Angels OR Demons ?

LIFE, none has seen what it is but without Life none can see either, human life is precious. it is very much precious than you brand new apple iPad and imported SUV.
Who knows the real worth and value of life ? to know the real answer, we all must now shift our place to an ICU, don't worry we are just going to watch what's happening there. a quick time travel.. 1..2..3.

"Why you are crowding like this?" few stay and rest of you please leave- Nurse.
"Dear god, please save my kid's life, i beg you"-prays a mother.
"Doctor,please save my daughter, whatever the bills say i will pay it, please save her"- says a father.
Got it ? the value of life, to survive everyday it is like running a marathon, everyday we find it hard to move on. we give more importance to our closed one life than ours, be it our parents or siblings, a human life is unfathomable.

3..2.1 soft hearts, come down. stop feeling :(
So here we are, who is god ? according to me, i always argue God is the person who helps you to survive everyday, DOCTORS these angels in white dress are worshiped as a god all over the world.
So Doctors, i believe they are disguised gods and goddess, they also protects and saves us from diseases, but now the question is are they really god ? or a demon ?

It is damn bad to blame the entire community for the mistakes and damn bad to praise the entire community for their helps, every where there exists a rotten fruit.
Here in TN, private doctors staged a strike, they dint go for work and left their patients to suffer.

REASON: A doctor is brutally killed by a dead patient's husband, we don't know what really happened, media says lack of good treatment, remember a help which comes after the required time is worst than not helping.

So doctors protested for their co worker's murder, what is the real story behind today's medical infrastructure ?? it runs as a PROFITABLE business ?? not a service ??
We are proud of several hospitals which successfully completes a surgery for a foreign national and few hospitals provides free medicine for poor people.
We are blessed to have such hospitals and doctors.

Brave Kerala nurses saved their patients before their end time, they must be worshiped. while having angels like them, we do have some demons in the same category.
I don't have statistics but i still remember doctors reluctantly staying idle to operate just because of no dues paid and doctors drunk and abusing patients.
NO beds for poor patients and only bad words for the uneducated patients.

These all happened and perhaps happening, a question arises, are they really angel ? or a demon ? i would definitely tell " there are very few demon in the million trillion angels".
Doctors must be gentle and smooth with their patients.

Today medicine has become very much costlier and so much of tests to be done, each costs pretty big in bucks, where and what will the poor do ?
At that time if a doctor or an hospital pressures them to pay and get treated, i that fair ?
I feel and i wish we should have some good and fair rules on doctor patient relationship, we copy some creepy television shows and our billionaires builds useless 100 floor residence but they are very weak in philanthropy.
Rich can help to develop medical facilities, we can't expect everything from government.
TATA built a cancer institute, i salute them and their intention, which helped Indians and we must be grateful to them.

Finally, Doctors profession is a service, it is a service to humanity but i feel few provides that for profit and for economic factor we are loosing lives everyday, sometimes it won't come up perhaps it might have been buried.
Work with a passion and work as a service.
At end of the day, you and me runs on the same fuel and that is LIFE.
Put business,profits and currencies aside. look to the soul which suffers..



  1. A nice relevant post. Whether it's police or doctors or govt. employees only their bad deeds makes the news.

  2. excellent excellent post deepak. they r the ones we completely rely on to save our lives. although some of them do but healthcare as a whole is more of a profitable venture.

  3. Very apt - the problem we face is of plenty.So what if a fwe lives are lost here n there...

  4. Absolutely. I wish the newspapers would write something good for a change. I mean I understand that our country has corruption and that yes some doctors are heartless and all that.
    But not all! It's not like every doctor is on a killing spree to get money. We owe our lives to them.
    And million others.

    Great post :-)

  5. service should be the motto behind a profession as critical as the medical
    few understand but few are caught in the race for making more money

  6. I agree. We shouldn't blame the entire fraternity just because one doctor did not do his duty. Though it should be done as a service, which most of them don't, they should know people respect them for what they are and act with compassion.

  7. hmm, you think on all issues good

  8. Awesome post,

    These things ruins many life and hopes


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