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           Coming December 2011, 500 bloggers and guests from all over the Asia-Pacific region will once again take to the red carpet, and be treated to a night of fine dining and brilliant entertainment in Kuala Lumpur, the bustling metropolitan capital of Malaysia. Aside from being honored for their hard work and contribution to the blogosphere, they will also get the opportunity to tour the city and experience the unique Malaysian culture for themselves.

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Renault Pulse...

          French auto maker Renault is tweeting not making cars, It has been Raining cars for Indian auto industry, First Renault had ideas of Modus and Now it's PULSE... Renault Pulse delivers an impressive mileage of 23 km pl... This is the same K9K diesel engine that has been installed in the Mahindra Logan and Nissan Micra.
          Nissan Micra which saw a good response has some of its effect on PULSE, Pulse also holds special features like Key less entry system, power steering, rear seats with head rests and thigh support, 15" alloys, powerful headlights with dual-beam, beige colored interiors which gives a rich look.

Renault doesn't want miss the euphoria of Indian F1 fever and it wisely uses the Maruti's tough time too,Renault Pulse will be manufactured alongside Nissan Micra at their co-owned manufacturing unit in Chennai. Analysts expect Renault Pulse to be priced approximately between Rs 6 lacs to Rs 8 lacs. In this price range, Renault Pulse will take on cars like Volkswagen Polo, Hyundai i20, Maruti Suzuki Swift, etc in the Indian car industry.
              Till date Renault has two distinct models on sale in India courtesy the Fluence sedan and the Koleos soft-roader. The Pulse hatchback will be its third model which will debut nationwide around Auto Expo time while the Renault (Dacia) Duster will be next up followed by a fifth model which Renault suggests would be a major surprise. If that is not all, Renault has commenced manufacture of its 1.5dci diesel engine (internally designated as the k9k unit) at its Chennai plant shared with Nissan and while the present capacity is slated at 140,000 units per year, this would be scaled up to 300,000 units.

Renault Pulse Engine
From F1 best team, RBR which uses Renault Engine and the K9K engine actually reflects the same principles which the RS27 engine stands for. The RS27 has been developed by Renault Sport F1 team, which has just powered Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel to the double crown of the constructors’ and drivers’ title in the FIA Formula One World Championship.
First of its kind, Interior plays a major role, Renault Pulse Interior boasts the same Nissan Micra styling. The Centrally placed music system and the retro styled control knobs are a very good touch. The big O type display for AC display elaborating climate control is also very impressive.

Renault Pulse Price
Renault Pulse pricing is still under wraps and January 2012 will be the official time of revealing it. Sources over the net have hinted a price between Rs.5-6 lakhs.
Renault Pulse for it excellent mileage if it is priced at reasonable rate, no doubt that Figo and Alto, Swift will jolt a lot !                 

Eternal Existence !

Even His Shadow May Take a Nap !
But Not Him For Sure...
He Stands By The Way He Lived !

As Some One Said..
History Remembers Only The King..
Not His Soldiers !!!


India's 29th State: SAD STATE :(

I am watching English Premier League and I never knew about I league or Durand Trophy.. I listen to Eminem and Britney and i never knew about Mohammad Rafi or Zakir Hussain and very Importantly i live in India and i never like Indian products !!!.. " Welcome to the Sad state of India " says a welcome board on 29th state of India !

           Two news that drove me write this post, " Stampede in Metallica concert " and Flash news on all TV channels " Lady Gaga Tweets Namaste " , am not against globalization and am not conservative person, i love changes as far as it don't hurt our own identity, today i feel India's own identity is at stake..

           " Hey yo man !! What's up nigga !! ,, you betta off buckin yaself, ya need to stop frontin "", i do not know what song it is and what language it is from, trust me i heard a Akon's song on a construction guy's mobile, he looked like a man of 1980's and neither shoes nor slipper, but a costly mobile phone and some unknown hip hop song on it !

Good that people uses mobile of new range and it is a development indeed, but he never know what song it is and who sung it and meet another punk, he seemed to be a fellow college student and i identified it with his pant, sorry i can't call it is pant.. all that i saw was a Jockey underwear and some pant beneath it ( so called style ), he had a headphone which developed from his T shirt portraying an American flag. Just tell me one thing, Do any of an million American travels in a transit with an Indian flag on his T shirt ??

Football, Hardest to digest, Veteran Indian Football legend Baichung was retiring and i never saw any good farewell for it on media, but when some Argentine player came here, Crowd packed the stadium, running all over the street holding Argentina's flag and even some advertisements showed a brawl like situation between two Indians, one supports Brazil and another one Argentina,,, OMG why no such crowd came to watch Durand cup and i fear many of us don't know what Durand cup is for !

Some sick pop singer, wearing a similar dress to that of Indian slums and Hair has no difference than of a Beggar near my house, Young Indians rushes up for tickets,,, Another instance, Some news about ice hockey match between two states of USA which was relayed on a famous news channel, Do Americans relay IPL news ??

People wanna forget their real identity and wanna merge with some so called best group of the world, Most of the young Indians are in fatal attraction with alien products....
Change is inevitable and Change is only thing which wont change says scholars and writers, True... We cant ditch our real identity for some stupid rock band or sports star..

Don;t forget there were people and there are people who are attracted by our values and came, coming and will come here, While so many are here to learn us, Why you ditch our identity ?
No subject or no book will teach us to remain and follow Indian things, can be done only by understanding and realizing our values, Listen to world and watch world sports and fashion but don't forget that we are in India and we are Indians, India and Indian are our identity never try or dream to ruin it...


Big Bampot Boss !

           Group of celebrity contestants (most of them well off) stays in a house together for a time period of three months or so, what they do has no use to the country nor to to the people of that country, but it helps telecasting channels to see some profit and the winner of the show will get huge money, interesting part is " Everything shown here is tagged under the name of Reality and they have no connection to the outer world, they are banned from owning a mobile phone and they can't have any contact outside that house ", Funniest part is " They will be monitored by a BOSS who will contact them with only by his voice and he own all rights to punish or eliminate a member "

           Simply what is this ??? Nothing, it is an act of a BAMPOT (IDIOT).. With a country where quarter of the people struggles hard to see food and another quarter of people struggles to receive a proper medical attention, these bunch of people doing some disgust things on screen !

           Government which bans smoking and drinking on screen (anyhow people screens it by showing a tag " Smoking and Drinking spoils your health ", None will see anything other than smoke and drinks "), why don't they ban or tax them badly ??
           Simply group of celebrities enjoys inside a house and few brawls are spontaneous, when you check for some useful news " Watch steamy photos of big boss ", WTF man ??

           I would advice those great thinkers and producers to give away the money for needy people and why not improve out infrastructure rather than blaming politicians ? we copy everything from west, from what we wear to what we eat, we claim proud by following them, SUCH A SHAME would never take place outside India !

           Big Brother,
From where they have believed to be copied from and in Asia Except India and Philippines none follows such a stupid program, Racist comments and iridescent behaviors blah blah !
What is this India ??? We can and we have to develop ourselves but development should be uniform and something useful to the society,, What is the use that we have from watching some stupid reality shows ??? group of people enters and 1 person claims the price and receives applause, instead of doing such stupid shows, why not telecast an informative show which educates those who watch ???

Everyone knows the racism that involved on of the famous actress, it is not just an insult to a person, it is an insult to the nation, some of the stupid whites showing racist comments on Indian, why should we hear all these ?? because you went there for an useless program which just gives you money, then you deserve those harsh words !

A film which displayed the injustice of caste based education to students saw a widespread agitation and political parties took it up heavily to woo votes, but they wont take such steps in a useless program where some pornographic graphic actress will show up as guest in that house, what difference its has between watching that show and spying your neighbor's daily activities... SHAME ON US ....

If people boycotts such shows, it will have effect on the TRP mantra of  idiotic channels and in turn it will make producers to think twice on investing money in such shows !
It is upon us that how we build up a ethical and prosperous society !

My Bitter Experience With GooGle Adsense !

           Money Money Money... is the language of life, though they are named differently across boundaries, Without money " Food,Cloths,Shelter " is ultimately Impossible one, Money is the fuel which makes the world spin, It may be a Dollar of USA or Rand of RSA, Money has one thing in common and that is " Value ", Man without a money will deserve worst than what a Pet of an rich man deserves !  
           Jimmy of an Billionaire will eat steaks and may bath in jacuzzi, but a man without money can only dream about them, Money has become an untold eligible criteria to survive this planet, Though you cant eat them and though you can't wear them, Money can buy any edible thing and Money can buy you any top brand, but only condition is " You Must Have Money in your Account "

My Bitter Experience: Google is a giant, without him it is damn hard for almost 99% of Internet family to survive. as a common man am very much thankful to Google for making my search fast, Google can find anything what Scotland yard or KGB can't find !!!

I started my in blog in mid 2009, i don't know what blog is and what to blog, so i just made some amateur stupid posts and they are damn childish, then i gained some experience and started to blog like an normal man, i heard of earning money through blogs by advertising, GOOGLE ADSENSE is the word uttered by most of the community to earn money !

By Placing Ads in your blog and if some people clicks on it, you will have your account balance increasing, i was so stupid that Google can't find my malpractices, so i asked my friends and their friends to click ad's on my site :P lol, believe me in a span of week i earned 145 $... :0

I was so happy, converted it to our local currency and excited to see a Huge sum, i spent most of the time in checking the balance, before getting the pay i got a mail from GOOGLE, Your account has been deactivated !! My dream shattered, i tried to lie by mailing Google that i didn't do any malpractices, but they are clever than anyone and caught me red handed and then BOOOM gone ! 

              So i didn't give up, created another id for adsense, this time i dint do ant malpractices to increase my balance, i neither asked anyone to click, stayed calm and my interest on checking balance diminished, soon after a week i got a similar mail that my adsense account has been deactivated !
This time i dint do any mistake though they deactivated, after yelling at my monitor and hitting my keypad, i created another id.. After a week same mail came in my box,
            WTF ?? i decided not to give up and continued my routine work of creating a new adsense id, This time too result didn't change,,
Same killer mail came !

This time i decided to divorce adsense and added Flipkart and Amazon affiliate to my blog and as of now it is surviving, i don't know when i will get a similar killer mail from them !
My money earning dream is so far Just a dream,, am looking forward now :)

Just shared my experiences with you, if you know any reliable ad agency or wanted to place ad's guide me :) just because of my bitter experience i can't blame Google and it is absurd to blame them.. I remember a story of a boy who fooled people by gathering villagers for a tiger  which has never come and those disappointed villagers dint show up when he was really surrounded by a tiger ! Am that boy now :) poor boy :P

It Takes Two To Tango !

          Hair is a filamentous biomaterial, that grows from follicles found in the dermis. Found exclusively in mammals, hair is one of the defining characteristics of the mammalian class, Underst00d anything ? Then i will rather Put it up like this...
          Hair is something similar to the fur or fiber like material on your Jimmy or Tommy (dogs), Similar black feathers of us which covers our head and will definitely fall when we don't take enough steps to Care,Protect and Enhance it.

Mantra Behind Hair Fall:

is Inversely Proportional to the Love that you Show for it (hair).
It reminds me a famous Quote, "We will not realize the value of a thing when it is alive with us, After missing it and perhaps at the time of its departure, Realization arrives and that thing departs, Sad but true !

I remember scenes of my father's(Bald head) finger combing my hair and in a minute i will yell at him for that action, With a smile his reply as follows, " I Don't have an hair style like you which i had it once and lost because of carelessness.. If you don't show enough care on it, you will be receiving these same words(yelling) from your successor.",

It sounded funny at that stage, now it upsets my stomach(often). When we don't care for a thing which sticks to us, Without that care and love Soon it will leave us for sure, Hair is not an exception, "When we seriously care for a car which worth just 3-5 Lakh, Why should we fail to care our own body which is Priceless ?! "

Causes For hair Fall:

1) Improper hair care
2) Increased Stress level
3) Overdose of certain medicines.

4) Improper Thyroid activity.
5) Genetic Reasons.
6) Using Shampoos With more chemical content !

How To Avoid:
Your hair color may be black,brown,white or whatever, but all hairs have one thing in common, when you don't care them, they will Ditch you for sure.
MAINTAIN A GOOD RELATION WITH KERATIN : Because keratin is responsible for your skin,Hair,nail growth and their looks.

It is considered normal to lose 40-50 strands of hair everyday, especially if you wash it everyday. There are no immediate remedies to control excessive hair fall, but by continually practicing certain changes, there will be significant improvement in the long run.

1) Drink lots of water.

The chances of infection on your scalp are higher when it remains dirty. So shampoo and condition always, with reliable products. Dove dry therapy shampoo and conditioner will work, It has no harm causing agents, But Be sure Don't switch on your shampoos often..

3)Avoid unhealthy hair practices like frequent blow-drying, tight hairstyles, ironing, perming, rough toweling wet hair etc.

4) Good sleep and good lifestyle is necessary for overall health, including the hair, forget alcohol and tobacco use.

What I do ?? People Who knew me very well and all of them who wrote my slam book had one thing in common, Best Feature in me is HAIR :P lol, Without my Hair i will look horrible like half mummies of Egypt and half decayed Neanderthals, Hair is only feature i have best in me.
                          I don't have any mantra's or tantra's to convey, I will wash my hair with hot water at least twice a week and i will apply maximum Coconut oil before taking bath, so it will keep my hair in moisture will give me a wet look, Never used Gel's have heard that they are risks, i have totally ignored them, to be frank i used and use Dove shampoo, even for past a week I am using the Gift hamper pack came from Dove, Thanks for that, It smells good and keeps my hair stable and set alike the way i combed it ! 

i would like to tell about the products launched by Dove for specific Hair care purposes and Hair Damage therapy :)
  1. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo:
    The new Dove shampoo with Vita Oils is a unique blend with natural coconut, almond and sunflower oils that go deep inside and restore smoothness, softness and shine
  2. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner:
    Dove nourishing oil dual stripe conditioner with the power of double nourishment, instantly nourishes hair from deep within to give amazing smoothness, softness and shine. The Gold Strip contains revolutionary vita oils and the White Strip contains conditioner that seals cuticles to lock in nourishment and smooth frizz.
  3. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Weekly Vita-Oils Repair Mask:Dove Nourishing Oil Care Mask provides advanced care and repair by nourishing hair from deep inside. It effectively repairs damage for 99%* smoother hair.
  4. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita-Oil Serum:Dove Vita-Oil serum provides instant smoothness and shine without weighing down the hair.

    I am sure these products will be helpful for those anyone who wants to protect and care their hair, Instead of spending money for Hair Transplants, you and Me can spend money for buying and continuing these useful products !

    Forget not, try natural Coconut oil and shikakai powder too and also if they dint give enough benefit, switch yourself to Dove new hair care variants and also forget not, Don't keep on Switching your shampoo brands, it will have grievous effect on your hair !
    It Takes Two(people) To have a Tango(dance) and alike that If you are gentle and caring to your hair, for sure, "It Takes Two(hair and you) To Tango(Look Beautiful) ! "

    Forget NOT..
    Love is a 2 way street, Love your Hair it loves you back :)...

Fare Acquisti @ QvendO..


About Qvendo:
Qvendo- The Luxury Private Shopping Club, which sells international trends and must-have brands at discounted prices to Indians. Qvendo also provides an efficient door to door delivery service and a flat shipping fee of 900 Rupees from their German Headquarters to anywhere in India.
The exclusive ‘members only’ site, founded in 2010 by Oliver and Reema Von Quadt, offers both current and previous seasons collections at discounts on European retail prices. Thus, it enables the members to avail the same quality items that are found in European stores, but at reduced prices

Western products in India will reach either too slow or so costly, so that rarest of rare will think about purchasing western outfits in India and most of them would have been outdated, Once Indians followed a ardent style of boycotting foreign goods and followed SWADESHI style which means ( Self owned and Self produced Products ), But now i don't think any Indian would follow it, i am sure not even 1% of Indians follows it, reason ?
Reasons To Prefer West:
1) Power of Globalization, Today Indians are everywhere from Vatican city to China, it would be absurd for an low scale officer to wear a traditional dress in a conference where world level meeting is going on.
2) Strong and Stylish foreign players like Hugo Boss,Gucci, D&G, Armani etc, outplays our local outfits in terms of style and features !

Though they exist for long time, why they have not reached us earlier ?? Reason is, their Cost is so high that it can't be afforded by Middle class Indian families, But nowadays online shopping stores like Qvendo makes it easy to buy at low and reasonable price !
E-Commerce will be a booming platform and there is no doubt, Internet reaches people of all kind and so E-Commerce.

Why Qvendo ?
Very Important Thing purchasing by E commerce is about Authenticity and Reasonable price, As far as Qvendo is concerned, They offer products with reasonable cost and high grade authenticity is guaranteed, I am so fortunate to be a member of Indiblogger and to know about this brand and i registered in their site, browsed through few products and made my wish list here, wanna see those hot and spicy brands of west ?, use this link to register yourself and gaze through the high grade products, If you Decide to buy ? Buy them at Qvendo !

Wish List NO 1
: Tommy Hilfiger Sack Coat

Rs: 9,400 , M
oney doesn't matters when you are in love with a product, By keeping 9,400 Bucks in your wallet will not give the joy and pleasure of wearing this coat, According to me Tommy Hilfiger is a iconic brand, i have never owned a product of them, As soon as i saw their brand name, i decided to move that item to my cart.

Made of VIRGIN WOOL: Virgin wool is wool spun for the first time, an example for how they care to make a product.
It is so hard to find such product for 9,400 bucks, then why thinking ? I have added to my cart :)

Wish List NO:2- Emporio Armani Shades Brown

Sun glasses gives a cool effect for eyes and forget not gives a stylish look,Emporio Armani Sunglasses are made by the those designers who have good skills, intelligence and using the highest quality materials available in market today. You will get style, color, elegance are combined in this collection
Emporio Armani is a Georgia Armani brand, creating product to target a young boys and girls. Their eye-catching looks are gender ambiguous. When you have 100% UV PROTECTION and synthetic material,Cost of Rs 6,700 doesn't matters much.

Wish List NO:3- Replay Gents Watch - Big RM3303FH

Rs 4,600, Gold Dial with stainless steel strap is more than enough to prove that time is precious, watch is something all men wears irrespective of their purposes, whenever and wherever you go you need to have a check on time, i feel that Watch should be more
It's specifications:
stylish and precious, so that we will take care of the watch and also it's time.

Water-Resistant- Depth 30M

Calendar Type- Date

Strap Color - Gold

Band Length -Standard

Watch out guys, You can expect more number of people to ask for time ( though they have a watch ).

4) Wish List NO

Leather and Black
has huge role in luring and attracting people more than what a witch does, when you have a combo of leather and black, it looks phenomenal and that's why i chose True religion shoe, which is renown for its leather quality and its typical iconic logo has no other match, sole of the shoe has a cushioning effect which hardly gives a strain to the user,Laces of the shoe are awesome, they are placed in the best position to add sexy looks, For 5,300 bucks it worth and means a lot to the user who really understands it true value !

Wish list can be added much more, in fact i would like to have all the products with me, but money matters, but for those who don't give a damn for money and for those who loves to buy western iconic brands in reasonable price, i would like to remind you a link for buying such products in affordable price..

If you don't wanna miss these special products in affordable price Do not forget to register yourself with that link above, register yourself and gaze through products and shop shop shop !!
Fare acquisti @ Qvendo.. ( GO for shopping at qvendo )..

Mars or Venus ??

           Men are From Mars and Women From Venus, I swear i never read that book entirely, i saw the heading and it really provoked me to write this, Venus is roman goddess of love and beauty and often Venus is considered to be a familiar feminine name, While half of the women population consider this world as Mars(Roman God of war), i mean most of the women considers this world as Male dominated society, a question arises " Really, This world is Male Dominated one ? "...
My answer goes below !!

           I am really happy and all of us are fortunate for one reason, That is Earth and Mankind has got 2 major genders, If we have 3 or 4 genders, World war could have happened very earlier, i am very sure this world WAS ONCE a Male chauvinistic society, yes in past Men are really harder and stubborn to give away power for female counterparts, it has happened from Europe to America...

Who forced them to be partial on giving powers ? Even in some Middle east countries, women are banned from driving and working and they don't have voting rights, it is a shame to humanity, I find both Men and Women are equal, though they are not exactly equal in all aspects, like men will be physically stronger and they can survive hard times, Women are delicate and they are known for their intelligence and sympathy !

Nature provides a balanced power to both men and women, Forget not both men and women are brought to earth with the struggle of a women, But not all the men are chauvinistic and not all the women are good will !
                             In  India, we have almost 4 women chief ministers and to 10 ministers and forget not President of India and Speaker of parliament is also women, it is such a good thing India provides power to female gender, but in order to show that India gives equal power we can't exaggerate and give away all power to female !

There has been a case in a state, where a women who neither knows to write nor to read was once a minister, just because her husband is also a powerful politician, Many cases women are made as setup like a doll to execute the invisible power.. Giving away some % of total allocation to women for contesting in elections may sound as women empowerment but you can't ruin a country for proving the world that women hold equal power here !

Politicians, irrespective of gender and party are known for their good rule and also bad rule, If you take Hitler, Idi amin and most of them are male, While Indira Gandhi to Sonia Gandhi though they are not known as best politicians ever, they dint make any such worst moves (apart from few).

Science tells that women are known for their Multitasking skills and they have good management skills, IF you take a family from making up food for the child to getting herself ready for work, it is not such a easy task, full of pressure and agony.. I respect women in such cases, but many of the women sees men as chauvinists and go for argument in such a way that men gonna eat them !

There are special coaches and seats for women in Train,Buses etc, There is a specific category of police to check for women safety after marriages and to put a full stop for dowry cases, we appreciate that. In the recent local body elections, Plenty of women participated, why ?  certain constituency are allocated for women to contest.. such a sad story..
There was a 102 year old women contested in election.... See most of the political parties are interested in votes, so they give away all powers to people who are emerging... This is a sad state !

Why don't you give few powers to youth ? such, constituents exclusively for youth to contest ??
Women have civil societies to safeguard them, but for men ?
Still there are injustices happening for women, like abduction and harassment in public and even inside house..I will tell you an incident which i witnessed, a girl was speeding up in her moped and dashes with a guy who was going perfectly well, but after that dash girl started to cry and police doubted that guy for imperfect driving and imposed fine on them, there are several such cases happening too..

For these reasons we can't simply come to an conclusion that, this is man's world or this is woman's world.. I do not know who created genders, but whoever or whatever they are, they created for harmony in life, which is seldom seen nowadays...
Answer for whose world it is ?? remains a Hypothetical one, FOR NOW !

Nokia Lumia 800 ( Windows Phone )

                                  Finnish mobile giant pulled the wraps off its very first Windows Phone devices and showed them to the world. First one up to the plate is the Nokia Lumia 800 (previously known as the Searay/Nokia 800), which has been spotted and leaked many times in the past. It features a design that’s been heavily inspired by the Nokia N9 with some changes – like the presence of a physical shutter button, the Windows Phone buttons and a relocated camera flash.

                                   Nokia Lumia 800 bears very similar N9 look like design and touted as the first Nokia’s Windows Phone with the best-integrated and design. The 800 previously known as SeaRay runs Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) OS and sports a curved  3.7-inch Clearblack display and cased within thin 12.1mm, polycarbonate plastic body. It has a 8 megapixel rear Camera with Carl Zeiss optics with Flash and comes with F2.2 aperture for better low light photo shoots.

                                  Nokia Lumia 800 will feature a 3.7″ AMOLED Clear Black curved display (800 x 480), a 1.4GHz single-core processor (Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon S2, Adreno 205 GPU), 16GB of on board storage, 512MB of RAM, an 8-megapixel rear camera that makes use of a f/2.2 Carl Zeiss lens and is optimized for taking photographs in low light conditions and 720p video capable, HSPA+ connectivity, and of course – Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango).

Other features include: FM Radio, TV Output, Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS. The phone will be available in three colors: cyan, black and magenta.
In addition to the usual Windows Phone 7 offerings , the Nokia Lumia 800 will also come with a number of preloaded apps from Nokia: Nokia Drive – a turn by turn, voice navigation app, Nokia Music – an app for consumers to obtain music for free and without any sign ups, and an ESPN sports hub for folks to stay up to date with their favorite sports. It was announced that these apps will be available exclusively for Nokia phones, though I can’t help but wonder if they’ll make their way to non-Nokia WP7 phones in the future.

Nokia Lumia 800 specs at a glance:

  • 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 processor
  • 3.7″ AMOLED ClearBlack curved display (800 x 480)
  • 8-megapixel rear camera (720p HD video)
  • 16GB onboard storage
  • HSPA+
  • Windows Phone 7.5 Mango
  • FM Radio
  • TV Output
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Dimensions: 116.5 mm x 61.2 mm x 12.1 mm
  • Weight: 142g
  • Battery: 1,450mAh

    Launch MRP Rs. 28,500 approx .                   

Nokia Lumia 710 ( Windows Phone )

                                 Nokia Windows Phone devices, it looks like the wait is over! After all that waiting we guess we’re glad that the Nokia Lumia 710 is now official, which was previously known by its codename Sabre, although they didn’t really reveal anything that wasn’t leaked out prior to the Nokia World event.

Nokia Lumia 710 key specifications:
  • 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snap Dragon S2 processor
  • Adreno 205 GPU
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 3.7” WVGA 480×800 display
  • 8GB of internal storage, with microSD card slot that supports up to 24GB in total
  • 5MP rear-facing camera
  • Windows Phone 7.5
  • 3G HSPA+ connectivity
  • Dimensions: 119 x 62.4 x 12.5mm
  • Weight: 126g
  • 1300mAh battery that supports 7.6 hours 3G talk time, 400 hours maximum 3G standby time
                               Microsoft’s Windows Phone devices, the Redmond-based company is usually pretty strict with what sort of specifications they want/allow for their devices. The good news is that Nokia has plans to market the Nokia Lumia 710 as an “affordable” handset, so for those who love the Nokia brand and want to jump aboard the Windows Phone bandwagon, this could be the device you are looking for.

                               Windows Phone 7.5 refinements, such as a maps app, the Metro UI design with live tiles for those who want to be kept updated on the go, and the device itself, keeping in tradition with Nokia design philosophy, will come with a variety of different back panel covers to choose from. These colors include black, white, fuchsia, cyan and yellow.
             The good news for those living in Europe and Asia, you will be able to get your hands on the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 by the end of the year.

Other Built In Features :

GPS                       Yes, A-GPS
RadioStereo FM Radio with RDS

Built-in apps
  • Pocket Office
  • Zune
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Windows Live
  • SkyDrive (Free 25 GB cloud storage)
  • YouTube
  • Nokia Drive
  • Nokia Music Mix Radio
  • ESPN sports hub
  • SharePoint

    In India, Nokia 710 Lumia Might be priced in range of 18,000 to 20,000... About Its success we have to wait and watch :)                                                                                                                                   

White Wash For White's..

           A Month ago, Along with billions of Indians, there was a toughest and hardest time in England, we stood in the pinnacle of Humiliation, While having to loose anymore, we came back with hardest memoirs with us.
           Past is Past, English medias exaggerated themselves much and some stupid retires so called English cricketers, proclaimed themselves as BEST OF THE WORLD and quoted as 2015 will be won by English team, blah blah blah... Intolerable words and Intolerable actions,,,, ufff....

English people thinks themselves as BEST of the world, INDIANS are far better in English and also in Hospitality, If you come with a rose you will leave in peace but if you come with vengeance you will leave in pieces, lol :)

English cricket team came here with full of smile and over confidence, even in press they said that they will win every game they play, what happened is something in other extreme !

Nasser Hussein, Vaughan so called cricketers, slammed Indians there but they seem to be lost now, these two Idiots never played a better cricket than Indian Domestic guys, such a funny punks they are, perhaps funny asses !
                                 Mahendra Singh Dhoni India's best ever captain after Kapil Dev, is straight opposite to English team, Never speaks in press meet, His bat speaks and spoke a lot....
India Thrashed ENGLAND 5-0 , Sweet revenge taken !!!!
                                 Indians are not easy targets, My dear English cricketers mind your tongue and language... HISTORY is something which is dead, never come again in the idea of conquering.
And English Media, My mid finger goes up for you :P

Child Missing :(

                             Much awaited Diwali perhaps Deepavali is on the way, Festival of lights as it is praised, it will bring hell lot of happiness and fulfillment in everyone's heart, with full packed sweets and newly bought dresses and bunch of crackers, i will tell you " It will be thrilling and one of the happiest day in a year "

Why we celebrate Diwali ? Who cares man ? Some god killed some giant, because that giant got some invincible power from some another god, none can destroy him but only the god who gave him all powers can, Leave it leave it, According to me FESTIVAL is a name given to social gathering and a day to be enjoyed, so it doesn't matters whether good won over evil or light prevails over dark.
All that i need is to be a happiest man on a day, at least for one day !

Diwali, why it is so famous than all other festivals ? ? Diwali has a significant reason to be specifically portrayed, It has Sweets, New Dress, Crackers and hell lot of entertainments..
Enough, Let's go for the post topic, CHILD MISSING :( 

Child Missing : Who is that Child ? Is that what you ask ? it's simple, CHILD WHO IS MISSING IS JUST READING THIS LINE NOW !

Tell me honestly, Diwali that you(we) celebrated when we were kids will differ a lot from a Diwali of today, I am sure for me it differs a lot lot lot !!
             I will tell you how my childhood day's Diwali's are: Quarterly exams will be just got over and we(students) will be seeing the diary for calendar, all our eyes will see for one single day and it is Diwali :)

We all will be excited about dress and Crackers(boys), In my school there was a system, after Diwali,Christmas,Ramzan we can wear color dresses, other than birthday and such festivals we will be in boring uniforms...

So we all will plan what kind of dress should we buy, How many set of dresses and what colors, it will be full of fun to discuss in class :) More importantly we will have a week as a holidays, You cant understand until you experience such thing ! It still tastes in my memoirs !

It is really an interesting topic, when we guys discuss about crackers, there will be a tough competition regarding who buys more crackers and who buys for more bucks :P everyone will have a war of words regarding who spends much in buying crackers, i will plunder my dad, " Appa, Shall we buy crackers today ? " It will be still 2 weeks for Diwali and most of the shops would not have opened their account, everyday i return home from school i wont leave my dad without that routine question.

Aunty Diwali sweets, Uncle Diwali sweets ! , we will move house by house distributing home made sweets to all other families and wishing them HAPPY DEEPAVALI :) so we will get some kind of appreciation in the form of sweets back, there too we will have competition among neighbor kids, who visits others home first ?
I would love it !

DEEPAVALI DAY :) I wont get sleep at all, it would be 12, i will roll roll and roll on bed, try hard to sleep, all that runs in my mind and says is " Deepak, Wake up earlier, you must fire the first cracker of the street" wake up wake up !! It would be damn interesting, i wont even take a bath, will just run fast to fire a ATOM BOMB :P

OIL BATH : Oil bath is another significant routine on every Diwali day, Mom will pour a cup of oil and soaks it on my hair, have to wait a while and take a bath !! LUV IT

School Reopens: :(  it would be sad to go back for school after a long holiday series, but post deepavali day will be thrilling, to see my friends and enemies dress, teachers will comment on our dresses and feedback,,, I remember it :)

IMP POINT: Guys, " How much you spent for crackers ? " , " I spent 800Rs ", What just 800 ??  " i spent 100RS ", someone " i spent 1500 ", its my turn " i spent 200 RS "...

Definitely some guy at last will surpass my lie :P we will exaggerate our actual sum to greatest level, it would be damn funny :)

THE END-----

Where is that KID ? Now i dint even buy a single cracker and Dress ? Got one, But Tomorrow is Diwali.. where is That Deepak of fast ? where is that YOU of your past ???

                        As we grow we really miss some interesting things of our life, when i compare myself with me on my past.. i sound like a pathetic man who never enjoys !!!
                        Life is journey of years, as years rolls on, we miss something and for sure we still receive something that we never had !! ALL FOR GOOD :)

I hope that this Diwali brings in a lot of peace, happiness and joy for you, your family and your blog:)
Iniya Deepavali Nal vazhthukkal ... Happy Diwali :)

Am I Single ?

I am neither in solitude nor in loneliness !
I am neither single nor in a relation !
All that i stay alive is to see the breeze which kissed & left me in urge !


Modus Renault..

            Cars, for past a week and at least for another week Indians will be busy on their chit chats about cars, Eventually Renault makes it still wider by planning to launch its new trump card and a car which suits Indian families and the car is RENAULT MODUS...

India is safe haven for car manufacturers, who produces family cars in affordable price, Indian families are much concerned about the cost of the car, fuel efficiency and space factor, A car which satisfies these three condition, it will be a success for sure in Indian market, ex Tata Indica, all cars of Maruti and Hyundai i10..

Renault Modus will be the third offering by French automaker that has made its debut in India with Renault Fluence sedan. After it ceased its ties with homegrown SUV maker Mahindra, Renault has decided a clear and aggressive strategy for India and has encouraging expansion plans. Renault India will launch five cars till autumn 2012. Two cars- Renault Fluence sedan and Renault Koleos have already been launched
                                   Renault Modus might be tested in its Chennai plant, along with other leaders such as Nissan and Mahindra etc, Renault is planning to launch it’s  made for India hatchback  to counter the well known brands like Hyundai i20, Honda Jazz and the Ford Figo in Indian market and I am talking about  new Renault Modus which will be sold in France market with expected prices between 14.450€ and 19.550€ for the Modus and 14.450€ and 20.550€ for the Grand Modus from this Sept 2011. Modus is built in the join venture of Renault-Nissan.

Renault Modus is a complete family car which offers you  features like Airbags, ABS, head/thorax airbags, automatic climate control, ISOFIX, R.A.I.D. (Renault Anti Intruder Device), electric mirror, 40W radio-CD, 60:40 split-folding rear seats and automatic headlights.

The Modus was the first small car to receive the full 5 Euro NCAP stars for passenger safety due in part to its six airbag system, front and rear side impact bars and ISOFIX child seat fixing points. It was also one of the first cars in its class to have such features as automatic headlamps and windscreen wipers on its options list.

Coming to engine and power specs, the new Nissan Modus hatchback is likely to use the diesel Nissan Micra engine. That brings the focus on a 1.2 liter petrol engine and the 1.5 liter dCi engine from the Fluence sedan.
Might be priced at Rs 4,50,000*.
We can expect the result of being successive or lukewarm product after its release, let's wait.

Wonderful Wanderers !

These People have no air space boundary and No country can charge 'em for Air space violation, Yet they don't Own a Permanent address !
Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray.

Secret,Sacred And Mystical Relations..

           Every religion and their sacred books has one thing in common, a mystic text prefixed with their mantra's or any holy phrases, either Aum or Om or Amen or Amin, these holy words of all religions says some secret and sacred information.
I have collected and displayed all religions text on that mystic word, 

"The goal, which all Vedas declare, which all austerities aim at, and which humans desire when they live a life of conscience, I will tell you briefly it is AUM ( OM )"
- Katha Upanishad

Christianity: "In the beginning, the Word existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God"
- JOHN 1:1

And for Islam, Amin ( Trustworthy ) which also means Prophet Muhammad and It is recommended to say Amin after finishing the recitation of Al-Fatihah. Amin means, "O Allah! Accept our invocation.''

Jainism,Sikhism and Buddhism:
Oṃ maṇipadme hūṃ  is the six syllables mantra particularly associated with the four-armed Shadakshari form of Avalokiteshvara,the bodhisattva of compassion. Mani means "the jewel" and Padma means "the lotus"
In Jainism, Om is regarded to be a condensed form of reference to the Pañca-Parameṣṭhi, by their initials A+A+A+U+M.
Sikhism: IK Onkar  is a central tenet of Sikh religious philosophy, It is a symbol of the unity of God.

                                   Humans who lived thousands and million years ago are not just nomads or barbarian, they have cleverly conveyed us some message, OM is a word which is prefixed in all mantra and sacred text of Hinduism and like that amen,amin etc.
                                   It conveys that everything has been originated from a single and same source, which we failed to understand and still having a conception that GODS are different, i personally feel there is nothing specifically called god, even so many spiritual books says that, EVERYTHING IS GOD, that is 100% true.
                                  If everything is God, what or who is god ?? It is ATOM, Atom is present everywhere, In water we drink and the food we eat and 5 basic elements of life, Atom is omnipresent.

That's why, Most of Gods says that " AM everywhere ", For Christians its Jesus, For Hindus, it might be Ram, Shiva etc, For Buddhist and for all religions it is someone, But Actually for all creatures God is ATOM..

GOD IS ATOM AND ATOM IS GOD: For one reason, From ancients, Universe has been considered as Manifestation of God, if that God is considered to be an atom, their words are exactly correct.

Scientists believes that the initiation process of making all this universe and matter is just a VIBRATION, Even in Singularity, (
the singularity is the point at the very center of the black hole, where our present understanding of space and time breaks down ).
                AUM: All form of objects in this universe, irrespective of their size and nature, all of them are result of a vibration, On pronouncing Aum(OM) by proper pronunciation, we can feel the vibration of that word filling the ears.
                Everything has Science in it, but throughout the TIME all of the scientific factors has been overshadowed and exaggerated with superstitious and stupid beliefs, which really ruled out few people's interest on spirituality and science.

           GOD is just a word, which symbolized as supreme factor of all human beings, but actually GOD is nothing but YOU, ME and THIS UNIVERSE and IMPORTANTLY ALL LIVING AND NON LIVING CREATURES IN IT ! 
MANDUKYA UPANISHAD: Is specially dedicated to reveal and tell people about the importance of AUM.
                      The supreme and most sacred syllable in Sanskrit. It is believed to be the original primordial vibration of the universe, after the big bang. It is uttered as a mantra and in affirmations and blessings to connect all living beings.
                      Made of the three sounds (a), (u), and (m), representing various fundamental triads:

>Beginning, Middle, End
>Past, Present, Future
>Father, Son, Holy Ghost
>Creation, Preservation, Destruction

In Egypt And Greece: OM, AUM has a greater significance, In Egypt AMEN-RA(AUM) is the supreme god, who has NO beginning and NO end !

Greek alphabet "Omega" that we have the English phrase "the Alpha and Omega," which means, "to include everything."

There is infamous theory, which says " Aliens are creator of Human beings and they thought us how to evolve "

IF you have seen ANCIENT ALIENS program a SHORT DOCUMENTARY, you will really believe this, Because ancient people had no ultra technology to build structures like PYRAMID, NAZCA LINES etc etc ! 

Even in MANNA MACHINE, a food from god which saved Israelite people in deserts to survive, is really machine given by Aliens, But none knows which is true and which is a story, there are several such theories !

We Indians, Worshiped all form of life, Such as WATER,FIRE, AIR,EARTH and lot lot as god, it is just because we have to understand the importance of them for our existence !

As i said earlier, we are motivated and molded in wrong way, such that there is only one religion and that is ours, There are nether religions nor god, GOD is just a name , a common name for everything and everyone in this universe !

Results of our actions will depend up on the nature of our actions, DO good GET good, DO bad GET bad... I am neither scientist nor a spiritual GURU, i find both science and spirituality as sisters, which is misquoted just because of stupid superstitious practices !


After Apple and Ice Cream, Now MANGO !!!

                              Well, After Ice cream Sandwich and Apple, yet another Fruit joins the hit list of most wanted and desirable phone, Windows Mango is now trending as it is newest operating system of its kind, Windows 7.5 Phone Mango is that new operating system which is launched with the all new Samsung Omnia phone !! It has been a busy month for tech geeks to study about the phones which are taking avatar everyday !

Let's see about MANGO and Samsung Omnia :)

Last September, both giants ( Microsoft and Samsung ) reached a patent sharing deal, which was a blow for other players, Samsung which is also having deals with Google's android is not ready to miss the relation between Microsoft too !

Microsoft which is 3rd( after Apple and Google ) is keen on improving its standard with 2nd largest producer of mobile phones that is Samsung ( after Nokia ), We can soon expect Microsoft releasing its software with certain Nokia phones too !

Features Of Omnia :

Operating system : Windows 7.5 Phone Mango
Processor              : 1.4 GHz (512 MB RAM)

Omnia W runs on a 1.4Ghz processor from Qualcomm. The phone has 512 RAM and 8GB internal storage. There is no provision to expand the storage. The battery is rated for 5.55Wh with 3.7 volts. In simple words, this means it has a rated capacity of 1500 mAh. There is a 5 mega pixel camera and a LED flash. It can capture videos in 720P resolution. The front camera supports VGA resolution.
Camera                 :  5 MP with LED flash and auto focus
                                   Video recording at up to 720p at 30 fps

Camera in Omnia W is average. Photos are detailed but colors are little dull. The same is true for the 720P video. Video playback too is average. There is no HDMI out. 720P files are playable but only in MP4 format. Videos in other formats play if they have lower resolution like 800x450 or if the user re-encodes them.
Connectivity         : Bluetooth 2.1
                                   USB 2.0 and Audio jack.
Dimensions          : 115.97 x 58.8 x 10.9 mm 
Battery                 : 1500 mAh Lithium

                  : 115.3 grams

Touch Screen Type
: Super AMOLED

Super AMOLED displays are known for their contrast - or rather lack of backlight - and punchy colors. The screen on Omnia W is no different. When combined with the themes and lively user interface of Mango, the home screen on the display looks fantastic, especially with black background. Touch screen response is top notch.

Shortened Specs :
  • 1.4GHz processor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 14.4Mbps HSPA+ support
  • 3.7-inch Super AMOLED display
  • 5MP auto focus camera and front-facing VGA camera
  • 720p HD video recording and playback
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • 8GB internal memory
  • A-GPS
  • 1500mAh battery

This phone has already rolled out globally including Asia, Africa, Latin America and CIS. The Samsung Omnia W is priced at Rs. 19,990 in India.( source : Online )

Good News For Bloggers and Face BOOkers : The RSS times allows RSS feeds for newspapers, magazines, and blog to be downloaded on the device. This can be read in an easily digestible format. The eye-catching articles can be shared instantly via email or Facebook.

But for the question of success >??? We must wait and watch, whether it will push down the Apple iOS and Its cousin Samsung Nexus...


Revolution on WheeLs....

                       Indian automotive industry is blooming blooming blooming, Once upon a time in India, there were only 3- 5 varieties of passenger cars on road, but on this date, Indian roads are kissing American,Italian,German wheels, Though roads are not up to the mark of other countries, our cars are certainly above our margin, proud of it and Indian automotive industry perhaps can be dubbed as Motivating industry !

World cheapest car, Few people may feel embarrassed to spell them as CHEAP, but to me it is an honor to hold the badge of a county which produced the world cheapest car and made foreigners jaws to drop, Tata,Mahindra,Force,Hindustan,Ashok leyland etc. these people really made certain amount of people to turn our direction.

Tata which is renown for its service towards the nation has obviously contributed much for our development and on the other hand Mahindra and Mahindra another flagship company, both of them have a common thing. both of them has been setup at 1945 and both of them still brings laurels to our nation, i salute them !

There was a time, when English,Portuguese,Italians,French came to India and occupied us and bought our lands, But time has changed a lot, we people are going there and buying things, acquisition of English brands such as Jaguar and acquisition of Korean brands like ssangyong certainly made us a step forward, we proved the world that we have grown much than them, now the same companies are coming here for partnership and investment !

Mahindra and Mahindra is all set to revolutionize SUV brand, as TATA motors made a cheapest passenger car, M&M is ready to make a cheapest SUV, this is obviously a milestone project in automobile industry :)

Mahindra and Mahindra is reportedly planning to build a Nano of SUVs. According to media reports, the Indian SUV specialist is planning to build a Mini SUV, a first for Indian roads. This Mini SUV is being developed by Mahindra along with Ssangyong, Mahindra's Korean subsidiary. This Mahindra SUV is codenamed as S101 and is expected to be a shorter than 4 meters in length. This will keep the price of the mini SUV low due to reduced excise duties. The Mahindra mini SUV is expected to be priced around RS.4 Lakhs to Rs.6 lakhs according to some estimates but some have pegged the value between Rs.3 Lakhs and Rs.4 lakhs.

This new mini SUV from Mahindra is expected to be built at Mahindra Chakan plant where it currently builds the recently unveiled XUV 500. The new SUV will be the first joint development project between Mahindra and Ssangyong. We believe, a Ssangyong branded clone of the Mahindra S101 will also be built and sold in South Korea.

The mini SUV is expected to be powered by a 1.2-liter petrol engine and a 1.5-liter diesel engine. Mahindra is yet to make an official statement on this new model. However, Rajan Wadhera, chief executive, technology, product development & sourcing, M&M has said the company has completed development of a new platform that comes under the compact segment.

And that's it, revolution on wheels are on already, we can expect more and more surprises from Indian market, i can see Indian markets emerging as global players in future and then obviously there will be many "FIRST OF ITS KIND" tag coming !