2011 HIT LIST !

Other than asking " where will 2011 go and where 2012 will come from and arguing about DOOMSDAY" which won't come till our presence. i have visited a blog and that blogger had listed his best movies he watched in 2011, so i got COPYRIGHTS from him and now remade it(no dubbing) :P

Unlike other blogs, i wont share as best and worst. i have listed both of that type, these are just my views, take it lightly !
Movies i enjoyed and suffered watching in 2011 !

10) Blue Velvet: One and Only reason to list this movie here is " Please Don't even watch the film poster ", one of the worst(infinite T) ever film i watched in my life time, perhaps because it was released in early 80's, films has no logic. to be frank this film is very very similar to our MASALA film ! total BULL SHIT :P

2) Scent Of a Woman: Most of you would have voted and few of you would have read the QUITE A FILM post, undoubtedly this will be in a BEST movie in my collection, Al Pacino is obviously awesome, handsome and the background music as well.  

5) Horrible Bosses: Some dialogues from this movie will test your facial expressions, but apart from the nasty part, this movie will be damn funny to watch with buddies of your age, i certainly enjoyed this movie. laughed laughed laughed !

3) Curious case of Benjamin Button: Don't have much words to express the post feel after watching this movie, fabulous fabulous fantasy fantasy. cinematography is the highlight of this period film and without a suspicion all actors have delivered their best and it will be crystal clear if you watch this 2 and half hour movie, climax will be touchy, hold your tears :)

1) Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara: This movie is unforgettable because of it's dialogues,locations and chemistry, trio kind of films are quite old in our country. but this one has something special in it, friends resolving their phobia's and the lyrics penned. man i can't forget this movie !

4) True Grit: Western movies will be full of fun and excitement to watch, we love to see the times of years ago and those circumstances,environment,lifestyle will be great to watch. this movie is more about " Revenge,Gratitude,Humanity ", it clearly portrays the human nature and human weakness !

6) Cowboys and Aliens: I watched this movie only for Harrison ford, this is also sort of western cowboy movies, but surprisingly a different composition, a cowboy and an alien :P
it was great to see see the dialogues and especially the suspense behind the scenes.

8) Burn After Reading: This is the next funniest movie to horrible bosses, Coen Brother's outcome. wonderful screenplay and damn interesting scenes. you will never expect what will be happening in the next scene, such a tango of twists. 

7) Little Miss Sunshine: Comedy-Drama film, which portrays a family and their problems,characters. importantly it gives us a message " Never ever give up ", good film to watch with family and i personally watched this film for Volkswagen minivan :P

9) 30 Minutes or Less: Quite a funny movie, watch without expecting logic. it involve a bank robbery and some dirty scenes, pretty tough to watch along with family. but it will be definitely a funny thriller combo !

1) Yuththam Sei: Must watch thriller movie, if you are looking for some Tamil thrillers, go ahead with this, brings a view of watching a holly wood film, wonderful background score and wonderful cinematography,screen play will mesmerize you and hold you on seat.  

2) Mankaatha: I am a fan Ajith Kumar, i can't leave his film in any list, Mankaatha is an action-thriller-comedy movie, songs will be great and gives a mild shade of western rocks and story will be rock hard and unpredictable.

3) Good Will Hunting: It is damn tough to define this film impact, it tells about the other side of America and M.I.T. i loved this movie and Direction by Gus Van Sant, he just rocked and Damon acting - bloody brilliant !

4) Snehaveedu: I watched it for Mohanlal, reviews said that Mohan lal played a comical family man role, whatever he plays he will give his best. Movie is all about fun and TWISTS :P two songs impressed me, one from Shreya Goshal !   

5) Old Boy(Korean): Light hearts should not watch this, pretty tough to digest the story, twists and turns are fitting with that story and gives a  sad impression ! will be a good one for those who love SAW series !

I wish, 2012 My internet speed should high as ever and so that i can download more movies, long live Torrentz.eu !
------------------------------------The END--------------------------------

YaBBa DaBBa dOO...

Babysitting is funniest,enjoyable as well as toughest job i ever experienced, my little niece 1.5 years old is the only one i fear within my family, i can even tackle my mom's decibels but i can't tackle this minnow, if she cries or shouts there will be 2-4 mouths yelling at me.
I have enjoyed times with my niece , her cute language is neither Tamil nor English, she addresses everyone as she wish EX: aadha and mesmerizes anyone with her sweet voice, according to me kids are the human form of gods(if they exists), they have no vengeance, they don't cheat us, they won't hurt us in any intention, they are fresh papers.

Cartoons and Animals are their best leisure and sometimes HUMANS for a change. which is quite dangerous :P I have a vast experience on watching cartoon network, from 1998 to 2005, till i completed my 10th standard. am a cartoon lunatic,fanatic.

FYI: I would like to take you for a time travel, it's free so just come along, but one condition i can't go beyond 1995 :P

Tom AND Jerry: This is and this will be the most watched cartoon by most of the Indian kids, every time the tricky mouse will have a edge over the foxy cat. i can't forget scenes even now, i have some 2-5 VCR of tom and Jerry. Lovely memoirs !
Swat Kats: This is unforgettable, because of the technological things and also this will be the first thing to see once i reach home, RAZOR and T-BONE..BINGO

Filnstones: Last program to see before leaving for school, so this is quite nostalgic and i will never forget the YABBA DABBA DOOOOOO... that world will be different, animals used as instruments and CAR with LEGS :P
Captain PLANET: All your powers combined, I am Captain planet, captain planet he is the HERO, funny lines and unforgettable too.

Scooby Doo: aww, this one THRILLER-COMEDY :) lovely one. Shaggy voice will be phenomenal and their adventures, hehehe !!
POWER PUFF GIRLS: Sounds girly, but i was an ardent supporter of BUBBLES :P she will be damn cute :P MOJO-JOJO is super villain too !

Popeye The Sailor Man: Spinach,Bruto,Olive and the unforgettable POPEYE song, OLIVE is code word for skinny,Tall girls in my class :P
Johny Quest: I would wait for 10 minutes, just because for that title song, this series will be pretty techie, lot of gadgets and thrills, HADJI my favie !
Centurions: Lot of violence but still i love the GREEN MAN, war within my friends on supporting colors :P
Top Cat: After this show, cartoon network will change to TNT, so this one will be very touchy for me because i am missing CN and tomorrow will be school :(

There are lot of characters i would have missed, but it was a great thing to watch all of em, despite of a WAR FOR REMOTE with my elder brother, hehe :) i ve always enjoyed a freedom of being a youngest kid :P
I would like to watch all those cartoons once again and for a whole day :P
which is highly impossible now but still remains with my memories !

In my times, there were not much of video games other than Mario and Dave, with my balck and white monitor, it was not enjoyable, those 90's and 2000's are gone with these cartoons, i don't think kids of today times enjoys these ! sad for them and sad for their hectic schedules ! :P


BuncH oF BeggarS

This will be the shortest and angriest post from me, everyone is keen on wishing each others, be it stranger or soul mate, new year is the newest festival of all times and only one festival where the whole world rejoices.(if you are a person who give respect and hates to see loafer words, KINDLY STAY AWAY).

But for students and young guns of India, it won't be. because there are several educated,technological beggars. bloody damn money stealer gangs,with their eagle eyes pointed at common man's wallet.

"Dear subscriber, regular SMS rates will not be followed on 31st of December and 1st of January, so we are glad to announce you that " you are screwed,hammered and raped".
I pay for what i message and importantly, In a republic and free India. a citizen can send only 200 SMS but a politician can corrupt 200 Crores. wah !!
So, at end of the day, we can wish Happy new year by January 2.
If you have well built wallet, you can call everyone in your contacts and wish them happy new year, which is practically impossible !

Text Message is the economical as well as quickest way to convey information, but while thinking about this cheap tricks to earn(steal) my money, better come to streets and sit with beggars and ask for money, i will better give you a lot than what you charge for my messages ! Long live Technology and long live Politicians !
Fuck you Tele-STEALER(s) !

UnhearD SymphonY

I was just trying to add a MUSIC gadget to my blog, should i add Spanish guitar ? or to go with insane Michael Jackson songs ? according to me and in my experience of hearing, Indian music is the best that i have ever encountered, be it Hindi or Tamil, i can't and you can't deny that. but my generation guys and girls are attracted by some insane,idiotic crap called pop, hip hop. no wrong in being a citizen of world ! (don't forget our own Mozart's)

     Unheard symphony, according to the world " WOLFGANG MOZART " "BITCHY MADONNA" or some faggot" ELTON" are the some of the best Musicians ever world has seen, there is no R.D.Burman no RAVISHANKAR and NO ILAYARAJA IN THAT LIST !

     I accept that everyone i abused are great musicians to their people, they have got talents and i can't deny that, without arguing about who is the best, i want to show people in my blogosphere about a person who never tasted what he deserves, he is none other than ILAYARAJA !
If there exists a Tamilian or Telugu, without knowing Ilayaraja, he must be either deaf or blind, sometimes both.

This dark,short,skinny man has something stronger than Mozart, he never copies and he is not a plagiarist like today's musicians, his background music of some films will portray the story, it will rejoice and rekindle you or it will make you cry.
Hear these LINK LINK  LINK LINK MY FA-VIE if you wish.

A.R Rehman worked with this legend and whenever i see some music show from Kerala,TN,AP, there will be a ILAYARAJA song. i know a man who watched "HEY RAM" movie 21(i guess) times(counting), not for Kamal or Rani but for that BACKGROUND MUSIC ! that man is myself.
Whenever i go for a long drive, i will upload only Ilayaraja's Instrumental musics.
I will blame Ilayaraja for developing tinnitus in my ears :(

In mid 80's and 90's, Tamil songs were on the peak, there were no Internet like we have now, else some Hollywood director would have booked Ilayaraja and we(India) could have got an Oscar long ago.

We hear music of million miles away, in the mean time we fail to hear our inter state musics,After Tamil, Hindi music impressed me veryyy much, next i would go to Mallu music, K.J.Yesudas is a gifted,blessed soul. have you ever heard his voice ? her i give Yesudas+Ilayaraja.

Ilayaraja is the unsung and barely touched symphony of India, personally i hate his character, he is sort of egoistic guy, ditch his characters. as Jackson is a pervert pig.
But comparing Raja and Jackson is just like comparing Diamond with Pebble !
I just shared some songs to make you all hear the Indian Mozart !
Just a dedication to my king of music Ilayaraja !

Blindman's LamP !

If you ask me why you started blogging ? i will say " It is an accident ", definitely yes!
But after sometime i started using my blog to vent my anger and frustration, one among my anger,agony and frustration over this SOCIETY is EDUCATION !

500 years ago perhaps still ago, there were no engineering, no medicine colleges and no law colleges, but there were some kind of excellent educational universities which educated people who found out the mass of EARTH with impeccable measurements and found out a way to survive but definitely there were no state 1st, no district 1st and no Harvard pass out and obviously no IITians to discourage many and encourage few. 

Most of my friends are applying for visa few to America and few to Canada, they go there to study and they will not have a mind to return so few of them will work there and still somehow makes up to get in to the Indian dailies HEADLINES, " Indian appointed in OBAMA'S elite group"  i call it as fuck shit !

I don't know why, i go hard when i speak about Indian education system which is not at all worthy, hardly you can see a kid going to school without crying, our system is a SHIT. which segregates students as AVERAGE,ABOVE AVERAGE,EXCELLENT !
What is this ? are they brains or some export quality pulses ?
i will tell you a well known Zen Story(pardon if it is boring),
One blind man decided to go out in dark, so he stepped out. but his friend gave him a lamp, surprised blind man asks his friend " are you stupid like Indian Television serial directors ? i am a blind what the hell this light gonna help me ?.

Blind man's friend replies: This light may not help you, but helps others not to dash with you.
Blind man accepts the point and moves away with that LAMP.

Some stupid guy dashes with that BLIND MAN, now our angry blind man asks
"Are you stupid like Indian Television serial directors ? " Don't you see my lamp ? "

Stupid guy replies: I can see your lamp, but light is not glowing, Lamp is dead !The end !
Similarly there can be so many blind man and woman with a lamp called DEGREE, M.B.B.S, F.R.C.S, B.TECH (HONS) ABCD etc etc !
But nothing inside them ! Just like a blind man traveling in DARK(with a useless lamp) !

     But according to society, they are IIT passed out and gold medalist and earns a huge package, whereas a Mechanical engineer can't repair his own bike and an electrical engineer can't repair his own fuse !
But we still compare and swear at kids who performs bit dull than other kids !
     Remember, Ramanujan had no Singh or Patel to identify his talent, only a Hardy from hundreds of miles apart IDENTIFIED his talent, it is a common strategy we never value a living thing ! 
     Marks are nothing just numbers(fuck that shit), don't grade your kid or any kid with that mark. every human has a hidden talent only we lack people who has the talent to identify and support talents !

We need a Paper revolution to make a strong India, i expect some ANNA to revolutionize Indian(fucking) education system !

ALL IIT guys are not Einsteins and ALL "F" grade guys are not dumb !
It is you, a perfect dumb bum if you see with a imperfect eye and marks a man with his marks ! so i end this with my MIDDLE FINGER UP for those who reject FAILED guys

TwinS TwinS

When Will Our Time come ? A Time To Hug Ourselves  !
Let's Pray To The Cyclone !

RevolutioN 2011

Well, we are about to say a FINAL Bye for the year 2011, which i will call as Year of Turmoil or Year of Revolution, Though 2011 can't compete for a pinnacle place in history like 1917 for Russian revolution and 1789 for French revolution.

2011 is the year of PROTESTS,  be it ARAB SPRING or LOKPAL PROTEST or OCCUPY WALL STREET, year 2011 has been a year for people who stand against evil or good whatever you can argue.
Every year there are some unforgettable moments, which media people will use it wisely to glue the viewers, but apart from India's world cup glory and some tit bit moments, year 2011 will be a well known year in Indian history for protest against LOKPAL.

People have changed, they are no more mute spectators, still we have some mute people across the nation, i would say like Number of mute spectators has been considerably diminished.
Koodankulam nuclear plant protest, which is baseless protest. note one thing from it, people have grown up to argue and bargain for themselves, which has not happened much in previous years....

Even in International level, 2011 is a earmark year for some spectacular and surprising incidents, Occupy wall street and EU,Greece economy slowdown and people protesting against Greed,Capitalism and we can go on adding it up.

Libyan revolution, though some of us believes it as a shadow game of NATO, good thing from that is PEOPLE dethroned their dictators,Egypt is birthplace of this modern day revolutions, which proved the world that revolutions can happen anytime and at anyplace, where there exists evil !
Like in Hinduism or in any religion, holy books saying " whenever Evil arises, i shall come and destroy it ", i think people have took that seriously and found the god within themselves !

Even in Russia, people protested against their longtime leader PUTIN, there are something happening around the globe and that will be a decrease in TOLERANCE level of common man !
very importantly, 2011 is an unforgettable year for Americans, they can peacefully board the air crafts after KINGPIN terrorist BIN LADEN is killed.

All these revolutions and protests have brought politicians to a standstill state, it is not their playground anymore and Media knowingly or unknowingly, with or without dedication has helped these people to protests strong !
I expect 2012 should be a good year for all of us, which is highly impossible, i shall say like this, let we have a good and strong will to face anything !
Good year ahead ! Happy New year bloggers:) 

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9....

Satellite launchpad countdown, Sachin's and Ronaldo's famous jerseys, Fancy bike registration, Age factor, Lump salaries, Mantras, Address, ID cards, Mobile & Telephone, Zodiacs, Election votes(Indi votes), Jail Terms and from everything to anything, right from number of wives to film sequel like SAW 1, SAW 2 etc etc !

What they have in common? NUMBERS, not just numbers they are NUMBERS.. without numbers we can't pass a single day, what do you want sir ? TWO pizzas.. We need THREE pockets of A+ blood.. Hey beauty shall i have your NUMBER ?.. I will meet you by 5 in the evening.. MUMMY ask brother to keep channel 21..  Sir,will 6A come by this way ?.. I sentence you for 10 years.. Happy 2012.. Importantly and happily NO MATHS EXAM :P

Enough examples, so what i am trying to say ? actually, i was thinking about 2011 and 2012 and that doomsday predictions(which i expect to happen) but i don't believe, i got a spark, why do humans give so much importance to NUMBERS ? what is in it ?
Right from "Rank 1 in L.K.G " to 200 crore corruption scandals, there exists numbers, even they make me to think themselves(Numbers) as GOD, they are omnipresent right ? 7 continents, 5 basic elements, 1 earth ! wow, i admire them. they are everywhere.

Why human and how human invented this system ?  what if there is no numbers ?
simple, we dont have time, we don't have days,week,months,years(leap).
We don't have values for our currencies, so no need to worry about rupee depreciation and importantly no need to worry about death and no need to panic about numerology. YOU(numbers) tempt me to go MAD, how beautiful you are ? each of you have a specific shape,symbol and value.I love you numbers, i love you for 21 years :P :)

How our greattt(infinite 'T' ) grandfathers would have used it ? i suppose, they could have used it to count themselves perhaps to count their belongings, as a marking ?

32,000 years ago says science, by which 32,00 itself a number :) uncertain number !
Indians discovered '0' why should there be a number for emptiness ?


Why should 1 holds a value 1 why not 10 ? we can count only 10 numbers with our fingers(without repeating), so they are from 0 to 9 ?? am going MAD :(
4x3= 12.. what is 12 ? Multiply them, divide them, add them, subtract them. THEY ARE NUMBERS !

Unlike some hypothetical things which has no beginning and no ending, Numbers has a origin :)

I came to know that, Egyptians marked 1000 with a symbol of LOTUS, for 3000 3 lotus, Hieroglyphics which is the cradle of our communications, i have another doubt, were these numbers given by ALIENS to us ? to make us measure and compare things ? if we have invented it(really incredible), i believe our counting of years should have begun then ! 

Interesting info, as follows.. Counting in groups of sixty was a procedure in Mesopotamia, where their principal units of weight and money were the Mina, consisting of 60 shekels, and the talent, consisting of 60 Mina. They also divided the year into 360 days (6 x 60), the time of one hour into 60 minutes and each minute into 60 seconds.(similar to the way we measure time today?)

Numbers and counting them is an easy task now with our  highly skilled gadgets, thousand years ago, Indians developed(believed) numerals, even which was stated by Einstein.
Interestingly, Arabs called numbers as HINDSAA(not sure of spelling), they mean that GIVEN MY HINDUS(am not appreciating religions here), one thing to make us proud, INDIA taught humans to COUNT !

Apart from claiming authority, i wonder how beautiful they have developed, i believe that our ancients would have studied the SKY, based on their shapes and arrangements, they could have made " ZODIACS ", in Hindu temples we can find NAVAGRAHAS, Planets are so familiar to our ancients. how is that ?

None could answer, i believe in RELATIVITY, today we live in 2011, which can be either 1911 or 3011, we are telling and calculating on some relations, distance to America is a absurd question if it is asked without disclosing from where ? similarly i believe, everything we follow are relative to something !

We say speed of light is 3x10 to power of 8, who knows that is impeccable calculation ? we are making and marking that for our comfortable reasons... so i stop here and i think i have confused you(what do you say ?), as other Humans who never asks what why and where, we can also continue our work. so now people continue your favorite shows on time and guys note her number, girls count your trendy collections and kids continue your TABLES :P
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BYE :P

BlinD YeT TheY PromotE(VotE)

Am Sorry, i can't stop judging people, i have read and i have been told that judging(analyzing) people is a bad thing which everyone does and continues to do, by analyzing a person by hi/her traits we almost waste our valuable time and sadly that time we spent are for hating others(sad) :)
                  Analyzing and judging people for a single or multiple traits is not a honest one, as the Chinese yin-yang says" Every bad holds a good in it and every good holds a bad in it as well ". so what i am trying to say ? actually i am certainly not a man who never considers other opinions, i give importance to others view. 
For funny and for fancy reasons i(we) would have said " I give damn to others opinion, but certainly i(everyone) will live some part of our life for others ", we check our dress and hairstyle twice before we leave and we try to get some fancy,trendy things, why all these ??
Because we can't restrict ourselves from society's view, it is inevitable.

Few posts ago, i confessed a mistake of mine, there a girl commented " For me these are all nothing, i give damn for them, when i visited her blog, i understood her as a narcissist, am not saying that i dislike her, it is human nature to speak something and do something irrelevant ". 

A Person who live by his/her words, i know very very less people of that kind, rest(includes me) where will speak a lot(big grin) but won't execute or follow what i said(sad:(). let's put it aside, move to our core

 Indiblogger.in  is the site which made me to blog, if it don't exists. i will be downloading some academy award films and watching it, i must be grateful to them and i hope i am. friends i got in indiblogger are intellectuals and innovative people, everyone has a unique thing( there are few cocktails like me too), i have already made a post on INDIVOTES and as usual few liked it and many hated it.

This is a similar post to that, me and my good blogger brother Debajyoti had a discussion on Indivotes, he is more honest than me and he accepted and said at sometime everyone promotes BLINDLY :P it sparked me to make this stupid post :)

I have done that, sometime when i hate a blog title i will just promote it blindly and it indirectly gives joy to someone, but for a month i have not done that, i will vote and read. but i still find as many Blind promoters, like someone who don't know Tamil votes for a Tamil post(lol).
Blind promotion is not at all a sin and not at all a good thing, it should be balanced. to a certain level we like votes, but bloggers expects comments, when a blog impresses me i will make a comment and another reason for commenting is " i will paste my blog address at the end of the comment " :)  (confession) but sincerely not only for that. SO i ask people to restrict blind promotion to a limit and appreciate our compatriots :)

There are so many Johny Bravo's too :P i know a guy of that kind, you can see him promoting all woman bloggers(aunty to beauty), never ever seen him on a guy's blog, i 
may have poor vision may be.

We cant live for ourselves(true), if we blog for our self satisfaction, why should we need a site to promote our blog ? why should we need a befriend a blogger ? all of us at some point expects a sight on their blog and a recognition for their blog, few deliberately accepts and few denies.
             I dont' know how many blind promotions this post will get, one good way to identify blind promoters are, check your comments, a post which got 50 votes will have 2 comments there :P sad sad !!

There are very good and true blog readers i know and i have, writeupcafe is my next home, i like that for two reason, one there are authentic readers, two for Binoy Karan a good man behind that developing site.
Sorry if i have hurt you and thanks for your patience(comments)..

P:S- Please don't scold me in comments :) i will give values to your opinion :) i wont say " i will give damn for others :P ". Leave a  comment..

GeT iT @ Dean's Office !!

Describe an event where your sharp mind and fiery tongue got you out of a sticky situation- Fiery Grilled and Indiblogger asks me(us) to describe an event where our mighty mind and fiery tongue which altogether saved our bacon !

In that case, i must and most of the college students of  present have to discuss about 90% of their college memoirs, it's my turn to share my sweet memoirs, i think that perfectly suits the contest objectives,rest i leave it to you to decide how good i explained(show some mercy). i must be frank then i am going to publish several of such stupid incidents not only for the contest and prizes but also for the TOPIC which impressed me and suits my college times :)

Mechanical Engineering(collars up) and i was in my final year, so NO SENIOR and none are up above us, in that motto we roamed,roamed(not studied) and enjoyed.
On a fine morning me and my best pal missed our first hour(Heat Transfer) which is real synonym for BOREDOM("proxy given" SMS said).

My punk said "hey, shall we go to library ?", i was shocked. he never ever reads a newspaper."Excuse me" i replied.

"Dude i must change my status like i bunked my class " his justification.
" Facebook is not allowed  in our digital library " from my side.

"So what ? we can change the window while librarian checks in" he stormed.

Then i accepted his proposal to go for a ride in library, funny thing begins now :) while entering the library we have a big notice board(though none notices it) as big as our entrance, first point says " No Mobile phones allowed inside ".

We stepped in and luckily we got system to browse,surf whatever, next hours is " Automobile engineering " my favorite class and we have a viva round which contributes to Internals(phew).

I totally forgot that viva matter and was enjoying cricinfo.com, at that time my friend ringed to remind me about viva, i was answering him and told him that i will come asap, as soon i said that. i had only my mobile back cover, where are rest parts of mobile ? my mind asked.

Collect your mobile at Head librarian's office a voice behind my head, oh shit " i am screwed ", bloody librarian snapped my mobile for using it inside library.
sorry sir, was an urgent call i pleaded, that bloody librarian was deaf as a post.

He ran to our chief librarian and produced my mobile in front of his table, now am screwed very well and deep, " sir sorry sir "(repeat it twice thrice).

No response from his side, he packed my mobile and with a grace threw the SIM card at me and said " Come with me to DEAN'S OFFICEEEE " . oh shit, i can't believe this, two things will happen, either i wont see my mobile again or my id card will be seized. i don't want either of that to happen.
Possible thing i can do is, Surrender and show white flag to librarian. distance between Library and Dean's office is a quite long, so i can put all my bet in these between distance to get my mobile back.

I know this chief librarian, he stays near my locality and have seen him several times dropping his kids at a school, where my aunt works,spark ignited(mechanical term).

"Sir, i know your house very well and my aunt works in the school where your kids goes to" in a different tone:P
"SO WHAT ?? " his sharp reply.

"I could introduce you and your kids to my aunt and will ask her to take care of em " whoa now TWIN SPARK(DTSI) :)

"Oh i see" he stopped at the place, i won the half battle :P
"Yes sir, certainly will ask her to help your kids in grades, even i have her number in my mobile, hopefully if you give. i will contact her right in front you " in a confident voice :)

"This is your last warning, if i see you again in trouble, you are gone" he gave back my mobile and reminded that aunt matter :)
With a smile i got it back and returned to library entrance,where my friend was waiting and it was surprise for him(quite disappointment too).

None escaped from this chief and this stupid funny system, next thing i did is " tossed my mobile in front of the pawn(librarian) who took off my mobile " and without seeing back, we stopped next at our classroom :)

P:S- I don't have aunt working in the school where librarian kids attend and to be precise I LIED HIM :P Fiery tongue and so called sharp mind gave me some FRICTION in that sticky situation :)

Quite A Film :)

I am no great in reviewing a film, in my blogging history this is my second film review but surprisingly am a notorious movie watcher, once upon a time my desktop and my memory disk they are filled with movies and most of them are Hollywood(am not praising myself here) am an anti narcissist :P

Before watching this film(am not named it yet), two films which i have watched around 10 times are Shawshank redemption and Saving Private Ryan.the film that overtook my top 2 is " Scent Of A Woman ", nothing erotic as it suggest but a wonderful story that every should should watch !

Hollywood stories will not be as big as our epics but their screenplay is better than anyone else and also their technologies help them, why i like scent of a woman(film) ?
I proceed(without boring you(hope so)) !

Scent of woman has got a two line story, How life of a blind man and school student changes because of each other and that's it.. Bo Goldman has done quite a job for screenplay, Music is brilliantly done by Thomas Newman often he reminds me our Indian musicians, Martin Brest(Director) has guided these crew to a beautiful island.
Not to forget, Al Pacino and Chris O'Donnell are the pillars of this success film, man their acting is less to nothing.

Frank Slade(Al Pacino) is retired lieutenant colonel of United states army and a BLIND ALCOHOLIC, he is as hard as diamond lives a lonely life and drinks day and night. Charlie Simms(Chris O'Donnell) is a preparatory student who is pursuing his studies under scholarship and has a poor,sad background. It was a thanksgiving time while most of the students leaves for their home, Charlie runs short of money to travel to his home and decides to spend his thanksgiving weekend for a temporary job.

Temporary job is to take care of Frank Slade(Pacino) for thanksgiving weekend, before commencing his rough and tough job,Charlie and George Willis, Jr.(Philip Seymour Hoffman), another student at the preparatory school bears witness to several students setting up a prank for the school's headmaster Trask(Rebhorn).

Next day their prank goes well and executed as per their plan, which humiliated headmaster in front of whole school, so this headmaster wants the perpetrators to be punished and he somehow holds the future of Charlie and George and threatens them to reveal the wrong doers name, but they hesitate and then headmaster gives time till thanksgiving weekend.

After this mess,Charlie begins his work, Frank Slade(Pacino) is a rough military man and a blind either, is no easy man to cope up with. Frank takes Charlie to New york for their Thanksgiving weekend,Frank has separate plans, to be precise his motto is to ENJOY THE WEEKEND AND DIE AT THE LAST DAY.

During their weekend at New york, they gets closer and Frank understand the good heart of Charlie and vice verse, Charlie persuades Frank not to commit suicide and even gets the pistol of frank, but somehow AL PACINO cheats him and tries to commit suicide, but all these mess got over with a huge(beautiful tearful) conversation.

They comeback to their place, now Charlie has to attend the proceedings of identifying guilty which he don't want to, Charlie has none to support him at that time Frank9Al Pacino) steps in and helps Charlie and proves the school that he is a nice gentleman.

Climax of the film is the best part, Best dialogues and sentimental ending, Scent of woman comes from the extraordinary smelling capacity of Pacino and at climax he even gets a partner, who is also a teacher for Charlie.Film ends with an Happy note :)

I would have messed up here in the name of review and all that i ask you, JUST TRY THIS MOVIE, you will love it :) 2 hours and some quarter minutes, i watched and i don't wanna procrastinate and miss sharing my wonderful experience and tomorrow morning i gotta wake up at 4 A.M, no matter WHATEVER IT TAKES I DECIDED TO DEDICATE THIS POST FOR Al Pacino, which is the least i can contribute for his work :) i know he wont read it but there are some loner friends of mine, they MUST WATCH IT !!

Top Stories of India In 2011.

We are going to bid a farewell to the year 2011, Soon and welcome 2012 with new hopes and aspirations, As we are very  much eager to welcome new things, we should cultivate this good habit of recalling the past at appropriate time which is a great habit. As an Indian I am excited to share with you the most Influencing happenings that happened in our country in the year 2011. Come and join me in the journey of recalling 2011.

Top stories 0f India in 2011.

Year 2011 was a year of change and achievement , After a long wait India achieved World cup, Government has initiated Aadhaar card and Aakash tablet PC , People had started a revolution like Jan lokpal bill and the freaks cheered up for formula 1 and technological changes like tablet PC have hit the India market. God surprised us with his treasure,Finally 2011 is a great year for India.

Bidding a farewell, while we cherish the top stories of 2011, Hope 2012 will be glorious for all of us.

This is a guest post from Gowardhan Doddi- A passionate,curious & creative blogger,you can visit his blog @ Readitt (the e magazine)


Well, apart from Hinduism,Islam,Christianity,Buddhism,Jainism and all isms, another -ism do exists perhaps exists with a strong bond and i call that as "Regionalism", we can't deny this because we have the regionalism in blood,DNA or whatever you call, we have some traits of our fathers which dates back to evolution time, those traits are Racism,Religion,Regionalism.

How people started to civilize ? They grouped themselves and named their group and drawn some invisible boundaries and later waged war for their land,Money,Women
and etc etc, from Sumerian to Indus valley civilization, what we understand is GROWTH of a specific region, it may differ in numbers but all civilization has a common thing and they are boundaries, which marked the diversity of mankind, some call it as region,state,territory and some call it as clan,caste,religion and some grouped themselves by their languages and work etc, but undeniable truth is PEOPLE CLUBBED TOGETHER BASED ON SOMETHING FACTOR !

What is Regionalism ? - Loyalty to the interests of a particular region or  A policy whereby the interests of a nation in world affairs are defined in terms of particular countries or regions.(source-Dictionary.com).

Blogging, All of us who reads others blog will have their own blog and it marks all of us as BLOGGERS, so in bloggers i identify there exists a affinity towards other bloggers based on region,language and gender(this is separate chapter).

Whenever i visit a blog, especially their LABELS, i can see a bold label of their state, why so ? simple reason is, they speak and write what they experience and what they see everyday, this is not the sole reason, patriotism and love over our mother land is the prime reason for our regionalism, take my blog i made some posts on or for Tamil Nadu, similarly my friends from diverse states do so.

If it is U.S.A, they have a common language and there also exists a regionalism like Texan,Southie etc, but our story is different, we have different languages here,different religions and different races !

Affinity towards our mother land is unstoppable, when we meet an Indian, say for example one person is from Delhi and another from Bangalore. they will thick as thieves since their environment is damn different, but how will be the situation if the same persons meet each other in Delhi or Bangalore ? affinity will be less.
But what if two Banglorians meet at Delhi ? obviously they will be together.

Right from country to states,districts and locality and even to streets there exists a regionalism, in our childhood times we will have some street fights with kids of other areas but our own district, later on in schools we will have a competition within the state that is districts etc, later in college there comes states.
Take sports, people have to shine in each region and should show their loyalty to each team they play and then only they can show their talent for their country.

Regionalism- Good or Bad ? i have no specific answers like black or white, am grey in this matter, everything should be in limit when the yield point is crossed, whatever the material is, fracture in inevitable :(
Why this post ? right from Shiv Sena(Maharashtra) to Naam Tamizhar(Tamil Nadu) there exists a stronger affinity towards their state and it is natural, but i feel that we should not expose our regionalism very much and we should not target at the minority. simply in few words i say, UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL !

'+' AnD '-' Of SOCIABILIS.

MAN-The Social Animal, yes he is and like most of the mouths across the world will accept MAN as a social animal, without a doubt most of the scholars will accept Human as a social animal, my question is HOW SOCIABLE we are ?? and what are the pro's and con's of being sociable ????

Food,Cloth,Shelter are basic needs of human, with these he can certainly survive, be it Desert with a healthy food and with an apt shelter and clothing, man can survive in desert, not only on desert and glaciers, if we get appropriate food,shelter,cloths man can survive in mars and even on sun.
            But for today's man, there are so many varying 4th need, for few it is Printed paper which holds value, few call it as Dollar and few calls them as Euro. For my generation "Internet" will also be counted in basic needs of Human, without them i can certainly survive but i will find it hard,worst,tough,difficult to cope up and for a person who has bundles of printed papers(money) and nil experience with sufferings, nil experiences with agony,worries. at that point of time he will long for FIGHT,ARGUMENT,LOVE,CARE,HUMAN TOUCH etc.

           Lock up a man in a room, which has dollars,tasty foods and all convenient time passing gadgets, will he stay there for a year ? maximum a decade ? well, whatever the numbers are, he can't survive without interacting to a fellow human.

Think about this, how would be the situation if for the first time in the world after everything was created and imagine humans are evolved much better than apes, how would be the situation if a man from Africa and a man from America(for ex) meets ? to be specific take TRADING as an example, it may be for spices or for gold, without being a sociable person a trader can't sell his product or a consumer can't receive a product and being sociable is the important thing to live happily and it is the main ingredient for co-existence, MARKETING:)

Have you watched the film IN TO THE WILD ? beautiful film, please watch. It tells the human value and what it means to be with a companion and it will definitely tell you the real story of LONELINESS perhaps SOLITUDE , now i finish up my boring oration and i now move for + and - of social networking !

             SOCIAL NETWORKING- Not the film based on facebook but for the theme of the film, what is social networking ? It is similar to grouping of people in to a specific club, they name it as leisure clubs and recreational clubs, but real meaning of social networking is often pointed at ONLINE COMMUNITY.
             Facebook,Twitter,Orkut etc etc. there are so many such sites, to make you sociable. why should we be sociable ?? after all we are Human, we have to trust on others and we have to rely on others to survive our time. for many people social networking is a tool to understand people and it is certainly a tool for me, by which i met so many precious people !

  • *I have spent some time in loneliness, since all of my family members are in working community, i have to spend some time in loneliness after my college got over, i will have food for more than my stomach, i will have more table and chair space,i will have many rooms but i will not have anyone to utilize it, i hate loneliness. at that time i got in to facebook, which helped me to spend time with some strangers, IT BREAKS LONELINESS of PEOPLE.
  • *Known is a drop but unknown is an ocean, true. we will be a mood that we know much than others, when you interact with others you will realize, so social networking helps to gain knowledge and especially improves our vocabularies and language skills,HELPS TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE.
  • *Good leisure habit, love and care are two things needed for troubled souls and these supports are available in social networks, be it false or true, even some fake words makes us to rejoice, we gain some support and we gain some innovative ideas, it helps us to earn money and importantly SOCIAL NETWORKING is nowadays used in LAW ENFORCEMENTS like traffic polices etc.
  • *Good way to market your product, be it soap bars or gold bars, with the help of network we can advertise about valuable products and certainly there will be a good result, not only products we can share our TALENTS, which will be appreciated and will be a key to develop our talents.
  • *Finding a SOUL PARTNER, there are different people co exist with us, their tastes will differ, it is damn difficult to find and adjust with traits of a person and we can't find a photocopy of our own character, Social networking helps to understand people of all kind and in some cases it gifts them a LIFE PARTNER or BEST FRIEND.
    There are much more, at this time i can remember only these.

Not all the mushrooms are eatable, there are some poisonous either.

  • *Cheaters,Fraudulent,Fakers these people exists everywhere and especially very much higher in social networking, people who trusted wrong person at wrong place will be a victim, sadly we can't live without trusting and sadly we cant live by trusting everyone.
  • *Social networking can be both overwhelming and addictive at the same time,you may find yourself checking for updates several times throughout the day when you really should be doing something else.at end of the day we will spend our valuable time for useless things.
  • *Ultimate trouble is that if you don't share any information, none of your friends will be able to understand you. On the other hand, if you share too much you may discover that someone else is masking under your identity and it brings uninvited problems.
  • *Malicious contents, there are so many examples, somewhere a school going learned how to make a bomb and used it to treat his enemies and have you heard it, a guy jailed for tweeting some info with offense and remember LONDON RIOTS, which spread through social networking sites.
Well known quote, " Every block of rock has a statue in it, it is up to the task of sculptor to find ", it speaks about our topic, it is in our hands how we use our resources, according to me social networking is a great invention to make us exist with diverse human beings.
P;S- I credit this post to Binoy Karan who gave me this SOCIAL NETWORKING idea as a result of my continuous disturbance, if you like me to blog about something then please provide me that TOPIC, will take it as a challenge :)

WhO oR WhaT iS HiggS BosoN ?? !

Higgs Boson ? ah is he the new player auctioned in IPL ? Is he the new James bond ? wait, is he the new face entering Bigg Boss ?, oh sorry i got him, he is the main man behind 2g ? No ? then main man behind common wealth games scam ? i give up, neither i know much of it and i believe most of us are unaware of it, known is a drop but unknown is a ocean.

In between Rahul Gandhi funny speeches and Anna hazare impractical threatening and importantly Dev anand's useless facts, all of us must know something about how we are here and how these mountains,rivers and life came to existence ? Hinduism says Brahma and some other religion says someone, which i will not believe and anyone who understands science won't believe, few of us may feel that why should we know about these craps ? yes you are right why should we waste time in it and few of us are interested in how everything works ? curiosity it is what i term as, what's the purpose of this universe ? i have something to share about, talk of today's scientist community and will or may be the topic much debated in future.

Higgs Boson: Higgs boson is the particle which gives all matter its mass, this is what scientists believes. Higgs boson as of now exists in theories, there a time may come to prove that these particles are not just present in books.

The Standard Model of particle physics lays out the basics of how elementary particles and forces interact in the universe. But the theory crucially fails to explain how particles actually get their mass, so that's why there are no concrete proofs for boson :(
How does the Higgs boson work?
The Higgs boson is part of a theory first proposed by physicist Peter Higgs and others in the 1960s to explain how particles obtain mass.
The theory proposes that a so-called Higgs energy field exists everywhere in the universe. As particles zoom around in this field, they interact with and attract Higgs bosons, which cluster around the particles in varying numbers.
Imagine the universe like a party. Relatively unknown guests at the party can pass quickly through the room unnoticed; more popular guests will attract groups of people (the Higgs bosons) who will then slow their movement through the room.
The speed of particles moving through the Higgs field works much in the same way. Certain particles will attract larger clusters of Higgs bosons -- and the more Higgs bosons a particle attracts, the greater its mass will be.

I find this as an interesting piece of information and see how small our origin is :) Will it be the biggest discovery ever?
Certainly, spotting of Higgs boson will be one of the biggest discoveries ever. It will entirely transform the way scientists analyze the origin of the universe. Dr Tara Shears, a particle physicist at Liverpool University says discover of Higgs will confirms that the “approach we have been taking to understand the Universe is correct.

Goddamn particle is what few scientists calls Higgs boson, by time it transferred to  GOD PARTICLES, funny. we attribute everything to god from coconut shells to sandal sticks :(

If Higgs boson is not found or proved, then for sure our universe must be very much complicated than what we think, this is what scientists believes.
How weird it is ? we are very much grown in the field of science, we are in the level of finding how we are created and how our resources are formed, astonishing :)

Nothing to wonder, if we are about to witness some greatest invention in science, to be frank there is nothing greatest in this field, only for time being we have some greatest, by time travels some more greatest thing will occupy the current greatest place !

Human race is trying to understand the fundamental fact of our universe, which is infinite times greater than our brains :) we never give importance to such things which deserves very much attention than others, so thought of giving some respect to it, so i made this post, i pack up in the thought that you would have got some info regarding Higgs Boson :)
i request you to read one more post from me, which deals with such hypothesis :) linked below !
Secret Sacred Mystical..

let it be god particle or goddamn particle or whatever particle, i wish we should reveal the secrets behind the mystery of this universe, at end of the day Happiness is all about satisfaction and achievement :)
P:S- Most of the facts are taken from several web sites because ? AM NOT A SCIENTIST :P

The ScapeGoats :(

If we all have some problem, we can plead towards god for protecting us from those miseries and misfortunes, what if god himself has unlimited problems ? this is rough translation of a funny Tamil quote, it seems funny but the message it has is what we see in modern India, everyone will reach to a hospital whenever they are in risk of losing their lives, what if hospital itself turns a grave yard ?

1)Aftermath of Mumbai attacks made(few) hotels and public gatherings to tighten up the security measures and Coastal security is also among few department which saw some drastic reforms, all that it took was HUMAN LIVES which has no value. 257 human lives are the inputs for all these reforms and most of them is still under operation.

National security guards hub has been set up and they gained some importance and value that they really deserve, so every time when a disaster happens, we act like that we are not sleeping anymore, but truth is we are just awake for some limited time and after that its the same old story, this is known to every tom,dick and harry of India, except politicians who are certainly apart from common man's sufferings.

Only on some sensational days like religious and national festival, we have our cops securing the public places and holding some outdated equipments, very similar to some low grade film shootings.

2)I don't know how many of you are aware of a school fire accident which took away 83 children life at Kumbakonam, Tamil nadu, it happened very much near to me in a distance of 40kms, i was in my school then, i don't remember much about the situations and how it happened but i can still remember the scenes,agony of mourning parents, some of them lost all their children in that fire disaster, after that only government revolutionized the school premises all over the state, no hatched roofs rule came.

Small children are made as scapegoat to revolutionize and protect the future generations, how hard it will be if we have someone known to us in that deceased list, we should running to morgues of the city to just find the body ? i can't even think about that. poor souls and it is better to die like this than to see our beloved one dying like this.

There can be much more incidents and happenings like cinema theater mishap and bus accidents,whatever they are but they all will definitely have one thing in common, that is human death, may be the number differs but a human life lost is lost, number and place doesn't matters.

How good our environment is ? how good our safety is ? we copy songs,films,culture from aliens but do we copy some much needed essentials things like safety structures and life saving technologies ? NO certainly NO.

We don't have fire extinguishers everywhere, but we have sophisticated extinguishers hanging at place where there is money,power and rich people. but at common man's place they cannot be seen, why this inequality? we have lot of IIT and so called brilliants applying and wasting their time in VISA. we never cared for a development in our own state.

Statistics says India lacks development and research, r&d is very much needed for an organization growth, so what about an organization of 1 billion people ? don't we need a research and development wing ?

Only good news and tribute that we will give to the deceased a.k.a scapegoats will be PROVIDING A SAFE ENVIRONMENT, so that incidents which took their life will never be heard or seen in our soil. that power lies with politicians.

The ParottA ParadE !

The Parotta parade.. LOL, catchy name ?? NO ? :( :( :( .. well, before i begin this post, i confess that this post is my first of its kind on eateries, so far i have been eating all sort of eatable things but never cared about how do they make it, time and fate can put you in any situation that you never expect and am proud to say i wrote a post on cushions oh sorry CUISINE, see i don't even know the difference between cuisine and cushion :)

Now yo readers, take your hands away from mouse or keyboard, now clap your hands as a welcome gesture, see still few of have not followed my words, do it i say... hmm nice now i can hear your applause :)

If you have traveled to Tamil nadu. especially to the road side shops, in night time you can hear a pounding,knocking noises from road side restaurants. no ? then go ahead.. yes ? you also go ahead :)
Parotta parade, just a new name.. like an old wine in new bottle, dish i am going to tell you about is well known dish, i assume well known to people of Tamil nadu, i am an ardent fan of this spicy,yummy dish. we call it as KOTHTHU PAROTTA :P i can hear your words( damn, for this dish you gave this much introduction ?) hehe, yeah what to do, we are forced to survive with a veil :P

This is certainly a non vegetarian dish but even vegetarians can eat(if they wish to eat non veg), i have had this dish in star hotels and also at the road side shops, taste of the road side shops are taller and fatter than the bill of star of star hotels. such a yummy dish to me.

I have watched some recipe making dishes on televisions along with my mom, so with that strategy i will try to explain.

Ingredients required:(for 1 plate)

  1. Obviously Parotta   - 2 N.O(depends on your belly size)
  2. Egg                                  - 2 N.O
  3. Chalna (Kurma, Side dish they give for Parotta)
  4. Chilly and Pepper (as you wish)
  5. Tomato, Curry leaves, coriander leaves.
Tried My BesT :) How It Looks ??
      Interesting thing about this dish is we can do this at our household(most of the people who are ardent fan of this will eat outside) provided that we have Parotta with us, way of doing this dish will be captivating.i have divided the process in to ADDITION AND MULTIPLICATION process.

ADDITION PROCESS:First thing is to breach the Parotta in to small pieces and then chalna(kurma) should be poured all over the pieces and then egg should be stirred and poured over the mixture, if you wish you can add pepper,coriander leaves,curry leaves and tomatoes, perhaps if you need more spicy outcome, chilly powder can be added, for non vegetarian lovers fried meat,chicken can be added.
Now our addition process is over, then we move to multiplication process.


This is pretty much simpler than addition process, here we should just use some spatula or tumblers to make a good mixture of all our components and this mixing mode should be continued for 3-5 minutes, while knocking these ingredients, typical koththu parotta noise(sound) will come, which is the trade mark of this dish.

That's it, simplest dish is over and our Parade of Parotta is ready for serving :)
Tomato sauce will be a better side dish and for those spicy guys, you can have this dish with some spicy non vegetarian dishes, provided your stomach will not get upset :P

So readers, now we dont need starve or mouth water when we hear that TONG TONG sound while traveling through the roads, if you hear those tong sounds, buy all ingredients and do it at home, lets have it HOTTT :)

That's it, SIMPLEST DISH is over and will meet you again (Only if Indiblogger announces another competition on eateries) till then bye from chef Deepak Karthik:) Will meet you again with a funny dish :P

WhaT You HavE, SecreT oR Reason ?

"Boost(energy rink) is the secret of my energy" says sachin, very famous advertisement of my childhood times, i will often mock that phrase at funny situations as a feeble attempt to make people around me to giggle. i never tried to understand what that phrase really means, for me it is an ad endorsed by am icon, not only for me but also for millions of kids and adults out there, it is just an advertisement !

Just look that ad with eyes of toddler, you can answer questions on psychology perhaps discrete mathematics but to answer a toddler and to satisfy his question it takes hell lot of task, so ask like a toddler, what does secret means ??

Secret is something kept concealed from others by a single person or to a limited group, so as the above answer says, secret is something concealed, then how boost could be a secret if sachin discloses to millions of viewers,, ??? confused right ?

i am neither posting about sachin or about advertisements in India, former is a pool legend and records and latter is chamber of more foxes and less lambs. forget it, just take the phrase " Secret of my energy ", it means that secret behind sachin's success is boost, what if i go and endorse, BOOST IS THE SECRET OF DEEPAK'S ENERGY, even the cameraman will throw a pair of shoes at me, so is there a rule, only successful people has secrets ?? am i confusing ?? well..

Secrets and Reasons, what's the difference ?? Secrets are revealed by a person, who tastes a maiden success or bunch of success, where REASONS are told by people who fails to succeed and by those who lost totally.

Understood now ? whatever you blabber after finishing the marathon, it will goes directly to the FIRST page of dailies and whatever truth you say, it will go the corner column of the same daily, so truth doesn't matters much here, all that matters and means is RESULT !

What i am trying to say ?? just nothing, we are people of result oriented, we never see the efforts the true efforts made by a person, we never see the real talent behind a janitor, Not only Matt Damon a.k.a Will Hunting, there are so many will hunting and Ramanujan,Einstein cleaning the floors. why ? just because of a single failure or multiple failures, we label a man as LOSER perhaps as stuff less shit.

Talents are everywhere but to identify the talent it needs a specific talent and to appreciate the talent it needs much more talent, but we don't have such talents much here, so only Ramanujan got Hardy, a person apart from miles and miles to identify a genius. i believe there are so many such genius minds working in factory for daily foods. single person can't be a reason, our society is the main reason for this malnourished environment which bombs public places, our failure to feed and support hearts is turning against us.

Society thinks that a person who studies in IIT as a brilliant and a person of same age who studies in some local college with low marks as a AVERAGE student, these classifications in our system really infects the future of these buds.
Lokpal,FDI whatever it may be, main reform and revolution which India and youth like me needs are in Education, white revolution is needed. Reform our education system, stop asking " where did gopal go ? " in question papers, ask " who is Einstein, Who is Bhagat singh ".

Society makes very few kalam and very few Ambedkar comparing to the total number of kalam's and Ambedkar's that we produced really. failing to acknowledge a talent and keep on digging a person with his failure is thing which i hate most in our society !
I leave it to " Time " to answer it !

Bharath ka BuffOOns(Don't Laugh) !

In the line of of Bharat Ratna,Padma Bhushan etc etc, Indian government must seriously think about giving away awards for buffoons a.k.a jokers,comedians etc :)
Bharat Ratna is the prestigious award to any Indian like that Bharat ka buffoon should be considered, without a doubt we will have so many entries in this categories queuing up.. I have nominated 4 people for this category, thought of rounding it up to 5, if i really think about adding an extra entry it will end up in 100, so enough is enough. lets see the nominees...(drums and guitars playing).

4)MR Rehman Malik (Pakistan Interior Minister) odd one on the list huh ? no, giving away awards to international jokers will certainly popularize this award, ipso facto Pakistan WAS once with India, so no odd feeling and no brother feeling too :P

This honorable interior minister makes us to think, "was he is COMA ?", all of a sudden in SAARC summit, Mr.Malik said that " Kasab is a terrorist ", " he must be hanged", wow invention of the century. this one statement is enough to prove that he is one of the strong contender for this award and at another instance, while Pakistan media displaying some beard morons burning TRICOLOR and raising anti-India slogans, (THESE MORONS are obviously a bunch of cowards, so dont worry abt that incident)
again when asked about that incident, Interior minister of Pakistan says " is it so ?? bring it to my notice ", glad that interviewer didn't laugh. Such a funny minister.

3) Mahesh Bhatt: His second part of name is so accurate to his character, he often speaks and takes film of some strange kind, instead of dyeing his white hairs, this oldie is shaking hands with some porn star and telling " SHE IS A GOOD WOMAN ", i wonder why such kind of things happens here, we can expect KASAB or Daughter of Bin laden soon in BIG ASS sorry BIG BOSS(similar quality).

His son made it in to news during Mumbai attacks and its his turn to support Pakistani comedian cum model Veena malik, his supports flies across borders and i dono what he thinks of himself, a playGRANDPA ?? go play with your grandchild or watch some BHAKTI shows or go for yatra.

2) UMA BHARTI: Should i laugh or cry ? pity to have such politicians in India, " I will burn wall mart " she says in parliament, is it nice to speak as a member of parliament ? she is famous for slapping some official or driver, i don't know and don't want to know, Though dwarfest she is undoubtedly a STRONGEST contender in the list.

1) Mayawati: Huge contention among Indian women politicians and definitely list won't end up without her name, i feel sad for the U.P, while children are dying out of diseases, she is building and opening her own statue, no am not speaking about the elephant statue am speaking about her own statue. Julian assange deliberately insulted her, " sends her jet for pair of sandals " world laughed and U.P cried.if she becomes as PM, India will have 400 states and India national animal will be ELEPHANT and parliament will hold her statue and INDIA will be renamed as INDALIT(perhaps weird than this). with ppl like these, INDIA ??????

I leave the final judgement to you(new nominations are invited ) and kindly VOTE for the best JOKER(toughest job) ???