How Secularism Works In India ? ?

Frenzy, this is the word i will use to denote Indians... once we admire and admit a thing in our daily lives, it is damn hard for anyone and ourselves to eradicate it from us, even Surf excel can't remove the stains...
In that list i will add Cricket,Religion and Movies... there might be many more but to me these are visible frenzy promoters...

Cricket,Movies -belongs to a different category but whereas Religion is something more than a strong,Hot word in India perhaps Asia.
Fundamentalist and ardent followers of different religions are wide spread in much higher numbers in India than anywhere else.
Though India is the birthplace of numerous religions and principles, India still follows the SECULARISM.
What is secularism ? A State or country which rejects a common religion and religious consideration as country's Interest...

I read an article recently which provoked me to write a post about this topic,here i go...
Maqbool Fida Hussain and Salman Rushdie are the two examples which we gonna take and talk about...
Their common things, both belongs to Islam community and both of them are highly regarded and portrayed in their own fields, one in ART and another one in WRITING...

What else they have in common ? Both of them earned a severe disrespect and hatred by people across the globe, Hussain damaged the beliefs of Hindus and his awkward and so called art spoiled his own respect and made him to seek asylum abroad.
Where Rushdie with his idiotic and so called novel damaged the beliefs of his own religion and got a Fatwa from Iran's big fish.

What do we infer ? Hussain's paintings deliberately attacked Hinduism at India but Salman's book created a negative cloud across the globe, when Hussain made his idiotic paintings on Hindu deities none from abroad objected it and even our so called MEDIA called it as intolerance against art...

1)Art never compel or force you to draw nude paintings of religious deities, which are considered as sacred symbols.

2)Writing ethics din't compel any writer to hurt religions sentiments including their own,Who the hell are those absurd morons to upset religious sentiments, because i hate religion i can't stage a protest against the religious stuffs, be it absurd or wonderful everyone has right to pursue what they like and no one has right to hurt another person's sentiment...   

Leave those two idiots and let's come to our main point, secularism in India, India is divided in two vast categories, they call them MAJORITY and MINORITY...
When someone speaks against minority people, automatically he will be counted as Pro Majority person and his thought s and behaviors are against our secular thoughts.
At the same time when someone speak against majority people, HE IS REBEL....

Being a Hindu if you support minority people pf India, you will be counted as GOOD PERSON and a person who fights for equal rights, How shame it is ? duplicity i say...
Hussain and Rushdie both committed a great mistake, each of them hurt a religion...

But Hussain is considered as a VICTIM and Rushdie is considered as an OFFENDER, both of them demolished the beliefs of some people, number might differ but both of them are same stupid guys.
How clean we are ? Our Media supported Hussain and treated him like a REBEL, i am glad the Rushdie dint arrive to the Lit fest, still some idiots have read out the verses in that banned book... i will be happy if they are alive.

Our secularism is BIASED, anyone who speaks against minority people are considered as people against Secularism, at the same time when anyone supports minority though they have mistakes they are considered as PROTECTORS.
What does Rushdie and Hussain tells us ?

Never Hurt religious sentiments in a religious spiritual land, if you do so, either you must escape to some country or you must REST IN PEACE..
This is India and not western countries to speak blasphemy, am an agonist just because i hate religions and deities i cant go to public and spread anti religious thoughts. if i do so i will be either murdered or deported.
Secularism In India.. means ?

Protect minority even if they had done mistake and just curse majority even if they are innocent, i can understand the troubles faced by the both kind of people, in the name of interrogation so many Muslims have been jailed for years.
Secularism in India lives only by the name but certainly not in the reality....

Coming to Hussain, am very much happy that he was not allowed to enter India, i wont and any true Indian won't allow a stupid man who painted Nude Bharatmata and that too in the shape of INDIA, how silly and shame is this ?
Now Rushdie the Satan, am glad that he was not allowed to attend the fest, you hurt ISLAM and now they pay back you, in the name of writing you can't write whatever you can, if you write so face these ill treatments..

Wish there will not be any more moron,absurd and idiotic so called writers or painters from INDIA, if it happens.. it is a national shame :(
And our law makers will certainly be ashamed of current situation, in which secularism and religions are used to gather votes and woo voters with their so called reservation and support...


  1. Damn true. people think its cool, hurting religions. Actually its not. Nice post again:) Enlightening :)

  2. Thats really candid! Good work. A refreshing article, although I don't agree in entirety. Nevertheless, enjoyed reading.

  3. @ruhisonalThanks for the visit and comment.. opinions will differ always :)

  4. good analysis. Secularism is taking the shape of what shows up in media and what politicians are propagating! As long as sane people do not lose their beliefs, at least sanity can be maintained.

  5. It's a complicated topic to talk on. And to say that M.F.Hussain should be hanged or killed, is the simple way out. If I support him, then may be I'm using secularism as an excuse, but if I agree to penalize him then I don't think I'm me.
    If nudity was a problem as most say, then may be they should trash down all those erotic sculptures of India such as at Khajuraho.
    How does this look to you:

    May be it was not wise to draw Bharatmata nude, but I cannot judge it. If you see a woman you are ok, but if you see naked Bharatmata you are offended, its just a perception, nude women is pure was his, others thought differently.
    It's like when we say, "I'm naked to your eyes." It would mean I'm an open book to you but some could take it literally and get offended, not that it's wrong, they just didn't share the same perception, and believe me Indians cannot take jokes. I don't know what goes on inside the mind of an artist when they draw nudes but since many do that, innumerable, and have been doing since thousand years and more, I don't think this time was any different, except it was.
    The only thing I know about art is that "It's not always what it looks!"

  6. @Rajyalakshmi VathyamYes well said... only personal interest can save us !

  7. @Harish G. There is nothing called complicated !

    Drawing Bharatmata in nude is like drawing his own mom nude, how crappy it is ?
    Temple walls portrayed nudity as art, that was drawn by Hindu for Hindu !

    If i draw some other religious deities in Nude, i will have my hand chopped off!

    Rushdie similarly done a stupid mistake by taking a pot shot against his own religion, which is equally BAD !

    Certainly Hussain and Rushdie are IDIOTIC ABSURD ASS HOLES !

  8. Awesome, I must say its one of your best posts.
    I have just started to read Satanic Verses, lets see how your 'idiot' ;D has written it.

  9. Strongly disagree with much of the post, but am glad you are addressing and encouraging some form of a dialog. Correction, lovingly disagree with all of the post except that secularism is often the name given to vote-bank politics. Religions are grounded in Godly principles. Gods that feel offended by man's depiction of God, or man's comment on God should be questioning their godliness, not seeking vengeance for man's humanness. All religions speak of peace and tolerance. Why does the same principle not apply to those who choose to comment on and criticize religious views? It is sad that religion has become a tool for power mongering and inducing hatred among people who have lived harmoniously together for centuries. In many senses, the secularism and openness of the digital media and social networks like blogs are the last bastion of tolerance and dialog. With the governments and religions clamoring for censorship in cyberspace, even this space might soon become filled with hate rather than love. :) Very provocative post, Deepak.

  10. @Subhorup Dasgupta I sincerely appreciate your comment...
    well said, but deliberately attacking a specific community will hurt that community very much !
    Who gave them rights to draw nude arts on deities and who gave them rights to write a blasphemous book on a prophet ? it is ridiculous thing to do.. which could have been avoided..
    Glad for your visit and comment subh !

  11. @DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420)

    Yea, I can't take the risk of going in shops searching for it. ;-)
    Ebook on cell is more convenient.

  12. Wise words to follow! I loathe those who attack others' religion. I'm not too sure what Rushdie wrote since I never read the book but I hate Hussein for his ignorance. Great blog :)

  13. Though some aspects of what you write I agree, yet I would say, there are certain expressions which if an unbiased group of 100 people evaluate 60 may say it is against a religion while 40 may say it is artistic expression. Whereas for another art expression 99 or even 100 may agree that it is against a religious sentiment. That is the difference I see in Hussain and Salman's expressions being unbiased to any religion

  14. Dude, with all due respect I do not agree with your post.

    I have only one counter argument, who gave you the freedom to call Hussain & Rushdie an Idiot? You are freely maligning a famous writer and painter.

    Just as you chose to express your freedom of expression to write a post about them, they chose to write or paint about things the way they saw it.

    There will obviously be criticism to it, depending on the culture and society. You can freely criticize their work, comment on the validity of it etc (After reading/seeing their work).

    But people can't hold them to ransom by threatening to attack/kill/send out of country. Only when animals fight amongst each other such things happen.

    We are all educated and learned people and should have the intelligence to disagree with dignity.



    You din't understand the real meaning of my POST...

    I don't care what EDUCATED thinks about me, this is me !

    They have also educated 2g RAJA also educated,, all educated are doing shameful things
    let me be a 1 among them !

    Still i will call those two so called artists and writers as ARSE HOLE !
    I don't want anyone's right for that !

    Thanks for dropping by and expressing your points !

  16. I am sorry but I couldn't agree to anything about this post!
    I could understand why Hussain was shoed off from our country, it is because of the dogmas still inherently embedded in the minds of the masses of our country.We don't mind watching pornography and we visit art exhibitions appreciating nude sculptures or paintings, but when someone paints a goddess nude, just to depict her as a pure woman, the way she was born, we have a problem!Why don't these fundamentalists go and shoot those sculpture artists who make the nude idols of our goddesses and then add clothes on them.They could have just wrapped clothes on a clay form, why work hard to put in all the female features??
    We are just bloody hypocrites when it comes to nudity and just because Hussain was a muslim, the fundamentalist hindus couldnt tolerate his so called "insult" to their goddess!
    I wont compare the incidents of Rushdie and Taslima to that of Hussain's.They are different cases in their own merits, I wont go into the details on that, but certainly I don't support people pushing someone out of the country because of their different views.

  17. @Arnab Maity OMG, i can't believe this !

    1) He drew prophet well dressed, you know that ?

    2) why don't he draw hindu goddess like that ? everyone born nude, his mom too,, why he dint draw his mom or wife ??
    WTF ? i cant digest it

    Porn is different, this is India,, we have to keep shits with in bathroom ! not at drawing hall

    How cheap he is to draw a NATIONAL MAP IN NUDE ART ? SHAME SHAME !
    I can't accept your point and i am sorry for that !
    I don't expect anyone to accept this !

  18. @DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420)

    I don't know why he didn't paint his mom or wife in nude, couldn't ask him either now that he is no more.

    If you think nudity is shit and should be kept in bathroom, I have nothing to argue here, its just your perspective and I cant help you on that.I can show you millions of Indian drawing rooms with nude paintings and they are just admirers of art!

    I guess there is no point in debating on a topic like this, it is just like that eternal half watered glass theology.Some might say its half full and other might say its half empty.It is just the perspective to look at things.

    You will remain with your opinions and use filthy language to address great artists and I will remain with mine,supporting their just as a form of art and allowing them their freedom of expression.

    Let's peace prevail bro, you remain with your opinion and I will with mine.

  19. @Arnab Maity LOL i know that, opinions are subjected to differ !
    I dont expect people to go by my way and neither you !

    Filthy ? hehe ! these people are as filthy as my words.. so never mind that :P

    come on, i have nothing against you or your opinion, why peace ? we are already in PEACE :)
    ok for you again, PEACE PEACE PEACE !


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