Location: Bus Stop
Hero: "Proposes to Heroine"..
Heroine:"Accepts it with a smile"...

Right after that !

Alps mountains
Hero & Heroine: Sings and Dances together with some white and black dancers...

After knowing that Duet song,Heroine's Dad sends a dozen rowdies to thrash Hero.
But our hero manhandles everyone with his 2 legs and 2 hands..
He will kick dozen people in a single kick after that one by one every rowdies will Que up to get beaten by hero, hero won't get a single scratch but all rowdies will have some fractured bones(we must seriously think about pushing hero to our army).

Much Interesting scene, climax.. Villain gang owns Ak-47 which is similar to Akshaya Pathra, vessel in which food will be found always. like that in Villains gun and in our hero's gun "Bullets will be loaded for 100 Rounds or more"
Villain will shoot multiple times but none of the bullets will reach our hero, but hero shoots only one time but it will pierce through villain's forehead :)

How horrible it will be if Tom hanks and Sofia dances in middle of Vatican square(Angels and demons)...

We have a funniest movie industry but with unused talents, we copy only the films not their methods and not even their technologies, we spend crore and crore for a single movie and to market it we need much more bucks but the film will come like a CRAP.. Total crap...
We have talents but we don't have a scope and we don't have a futuristic approach..
everywhere we go for some masala movie, which we should watch without expecting logic and we should not ask questions basically.
But the good thing in having songs is we have got some unforgettable songs of the century, so many musicians and so many singers with their iconic voice mesmerized us, but now we have to think some other strategy...
Youths of today are listening much to pop and some seizure craps, we are very much lured to Hollywood movies, no mistake in that.. they have the content and juice which our industry lacks.
Our media is very much interested in who is visiting who and who is in affair with him and at what time that actress leaves the actor's house, Just like a paid watchmen..

There are lot of youngsters coming to action, but film industry is not differs much from politics, here also we have dynasties and we need someone to sneak in to the industry, talents are next !
Nepotism prevails...
The best thing and innovative thing that our film industry bought is Sunny Leone and some crap erotic movies, some old head Bhatt must be kicked in their Butts..

What next ? i am going to watch Don No 1 :P :P you too watch some funny thrillers..
we have very few films in the TIME'S Movie(guess only 1) list but we have misguided tons of talents..


  1. Hilarious! :) Love your sense of humor! At the same time you bring up a very interesting point about the industry! Nice post! Thoughtful and funny at the same time. :)

  2. Your first two paras sum up half the movies I have seen in the past 6 months!..OMG! Tom Hanks dancing in Vatican..insane!

  3. Thoughtful post Deepak. Songs are great to hear, but not so great to watch sometimes. And there are many other insane cliches in our movies too.

  4. Hi Deepak,

    I have presented The Versatile Blogger Award to you

    Hope you enjoy it!

  5. "pop and seizure crap..." is a perfect description of much of what goes by the name of popular music, but there are a lot of serious innovators in the contemporary music scene. Some of our music directors are doing great work too. Enjoyed reading the post. Laughed a lot, cried a little, trying to make sense of some of the things you write. Please don't change, Deepak.

  6. The very thought of Tom Hanks dancing made me laugh and get diverted from the post for about 2 mins. ;)
    When are we going to learn?

  7. truly said we are good at copying stuff.. for sure I wonder if american film industry will start ot sue us for that too :)


  8. hahahahahha
    start was super
    bollywood means masala
    if any one tries to make a film
    in which audience has to use their mind
    film flops
    aamir khan also said before the release of dhobi ghat
    the film is for class not mass

  9. OMG!! "Tom Hanks & Sofia dancing in the middle of Vatican.." is like Insanity at its peak!!

    Deepak, Very Well! Keep the flow of style going on... \m/

  10. hahah ;) thats hilarious, tom hanks dancing to song, Sophia might still pull it off :)

    Thats why i watch only the best of best regional films, and stick mostly to english. plus 1 and half hours is more than enough for a movie. Cant stand sg theaters for 2 plus hours, would freeze to death.

    Light reading, like a cup of coffee ;)

  11. @vinaywah cinema enthusiast here ! thought you will connect like something similar with film :) thanks a ton vinay !

  12. @Bikramjitthen all our actors will bankrupt.. wy tis kolavaeri ?

  13. Paparazzi- the new watchmen at celebrity homes; that's common everywhere I guess. I believe things are uglier in Hollywood. And it's only going to get worse in India. After all there are people who want to read and watch these juicy details.

    Although there are some nonsensical stuff still happening in Indian movies, I think it has come a long way from the movies of the 80's. We critics are giving the movie makers a hard time aren't we? :) Let's keep writing tough reviews and we'll see better Indian movies.

  14. aha Deepak, straight on to the heart of h/k/t/b/ollywood. Not sure how many more woods are out there. Interesting topic and hilariously written :), Your masala works!


  15. @D.NambiarHmm Hmm a different and hopeful perspective :) thanks for the visit :)

  16. hahaha...loved the the way...for the action scenes...u're right, we've to see movies like "Don No.-1"...I by mistake saw it once... :P

    anyways...I'm still trying to imagine TOM HANKS and SOPHIA dancing in the middle of Vatican Square...leave it...I can't... ;) :P

  17. Nice humor in the mail.. although looks good if I could translate to Tamil and read.. :) and i agree to what u say!!

  18. @CYNOSUREBro then try imagining Will Smith and Jenifer aniston :P

  19. hilarious :) awesome as always :)


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