10 feet, it was the distance between us perhaps 15 feet; all of us were waiting to drive across the road. He was an old man, I can say with his white hairs and he had a moped, wish he could have waited a bit further, you know fate and mistakes are too costly.
He tried to cross it unfortunately he could not make it, what i witnessed was a worst accident that i have ever seen, seconds later that old man i mentioned was lying below the bus, between the tires and in an unconscious state, everyone rushed up to rescue and the bus driver tried to take his bus backwards, i was in a state of shock and i didn't,couldn't react, wish i could have called an ambulance but before me some good quick soul called an ambulance.

What do you infer?
Mistakes are too costly and we should be alert to our surroundings.
Wait, if that old man knew about what will happen, perhaps he would have waited a bit further to cross.
Now, I am going to share few things which are totally absurd and completely impossible, but still I wish to share you my weird thoughts, kindly read.

"Dear Subscriber. Your SIM card's validity will expire in a day, please recharge to continue our service"
Most of you would have guessed on what I am going to say!

"Dear MR/MRS/MISS.XXX, Your lifetime validity will expire in 10 hours, we provide no grace time, find the best way to reach us and happy journey dude, you are screwed".... 
Yes, if we know that we are about to leave this place, if we know that in 1 hour i will die, whatever and however the process is, electrocution... Mother in law's gas techniques...Our EX hired some hooligans...
If we are aware that we will expire in next 8 hours say 10 hours, it would be certainly very much certainly disturbing like hell and obviously sad news to hear.

Think in this way, if we knew what is going to happen, perhaps we can correct our mistakes and like that old man's situation we can wait to cross.
Think in this way, if we knew about the future, there will not be any surprise any interesting incidents.

Whatever the reason, if we know our end time. we can call our son from states to make him here asap and we can distribute our wealth so that our people wont fight for money and we can enjoy the rest hours by watching our favorite shows, having favorite dinner we can spend the rest with our loved ones and importantly we can select our own obituary photo.
But this is impossible, yes impossible but remember "

If time travel is possible and if we can see the future and if there a machine is invented for predicting incidents and add as many IF'S possible, if if if ...
It will be possible then or at least after some 200 300 years it might be possible, so our great great great children will receive a message. "Your time will end within 8 hours"
SO that they will try to enjoy or mourn for the rest of time they have given !
Purely, it will be like hell to know when we are going to die, shorter the time lesser the mourning :P

Total shit you feel ? well i don't bother, i am gonna write so many such craps hehe...
But remember, our blog will be alive(hope so) even after a century, so our future generation will find my blog and say "see there was a genius who blogged about this machine 200 years ago" hehehe who knows, will it happen ???? SCIENCE is unpredictable like our INDIAN RAILWAYS train, none knows about the future.. there a time may come... 


  1. Haha loved the way you ended.
    If you haven't seen the cartoon series Doraemon, the kid's some great-great grandson comes and gifts him the robot.
    So don't worry and hope that if one such thing has to be ever been invented, a long successor of yours(your son's son's sons's....)may come back to you through it and gift you one such machine to correct your mistakes. :D
    lol I am talking crap too. ;D

  2. @vinay LOL :) vinay, that's an appreciative comment ! Keep doing :)

  3. @vinay LOL :) vinay, that's an appreciative comment ! Keep doing :)

  4. We might not need to wait for 200 or 300 yrs. but may be after few years as there are some unpredictable discoveries & inventions coming up day after day ;)
    One word for your concluding line "Damn!!"

  5. Hehehe insane post illogical too! feeling sorry of the old man. so far i haven't witnessed any accident and i dont wish in future too.. btw, I have heard some where saagura naal therinja vaalum naal naragam aidum! so i dont want my successors to suffer :P :P

    P.s : Nice background score da! soothing indeed ! :)

  6. ha ha reasonably weiiiiired....:P :D enjy reading every word of ur thoughts...:)
    hope Yamraj after read dis post and open an accnt in fb nd twitter nd notifies us...abt the dooms day..:) :P:D
    happy blogging

  7. Shorter the notice, better it is. Otherwise it will be hell knowing the time of death. (I doubt whether we will correct our mistakes. May be we will do more because there can me no bigger penalty than death.)

  8. hahahahaha....nice post
    but if we know the future
    life will not be that fun and spicy

  9. One of the reasons why I blog is, someday my children and grandchildren will be able to connect with me through it when needed. In the past few years, having lost my dear friends to cancer, one thing I found a bit positive about it was they knew they were dying and so set things right before their time came. Sigh!

  10. @Farila good and sensible reason mam !
    hats off :)

  11. yup we ll have that machine one day but before that lets see if we survive till next yr :D

  12. I hope a machine like that is discovered in the near future. You could also write a script for a movie with this idea.

  13. Live so that when your time is short or you know you have only a few can take your ease and await death in the assurance that there is nothing you need to say or do. Greet him as a friend and he will greet you as the same. My best


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