bus going, no matter, there are lot of frequency for this route, so i waited still.

This time i moved a bit further pretending to be a smart chennai guy, as i expected bus came soon and bad news is now bus stopped at exact place, errrr Murphy law's :( next time i decided to get in to that bus and as i wished i got in, but situation was much worst.i had space to keep only one of my leg and i was doing Bharathanatiyam there, at least i should have learned classical dance, it would have helped me in such travel.
Plot starts here, conductor in the voice of Army major said to a boy who was in foot board " you stupid, who will answer if you fall down, come up you monkey ", that guy never showed a sign of having ears, he enjoyed the air, funny thing is " conductor's in MTC bus would neither stand nor walk inside bus, they will sit in a seat which fits their ass and orders people to get tickets, if you delay a second, strong words will rock your ears.

I was standing on single leg and holding my bag in one hand and another hand gripped towards a steel bar, i was a gymnast for that moment, i hardly made attempts to get the money out of my pocket, at one time i made it and while protruding my hands toward the conductors durbar and old women pulled my hands unintentionally and all those changes rolled, i bend down and i cant with stand the smell of foot wears, i decided to dedicate that money for that mat, which bravely withstand these people including me.

" Give me change " said acting reserve bank governor, i said " No change ", he posted as fast as i replied " without change why you are boarding this bus ? ", a very common phrase came with the change, phew phew, hurray i got ticket. half battle crossed.
English language is a funny one, though i use it to blog and so half of Indian youth's, but it has no respect as our mother tongues, for ex , old man of 75 age is also HE and young boy 5 years can also be addressed as HE, but in Indian languages we have aap,Thum, neenga, nee, etc. but they are not used by MTC conductors, they will address everyone with low languages, an old uncle came and got the same word used for a school boy, you cant expect respect when you travel in such bus.

I really love traveling MTC bus, of course only when i am seated, you can enjoy the sky scrapers of Chennai and colorful advertisements, it will be a good feel to travel in a less crowded bus, MTC buses are highly furnished and so their costs, but a journey like a crowded travel will put you in position to travel never ever again.
People begin their day with these bus and when you show them a bad sign of beginning it will definitely spoil their mood for entire day, when you had a brawl on very morning, i bet it will affect rest of the day, but these conductors can't be blamed always, they are highly stressed than politicians, in this steam traveling it is so hard to keep your senses calm. espl guys from colleges will scare conductors, they will neither worry for his harsh words nor spend their money for tickets, at these times i really feel pity for conductors, we can witness such mixed feelings in India alone. 

we can see people from different platforms traveling together, they are strangers but its like a quote " Life is full of chocolates, you don't know what you will get ", sometimes we will have good friends in journey's and they will make it memorable one, sometime bad memoirs too, i still remember a drunkard who was constantly abusing Mr. Obama :P :P 
Vroom vroom, bus started it's journey again, it may have some pit stops and sometimes pits in roads will stop it :P :P Life is Journey towards a goal, but in life we have such memorable moments, when we remember it , smile will develop without reasons, Diesel engines, Cars might have been invented by Other countries, but rey rey, vallam vaa and espl whistle blowing as an act of intimating driver that bus is ready to start, these technologies are invented by Indians, so rey rey !!!!!

New Delhi Versus New York !

" There are neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state to another, nothing more. "

- Alexandre Dumas.

            The above quotation means a lot, we often compare ourselves with some other entity and for sure, we will either end up in a satisfaction of what we are now or a dissatisfaction about our current position.

Nowadays i think a lot weird and as an example i have made very few stupid comparisons here, first of all in a cricket frenzy nation if i make a post as Delhi vs New york, folks will think it as an post for some sports, spare some time to witness yet another post which has shades of sarcasm.

Unity in Diversity, vibrant culture and various backgrounds. finest languages and finest cuisines, blah blah, i have read all these on essay's, for every Indian student, Heritage and unity in diversity are very familiar topic, whenever there happens a essay competition, this is the FAQ.

     Just ask ourselves, are we all really united together as an single element ? are we all heading towards an equal growth ? or at least are we all in a harmony ?, these are the hypothetical questions, i remember Iron man of India, how hard it is to unite all part of India, a looted India and sometimes harassed India and stereotypical India. Sardar Vallabhbhai patel took all possible efforts to unify a single term called India. now i really feel that If he is alive now he will definitely regret for his efforts.

   On the other hand lets take USA, they fought hard and paid price to buy several states like Alaska,Florida,Louisiana,New Mexico from various colonial countries and i really do not know how united they are now, but for sure they are very much united than what we are today.

For sure and obviously i can say that we are united in the time of disasters, natural or war whatever it may be, we are also very much united during cricket matches and sports except IPL, but at certain occasions we really lose that unity, few years back we had a major problem in Maharashtra, Natives scared Indians from Bihar for taking up their jobs and problem for water in between Karnataka and Tamil nadu. why so and reason ?

In my perspective, i think language and statehood are reasons for the slag in unity, when Hindi was about to made as national language, there was a huge uproar in south, yes everyone loves their mother tongue. but if Hindi has been made as national language and compulsory, India would have seen a very much and better growth than what we are now, there are no other countries with this much varieties, even the most populous country in the world has a common language for its people and for USA language is not at all a problem and states are not at all problem, so there prevails a harmony with in states.

As of now, we have 28 states, we are not sure about the numbers in future ? even now people are fighting for new state, what they do is, halt and grudge the entire state, so that maximum damage can be made to public, am happy that sardar is no more to witness such idiotic efforts. people tweets as " azad " independent state etc etc blah blah, as such when there is trouble to kashmiri's only few people beyond the border raises their voice for victims and similarly when there is problem for tamil fisherman's, only tamilians raises the help voice, not even external affairs minister. with all these few awkward incidents, it is so lame to say that we are not united, i can say one rock solid reason that we are united, people in uniform day and night safe guarding every inch of our soil are not risking their lifes to save Bihar or west bengal or Karnataka alone, they frontier the whole nation, but few donkey's inside border and spoiling the integrity should be slashed in it's ass.
We can't easily blame it and blame everything on politicians, every Indian is responsible for this.

Few days back i saw a shocking open letter to a Delhi guy from a south Indian girl Is that what you do to a guy or girl who is also a same Indian like you but might be darker perhaps not as beautiful as you, is that what you do to abuse her ? As a south Indian guy i have experienced several humiliations over the net and have witnessed humiliation of a north Indian guy vice verse.  i remember a wonderful SMS sent during the hard time of Mumbai attacks, most of the NSG are from different parts of India than Maharashtra, it cleverly attacked a leading politician and also the mind set of Indians are not great, just imagine if Statue of liberty is located in India, it is some how green in color, but if it is here for a year about 6 feet of statue would have turned RED, why so? PAN MASALA color is red :( 

SADHBHAVANA will not come either by fasting or by violence, it should be spontaneous, showing kindness to other humans irrespective of color and ethnicity, language can come only by realizing the ill effects and good effects of being an INDIAN and a lot to be done for turning an India which is United only on essay's to real life, as the following passage says


"" The Indian history is a witness that casteism and communalism have never done any good to society. This is also my own firm conviction. Gujarat has understood this and having overcome these evils, it has adopted the path of Inclusive Development. We are committed to work for a developed Gujarat for a developed India.""

Let us Hope For a New India.

An Open Letter To TRAI !

It was a very dark night very much darker than the life of few people in India, there were street lamps, incandescent bulbs, Edison bulbs and even LED bulbs but there were no current, thieves were not like us, they are intelligent to an extent, they certainly used this opportunity to commit a break-in at a secluded house, but house owner heard a strange noise and saw those burglars trying to break his house door, unfortunately it was a remote area, even if he scream like those heroines on screen there was none to save him, all super hero's are sleeping nicely, so in that darkness he somehow managed to grab his mobile and makes call to his son who is upstairs, operator says " Dear subscriber, your balance is very low, kindly recharge to continue our service" though he had a balance of 25RS, that is BPL line limit, before the operator connects him to his son, thieves made their successful attempt to break-in and what else " THE END ", the end for both the story and that old man., this is just trailer, the worst is yet to come, hold your patience.

I got a message from my service provider, " Due to new regulation of TRAI we are informing you that from now, you can send only 100 messages per day ", OMG just few days back, i made a recharge pack which says me that i can send 49,000 messages for the period of 3 months, it was shocking news for me, then i opened my so called broadband connection by 3:15 pm, home page showed, " web page cannot be displayed", what the heck ? i have kept GOOGLE as my home page, but at times few people begins their internet connection with this page, so i just connected again and checked for news, TRAI caps 100 messages per day, another heart breaking news.

For people who are reading this, it may sound lame, but students and young Indians, uses these SMS to communicate with friends and sometimes to family too, i just wanted to ask the reason, TRAI states reason as follows, TO CURB MARKETING SMS, we are introducing these regulations they said ", after reading this line trust me, i got a message saying " PLOT FOR SALE, RUSH to avail this premium offer ", wow wow....

Dear TRAI (Telecom Regulatory authority of India),
                  Am neither son of Ambani nor a relation to Tata, i can't afford to call all my friends to wish happy birthday or send a friendship day message, SMS is the cheapest way to convey messages shortly and easily, if you are really dedicated to help common man, sit in a room and think for years to curb the spam SMS, don't pluck my freedom, by limiting 100 sms per day will stop marketing companies DO DISTURB campaign ? are you sure they wont send 100 stupid SMS ?? what if they call and promote their products ? will you limit only 100 calls per day ???? you are in a position to take decisions, so take decisions which will not affect people, i am none to direct you regarding your work and you are also none to curb my freedom.
Already several Service providers are waiting to charge for sending messages on special occasions, so that people like me will never wish anyone on any special day.

Few people are doing scams and looting public money, if they are allowed to loot crores in hundred, why dont you allow me to message in hundred ??? regulations like these are making us to think what really happened in august 15 1947 and why TRAI is formed on 1997 and why they gave you independent status, perhaps you can also be limited to make only 100 regulations per year.

Instead of imposing a rule on common man, better find a solution by utilizing your power,money and status to put an full stop for those idiotic marketing people and also when i was driving to reach a destination in perfect time, i got a call from my service provider, DO YOU WANT TO SET THIS AS YOUR HELLO TUNE ? CLICK 5, it was a machine speaking. ask them to stop this senseless business too.
By now, Media is busy on their TRP rating by relaying live visuals of a famous sports personality's last rights, i am not sure whether they will take up this issue,

" I reached home " message is not spam, it is an essential info from a person to his family, Don't curb this.
" YOUR MOB NO HAS WON 10 Crore Rs " This is called spam, kindly curb this and help us to maintain our freedom.

Me, You, He, She, They, It, We are all actors !

Hmm Hmm, Me, You, He, She, They, It, We are all actors !. Bit confusing ? or understood ? Neither ? fine fine, according to me toughest job in the world is solving mathematics(Maths the word i hate in my life, even in afterlife) and like that easiest job is advising others. everyone of us would have either received from someone or bestowed advice to someone, it feels a lot to advice our friends or family when they are confused, it does not matters whether we follow what we advice, but while advising others all of us will become a mahatma(pure soul).
so in this post i really don't know what i am going to write or written, spare some time to read this nuisance.

As of today, i have heard to few spiritual leaders, some of them still preaching philosophy and many of them are behind bars, they have all one in common, from the best philosopher to the worst philosopher, everyone did one thing in common, that is asking questions ! Just put what, why,where,who,when,whose in front of a sentence, definitely you will take or need a break for sure. Life without asking question is incomplete.

A brief history of time, Stephen Hawking's excellent book, begins with an inspiring question and that is children will ask questions, which cannot be answered or asked by adults, very true.. who i am i ? not the film i'm mentioning here, just ask who i am i to ourselves, if we answer our respective name, why we are named ? if we answer for personal identification, why to identify ? because there are so many fellow human beings, if there are so many human beings, why we are here ? why we are still producing ? blah blah blah...

Imagine (purely imagine) or dream that there is an conversation as follows between god and young boy, Dear god i have studied hard in school, spent nights and days for marks, now i crossed them and then in college, then ? then what find a heavy pay job and earn a lot, okay i found one, then ? then what ? spend that huge pay,enjoy yourself,save for your family,help others,help needy(tough one esp for billionaire's),live with that money, okay i did i did, i did all you said, then ? then what beta ? marry a gal. make two family in to a covalent bond, have some babies, spend your young life in growing up that boy or girl, okay oof executed as you said, then ? haha so you have spent all your time till now with some work, you are old now, get some rest on chair, very well said, am resting, what's next ? here comes the toughest job, you have to answer your kid for whatever you have asked me so far ? i answered, then ? fine, you have completed your cycle and your are asking too much questions, so find a bed and sleep forever R.I.P.

It took 21 years for me to understand this simple and stupid life cycle, just think that in what way we differ from our parents and other humans who lived and left the same world we are living ? they worked, had some good foods, married and produced, cared and grown their young kids, made them to study,work,earn and asked them to marry, had good time with grand children and one day all of them died, their relatives, friends cried cried cried, at one time they stopped and carried the lifeless body to grave yard, buried or burnt and at last returned, for few weeks remembered them and after some time, got busy with their domestic chores.
i know a popular proverb in Tamil, " AAdi adangum Vaazhkayadaa AAradi nilame sondhamadaa " literally means, " Life is full of up's and down's but at last what all of us own is just 6 feet of land to bury ", ahem ahem lets not go too sentimental, because even after posting this am not and you are not going to change our routine cycle life.

we came with nothing and while departing we are definitely not going to take anything from this earth. pharaoh's time are over, none going to bury the jewels or cash with us, but we can definitely have some pleasures while we are here and even when we are not here, just think that if each day you make a man smile, you make someone worried in to happy, seeing happiness in others happiness has no match. love everyone and be on harmony,lets have some humanity, feed the hungry mouths, help others. ENOUGH ENOUGH DEEPAK, see what i said is true, when we are advising others, we will tell a lot, even something which we never followed :P :P myself is an example for what i said., i personally feel that all of us here are acting our part, we are here for some reason, few people are here to make someone smile, more people are here for a reason to make someone cry., whatever it may be.

"wherever there occurs a EVIL, i will take avatar " this is what said by most of the religions and god's, i think we don't have any evil's occurring here or perhaps no avatar of god is ready to take on that evil, so actors, act your part perfectly, we have got just one life, just live it happily and entirely. while living our life lets just make the poor ones to live a happy life too. Life is nothing but just a cycle, an endless cycle which will exist as long as earth survives.

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves - Buddha.


P.S: I am no philosopher to speak philosophy, i just shared what i felt about life, if at all it sounds awkward, i cant ask sorry :P :P ( another P.S:plz don not scold me)

This Wall Has No Flaws...

I have never written or dedicated a blog post for a single man or women, but it breaks here, From here you all gonna witness few words about a man, a man who saved the pride and restored the dignity, a man who sacrificed and a man who never created scenes and especially a man who received a less attention than what he deserves, as they call " The great wall of India ", i rather regret for calling as wall, wall has no emotions but this great wall of India is BEST HUMAN !

Being an ardent fan of MSD, Mahindra singh dhoni, i often consider other cricketers as side kicks, but at some instant i overthrown it and started respecting Dravid, personally i have a huge respect for his calm,silent and well civilized behavior, there cant be any other cricketer to play a classical cut shots and It all started at Singapore with a replacement came for vinod kambli, it was a disappointing start for him, but he capitalized and proved his potential in England by making debut together with Sourav ganguly, while sourav is holding to a mike now but Dravid still holds his bat with him, he is physically and mentally a man of stamina.

In 343 matches, Dravid has scored 10,820 runs, averaging 39.06 and at a strike-rate of 71.16. Adding to it, Dravid also has 196 catches and 14 stumping to his credit. Rahul Dravid is no whirlwind that sweeps the opposition away. He is more like a undertaker when everyone comes to him crying, he silently takes off the burden and places in his own shoulders and then finishes the tasks at great risks.

Sacrifice is an essential entity for any sportsman, perhaps very very essential for those who love to represent their country, i can say that they can learn how to achieve that by seeing Dravid, Rather calling it as sacrifice we can say, he came to the line of duty, when we needed a wicket keeper, he accepted, when we needed to guide team for world cup, he came forward, no matter he succeeded or failed, but the commitment matters, when nayan mongia, one of the good cricketing keeper of India, we suffered and tried a lot for fine wicket keeper batsmen and at some point India decided not to waste a man for just wearing gloves and this tough task has been assigned to Dravid, he accepted and kept the wicket for India, captaincy is just like thorn chair, whatever you do people will always blame you, few finest of finest cricketers from India feared to sit on the captaincy chair after ganguly, Dravid made a chance. these sacrificing things has never brought him to a place what he deserves.

He is player who play for his TEAM not for his individual records, i bet no idiot or no stupid or no (whatever decent bad words :P ) can tell him that HE PLAYED FOR HIMSELF, he is a player who played for his country, though people slammed him for his poor record in T20, wall never gave a damn for it, some young boy, just because he born to a wealthy dad, he made a quarrel with OUR WALL, as always wall can with stand whatever stress and strain it faces.

In India, cricket means Sachin, GOD they call him, no doubt Sachin is one of the finest and best cricketer that India has ever produced, for sure It takes centuries to imagine a replacement for legend like sachin, but to replace Dravid, it is much harder than replacing sachin, Rahul is not as great as sachin when it comes to the matter of records but he has his own list of records. Dravid is not Prince of Bengaluru but he was admired by all prince and princess who really values his human values.

Dravid is also much respected by rival teams, he often encourages people of other team with his words sometimes with gifts, i can still recall a incident after losing a match to bangladesh in world cup, Dravid was believed to give a bat to ashraful a bangladeshi cricketer.

For one thing which i can be proud of Dravid is, we share a common ancestor place, he he . sorry for publishing about myself or my place, Dravid belonged to a Marati speaking family and his paternal grand parents are from Thanjavur district. Dravid might have been named hardly beacause of Dravidians of south India. but whatever he is and wherever he is from, by representing India in cricket, it might be white or blue jersey, He is such a gem of Indian cricket and unsung hero of our time, one good news for ardent Dravid fans and silent admirers like me is WE CAN STILL THIS WALL IN WHITE JERSEY !

Shame Shame Puppy Shame !

Shame shame puppy shame all the monkeys know your name, an Indian version to tease and insult friends during my school days, surprisingly it has unknown origin and spread very well across the nation, so whenever and wherever we caught people doing some stupid things we would sing these phrases loud, it is an act of insulting the convict :P

These phrases would very well fix for a recent fiasco, i really wonder why that victim of fiasco is repeatedly drowning in number of such failures, most of you reading these lines, till now you could not have figured which fiasco i am pointing here, that is natural since we are well surrounded by plenty of scams and allegations.

In this post, i have pointed  the glorious game of India and also national game of India, HOCKEY, something strange about our country is people would always neglect government's subsidiaries. like getting treatment at private hospital and traveling in private air craft etc etc. but one thing which was liked by everyone is a government job, but it is also declining in these days. Hockey which is a national sport of billion people, have never gathered a momentum which it deserves.
Cricket which is in blood of 90% of Indian youths saw its first world cup moment in 1983, but hockey gave us a world cup very before it, In 1975 India claimed its first ever world cup, but some how it has never been portrayed as a one of country's finest sport. While egomaniacs refuses to accept their faults and failures to establish a fine base for hockey, we are losing our dignity in the globe.

Per match Indian hockey players earns 1800 Rs, which is not even enough to buy a pair of shoes, it was really humiliating when news spread over said that few Indian players lags hockey shoes, how bad it is ? In a country of billion and in a country where 3 0r 4 people of world's richest resides, a player representing these billions including richest does not have a proper shoe, even they neglect it and they brought glory by winning the tournament, a meager amount of 25k given to them.

i heard a news that, Indian cricket team spent 25 k per day on kart, am not saying or asking to reduce the pay of cricketers, but why such inequality ? we are always well known for inequality and improper growth, rich getting richer and poor goes poorer. we have finest billionaires with us, who builds house and spends money like water, its his wish, but philanthropy in India is worst, only 4 Indians registered their name in best philanthropist of the world, am glad for those four.

Bollywood actors and cricketers who receives lump amount on advertising, can create awareness by helping such poor federations with that money, it will make and gives a lesson for others, we have good philanthropists and good hearts in cricketers but it is inadequate. other than cricket Indian sports are in edge of darkness, people like typhoons and magnates can come up and start a campaign, we started a campaign for tiger, it is indeed a time to start campaign for two legged animals,
Money corrupted should be used for such purposes, some minister has gifted a crown of 2.5 feet studded with diamonds and precious things to a temple, which is richest god in the world, let them eat it alone, don't give a penny for country. if at all we don't revolutionize the  sport bodies. winning a gold medal and a world cup will always remain as a dream of an Indian, it will not be achieved !

Time of sands !

Thou art dust and to dust thou shalt return says the Bible.............. 

Bleed, Mourned and Forgotten !

           " This Number You Have Dialed Is Currently switched off, please try after some time " says the operator for a call made by a wife, who sent her husband with smile and cried after seeing a flash news on television. The developing and untold pain of a wife, of a son, of an old mother for their loved ones to check whether they are safe is equally unexplainable. The moment i saw the news " Blast at Delhi " i presumed it that would be which happened few months ago, but TV anchor was telecasting it live on air. as usual numbers blinked on screens, x died y injured and feared to increase.

And as usual, rescue operations were on and as usual journalist surrounded the site and as usual police personals were engaged in limiting the area and as usual visuals of crying,mourning relatives friends destabilized my emotions. i could not keep away myself from being emotional and then i started writing this blog, a blog which speaks my feel.

I really wonder what the hell those bloody cowards need, what they do with all these bloods and tears ? what they do with these severed body parts ? which religion teaches them to do so ? which stupid god asks them to do so ? these questions were asked by billion people whenever and wherever a blasts occurs. with so much drastic improvement in technologies we could not save our lives ! That is a shame we should embarrass about.

They feel proud of themselves as our government desperately waits for a group to take responsibility for this fatality, it happens only here, if a bomb blasts in Israel , a bomb of equal or strong magnitude will rock the epicenter of terror, if a bomb blasts in USA, Afghan or Iraq will hear a blast, but we are India we will just watch watch watch !

One side i feel proud to be an Indian whenever a terror plot is foiled by Army jawans who sacrifice their life through day and night, one side I'm ashamed of being a Indian who never retaliates, i am very sure that these things are not going read by a terrorist, if at all any one of that coward swine is reading it, just come and do your shits in front of army, be like a man and fight like a man, instead of killing innocents with bombs just come kill or get killed by army.,

How does it feels inside you when you are about to identify a mutilated body, to see severed hands and to smell the burnt skins, what sin they did other than being born at India. I really do not know how many Ganesh or how many shiva or even how many khan's died in this blasts, neither god nor goddess helped them, but you bunch of idiots burn each other for those statues !

There are pages and pages of agony and angry coming in words but they are of no use, A national capital is bombed twice in months span and you can arrest a old man for just protesting in a silent way and jail him prior to his action, but you wont and cant arrest these vampires ? Hours after the blast, government says " TERROR ATTACK ", what else it would be ? a Diwali cracker ? Unless we have a good use of technologies and good implementation of our security personals other than working for politicians, we cant never never learn a lesson ! I swear and challenge, few weeks or days later, some other news like sports of film will shade these things off, after all it is just another day of Indians life !

04/09 BomB AttackS

A SuicidE PHOTOagE