I don't believe much in Religions and their ideologies, according to me GOD is someone who saves,protects,helps us in our needy time, i certainly don't believe in ONE god formula, according to me everyone has god and of course everyone has a devil inside us as well.
So there are GOD'S as many as our POPULATION.

Just with a disbelief over god i can't,won't do profanity, we must value everyone's opinion, in that case we must hear everyone's opinion right ? so i want an opinion from GOD, opinion about what you ask ?Am ready to start...

There are two things which India has it in enormous 1) Never used Talents 2) Never polished Temples.
Temples according to me are architectural marvels. which we fail we to take care and recognize.
Crowd and Que are very very familiar things for a country with billion population, especially in a holy country and especially in INDIA.  wherever we go we can find crowd, equator with white,grey,black hairs visible, but this equator is a real line.

Temples will lure devotees high during their tough times like in recessions, whenever problem arises people visits temple and offer some bribe, "Dear god if you help to clear my Arrear papers, i will offer 108 coconuts", some big shots will submit their income tax files there.
We have a temple which is very much richer than some poor countries of the world, but we have no use of it other than having some cheap tourism.

1) VIP QUE- 1000Rs/Head

2) SPECIAL QUE- 500Rs/Head
3) ORDINARY QUE- 250Rs/Head
4) POOR QUE- 0Rs/Head but stand now for tomorrow's darshan !

This is how we classify people who shows up at temple, god there inside is the same and one for all, but the Que which leads to see him is NOT THE SAME !
In certain temples, there exists a BAN, DALIT'S should not enter, simple reason behind is he/she came from an another DALIT woman's WOMB.

Women having their menses will not go for temple, not that they are interested but they are stopped to enter, because they are UNCLEAN., just ask " ARE EVERYONE WHO ENTERS TEMPLE CLEAN ?", some people never baths and some would have smoked and some still would be in a delirium.
Funny fact, the politicians and ministers can visit when they wish to, because they are in higher post and they are government servants.
Rich heads can giveaway some money and finish their darshan asap.

Do you think will there be a strategy in any other country ? or in any other religion ?
Quite shame.
We grade people with their money,caste and gender.Religions are some set of laws, which we framed ourselves and which are aimed at higher,harmonic lives.
But What's really happening ?

Without a proper management, STAMPEDES and in matter of seconds, holy places are turning in to a burial grounds, surprisingly god inside the holy temple is not coming out and saving his devotees, who else saves ?
It's the ambulance,driver,nurses,doctor,cops and some brave hearts.
Now who is god?
and oh my god why this partiality while visiting you ? why this superstitious stuffs?
i am all ears to hear your opinion. 


  1. well am not a very relegious person as in i dont blv in visiting temples to reach out to god my opinion is for everyone their is a dfrnt way to rch out to god n 4me god is in my heart..i tok to him like i wud to a friend in my mind..tetemples for me hve lost der sanctity most of them have i rmbr when i went for my car pooja once long back i had to stand in que and pay 500 n get a reciept fot the pooja n once it was done out of happiness i handed 100buck to the priest who said is se kya hoga kam se kam 500 toh since then i more or less stoppd visiting temples due to the corrupt trusts that run it and the priests who have forgttn their purpose in ur post

  2. I have stopped thinking about religion... it has done more damage to humanity than benefit. But then it is us who are to blame. Religion like fire, will depend upon the one using it. You have touched sensitive points in your posts.. hats off to you.

  3. @alka narula God is your heart. A POINT TO REMEMBER :)

  4. @Farida Rizwan wow, simple and superb expression ji, yes well said HUMANITY is to be blamed !

  5. there is no reason to believe that god exists only in temples, thats something ppl like us have built and now u have to pay for ur visit. i cannot say much bout this subject as for me its all too confusing.

    as usual, an excellent post.

  6. @factsandnonsense I like the first line of your comment very much :)
    Thanks a ton bro !

  7. According to me, I don't believe in the god that we see in temples or other holy places. For me, my parents are my god, my friends are my god. Because they are the ones who will be there for you when you need the most.

    And also people who help my family or my friends when they are in need, they are my gods too. :)

  8. Very well said Deepak. Religion is used (or misused) for continuing a class, caste and gender divides.

    I particularly wonder what good has religion done for women in every religion? How would life have been for women if there was no religion?

    We really should move away from organised religion, towards making religion a personal matter. To each their own gods and everybody should be free to pray the way they find peace.

    And no mediators should make rules for how gods are to be worshiped.

  9. just a nice way to make money in the name of god!

  10. True true. I mean every word. It was as if somebody had stolen my thoughts. I am not that religious person too. And when I sat that I mean not even a little bit. And these people classifying the population at a temple is evidence of how fake the whole set up is.

  11. Well said DK! I personally feel discriminating an individual in a temple is complete nonsense infact insanetoo but we can't help it out even if want too.. and the hard fact has to be mandatorily accepted is partiality exist in every other thing..isn't it?!? from schools,temples, hospitals and many more.

  12. You have raised some interesting issues. Religion and God are not synonymous. God is something that is so abstract! Sometimes I think it is nothing but our conscience ( you remember the film Anbe Sivam?). About bribing god through donations and prayers I think it is really silly because how can we attribute to the almighty some stupid thoughts like ours! And about the purity pollution issue- it is again socially constructed.

  13. @Meera Sundararajan yes weel said mam, conscience is god nothing else, but i feel religions are formed based on either a god or messenger

  14. Great post.Temple have become more or less like movie theaters, with its various price range. May be, mankind likes to make money, than worshiping god

  15. Lol on the never polished temples bit. My husband and I routinely discuss how the Golden Temple is so well taken care of and all the lengths they go through to keep it sparkling all day long while nearby Durgiana Temple is always dusty, dirty and no one seems to care if the paint is chipping off the idols. It's sad in some ways but very interesting to see.

    Many religions lure you in and expect you to pay a pennance for your troubles. In history, Christianity used to require you to pay 10% of your pay and in addition if you committed a sin and wanted to be forgiven then some sects of Christianity allowed you to pay a fine and you could be free from the trouble. Religious cults still work the same way. They entice you to give all your worldly valuables to them and live free. It's just sad what things are done in the name of religion.

  16. Good Post Karthik...I am all in agreement that temples need to raise their own funds through devotees who visit them. However, when they go overboard it is indeed sad. Over and above the official price tag, in some temples there are brokers who offer to take you to the beginning of the line at a price much to the chagrin of those who have been waiting for several minutes:(

  17. thanks, but I am not making imaginations in my head, thats the fact. he really sympathises with the canadian star because she is of punjabi origin and dislikes the other one because she is a UP brahmin like me...

  18. If God is everywhere then where is the need to go to temples?To me ethics & humanity are the biggest religions;& of course doing my duty to the best of my ability.I should have nothing pricking my conscience-then i think God will be happy with me.So there!

  19. "and oh my god why this partiality while visiting you ? why this superstitious stuffs?
    i am all ears to hear your opinion." If you do get an answer, please also let me know! :)

  20. religion has lost the meaning ... it is for those who use it as business nowadays...

    had a similar experience when i had gone ot mysore to a tmeple the taxi guy took me through all these places without the que and 100rs to a priest and i could go right inside and almost touch the diety while the rest of the public was far behind ...
    felt embrassed more like


  21. @PriyaYou have better experience than anyone else :)

  22. @sunil deepak sir, i mentioned everyone who reads this as GOD :) you me and all those who have mentioned their opinion :)

  23. @BikramjitIt' happening everywhere, thanks for visiting !

  24. I think everything has become a business these days, every place not just temples. It's a pity though. Hope people realise it and make changes, internally;I mean mentally.

  25. Pertinent questions. Everyone these days are asking the questions. Rot has set into the Hindu religion these days. But there is lot of value at the core which one should seek out. But unfortunately we have two kinds of people today. Ones who are like totally discrediting the religion. Loss of faith in religion leads to a kind of void. They end up trying to fill up the void by gravitating towards more fanatic religions and ideologies or turning completely hedonistic. On the other hand you have people who are like blindly defending the religion, both the good and the bad, without looking inward to see what needs to be corrected. Need is for balanced people who see what is good and preserve that and see what is bad and clean that up. Don't find too many of those.

  26. worshiping god or visiting a temple or going to a park for recreation has all become a business nowadays ..

    i remember i was asked to pay to keep my chappals on the stand on my visit to some temple in Hyderabad .. it was quite a shocking things for me to experience...


  27. Good thoughts! I am sure you have heard of the Tamil proverb "Saami varam kuduthaalum, poosari varam kudukaadu" - Even if God grants you uoir wish, the priest wont! All this strategy is just to make some money - money that is never really put to good use but goes into many pockets! On top of that you forget the business regarding the "prasadams" most of such said prasadams are made exclusively for selling and not really offered to good! In a country like ours, as long as there are people that wont care and will throw money, things may not really change even after 100 yrs!!!

  28. welcome to India...yahan bhagwan ke ghar mein bhi bribe hoti hain!

  29. Yes , you are right..but what can we do? "It happens only in India!"

  30. first most love your blog..and nice read :)

  31. Well not religious at all. Religion is the outcome of fear and manipulation in religion started long back in Greece and India when the priest and the Brahmins started dictating terms on behalf of God. What started as convenience then continued till today. beautiful religious songs have now changed to loud music and I am not sure which book on earth has informed us that GOD like loud desi numbers. Sad...

  32. Why do you smoke tobacco ? No answer, but yes I do. Many say like this.
    Why do you drink alcohol ? No answer, but yes I do. Many say like this too.
    Why do you go to temple ? No answer. but yes I do. Many say like this as well.
    These are some of the things that people do without logic or reasoning . But yet there is some compulsion for those who do it.
    Though there is a free will for each and every human being, the free will is not free from fear and influences of various kinds. To come out of those, one has to have a strong mind empowered by education, self awareness and fearlessness.


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)