Absolute Betrayal..

I am no historian and not an archeologist either, i am going to present you a so called article on RELIGIONS, am quite young to understand the functions and fundamentals of religions and i have no belief over them, not only religions i have no trust and belief over all things which have lost their purpose.

Purpose of religion ? i can't spot an absolute purpose, i can say few well known, 1st among them is to LIVE A PEACEFUL AND MORAL LIFE.
Half of the world's population don't know what peace is, but we still present noble prize to crusaders who fights for peace, well without using much words and wasting your time, i begin my post..
I had a SHORT STORY  in my school time called "BETRAYAL", i was not listening to the teacher's explanation and i was caught and asked to write the meaning for BETRAYAL as an imposition. ever since that moment BETRAYAL is an unforgettable word for me.

What is betrayal ? i have searched to confirm the meaning(hehe), Google says  "BETRAYAL- Exhibiting DISLOYALTY".
Disloyalty has become a common thing, it happened and happening and am damn sure it will happen.
If you ask me, what is the worst ever betrayal ? i will say Betrayal is a betrayal, be it for a 1 rupee candy or for a 1 crore car, a betrayal is a betrayal and it is a SHAME.
Still i can point the worst ever betrayal as BETRAYAL OF RELIGION.

Christianity: A Christian is someone who has decided to entrust his or her life to Jesus Christ. A Christian trusts Christ for forgiveness of sin, a right standing before God, and guidance in life.
I have not read much of bible but i admire many phrases in it, i don't know whether Jesus is real or an imaginary one, but his principles are jewels, there are very very few Christians who follows all the principle of Jesus.
But i respect Christianity for it's benevolent activities, which serves and helps poor and needy people, but Since biblical times, Christians have involved in Killing people who opposes Christianity.

*Christians have involved in destroying and killing pagans.
*Female philosopher HYPATIA was brutally killed by some Christian mobs.
*Innocent women were murdered in the name of Witches.
*Countries which has major people as Christians have involved in conquering,invading and killing civilians. 

So ultimately, be it 1 or 1 crore Christians, we have Christians who betrayed their religion by not following to the rules and conditions of Christianity.

Islam:  Islam means. Peace and obedience, most of us after understanding the meaning will feel astonished, yes, Islam means peace,patience and obedience.Prophet Muhammad is an example for tolerance, but what's happening now ?

Airports looks and treats Muslims with a third eye, TERRORISTS are symbolized as people who grew long beards and wear a cap or whatever, Muslim countries are feared to travel and world's deadliest person is a Muslim and there are less peace in middle east, middle east which was once a calm place for development of Islam is not the same now.
All these because of very few terrorist who are just identified with Islam names, of course terrorism has no religion but terrorist has, just because of some 100 200 terrorists, whole religion is treated in a different disgusting way.
In the name of JIHAD, thousands of innocents are killed in roads, who is doing all these ? Is that JIHAD to kill innocents ? Prophet told these things to do ? NO but at this place Muslims have betrayed their religion.

JUDAISM: Judaism differs from Christianity in a very basic way, Christianity believes Jesus as Messiah but Judaism doesn't believes that point, During the Nazi rule and world war times, countless Jews are brutally murdered, why ? just because they are Jews who follows Judaism, in this case Religion betrayed us, but don't worry Jews have also violated their own TEN COMMANDMENTS !
Jews should not KILL PEOPLE

But they are forced to kill people, especially Islam people and till now Israel(land of Jews) are doing that, forcing countless Muslims to stay under bullets and many of them are extradited and serving prisons, her is the place where Jews violated and betrayed their religion.

Buddhism: Buddhism is a path of practice and spiritual development leading to Insight into the true nature of reality...
Gautama Buddha, from royal family cried and worried for sufferers and left all his wealthy possession to enlighten people, in his name and in his words BUDDHISM was started, one of peaceful and respected religions in the world.

Sri Lanka is a nation of Buddhism where we can find tall and gigantic Buddhist statues  but it's real face is "KILLING COUNTLESS TAMILS MASSACRED THEM in the last few years, they killed month old babies, raped women etc etc.."
China's dragon stand over Tibet and  indirectly killing 100's of Buddhist monks.
I believe Buddha will not be happy and will not be smiling by seeing these atrocities.
here Buddhist people have betrayed their religion and Buddha.

Jainism and Sikhism: These are two religions i highly very highly respect, SIKHS have made India proud and they are contributing continuously, their share is much higher than any other religion or region.

1984 Anti Sikh riots which killed many Sikh people and they are just killed and attacked just because of being a Sikh.
Operation Blue-star which is aimed at killing extremist who were demanding separate state, it resulted in Hurting Sikhs sentiments and as a result Prime minister of India has been murdered by her SIKH security man, Why khalistan ? and few people who demands Khalistan are also indulging in terrorist activities.Movements like Babbar Khalsa have certainly betrayed their religions.

Hinduism: According to me and being a Hindu, this is the religion i hate most, certifying people based on their work, what the hell ? Unaccountability and no rights to enter the temple, who gave these people all rights ?

One of the oldest religion and religion with broad views, scholars and astrologists of this religion is world's famous TRUE, but how many people have suffered the ill faced as an Untouchable ?
How many Hindus lost lives and How many Hindu's killed others in Hindu-Muslim Riots ? no god/goddess asks us to give human sacrifice and no god asks us to kill people of other religion.

In the name of temple or Masjid, how many innocents lost their lives and how many families suffered that pain, numerous rules and classifying people based on color,gender and religion, oh man what a shame ?
I am not at all proud of saying myself as Hindu and i am not a true Hindu and so none, BC MBC SC ST FC we are classifying ourselves like TEA BRAND which are to exported.

Religions have done enough cruelty and damages to humanity, just imagine how good this world would have been without religions..
Religions has failed their purpose and we have betrayed their values and teachings.
No one has right to call themselves as a TRUE RELIGIOUS PERSON or whatsoever.

ABSOLUTE BETRAYAL is by Humans to Humans in the name of Religions.....
P;S- Just shared my so called views over the religions, i could-have been wrong in mentioning things and i have got no right to hurt any religious sentiments..
Just made this post after the shameful political controversy of SATANIC verses ! 


  1. Great Insightful Post. Humans have committed many cruelties in the name of religion. But, it is also our duty to understand all religions and it's teachings.

  2. I would say an interesting post...I'll completely agree with you in this regard...and I'm quite impressed to see someone who share my views about this "religion" thing...reading this post was more like I'm reading my own views on religion...

    actually what I'm not able to understand is that why they are dividing everyone by religions and caste...???

    well...this discussion can be continued for ever...without an ending(I guess)...

    anyways...nice post... :)

  3. A good post with a lot of research too! It is not the religion that is making people bad.. but the incomplete knowledge of the religion..!! If we know it fully we wouldnt be fighting.. would we?

  4. A lively post on Religion i must say and what you have posted is true. All religion have their share of fanatics and it is when they interpret the teachings of the religion they follow wrongly and impose it on the people trouble brews and causes disharmony among the people.This has been recorded right from the ancient times when the Greek gods, Egyptian gods and Hindu gods prevailed even before Jesus Christ, Allah or Buddha. Like one of the fellow commenter this discussion can go on for ever !!!

  5. @ArunWell said bro, but often we misunderstand and it ends up in violence

  6. @CYNOSUREGlad to see that, great minds think ALIKE :P :P hehe... yes arguments will never end

  7. @KrishnapriyaThanks KP,if we know it fully we won't fight but problem is none knows it to the fullest :P

  8. @EngramThanks a ton, you made some interesting point.. well said :)

  9. Religion is a guideline to living lives of discipline and morality. The problem arises when religion becomes organized and turns into power politics - of my religion is better than yours, your religion is against my religion, and the only way to realizing godliness is through the self-appointed keepers of religion. That is where all religious strife begins. All religions say the same thing at the end of the day, all religions lead to the realization of our fullest potential. It is up to each individual to accept what is sacred and shun that which is against human values. Great post, Deepak, one that raises a lot of pertinent questions.

  10. once again a great post from you..i completely agree with almost everything written here..infact the most important relegion should be humanity,,killing a 100 people or even one and then going to temples,mosques,churches to wash of your sins??its kind disgusting..and as far as hinduism is concerned me being a hindu believes that because it is such an old relegion the actual teachings of hinduism are either not known or are simply forgotten..i find hinduism too confusing not knowing which god to worship out of 30000 or is it 3lacs i dunno..so i believe in only 1relegion that is humanity

  11. u have good PR great work.....

  12. @Subhorup Dasgupta pretty well said and good points, keep visiting !

  13. that was quite an interesting and thoughtful post...how do you manage to write on such topics...

  14. @rahul aggarwalhehe Just a weird try bro ! nothing big in that !

  15. @rahul aggarwalhehe Just a weird try bro ! nothing big in that !

  16. Again a brilliant post. Really insightful. I believe religion is a personal choice and everyone has every right to choose or support a particular religion unless it doesn't cause any trouble to others. If it works for you and doesn't trouble others then I want to be part of that religion. :)

  17. @Akshay Kumar G thank you bro !
    glad that you liked it and you made some interesting points !

  18. Could you find anything against Jainism ?

  19. brilliant post with a comprehensive study. cannot say much as my knowledge is very limited on this subject.

  20. Simple and straight from the heard as usual. But religion can not be blamed like that. You can also find more examples of good things done because of each of these religions. Also you can find same type of examples of bad things due to each ideology as well such as communism, democracy etc. And if you live without religion or ideology, what is the difference from an animal?

  21. Good Post! First I learnt some new aspects about every religion....What you is quite true - the human race as a whole differentiates itself by religion, caste, sub caste etc. Maybe its all political but then the mindset of people never seems to change. It will do us all good if we all turn spiritual and look within ourselves to find our God

  22. I really admire your guts to post this on your blog. When I am reading lots of posts talking about how right they are(religiously) and how wrong others are, when I was losing hope that today's youth will end being more divided than before, you have given me hope that not everyone is religiously biased even today. I had not big faith in religion even in childhood, and as I grew up I lost all the remnants of it too... for same reasons you have mentioned above.

  23. @Puru@ShadowsGaloreYEs, i just googled it, Jains have involved in killing some Brahmin guys(in history)

  24. @FarilaThanks a ton mam, keep visiting ! glad for your words :)

  25. religion should be defined not sarcastically that it is one convenient factor used for ones selfish cause. Undue usage as you mentioned also is major concern.

  26. Very true of course u have made a moving case for humanity. Sreligion has been distorted as a power grabbing tool which is why it is in the state it is today

  27. Nice post. I have seen many articles like this. People blaming religion again and again. But the problem is not with the religion. Please don't blame religion. Jesus, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Krishna, Mahavira or Muhammad etc. They didn't tell to kill people for the name of religion. In fact, they didn't talk about any other religion other than their own. Because they knew that different religions are just different roads to reach the main goal i.e god or whatever you wanna call it. It's the people's fault. The person guiding others in the name of religion. So, for that each and every one should read thoroughly their own scriptures and holy books. Every thing has the same message and tips to lead a better life, except that in different language. If everyone knew the truth then they wouldn't follow any random idiotic preacher who tells to kill people and degrades other religions. Each and everyone should realize this and change themselves. There is no god waiting in heaven to welcome you up in the clouds. Your senses and feeling are your god and your soul is the temple/church/mosque,etc. So please stop blaming religions and in fact we all young generation should step up and stop those old geezers who spread inhumanity and terror and false hopes in the name of religion. Anyway, thank you for reading and giving me a chance to express myself. I love your blog though. Bye..please don't get angry with my comment, it's just my thought. Keep in touch.

  28. @Sushma Harish well said blasphemy and sarcasm has become parts and parcel of today's religion

  29. @confusedyuppie well said,, interesting point which i missed !

  30. @Hitesh Varshan
    Dear Hitesh, Thanks for your big comment and i respect your views, no offense in that !


  31. @The Fool well said sir, like YIN YANG we have a good in every bad and vice verse :) i accept it

  32. @shwetsr thanks and i am glad that you got some new points !

  33. Religion is opium of masses said Karl Marx.Ppl use religion for their selfish ends,rather than following it honestly.

  34. I beg to differ from your view of Hinduism. Just as you feel Prophet did not approve of Jihad (there are some verses in Koran approving this, especially the ones written after conquering Mecca)Hinduism did not approve of BC/MC/FC/SC/ST. Most of it was done either during British time or after that. Regarding the 4 varnas which everyone talks, it was not vedas or upanishads that proposed these. It was done by Manu- who was kind of a king. Like we have constitution in India, Manu Smriti was a constitution proposed by Manu for his kingdom. Even those varnas were not based on birth, but based on skills/ profession.
    One piece of information. Hindu/ Hinduism is not mentioned anywhere in Vedas/ Upanishads. It is the westerners who gave these names.

  35. @Hariharan ValadyThanks for sharing the info sir !
    whatever it is like every religion Hinduism also has got some back points which will hurt many people !

  36. Good Post Deepak! Though the discussions can go on eternally, let me say that none of the religion advocates violence,discrimination, untouchability and so on. All those vices were inculcated into religions by people for their own selfish ends at different points in time. This is true in case of all religions.

    Hinduism is just a way of life and not a religion as such. The chatur varnyam (caste system) was also a classification of people based on their innate qualities and not on birth.

    Would have loved to write more,but not now...Anyways, it was a though provoking article.

  37. Religion , 1 thing I really wanted to write about , with what I know and what I see around :) ^^ will do when time allows :D n nice 1 :D ^__^

  38. First of all, I have to give it to you for having the courage to take on such a sensitive issue. I'm just reminded of a few lines (which btw make a lot of sense) by a great Malayalam lyricist who said -- Man created religions and religions created gods. Man and religion together divided lands and divided hearts.

    These lines can make everyone do some thinking ;)I wonder if anyone can even contest these lines.

  39. Religion will always remain a contradiction (as it is structured concepts for men/women)..."rules" of Humanity as it were.
    However, consciousness with faith trumps all things man-made.


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)