Dear Keralites !

Dear amma,acha,sahodran and sahodri.. i write this post with a deep agony and hurt, i have been seeing WAR of WORDS between two states of southern most India, Tamil nadu and Kerala. some years ago we were together as a single state and we were all wearing veshti(Dhoti).
Still we are together under the LABEL Indian and HUMAN, Being from Tamil nadu i am fond of puttu and Mohanlal is one of my favorite star. I know and have very best keralite friends who are fond of Tamil things too, honestly i never see keralite,Telugu and Kannada's as aliens, few of my Keralite friends are rising anti Tamil slogans in recent times and it is spreading viral over the net.

Mullaiperiyar Dam is the issue, Water is a national property and SAFETY is HUMAN basic right, we need each others support to survive peacefully, why fighting like kinder garden kids ? like involving in SPAT ? calling keralites as cunning and Tamilian as stupid ?

Don't get emotional with your words, it will easily hurt hearts, Politicians will do anything to gain votes, not to wonder even if the bifurcate or triplicate India. we have to understand and kerala with higher literacy rate, you people must certainly understand the issue. few people are involved in spreading a panic among people which will definitely affect the integrity.

Media wants news so they will publish again and again in the favor of their own state, we should and we must understand what is true and what is wrong ??

If i have a authority, i will allow Kerala to build a new dam for sure and will never compromise on people's safety.
For building a dam and to gain votes, i will not panic people for sure.

Why Kerala is so concerned all of a sudden ? Tamil nadu holds the authority for THAT DAM, i dono what agreement it is and i don't wanna know, all that i want is peace and integrity inside India and importantly Harmony.

If that dam is really safe(i dono), why kerala still needs an another dam,, This is the view from TN side, proposed dam will benefit with very less amount of water than existing one and all control will be handed over to kerala, which is the main reason behind sudden uproar.

All that i ask and request, Don't indulge against our integrity and don't involve in SPAT, i have been seeing this is on several sites, TN and Keralites scolding each other, this is ridiculous.

We are commoners, we can't do anything by fighting, TWO GOVERNMENT must sit and talk, then only the barriers will break.
Til then watch your words Chetta and Chechi's and watch your words Anna and Akka :)

At the end of the day, we are all Indians :) a life is a life everywhere and in every language and alike that Human is a human everywhere, you may call malayali or tamilian but still we are human, BEHAVE PROPERLY you are in God's own country, i am an agonistic person and i believe god(if he is alive) will not involve in SPAT and Brawls..behave properly we are in TAMIL NADU, land known for its Hospitality...

Very very importantly, stop abusing each others !!!!

Ohhhh SHITTT.. STOp STOpppppP.....

 " Dai Machi, where are you da?? What Chennai ah ?? You @#$%*&!@(*(!*** (CENSORED), Why you didn't inform me ? Where are you now ? " - My Friend told over the phone.
Never mind, hearing and using such a wonderful phrase(Bad words) are just like eating gulab jamun for college guys, i reached Chennai some days ago and didn't tell about this to any of friends, after the exams we have not met for some weeks.

Few of my best friends were here(Chennai) for their work and since i didn't inform them about my arrival, they were shocked and abused me to reach them.. That first two lines are just part of our conversation, so my friends asked me to reach their home for just having some words together.

I was in Suburbs of Chennai and my friends are not much away from my place and one fine evening i was getting ready for meeting them and asked about their place, it is very much near to me just 5-10 stops if we go by bus.

Specialty about his place is that stopping is present below a bridge, most of the bus which go through that place will use that bridge so we have to walk a lot to reach that specific stop but certain buses will go via that stop but problem is their LIMITED AVAILABILITY AND FREQUENCY :(

So i waited in stop for almost half an hour for getting that specific bus, though some bus which go via that bridge were coming, i was adamant to take a specific bus, my another problem is i have never went through that bus, it was my first time. already my friends were abusing through the phone for my delay.

With a high patience over the horrible words and pathetic crowd, i have somehow managed
to float inside that bus and got a FOOT BOARD, one interesting thing in CHENNAI CITY BUSES are they have Pneumatic automated doors, which will open and close in a very hard way, i have seen people bleeding with its power and interesting thing is all those people who got injured are those who traveled in FOOT BOARD.

I stood cautious and i dint see any other thing than that DOOR, i was counting the stop and seeing every stop with a doubt, i could have asked to the conductor, but there were people around me, they would have labeled me as a NEW BABY TO THIS CITY, which i certainly hate, so my ego blocked me.

At last that Stop came, DOORS OPENED, SOME FRESH BREEZE apart from the WARM INSIDE AIR came through that door, there were CROWD OUTSIDE THE BUS TO BOARD IT, THERE SHE WAS....

I think she was wearing some PINK shaded CHURIDHAR and a typical Girly handbag, I AM SURE SHE IS A SOFTWARE TECHIE, anyone who has a good eyesight can assure it, SINCE A DARK ID CARD hangs over her NECK said COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGIES, " OH, SHE IS a TECHIE, hm.... " She looked STUNNING, CALM and damn gracious (might be ELDER to me:P:P)

" Will this BUS GO TO VELACHERY " she asked politely,(Thanks that she dint add BROTHER to that sentence :P) she asked to me i guess because her eyes were focused at me, i heard her words but i didn't respond fast, though i know that this bus will certainly go that place she asked for, i was FROZEN, after few seconds " YES, it will go ", i replied...

She sneaked in like snake and i was busy in leaving way for her and others," She is beautiful :P ", as Conductor whistled and that hard door CLOSED like India-pak Gate..

I was standing cautiously and gazing through the buildings, " I think the stop has come ", " No, I missed it "...

Ohhh SHittt, i missed that damn bus stop... " Conductor ANNA, Stoppppp Stopppp, i missed the stop ", i shouted..
" Do you have sense ? what were you doing so far ?", he YELLED and dint blow his whistle and sadly bus stopped in the next stop(WHICH IS THE END OF THE BRIDGE).
INDIA PAK GATE OPENED AGAIN but at the next stop :(

I could have boarded in the normal bus and i could have reached very earlier :(
" Tun dun tun tun dun tun ", my mobile alarmed..
It was a call from my friend, ohhhhh shittt after a huge humiliation from that conductor its my friends turn.....

" Dai, Where are you ?, are you coming by bus or bullock cart ? " he said..

       " Machi i missed the stop da he he, i grinned :P " i replied..
Few seconds of silence over the phone..
"Halo?? " i said..
" Poda @#$%^&********, where are you now ?  i will come in bike ! "...

:(  sob sob " THE END " :)

ShoW ThE OtheR CheeK..

Days ago, Media people were very much confused and biased, they were very much uncertain on projecting a news, to be frank it was a real rough and tough time for media, news is very simple " Pawar slapped by an aggressive youth ",but the problem is not on which cheek or which hand he used to slap, problem is on how to introduce Pawar ? as a Chief of Nationalist Congress party ? or as an Ex president of BCCI ? or as Agriculture Minister ? or president of ICC ? Media was like cat on the wall and definitely at a sad state and that uncertainty prevailed.

Media Cannot be blamed, they are helpless on how to introduce pawar, i really don't care about where he is slapped and who slapped him, reason for SLAP is really a complex and reasonable one.

So true, today common man finds it tough to meet his ends meet, reason ? POOR MANAGEMENT or POOR GOVERNANCE, who to blame ? obviously WE THE PEOPLE ARE SOLE REASON, why we are the reason, very very simple, remember the following story.

You have two main shops in your area, one guy cheats in quantity and other guy cheats in quality, but you have no other go, you have to buy something, so we compromise ourselves on something, this is the state of INDIAN VOTERS !

WAS IT ONE SLAP ? asked Anna, what does it says ? from Gandhian to Driver, all of us are in agony and anger over the government, but our respected politicians plays with our lives.
Can't blame everyone together, there are some good people too.

Coming to the content, PAWAR SLAPPED :(

I have never seen a solidarity in PARLIAMENT, for any bill there will be some uproar and people will fight like fish sellers perhaps vegetable sellers, when Pawar is slapped, all had a butterfly perhaps multiple butterflies flying inside their stomach, all those butterflies said in chorus " NEXT IT'S YOU "
Ministers Like Anand sharma and A.K Antony are certainly doing their best, but ministers like Pawar and few of his colleagues are not coming to the show, we can even think about giving their name in MISSING PERSON LIST.

Backbone of India it is how agriculture is defined, 58.4 % of Indian population lives on the base of agriculture and one fifth of India's GDP comes from agriculture, but do we have a single minded minister ??

Either work as a ICC president or Work as a Minister, this is not play ground to show your all rounder talents.
TO MRS. Supriya sule: She said that she is upset with that incident and her family is going through tougher time(FUNNY JOKE), everyday farmers are going through such problems.

In pune, not much away from our Agricultural minister's place, indiscriminately police opened fire and it killed 3 farmers, many farmers are committing suicide due to debt, these are not tough times.
My only worry is that, he got a single slap.

I am proud of that Braveheart Harvinder singh and NCP workers show your loyality to pawar in some other means, don't break public property.
Where is that group attacked Prashant Bhushan ?
Where is that Shiv sena ?

His majesty MR.Thackrey says that, " Pawar is the only minister from MAHARSHTRA, so it is wrong ", what a sad comment ? all over India prices are increasing, i guess MAHARASHTRA is in Sri lanka.

Solidarity of parliament is seen in this incident, if you have showed it for lokpal ?? for Sports bill ??? This is not the slap on democracy DON'T MISUSE THE WORD DEMOCRACY...

PAIN - The Universal Language !

I write this post with a deep agony and disappointment over the HUMANITY, please read and i feel every Indian perhaps every human must think about this at least once in their life time, PAIN is NOT an EXCLUSIVE thing..

1) 73 CRPF MEMBERS KILLED @ Dantewada.
2) 14 policeman and 1 civilian killed @ Nayagarh(Odissa).
3) 55 Security personnel killed by Naxals @ Chattisgarh.

4) Maoists blew up schools in Jharkhand.
5) Maoists destroys rail tracks and abducts people.

These are just some pieces of the RED WHALE, where do we live ? What is the use of portraying as LARGEST DEMOCRACY in the world ? we live everyday in a fear, whose mistake ? it is certainly our own mistake. Some maoist leader was killed in yesterday's encounter. remember maoist is an UNIT AGAINST STATE. though state and center are ruled by politicians, we are invisible members and feeble fellows in those states.

That maoist star leader is killed in an encounter, certainly a good news, just because of him and his rebel group, how many policeman got thrashed ? how many nights their family suffered without peace ? how many wives lived with a fear ?? How many children lost their father ? ? No one knows and no one wants to know about it.

I don't have anyone living in the either groups, whatever group they are, POLICE or REBELS, they have and all over people have few things common, PAIN is one among them and worst among them.

I don't hate those rebels neither policeman, i just hate the invisible power which is motivating rebels to wrong side, so called maoist sympathizers, WILL YOU SYMPATHIZE FOR THEM WHEN YOUR SON FIGHTS FOR NATION ??? when you are justifying their activities, you are justifying NATIONS INTEGRITY AND NATIONAL SECURITY, MAOISTS are certainly threat to HUMANITY.

Maoist kills a policeman, his family suffers. Now one maoist leader killed, his family rejoices ?? NO YOU PEOPLE ALSO SUFFERS, what's that you infer ? ALL OF US ARE HUMAN, why you people are killing innocent civilians and damaging government property and brain washing youths ?

Niece of the slain maoist leader says " INJUSTICE ", then killing a policeman who has a son,daughter and a wife is JUSTICE ?? SHAME..
VARAVARA RAO, i really don't know who he is, he calls himself as maoist sympathizer and deliberately says " MAOIST MOVEMENT WILL CONTINUE ", is this a statement or a warning ? what the government doing by watching this ?

IF YOU ARE A REAL REBEL, go show your powers against ARMY and POLITICIANS, why troubling innocent civilians by bombing schools and railway tracks ?

You dint see the pain of seeing loved one DEAD, now you realize how hard it is... is it easy to loose a family member ?? when you killed policeman, the same happened, when you killed civilians the same happened and when police kills your LEADER, same is HAPPENING TO YOU, PAIN IS UNIVERSAL !

FUNNY PEOPLE are those HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS, where were they when schools and tracks are blown ? WHERE WERE THEY WHEN A POLICEMAN HEAD WAS FOUND ON ROAD ??? now why the hell you are shouting ????? so you justify police are not humans ??

Mother of that KILLED rebel CRIES and their families alike that MOTHER of all the policeman cried, how it feels to see a son who went to save his nation inside a COFFIN ? not just 1, you people killed 73 police forces once, 73 mothers cried till they have tears.
They are also humans, you are crying now WE CRIED and CRYING and WILL CRY.

I don't know where this nation march towards, when will this tension ease ? but till that, OUR FATE IS TO LIVE IN THIS TROUBLED EARTH and our fate is designed in a way that PAIN is inevitable till the peace is achieved !

My dear government, HAVE A NICE SLEEP, SLEEP well, here our soldiers are dying and our ARMY which is best in the world for us is SAFEGUARDING OUR BOUNDARY and DON'T FORGET THEY ARE SAFEGUARDING THESE REBELS TOO :(


According to the recent research by bluffer & bluffer organization based at Charlatan city of Cheatasia nation, it can be proved in future that MOUNT EVEREST is not the highest in the world, in the press release chief research head boss of bluffer & bluffer org his highness majesty Mr. cheater junior told reporters that, " We are about to prove that Mount Everest is not the tallest ", while replying for the question " Then what's the highest in the world ? " Mr.Cheater Jr replied " Height of absurdity of Indians is the best competitor for that place ".

Okay, don't yell at me and if you have smiled Thanks for that, HEIGHT OF STUPIDITY, HEIGHT OF ABSURDITY whatever synonymous word for " stupid " you may add, Indians are tough competitors.

Reason 1: We are more concerned about Aishwarya rai's than children affected with encephalitis, Breaking news " Aish delivers a girl baby ", what it has to do with India ? it is a personal news and definitely a sweet news, but what does it has to do with national breaking news ? what does it has to do with FRONT PAGE ?

Reason 2: Sachin's 100th 100, we were more concerned about this specific milestone than appreciating other people and we are still concerned about it than sachin, he himself said wisely that this is just another number, but we want it to happen than winning a series.

Reason 3: A porn star in a reality show, what else could be humiliating than to see an Indian woman labeled as porn star and already we could not differentiate a porn movie and a commercial films.

There are several such reasons to quote and main reason for all such things is our INDIAN MEDIA. as long as they don't change their strategy, we will be the leaders in the race of WORLD HIGHEST and our race will be for ABSURDITY !

25th & 26th Hours Of My Day !

" Who invented Time ? ", this is a question from a toddler. can you answer it ? i mean can you answer in a way he gets satisfied ? do we really know what time is and when it all started ? when does the real count down started ? what is HOUR? MINUTE ? WHO GAVE US PERMISSION TO FOLLOW 60seconds, 24 hours ?? Who accepted it universally ?Do we know what,why time stands for ??
A BIG NO is the obvious answer
, we don't know what TIME is all about yet we speak A to Z about time factor.

Punctuality they call, time management they call but all of them are similar and that similarity is, they deal about SPENDING time, Note the word " SPENDING ", what do you mean by spending ? Spending is way to use,utilize,waste something that we possess, it might be for good reason or for a bad reason(in others view). so one affirmative information is that WE HAVE TIME WITH US.

When i was in face book, there me and my friends had a boring and stupidest discussion, my friends were arguing about " How to kill time ? ", i sneaked in and answered this " You can't kill time, even if you kill it, it cant be a murder.. It's a suicide " , they told me that i went insane.

UNDENIABLE TRUTH " time commits suicide all the time ", just think when you have no work to do and when you want that moment to extend, is it really possible to hit PAUSE BUTTON ?
It doesn't matter whether you use it wisely or not, it is a fact that you can't save time and you can't save time from committing SUICIDE.

If you have two extra hours, what will you do ?, according to me this is an obtuse and feeble question, it is like " i will give you a chocolate, what you will do with that ? ", purpose of chocolate is to be get eaten up, either you or loved one, someone will eat that chocolate for sure, if you waste it ANTS will eat it up, Like that IF YOU HAVE TWO EXTRA HOURS OF LIFE, WHAT YOU WILL DO ? sounds.

Life is not soccer game to have EXTRA TIME, so that we can try to score a goal and try to fulfill our dreams, Life is not school time table, 8 A.M to 12 P.M you have exam and 1 P.M to 2 P.M Lunch, it id definitely not a riding horse inside a circle !

Our past is buried and our future is not at all visible, we have only our present with us, which should be used in a way WHICH WILL GIVES US JOY, it should not be in the expense of others, together we must enjoy what we have.

1) if i have a busy day, which is not at all possible, fine suppose if i have a busiest day in my life, i will use that 2 extra hours for a good sleep.

2) if i am soaked boredom, i will use that extra two hours to watch some movie, hear songs and perhaps a healthy interaction with my family,friends.

3) if i am playing some game and if it is the time for packing, i will use that 2 hours to extend my game.

4) if i have a worst day with my best friend, i would certainly use that 2 extra hours to compromise with him/her and will strengthen the bond further.

5) if i have to submit a thesis next day and if i am running out of time, i will use that 2 extra hours to pack the task.

6) if my boss or H.O.D says, if you fix this work i will give you 100 grands, certainly will use that 2 hours for money.

7) Will communicate with a family, perhaps will make a cup of tea and if they allow me, will cook and serve :)

8) If i haven't blogged for months, i will spend those 2 hours in blogging.

So obviously, what we do and what we are going to and what we did are totally based on that particular time, we are not politicians to say " If we come to power, we will bring ganga to your house ". It depends on that particular day you have 2 more hours.

When you allot no time from the 24 hours for a significant thing of your life, how can we expect you to do that in that extra minute ?? INSANE !

Whatever magnitude my free and extra hour has, i will definitely use that to enrich my joy and definitely to help people around me mentally and physically.
Just because this contest is sponsored by SURF, i won't tell " I WILL USE this 2 hours to help my mom ", no use of being a shadow of something which we are not.

Again i quote, Life is not like school or college time table, this time you should do this and that time you should do that, life is to enjoy the present moment, i am not a motivational speaker( as of now) to say how wisely we should use time.

Finally i finish this with " 25th,26th,27th whatever hour it may be, i will use it in a way my mind says to and i wont plan it now " " Time can't be saved, we can neither utilize nor destroy time, which(time) is dying every second "

{" By posting this post, i have wasted 30 minutes of my 24 hours ", so if you are about to give me 2 hours of extra time, please add this 30 minutes too }

Life and our every moment on this earth is definitely not a satellite launch to go for a countdown, let's ( at least try to) enjoy every moment of our life. for a person who spends every second of his/her life with satisfaction will never need any extra minute or hour or day, unfortunately Humans are the antonym for SATISFACTION.

By thinking about the future which is not at all real, we are missing today's moment :) similarly by thinking about how to utilize time we are simply killing the present moment, time and tide wait for none :) Lets spend every moment for OUR happiness.

Time is NOT a SCALAR quantity, because it has a direction which travels towards FUTURE, never forget TIME HAS NEITHER REVERSE GEAR NOR AN AIR BRAKE to PAUSE :P

COURTESY - " Rest In Peace "

    Welcome Idiots and Stupids, Why the hell you visited my page ?? Can you please Back off ?? What do you want ?? Still reading this passage, i appreciate your patience and sorry for this weird introduction, i just tried symbolize the content of this post in lines.. Lets go, we will deal about the hilarious humans of today !

Have you ever tasted road side stalls ? I have several such vendors near my locality,Their taste is not lesser to any other star hotels perhaps better than those prestigious hotels, if you ask me about their hygiene and way of cooking, it may seem to be a bit risky to eat there, but we are not sure about the kitchens of star hotels either and there are some funny videos on how chef prepares a dish while sneezing and coughing, okay let's come to the point, i have observed that vendor, he is the single man to cook,serve and receive money, it will be a high pressure job, but despite of his worries and pressure, he never fails to do one thing and that is " GREETINGS ".

Person who comes to the shop may be 10 year old or 50 year old, he will address everyone with " Vaanga anna, enna sapdringa "  which literally means " Welcome brother, what do you wish to have ? " and even in the peak time where college students. software professionals and construction workers from northern India plunders him with repeating their order, he with a smile and patience responds to them politely, even in the time of " change problems ", he will not bother those 1 rupee or 2 rupee we owe, such a gentle soul.

Another vendor, who runs a similar road side shop with decorated lights and hygienic use and throw plates sells things near to him, but with mt experience i have always seen a less crowd here than the first vendor, reason: he will invite people like this " WHAT DO YOU WANT ", there will not be respect,love and patience in his talk, i never go to him an so many people too, why ? Just because lack of hospitality.

Hospitality is the essence of Indian culture familiarly called as "Atithi Devo Bhav " which means treat guest like a god, but the followers of this tag is so rare.

I will tell my experience, i know a friend who studied with me in school time, i met her after a long time and got her id and i sent a chat ping " HI... " dead silence on the other side, When there is no response i will get damn annoyed, next day i saw her again and sent a " Hiiiiii .. " this time, same silence existed on other side, then very next thing i did is JUST BLOCKED HER id.

Have you noticed a funny category of people, " Will keep their availability sign as BUSY, after few minutes it will turn to IDLE ", why this stupid exhibitionism ? which loser gonna give you award for pretending to be busy ?

When you don't respect a person, you are just simply missing a person and his positive effects, there are many such girls in this category, they consider themselves as AISHWARYA RAI, though they look like 200 year old embalmed Nefertiti, their attitude is just like " Don't be smooth ", " Show your ego "... i hate these bitches !

Guys are not lesser to them, i know a blogger(so called stupid) i hate that monkey to the core, i liked the way he wrote a post and i appreciated,voted etc and so many guys,girls did, what he did is, " selected few pretty looking girls who voted and commented and wrote their names in BOLD text, thanked them for voting and commenting, to rest of the awful guys like me " NO RESPONSE "...

You can see people of such kind everyday, might be a shop keeper, watchman or a conductor of your bus, who always erupt like Krakatoa..
Courtesy,Politeness,Humanity classifies and distinguish HUMANS and WILD, but Dogs are far better when compared to people of this strange kind..
If you are a person who never asks sorry and never says thank you, i have two words for you " FUCK YOU " whoever you may be uncle,aunt, sister or bro.. I just don't care, from my view you people are not HUMANS..

I have read a great meaning for THANK YOU AND SORRY..
Thank you- I appreciate you  :)
Sorry - I value you :)
Thanks for reading and also my thanks goes to the people who directly landed to this conclusion... Sorry if i have hurt you with my harsh words :)



HI there, Before you begin this post i have two points to say and try to follow it :)
1) This is the longest i wrote in recent times and comprises of so many words(feel) inside it, i request you to read it sincerely and excuse my spelling or grammars and try to understand the essence of these words, Thank you :) Comments Needed as GIFT.
2) if you are a person who hates to read big posts please try to read something that you can and still you are reluctant, thanks for your visit, please press ALT + F4 and even delete the HISTORY :P

"I Have A Dream" is the most famous public speech given by Martin Luther King.Jr, not only Martin Luther King every human must have their own dreams and most of us owns multiple dreams, For Martin Luther King its " RACIAL EQUALITY ", for Mahatma Gandhi its " INDEPENDENT INDIA ".. Like such every human ranging from a children to senior citizens there exists a dream perhaps dreams.

What is Dream ? I can't forget this quote " DREAM IS NOT THAT WHAT YOU SEE IN SLEEP, DREAM IS A THING WHICH WON'T LET YOU SLEEP ", i can still hear these words ringing knocking my ears, i got these golden words of wisdom from our former president Abdul kalam, People confuses DREAM(i) with dream(ii), DREAM(i) is a fire, it is a sweet agony which will be alive and awake till you kill it and now another dream(ii) it can be a cupid's dream or a nightmare, this is a conventional one, people who stayed and went without a trace are dreamers of such kind.

Previously i mentioned about DREAMERS, Gandhi and Martin Luther King and there are many such immortal icons, how they achieved immortality ? did they are embalmed by their ardent followers ? NO.. They followed their DREAMS, yes DREAM FOR A GOOD CAUSE but not totally selfish, they are remembered and they will be missed for sure in future, people will say " i wish i should have lived in the time of Gandhi ", but none will utter a word " I should have lived in the time of Hitler ", what you observe from this ? DREAM qualifies a person, DREAM models the person and DREAM is secret behind their immortality and DREAM is the key ingredient in the process of making HAPPINESS.

So what do you say ? You wanna be remembered as Gandhi or You wanna be ditched as Hitler ? i can say one thing for sure, it(immortality) depends up on your dream and again for sure it DON'T DEPENDS ONLY ON YOUR DREAM and also on your executing capability of your dream and also the way you choose to fulfill your dream.

I am no Churchill no Wordsworth to play with words, i will try to interpret my DREAMS to you, all that i ask is Please Lend me your eyes :)
I am not a person who tasted success at my first attempt, i am more of a person who stands between a loser and winner, i have a good family to back me all the time when i fail in the process of doing anything and i have a courageous heart to do it again and again..

I am 21 year old as of now(2011), for first 16 years if my life i hardly knew what world is ? i had no internet connection, no NDTV and more importantly i was in a TOWN(Just an upgraded village) i am not good at studies, just an average boy who scores average marks in all subjects, as a result i got some 68% in my secondary examination. my parents wanted to put me in a better school(Residential one), i agreed without knowing where i am going to be,i will tell you my friend THAT DECISION was my building moment of life, i came through failures,punishments,humiliations,hurts,cheaters etc and as such i came through good people,fun,love and affection, that blow has both good and bad effect on me.

Even in my college which i completed as a day scholar, i enjoyed a lot than studying, whenever people advices me to score more i considered it as an usual boring one and i personally realized it later, during my final year " CAMPUS DRIVE " i think some 50 companies came and 95 % of my batch got placed with a fine package, but i too had a package of mine(arrears). I know myself very well than others for sure i can assure that am not a worst class dull performer, am neither too good nor bad. but they badged me as a failure and never allowed to attend a single interview, my friends who copied from me :P and learned from NOW SITS IN A REVOLVING CHAIR in AC packed room and me writing this post :P
This is not the end perhaps this is my beginning, i understood with my mistakes and i decided one thing, these days made me a half philosopher and rest mad guy, i won't get sleep that easily, i will sleep by 2 in the morning, just regretting for my mistakes, i read a book " MONK WHO SOLD HIS Ferrari ", something like a change happened, stopped regretting and decided to make a goal for myself and now i have a goal "

Goal is simple, " DON'T LIVE AND DIE LIKE A CONVENTIONAL, TRADITIONAL MAN ", i want myself to be remembered as an ICON, as a man who must be remembered and missed at least by 100 or 200 hearts..

TALENT is everywhere in the world, but do we have a heart to acknowledge and appreciate a talent ? a big NO is the answer, we set a eligibility to join a college and an eligibility to join a job and all above we have a great system of caste based things, forget not " EDUCATION IS THE MOTHER OF ALL ", when you neglect education and its system, forgive my friend we are traveling towards dead sea.

We say Failures are stepping stones of success but do we practice ? do we appreciate a person who failed ? Some lucky students like me will have a understanding parents but not all has, parents will compare and scold for the marks you left, say if you got 95/100, there are parents who expect still better, but they do in the care i know and all of us know.

Indian Education system thrives on 2 things, MARK and MONEY.. go for this job you will be paid high, attend this course you can easily get job.. PARENTS DRIVE IN THE CONCEPT OF MONEY and STUDENTS DRIVE THEMSELVES IN THE CONCEPT OF MARKS.

PRESSURE has been intentionally mounted in the hearts of young students and as the result, they don't follow their DREAMS, they just act like a car which reaches the place for the driver.

People fails to see their purpose and fails their dream and lands up in some packed building and dies as a common man.

My dream is to be a Light house for my fellow humans, LIGHT HOUSE yes the one which is used to reach the shores safely, i wish to be a light house for some struggling souls and as you think am not POWERED LIGHT, but i have some amount of POWER to fuel my lights :)
With that i can help someone to follow their dreams. Motivation and appreciation it at its low in these days and MISTAKES,CHEATING,INGRATITUDE is at it's high nowadays.

I wish to improve my knowledge and my bank balance and of course at the end of the day i belongs to common human who needs money to survive and enjoy, once i become stable and glowing by myself, i will have the eligibility to be a light house for people who struggles and writing is best way to influence people, i have so many dreams both short term and long term, Becoming a writer(Don't laugh) is also a dream and it will be accomplished with sincerity and constant learning.
As i mentioned my so called DREAM, i request you to have a NOBLE Dream which not only increases your bank balances but also increases the stage of your fellow human, at the end of the day WE CAN'T LIVE ALONE.. WE NEED A GOOD SOCIETY, WHICH WILL BE THE ONLY ASSET AND GIFT THAT YOU CAN GIVE TO YOUR NEXT GENERATION "

As i said earlier, DREAMING is not bad thing but cause and intentions of the DREAM decides your fate and draws a line, one side you can become a GANDHI and on the other it's HITLER or anyone of this worst kind,, DECISION IS YOURS !....
THE END(DREAM Begins )....

"This post is an entry at Blogjunta Dreams Contest to be judged by Jyoti Arora, author of Dream's Sake "
I WOULD LIKE TO THANK BLOGJUNTA and JYOTI ARORA for bringing up this competition and it eventually made a platform to express my untold dreams, To be honest for this specific competition i din't post this for prize :) previously i was doing for prizes but for sure i din't post this for freebies..


 I think all of you viewing this post now may have a question in common, " Johnny ?? ",
" When did this film reached theaters ? ", " Is Johny Depp the actor ?" "What language ? "..

Few Intellects would have googled this name and got their answers, all right " Johnny " is a Tamil film, which was not released yesterday not before a month or not even before a year, Johnny is a film released on 1980 :P

" Is this guy mad ", is that what you ask ?? Well, let me be.. I have never wrote a review for a film and i find myself not fit to comment on film, like posing my leg over another with a cup of pop corn and easily scolding director and actor for their action...

Johnny is a film which affected me a lot, it has 3 main reason ..

1) Flawless and stunning story..
2) Evergreen music from Ilayaraja..
3) Iconic acting by Rajnikanth..

Story is very simple, There are two people(heroes) who look similar, one guy is a barber while other guy is a Fraud, both leading roles are played perfectly by Rajni,.

           Johnny(Rajni) is a fraud who stoles and cheats greedy people with his smart ideas and never leaves a clue, he continue his cheating streak for one good reason and that is to save his father who is deeply devastated with the loan dues, so in order to save his father he commits crime by stealing and cheating the greedy ones, Archana(Sri devi) is an iconic singer, Johnny is her ardent fan, he never misses her concerts, soft romance develops between this two characters, on the other side police is on the search of Johnny for his forgery's.

Vidyasagar(Rajni) is a barber and a loner, who has no family but he also fall in love with a poor pretty women, whom he loves and considers as his life partner, they date together.. but that loner women whom vidyasagar loves cheats him by eloping with a rich man, so worried vidyasagar kills that pair and eventually all the crimes are listed on Johnny, but vidyasagar is also in the trouble since both of them looks alike.

Archana(Sri devi) came to know about Johny's father case and clears his debt by selling her properties, on the other side both fugitives are on the run, while vidyasagar has a cunning idea to transform himself as JOHNNY so that he can live a wealthy life with archana and police will catch Johnny for all his crime and including the murder.

Turning point:
                             Vidyasagar reaches to archana by introducing himself as Johnny and tries to settle there, but archana who is truly loving Johnny despite of his criminal records influences Vidyasagar and by seeing her true love over real johnny, vidyasagar confess his mistake and accepts all the crime even done by the real Johnny and surrenders to police, Johnny who is on the run reaches to archana now and that's the END :)

It may look horrible now, but to take a film like this on 80's is really a great work. MUSIC.. it is another reason why i like this film, Ilayaraja is outstanding musician always, his mild touchy background music is impeccable and coherent.

BOTTOM LINE: Don't judge this film with my awkward review, really a must watch film, but unfortunately no subtitles available...


   Do you remember Elliot carver ? James Bond ? or at least Tomorrow never Dies ??.. I have seen that film several times(Not worth watching), i must be clear that am not writing movie review now, In that film " Tomorrow Never Dies " , there would be a media mogul portrayed, which has resemblance of media tycoon " Murdoch ", well i must be clear that am not writing about NEWS CORP.. In that film, that insane guy will decide news and things will happen after publishing their papers. so funny right ? no ? :( OK go ahead.
Press council of India, which is regulatory body for media in India, has got its best ever president and he is Justice Markandey Katju. Man he is sizzling with his words and views, he is so honest about his view and  am glad for having such wonderful visionaries with us.

Media, especially news media and especially 24X7 channels are going mad, they can really play a great role than politicians when it comes to infrastructure,law and order,inequalities,terrorism etc. But are they doing so ? can't blame on common that all media are worst, there are well respected media and most of them are print media like THE HINDU and so many, but there are very few selfless media in 24x7 category.

' X ' channel is first to report from ground zero and X channel is showing you first visuals are so lame my friends, taking credits for such selfless works are damn lame, so cheap to hear and read., they can still focus on worst regions instead of covering useless things.
Justice katju was 100% correct with his words, which created huge uproar in media, because they will hate anyone who stands against them, in fact i went through some worst articles on defaming Mr.katju.
Here read his view on media Katju clarifies.

There must be some regulations and rules must be forced on media, because in my region all political parties runs a television channel and news channel, it is so hard to find which is the correct one, there are rare channels which displays the true news as it happens.

Make regulations and build a prosperous media society and let the young Journalist to act for a cause and don't force them to play for TRP..
And Mr.katju i admire you sir, though you got retired you want to build a strong society, my salutes :)

I Wish To Be A DeaF AnD BlinD..

Whenever we come across a person with physical or mental disability, we will compromising ourselves for being born with a sound body, but nowadays i believe and feel that " being a Deaf and Blind " we can have an unaffected and peaceful life, we don't need to hear the griefs and we don't need to see the tears of deteriorating soul.

These words, i penned after seeing an incident and which is common of its kind nowadays, you can't judge it because, world is so busy in identifying and classifying the agony of a common man, there are numerous such cases to identify, the case am going to tell may be a common phenomenon to few people and lame post to few people. Here i go..

" INDIAN FISHERMAN ATTACKED BY LANKAN NAVY ON INDIAN WATERS ", fisherman i meant here may be a Tamilian or Punjabi, That doesn't matter here, He is an Indian.. Will you allow an alien to slap your son at your home ??? None will.. But " I will allow aliens to slap and humiliate Indians " Says India and Indian government.

Sri lankan navy, yes that small,tiny island nation humiliates the citizen of World's largest democracy, a democracy which is by,for,of the people fails to identify and find a remedy for it. this is not the first time a lankan targeting a Indian, For every month 2-4 such incidents are happening and for sure may happen.

Tamils are targeted says media, No.. they are Indians, so don't discriminate a soul based on its ethnicity and statehood, Indian navy which is to safeguard Indian citizens and Indian waters is just watching like a cricket match, Dear Indian navy Where in INS VIRAT ? Where is INS godavari ? Where are your fleet carriers ? Where are you super cruise missile ?? Are they just for stage show ?,, Everyday here an Indian bleeds and receives Humiliation..
Why Indian navy exists ?? To mock drills and pose for photographs ? Shame on me and shame on us...

Sri lankan navy enjoys such sadistic approach on Tamils(Indians), usually all over the world COWARDS will enjoy such disgusting pleasure, Sri lankans are pioneer in that., there is nothing to wonder " WHY LTTE was started ". ..
I accept that government is so busy in protecting borders and there are no doubts, India and our defense authorities are working their best, but somehow they are having FISHERMAN ATTACKS on their selective amnesia list.. My dear government, i am none to order to you but as a common citizen of India " Save my brothers and save their families on shores "

Sri lankan navy is a symbol for EMBARRASSMENT to WORLD NAVY,, attacking a unarmed man is an cowardly act, better they can try all kind of stuffs with Indian navy, but result will different., Dear lankans A.K.A Cowards stop this stupid act and fight like a man(If you are a man) so i will change the meaning for SRI LANKAN NAVY in my dictionary, which is now Coward(bunch of cowards = lankan Navy)

"I Love You"

     As Some of you Judge and as some of you doubt, " This is not a post for my girl friend and definitely not for my boy friend(Dostana :P) and what to say " I love you "...

What is love ? how you will define ? I will answer as "Love is everywhere on every relation and on every living and non living thing, love is omnipresent but ONLY PERCENTAGE of its existence DIFFERS "...
I love you, yes i love the person who is reading this.. you may be a friend,brother,sister,uncle,aunt or granny.. I just love you and all that i am going to write and ask is " Love me back "...

i am not going to write " Self motivational book " nor am a robin sharma.. In this busy world, both vehicle traffic and web traffic are higher,larger than anything, i find people fails to realize and embrace the essence of relationships..i am writing all from my heart, i am feeling very much enthusiastic this moment and am going to celebrate it by writing this to you people, no matter how many of you read, at least if one of you read this one, mission accomplished :)

Do you know your neighbor's name ? have you ever spent time on having a chit chat with your parents as you have with your friends ? have you ever expressed your love to siblings ?
i have never done that, but i can assure you i will do each and everything of above and more than that, i assure you that i will spend every minute of future in enjoying and expressing, i will assure people around me and far from me that i will be the best and soft man they ever met..

In my past i have been a rough guy, i have hurt hearts of people around me with my sarcastic words, i have shown TIT FOR TAT attitude and i have took revenge and i have lashed people even physical assaults.
I remember one of my school buddy in my hostel days, we were thick as thieves and people will always address as as twins, at some point we developed crack and stopped speaking, he had my photo which he burned in his room, i heard it through my other friends, so what i did was " Went to his room and intentionally took his picture and burnt in front of him", thats all we never spoke again.. whenever i see him close with someone, possessiveness erupts and i feel like going to him " Am sorry for all ", but you know i was a ego maniac.. " Deepak, you are not less than to anyone ? are you going to be a cheap by asking sorry to him ? " my inner voice spoke, i avoided asking a sorry and he never asked too.. School life got over and whenever i hear his name i will remember him, i have regretted for missing him and his company...
Yesterday i had a similar fight with my best friend, she has her own characters, we developed an useless argument and it exploded badly, i got irritated and said " If i speak with you again i will kill myself ", she replied " oh fine, even if you find me speaking with you kill me too", THE END... i felt it hard, for few hours i could not take it up, i know both of us have mistakes, i don't want my school incident to happen again, so just asked pleaded her " Sorry for as many times ", i killed my ego and attitude, " this time too my inner voice spoke " you are a guy and she is a girl are you going to ask sorry to a girl and become a girly boy ? ", I didn't mind it, in order to show my manhood i don't wanna miss a good friend of mine.. i neglected that MAN attitude and just apologized and at the end of the day we both apologized and continued friendship,, IF I HAVE DONE THIS SOME YEARS BACK, I Wouldn't HAVE MISSED AN ANOTHER BEST PAL in my life...

I felt that, EGO and ATTITUDE are useless, i decided to be a spongy boy, if you swear at me, go ahead no problem YOU ARE MY BUDDY, if you insult me no problem, i don't mind it.. at the end of the day " We are going to live with fellow humans, not with lion or dogs "

We will not achieve anything by being rude and by following tit for tat to our friends we will not achieve a penny, " Life is short and live it together ", " so all that am going to do, " KILL EGO and GROW HARMONY " LOVE ALL.. instead of spending time on fighting, we can spend time on being together, a smile on a friend who is on fight will help both of you a lot, a smile on someone who is yelling at you will change his attitude on you...

And i take this as an opportunity to apologize people who were all hurt by me :) :)
I love you and i am going to love you all forver... what about u ?

P:S- i credit this title to DEBAHYOTI GHOSH, we had a discussion before writing this on having a topic, he is an impressive blogger but people are so busy to embrace talents, have a look at his blog Facts and Nonsense

"Missss.. You are Looking Beautiful "

      " Miss Shall i Drink Water ? ", " Miss Shall i go to 1 toilet ? ", " My Rubber fell down miss, Shall i take it ? ? ", " Good morninggggggg misssssssss ", " Thank youuuuuu misssss ", " Missss, He took my pencil "...

Nostalgic memoirs of my school days, While all bloggers are celebrating their cherished Children's day moments, i am not an exception to share my own mischievous days... As a long march begins with the single step, world tallest,largest man's life would have also begun with a toddler's time.

Other than Home works and teachers, children's have no worries and no sorrows in their life, often we will blabber that " It would be nice, if we are a children still ", i have also encountered such phrases, i believe when man started to grow, his nostalgic moments also grows along him..

My amma and appa, both of them are working people.. i grew under the care of grandma and my uncle(mom's bro), in mid 1990's there were no big cities and malls that we have like now, most of the India are town's and villages, Being from a mid sized town of south most state of India, alike all other children i enjoyed hell lot of fun and pleasures.

Being away from my appa and amma, i got so much of care and love from my grandma, i studied in a school of some 200 children, if you ask me " Do you want to be a king of  village or a slave of city ? ", without a second thought i would say" KING OF VILLAGE ", in that school i got special privileges, since my mom is also a teacher, i got good care from all teachers...

I forgot that teacher's name, she is caring and beautiful women(she could be in her 40's now :P) she was my class teacher and she never applies BINDI, she will be friendly to all people, from my grandma who drops me at school everyday to "AAYAMA" means a women janitor..

Whenever any teacher enters, we all together in chorus " Gooooodddd Morningggggg Missss ", it will extend for some 10 seconds, alike that while the teacher leaves in more zeal " thankkkk youuuuu missss ", Noise and time count will be much more than the previous one :P and we have the strange habit of calling women teachers(though they are grandma's) as MISS :)

I remember this, one day i asked her " Why you are not applying bindi ? Are you Christian ?? ", she laughed laughed her lungs out and i was scared, i really don't know what i asked, just while hearing to some adults speech, i considered that Muslims and Christians wont apply bindi and in a shear curiosity i asked her... i was scared in a thought that she may complain to principle, who will have a big ruler not for drawing lines on paper but on mischievous guy's arses :)  

That evening she told this incident to my grandma and both of them laughed... Still my grandma would remember this and laugh, after some years, i moved up to different school and here the incident is different, " one of my friend i think his name is Abdul, he praised a mam that " You are looking beautiful in blue saree miss "... LOL, i don't know where he is and where that mam is, i hope that he will not be inside bars for eve teasing :)

As everyone misses their childhood days, i miss them badly and i miss my beautiful(Bindi less) teachers and i miss those " Aayama's " and i miss my friends, All that i have is Just memories, those sweet memories shall exist forever...

happy Children's day :)

An Appeal To All Bloggers(Readers) !

Do you know Who reads your blog truthfully and are you sure all appreciations are authentic one ???? I'm not sure.. Plz go ahead with the rest..
I have been blogging actively for past two months though what i blog may look useless for few and rarely useful for very few, i have observed something which i have not observed like ever before, i have a bad habit of judging people with their traits prejudice ? whatever you may call it as,, many a times they are wrong.. though i judge people and make some opinion about them, i won't disclose it in public, we can be outspoken person but to highlight that i believe we should not heart hearts.

As i said, Am blogging actively for few months, Most of the times i blog about things which really makes an impact and crater deep inside and i will try to express them in words, to be honest whatever stylish hi-fi words you use you can really extract the feel that you have, words are just 90% of your feel on what you blog.. i think i am deviating..

Yeah, i have blogged things which really made an impact on me and all that i expect will be some truthful readers, readers i meant here are not people who comes online to read our blogs, most of the readers perhaps all the readers are bloggers but most of the bloggers are not readers.. :( just ask ourselves, are all the bloggers are true readers ?

Definitely maybe, Not the film i am talking about, as far as people i have seen and spoke, authenticity in appreciating a talent is too feeble, Bloggers are much talented people or at least average talented people, what do we expect is " More people should read us ".. but we fail to ask " Are we reading a single person's blog truthfully ? "

After my presence on Indiblogger,Blogjunta,Writeupcafe,Bloggers... There are so many talented brains and each site has their own kind of promotions, Like votes,promotion,Like etc etc.. What people do is perhaps what most people do is " JUST PROMOTE THEM "....
Fame blinds the Fact !

To be honest, i wont promote a blog which i never read, whenever a blog impresses me i will make a comment as a token of appreciation, whenever i post a topic i wont expect vote or promotions, though i do expect votes and whatever you may call, but all that i expect most would be few TRUE COMMENTS, scold me or appreciate me or prove me that am wrong, but make an impression in my blog to prove that you have read my post.. Suppose if you feel my post doesn't deserve your comment, you can hold your head up and move... No wrong in that..

From now on, at least now on never be a blind promoter, just call a spade as spade...
True comments will revolutionize a person's skills who knows he can be a writer in future, may be for films or for journals, that time you can proudly say " i have given some tips to this writer and i know him "...

What To Post ?

How about writing a poem ? perhaps a short story ?? why not a social problem ?? no it is an usual one, " oh yeah i accept.. ", then why not a review for film or some gadgets that you never ever touched ? "Not an bad idea, but you know am sooo lazy to gather info about it now ! " Damn, write some of your experience.. What ? Experience.. I Don't want to bore people...
WTF then don't post anything.. huh ?
No i want to post something now...
yes,I want to post, I want to postttttttttt......

I was digging my thoughts vigorously.. No use, i couldn't finalize a topic to blog about, i asked for topics to my friends, honestly they tried their best but am not satisfied and i find those topics doesn't deserve a separate post(Though this one also doesn't deserve), so i asked them for more and more,, at one point of time all that i can see are some censored sentences.. If i continue to ask for more topics, i fear my story itself could be flash news or blog post like " Blogger(So Called) killed for asking topics to blog about ". so certainly i stopped asking and annoying them..

By 3 in the noon, Electricity maintenance, " Deepak soon make it soon, finalize a topic and post, just ten more minutes to go past 3 ".. i was terrified, started to check the wall clock and checked whether it is showing correctly by confirming that time with my laptop, yes it is showing the correct time...
What to do ? No topic.. what to blog ???? ... 3'o clock(tick tick)... Current cut(tick tick)... post(tick tick) ... Finalize(tick tick) .. ask topic(tick tick).. indiblogger(tick tick).. Google(tick tick).. find a topic.. blogjunta(tick tick)..writeupcafe(tick tick).. you didn't post anything today .. so post post post something, come on (tick tick)...
Awwwww.. STOP IT(tick tick tick tick.....) !

I could not finalize a topic, i rejected all the topics i thought of and my friends told to post.... GOINGGG MADDDDD.... Posttt something..
I Googled " BLOG TOPIC " some useless search results came and i am not satisfied with that..
Damn it is 2:55.. 5 more minutes....precisely 4 minutes and 50 seconds...

It reminded me of defusing bomb in Counter strike.... Shit i give up, got no topic to blog about, wait ! " Why not blog this whole mess ??? " my cunning inner voice hinted..
Therefore i blogged :) Lol.. Don't abuse me :)

P:S- i Din't finish it on or before 3 and only posted after the current maintenance..

Am An Addict !

  Yes, as my post title says " i am an addict ".. not only me but anyone who reads the post title is an addict, aren't you ? well, let's argue.. wait it can't be an argument when one man keep on talking about his views, so i will put it up like this, well i will share my views !

"Damn, Why him ? " he is an addict dude.. " What ? are you mad to befriend him ? " he is number one drunkard.. Usually we all have either experienced by hearing or speaking these words on someone at some part of time.

For me, when i was about to attend my first day of my college, My mom,brother and all people who cares for me gave me a similar caution, Be selective with your friends, Never speak with a bad guy, Don't indulge in rubbish activities, of course no parent will ask their son and daughter to do rubbish things, but have you noticed ? to all students who attends their first day these words will be the caution, if all of us are good and if all of us warned about bad guys, then where that bad guy exists ?? strange..

For recent time, i have realized that i have been addicted to blogging. previously it was facebook, at that time even while falling from the floor my mind will think like " Hey Deepak, why don't you post this as your status message ? Faaaalingggg in d stepssssss help meeeee" at some part of time everyone one of us will be an addict for something or for someone..

I wrote this post after seeing another blogger, posted his views about obsession, i will tell you people all of us are obsessed with something aren't we ?
Obsessed with money,fame,love,eatables,drinks,cigarette etc.. But whenever we pronounce the word addiction, our mind redirects us to " Drug addict " " Chain smoker ", these alone will not be classified under addiction.

Even drinking coffee and reading news paper in bathroom is also a kind of addiction, passion and addiction has only a slight difference, i am just posting my views. i don't find great difference between them, A terrorist is addicted to his principles " he wants to kill people ", it is hi passion.. " An army man should stop him " it is work and passion might be addiction whatever you call..

Addiction is not at all bad, all of us are addicted, it doesn't mean that all drunkards are bad. there are so many people living with multiple faces, cheaters, traitors etc, but getting addicted to a good thing and bad thing classifies a man. Gandhi's addiction is to free India but Ghadaafi's addiction is to control Libya.. It reflected their life !

At end of the day and end of this post, i am sharing you one thing that you can't deny, All of us are addicted to our " LIFE ", everyone is damn addicted for their own life.
Even Buddha's NO INTEREST philosophy is also an addiction about not having interest in anything. Get addicted but for good things and good results..
Addict signing off :)

Flex Board Culture..

     "  Welcome To R.K Family's Marriage, Welcome ...... Welcome ..... Welcome ..... ", Am not welcoming you to this post neither to anyone's marriage, i am gonna share you some funniest factors around me perhaps around you too, There is specific culture which is blossoming across our land, i don't know what category it falls under and i can't categorize it..

Few months back, i was back in my native place, it is a kind of town which stands stranded between a city and town, can say it as a developing part of Tamil nadu, there is a marriage hall near to my house, it is a very big one in my locality and most of the big heads function will take over there, it is situated in a busy road, people will be flying through that road and it is a road that never sleeps in day time.

From my colony that marriage hall is hardly in a distance of a kilometer or less than that, i was going through that area, all that i can see is " Welcome ...... blah blah " and some gigantic posters of unknown man and women(Bride and groom), they looked horrible in that especially that groom, i don't know how he had a heart to sanction that photo to display in a public place.

I have to cross the road and i must take a turn, as i said road is a busy one, it is not so easy to cross that road leisurely, if you are careless and that could be your last minute on earth, while taking a turn we have to check either side and that's the rule and yes i took a look in order to check is there any drunken dumb or vettel speeding through the road but all that i noticed is an awful smile of that groom and i can't see anything beyond that fatso..

Not only me, there were oldies and L board learners there who were struggling to cross the road as if they are crossing Amazon, who asked and who gave permission to these stupids to block the road ?? it is sooooo lame that people are doing such stupid things which has no use.

I don't know how this trend exists in other parts, but in Tamil nadu it is so familiar " Flex board cultures ", if there is a birthday for 2 year old THEY WILL POST IT IN FRONT OF BUSY ROAD, If there is a marriage or betrothal for some big heads, their stupid followers have no other way to impress them, so they post big(awful) pictures of them and embarrass people, Tube lights and flags for miles and miles will be erected all the way through that hall, wastage of resources and power.
Only happy news is that " Few advertisers gain some money " but for that we can't put our lives in stake, few days ago in heavy rains a women lost her life by falling inside an opened drainage which is blocked from others view by an advertisement board, if that board is not there she could have been saved and survived...

There cannot be a subject deployed in schools to teach such basic decency and ethics, people should upgrade themselves and evolve themselves as a matured one, it will not be fair to advertise it, even if we advertise these it would look like " STICK NO BILLS " on caps and bold letter over a newly painted wall, even advertisers wont ruin the beauty like that..

IndiVOTES ( Promote This Post )

      Hey you, Yea you are reading my post right ?? Excuse me am asking you... have you voted i mean promoted it ??? What ??? Didn't promote ??? OK Fine, Tit for tat ( I will see you in future ) chalo ...
      Hey guys just said for fun, even this whole post is for fun and kinda Dessert like post, am bored with blaming politicians and terrorists yaar, i started this blog as a social,political one.. i wrote so many sarcastic posts with full of  blame game beneath it.. so this time I'm trying to rekindle " you " with in you...

What you Gain by acting like a good and honest person ??
tell me, what you will get ? maximum people will hail you, praise you and perhaps they will erect a statue for you, that's all, but for sure you wont be happy with that, because you are not you...
Happiness of being you,will you taste that happiness if you are acting like Gandhi but with a Ghadaffi inside ?

Come on buddies, am not going to slit your throat with my so called philosophies which is not at all followed by me even :P am not an exception when it comes to philosophy, people will guide you with words which they never ever do in their own life...

I'm going to tell you about the types of people i met in INDIBLOGGER, which is one among the site which motivates me to blog and people there especially... This post and Deepak may look lame, but i don't give a damn for what you people think of me, am lame or shame, stupid or smart, handsome or legsome, brave or coward.. i don't care :P :P

Categories :
Before going inside the topic, Most of are famous of Indivine, this post is special to indiblogger community so obviously you all know of it.. i am sure many of you blog for some self satisfaction and to acknowledge yourself as a blogger,, Don't say no,, Most of you blog for fame,, Aren't you ? If so Am glad that people like you exists :) so coming to the fact, Indivotes matters few people and won't matters few.. what matters now is " HOW and What kind of PEOPLE VOTES FOR YOU " ???

From my experience on this community, there are some authentic blogger, who will read entire posts and understand the essence of it and promotes it, they will be true to what they do, they wont lie like they have read all the lines... I know few people in this grade and certainly am proud of them !

Type 2 : BLIND PROMOTERS, Funny category, They not at all read your post and neither care for what you wrote, they will just promote promote promote !!! These people are so generous and i like them very very much,, they indirectly help you to blog more...

Type 3: JOHNY BRAVO, got it ? these are most sorry Full of guys, who will vote only for girls, whatever they are AUNTIES, Grand Ma's or Chicks.. they will just vote their best to impress a women.. i don't hate them and i have no rights to swear at them, they are what they are... They also help(only girls)to keep blogging, these category also includes some old uncles :P :P :P (Sorry uncles :P)

Type 4: VFMIVY, Confused ? if you vote for me i will vote for you category... LOL these people exists in small numbers, as you understand, they will vote only if you vote for their posts, till then they will be busy in promoting the people who promoted them, am happy for them, they are people who understands the meaning of Gratitude :)

Type 5: Loners, Very great minds, they never care what others wrote, they will do their work, they will producing posts posts posts, they will neither care for promotions nor to get promotions, Superb class,,, Just like buffalo, yes buffalo's are too great than Humans, they do what they like and they never give a damn chance for others opinion :)

hey guys, i think i have covered most people.. if you find me missing some group , plz add in comments, If you ask me which group i belong to ? Honestly and proudly i will say that i belong to first 4 groups :) If you ask me why i blog ?? I blog for self satisfaction and for fame and certainly for leisure...

I have just told my views on people i met, i have no rights to point out or use people names, but i have my own rights to speak what i feel, so just vomited here :) sorry if i have hurt your feelings :) :) No matter what you think on me, Just pour your comments...
Whatever It Takes !!!!!!!
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Confidence Counts...

Guest Post:

I had to think up a moral for the story of the Three Little Pigs for a story telling competition for my daughter. After some thought I came up with “The more time and effort we put to build ourselves, the safer we are from all evil” The house of bricks could not be blown away. I believe that the power, the house of bricks that we should build to withstand evil has a name and it is called confidence.

"Evil often holds more power than good. What makes Good weaker? To give an example, say of the power of lies over truth; where stands a discussion in which one party resorts to lying? Have you noticed as I have often seen, that truth falls under the shadow of doubt when the other ‘confidently’ lies? "

One basic fact therefore that makes the Good, the Truth weaker is that the honest person is less confidant. Why should this be so when he is being truthful? It is because the good man will consider the others statement and will be always in danger of believing it, whereas a lier will not consider the others statement and believes only his own lies. Hence the immense surety with which a lier thwarts the others arguments, and hence the pause of the honest man to think over the other’s lies!! The pause, the consideration for the possible good in another, loses him the battle because in the end what wins is the utter power of confidence, nay not truth!! It is Confidence then that makes all the difference!

But as the movie Ra-1 puts it, the honest, the good one can still win the war, even if he loses a few battles. “The evil is more powerful, using power against it will only hurt “. The only option as the movie puts it, is to use its own immense power against it…, say by ducking when it strikes so it goes and hits a wall with all its horrifying force.

To go again with the example of truth vs lies, to win an argument with liars therefore, you have to know the reason why a liar can make you use all your power of shouting and screaming to make you look like the guilty and hence loose the battle. The reason you shout is because

1. Either you end up frustrated trying to explain the truth and seeing that no matter how you put it, the other person does not seem to get your point. You can avoid this reason by knowing that “whatever the other person may be saying however confidently”, he/she knows the truth as well as you;

2. Or he/she makes you unsure of your own truth, using your “consideration of the possible good in another” against you and you end up shouting to make up for your dimming confidence. This is when you have to trust yourself, you have to be confident. This is when you have to stop believing in the possible good in the other, and see the evil one for what he/she is… Evil.

In conclusion, you have to give up fighting “with a truth”, that is as much known to the other as to you and will never win you the battle. But when you speak and act with the confidence that the truth is known, then you will be able to duck the unimaginably forceful power of the evil by using its own power called Confidence against it…

Don’t try always to put on both the balances. You are not being judgemental by calling a spade a spade. Liers and manipulators have their origins in Evil, whatever good they might seem to be doing. Trust yourself, you deserve your trust, …. your confidence.

Author of the post is Jerly Thomas, A blogger, Researcher and Homemaker, She blogs at Thinking Space

TEN is Greater Than ELEVEN ?

I am not mad and am certainly not a Mathematician physicist to coin theorems or equations to prove 10 > 11, As one among the 2 billion Indians and along with the Indians all over the world i believe that TEN in Greater than 11, if not in whole world but for India, Obviously i will swear that this post title is true ..

Venus- Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty..
Mars- Roman God of War..
TENdulkar- Indian God of Cricket..

Sachin sachin sachin...Whenever and wherever Indian cricket Team shows up, you can see either
" I love sachin " tag or " I miss Sachin " tag, people are very much obsessed with Cricket and all those obsessed cricket lunatics are equally obsessed to Sachin, Is sachin greater than cricket ? Yes, will be the answer from billion mouths...

His service to cricket is some 21 - 22 years, which is greater than mine and most of the young cricket crazy guys, what this 5feet 5 inch maestro did ? Why people hail him as god ? None dares to ask such questions, If you any Indian cricketers both retired and playing, their answer will be yes and for aspiring cricketers he is certainly a role model...

Honestly, Sachin is good human, i don't know how he is really, with the way he speaks and acts, he is really a man down to earth, we have hardly or never seen him in a spat, he is man of less words more action, for the question Is he a good man ? Yes definitely... Some stupid so called fastest bowler claimed that SACHIN is afraid of him, for that comments Sachin replied as " it is below my dignity to comment on this " LOL...

Is he a best cricketer in the world ? This can be tough question, we can say that He is also one of the best cricketer in the world, from India.. He is the best batsmen that India ever seen, can call him as Man of records because whatever he do it takes a shape of record !!

Are we exaggerating the TEN factor ? yes i do think so, In this last humiliating English tour, Most of us are concerned about Sachin rather than winning the series, even In the upcoming west indies tour we are more concerned about Sachin's 100th 100... We want India to win and of course we want sachin or any other Indian to make a record,, But considering a man over India is something silly...

Who is Sachin?, Billionaire ? Asked a Spanish journo during Indian grand prix, Cricket is game played much in 10 - 12 countries, to others Cricket is something unknown, so that Spanish or some Europeans are not aware of cricket or Sachin.. but Football and Tennis are different, We never give any other sports star a hype that we give for sachin, that's something really bad..

Fact is we are exaggerating Sachin's factor, certainly he is the best cricketer and best human and no doubt in that, but Praising and expecting a single man and leaving the whole nation is wise ?? Sachin or India is the trend and it was the trend once !

Sachin was given a Ferrari car, it created TAX speculation and when he built a new house, some other rooted up, Just because he is an Icon or He is god, we can't bypass laws and formalities.. If some other sports star had done it, it would be something different and dynamic... None can forget Tendulkar as long as they remember cricket, He carried the pressure of playing for India for almost 22 years, he must be identified as THE GREAT and he is already identified and portrayed..

Scene of India winning the world cup is emotional to me, How if India wins a Football WC or Hockey ? Feel would be and should be the same, we want more Sachin in Hockey,Football, Tennis etc., so let us give some chance for another sportsman too...

As of now, TEN is really really really GREATER than ELEVEN... that eleven is just playing eleven of the team, about his 100th 100,,, It must come and it will come, but it should not be pressurized as a MUST DO thing to him... Whatever we do it matters him and India...
Sachin is sensitive and sensational topic, i can expect some hard comments from his Die hard fans, No worries, just share your thoughts as comments,, because you are in WHATEVER IT TAKES :)