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"She was bloody beautiful and she has the best face that i have ever encountered”, No use by saying all these words to myself but what if we complement these words to that woman we witnessed ?(quite strange and weird huh)
She may consider us as “Jerk,Pervert, Johnny Bravo” etc etc:) but she will or may have a good,great feel because some strange dumb came to her and complemented her as Miss Beauty perhaps Mrs.Beauty:P.
She will(may) proudly share it to her roommates perhaps to her husband :P
What matters here ?? Happiness and Joy that comes after compliment.
Either positive or negative comments are good because it shows I am still relevant-Justin Guarani.I am not posting this to comment my posts but i know gentle hearts will comment(positively) :P 
Why this post ?
I love reading articles as long as it is short but i do read some big articles and after reading i long  for sharing my views, so i COMMENT them !
Mostly positive rarely negative :P
How to deal with comments ?See, you must be grateful to your readers and as a matter of fact most of them are bloggers, who apparently longs for comments.
It is not mandatory to comment or share your opinion,but a real,true comment will be the best gift to the writer !
after all we are here to express our own perspective at times it may confront or coincide(depends)
Whenever i feel to share my view, i will go comment them.
Your CAPTCHA is WRONG :P – SAID the Spasm Detector
I am poor at eyesight :(
Bloody Idiot your CAPTCHA is WRONG again :P – Spasm Detector
This time i got it..
but i lost my patience, i feel we must provide easy platform for readers to express their views, if you put all obstacles in the way they express, how can you expect them to comment again ??
They are not hackers, they are just poor readers :P
YEs, i accept detecting spam is must do work, but try to do it in an alternative way, in my blog. 
Like there are some style like, if you check the AM NOT SPAMMER check box, your comment will be accepted.
I will moderate comments, i believe there won’t be any CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA with tough alphabets are damn irritating, often it gives a feel of breaking DA VINCCI CODE !
Try the best to avoid CAPTCHA, am no tech expert, try Google to find an alternative for spasm detecting and try your best to avoid CAPTCHA.
My Bitter Experience:
Few days back i went to”X” site, which is quite famous but there a super soul deliberately abused me in wonderful words just for expressing my view(though it stupid) and labelled be as IGNORANT dumb retard :P
It is the best way to label and treat,abuse readers, only if you wish to stop them reading your articles :)
If you hate their comment and if you feel it is offensive better remove it, abusing at them and labeling their view as IGNORANT is what i call as FOOLISHNESS !  
I have removed several comments which i felt as offensive, i know that’s a worst thing, i just do that to avoid useless arguments.
Sharing views and padding up views are two different things.
Another kind of blog, to comment your view, you must learn math tables,
7*_ =21 ?
I often burst to laughs, what a crazy idea ? this is innovative, but sometimes irritating for poor dumb in math(like me).
Sometimes CAPTCHA code will be empty, but still it asks us to fill :P
WAR OF WORDS:A blogger friend criticized me for pasting links beneath my comments after that i stopped adding my link with my comments(only @ her site) comments are the better way to promote your blog, give them a link while commenting, it might help some total stranger to give a visit :)
If you think that leaving links as strangest thing, we should not be leaving link at any place, we are all here to express and publicize things, whats wrong in sharing links ? is that a sin ? it's a way to lure readers, perhaps a easy way to become a seasoned blogger !
Comments will make you a different person, i said about the honest comments !
At end of the day, we are here to share our views in the form of BLOG, be good and do good, which i am trying to do :P I just shared my opinion. din’t say anything in an intention to HURT any bloggers for their CAPTCHA…
Just felt it is irritating to fill captcha all time, so if you wish you can look on that, if majority feels that captcha should be there then i have no issues :)
Happy Blogging (No Comments)..
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  1. Haha. I have never seen a more elaborate post about fellow bloggers commenting. Its importance and all.

    Btw bang on post.
    Thumbs up.

  2. Once again a deep insightful post from you.
    I totally agree with you.
    Sharing links is no bad thing but sometimes it gives the impression as if we are asking for favor by commenting on their's to comment on us. :P

  3. @vinaywell said.. but it all depends on how we take or how we see it !

  4. i have tried many ways to peomote my blog.fb,google+,digg.our blogs get promoted only by reading others blog and encouraging them..this is what i realised in the past few months

  5. Hey Deepak, loved reading the article! The math waala captcha sure is irritating... it makes me do the work I've assigned my calculator to do for ages, so 7 times 8 plus 4 reminds me how I have become dependent on technology ;)
    By the way, I must share my happiness with you: My househelp arrived today morning (referring to my Househelplessness) article :)

  6. As usual, you have traveled between several distantly related points in your post and managed to hold them together with your weird and warm style. One of the hallmarks of mature blogging is that the comments section becomes a broader and more inclusive extension of the dialog that the blogger starts with his post. Unfortunately, in the race for readership and exposure, much of the comments we find are of the "nice post. check out my post on my blog" type even if explicitly not stated in that way. As for someone calling you an ignorant dumb retard, remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how offensive it seems to us. Some of your posts actually have me wondering about your sanity :), but people felt the same way about Archimedes, Galileo and even Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, so don't let other's judgements bother you. You may be little cracked but you are a good egg. Your posts make me smile with all their disjointedness, their whacky syntax, and their genuineness. For every fan of your blog, it is only in the interest of balance that nature provides you with a foil. That is how it is in every aspect of life. May you, yours and your readers all have a wonderful Pongal.

  7. @Subhorup Dasgupta thanks a ton subh :) lol, i liked your description for me :P
    whacky,cracked :P :P hehe !
    glad to see those, am what am :) simple :)

  8. well if one hates comments etc then they shud stop blogging, its a public forum so all can come and read and everyone has their own view on it.

    If one doesnot want then they can make their blog provate.

    and I dont like the idea of promoting one's articles, I mean I write what i think and do .. its upto others to come and read. we cant force someone to read it.
    THe same thing with the indiblogger VOTE system , I doubt if everyone reads the whole article before prssing the vote button, I mean what are we voting for .. I feel that if you vote then at lesast read the article and put a comment good or bad whatever it is ...

    All the best and keep blogging


  9. @Bikramjit Well said :)
    people will have different opinions :)

  10. nice post...i hate the word verification...as far as 'bad' comments are concerned, in a public forum people will have opinions...no poing getting angry over it :)

  11. @KHOJ
    thanks a ton SUB :) glad that you caught my point...
    no point of getting angry over it ?? hmm tough to follow but have to try :)

  12. o yeah! true women may act pricey but love compliments :D

    As for comments, sometimes ppl leave offensive comments that "cannot" be ignored and also need a retort....but its fr blatantly offensive comments


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)