Jana Gana Mana Creates a World Record!

While surfing through the list of latest HOT news, i came across this phrase "15K sing Jana Gana Mana and creates a World record" ...
It made me happy, certainly every Indian will be happy and proud of reading this...
so here i share :)

January 26 is our republic day... Republic, Honestly do we know what it is actually ?
Few seconds back with the help of Google i got the answer, here i share...
""A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president...""Though it is not exactly what's happening in our state, we must accept this definition.. 
Over 15,000 people from the city on Wednesday participated in a mass singing of national anthem 'Jana Gana Mana', creating a world record in the process. With a tally of 15,243, they took India into the 'Guinness Book of World Records' for "the most people singing a national anthem simultaneously", erasing the previous record held by Pakistan for 5,800 individuals.Very much happy that we have broken the Pakistan's record..

Republic Day: The best thing about this day will certainly not be the BORING speech from the politicians and certainly not the irrelevant programs from any ABSURD TV channels, but will be the PARADE that happens in capital, it will be great to watch, Doordarshan with it's substandard technology still surviving just because of few function like these...

Flawless performance by the Army guys and also the school children's of Delhi, will be a wonderful sight to watch, i am not lucky enough to watch in straight... i believe someday it will come true :)
63rd Republic day and the History should not be and must not be faded...
Whenever we hear our anthem or any patriotic song, there will be a GREAT FEEL inside us, which i have experienced many time...

So let's forget the SCAM and Corruption charges for few days and let's celebrate the R DAY :)though we are not completely republic and we are just republic in the NAME but not in the action, it's time to spectate the STUNNING SHOW :)
Happy Republic day Indians !



  1. ya man we need something to celebrate atleast.Bricked and battered by media onslaught and Australia stuff,feels we are worthless at times :(

  2. So how do we celebrate republic day in a country that is a faux republic!?

  3. gloom and dooms apart India as a nation is still a great nation with a great history and civilization , a promising future .lets try and glorify our Motherland and oppose all those who try to vilify her :)

    Happy Republic Day deepak :)
    I hav put up The Anthem poem in my blog today :)

  4. It was really good to hear, especially after so much bad news about "cricket and corrupt Indian politicians" from everyone about our country... :P

    OOPPS...I just wrote "corrupt Indian politicians"...only "Indian politicians" was enough... ;)

  5. great post Deepak. Jana Gana Mana always makes us feel great.

  6. nice achievement, congrate you deepak,,

    it is pride of every Indian

  7. I am really glad to know that our favourite patriotic song - Jana Gana Mana - hit the guiness records. Wow...isn't it amazing news for all of us who are proud Indians who has the song in our hearts. I feel very grateful for all the freedom fighters who gave us this opportunity to celebrate this freedom by sacrificing themselves. And I salute all the soldiers who safeguard our country all day and night. Happy Republic Day to you too and to all the Indians.


  8. LOve watching those parade!! :) Every year i watch without missing it :)

  9. Good to know.. thanks for posting.. feeling proud.

  10. Doing such things on one day, being patriotic on 2 days an year is just a drama. An itch to get noticed.
    But, as an Indian. I am proud.

  11. Whenever we hear our anthem or any patriotic song, there will be a GREAT FEEL inside us,truly true Deepak ji....

  12. Thats a great record man.Thanks for sharing

    village girl

  13. :) Good post buddy!
    Hope the wick of patriotism is lightened everyday

  14. I don't get DD in Dar es Salaam. Watched excerpts from NDTV. Parade was wonderful.
    One more thing. On the Republic day (which marks the adoption of our constitution) we should really be proud of our constitution- one of the best in the world.

  15. Good post. But are YOU and YOUR views really a FAUX ? !!!!!!

  16. @Abhinav GO and learn the meaning for faux buddy !
    I am not faux and i exist with my identity... Avoid such absurd comment in future, this blog is spam free !

  17. Right you are, it was a marvellous show as I watched it on the TV. India is a miracle, isn't it? I wouldn't ever think of going anywhere else to earn my living.

  18. Thank you so much Deepak and same to you.

  19. not very good my friend , its because we forget all this that the leaders take us for a ride every year without fail.
    today was the day when we as a ntion shud have got together and asked the questions from the one who are standing behind the microphone and giving us the same speech they did lat year.

    BUT saying that hats off to our soldiers and the people who protect us the Army men...

    I did not watch this year I did not have the heart to watch
    I felt sorry and numb thinking how the martyrs who gave this nation to us to take care of .. how they will be thinking this day what a mistake they have done .. my heart goes to them


  20. not sure what happened :)

    i wanted to say singing the song is the only thing , majority of the people who sang that song probably did not even know the meaning of the words .. or what the strong means

  21. Finally something positive....thanks for this post

  22. Hey that record is made by my city, Aurangabad :)

  23. A not angry post from you at last, eh?

  24. dude... u made me feel good :)
    Indiyeah!! \m/

  25. I am so happy too that we broke Pakistan's record that to by three times their number!

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