OrphaneD KidS

He/She was with us for a year, for all holidays and for all summer and winter, he/she was with us and now he/she is no more, no traces about his/her position. to be precise he/she is GONE, but by mistake there are some thankful souls who remembers him/her while writing DATE, yes some people will still write as 02.01.2011..
            2012 a new year but just like old wine in new bottle, as old as our cops gun, yes those GUNS left by British but still in existence. sarcastic ? fine, This is my fresh post of 2012, i don't want the very first post of 2012 to be a conventional useless one(sarcastic) !
         Here we go, China takes resolution but only Vatican accomplishes the goal, confused ah ? Just tried to convey " Large number of people takes resolution but only few follows it ".
              In my college, i have a friend who smokes more than 5 cigars a day and all of a sudden he challenged that he will quit smoking as 2011 new year resolution. forget him, as he is busy in  borrowing 5Rs everyday from his roommate to smoke a cigar:P Alike our politicians POLL TIME VOW, if we come to power.
              Alright, as i said. i want 2012 to be a smooth year, so i have some how managed to collect some information(usually i am lazy to do). what i have collected ? here i begin my chain saw.Virtues- Some good qualities, According to me, everyone born as human,jimmy, Tommy has all characters like anyone else in the world but the percentage of those characters differs. 

Be it Tata or some street side Beta all born as humans have all characters, from devilish to Angeline.Take a list of jobs, jobs which are easiest in the world. i am damn sure ADVISING will be one among the list, here i do the easiest job but for some good cause i believe, no one is perfect in this world to point out others mistake, but someone is better than someone and someone is worst than someone.
Ten Virtues Which i believe every man and woman should have, not 100% at least 10% will be worth living ! 
If you feed a hungry man for free once in your life time, your life is not a wasted one.

1)Acceptance: Acceptance is much needed virtue, which i really don't have. but i know very few people who will accept life as it comes, if we accept and satisfy ourselves with what we have got, there might be no improvement in our lives but for sure there will be happiness,Poor man who feeds his family 3 times per day and keeps them happy is very much happier than a divorced billionaire who eats 5 times a day and lives all his money by himself.
2)Charity: Once i was hurrying up to catch a  Chennai sub urban train, i was running. one hand pulled me suddenly, that person's another hand was holding a month(s) old baby, he was speaking a language which i don't understand, but i understood what he wants, he asked for money, i considered him as a CHEAT and left him, while i was waiting for train, i had a discomfort feel, I SHOULD HAVE HELPED him i said myself, i went back to him and gave some buck  and returned. i had a feel of WINNING a WORLD CUP !Happiness that comes after helping someone to taste something he wants is the BEST i would say !

3)Courtesy: I think there should be SAVE courtesy campaign alike we had one for Tiger, courtesy is dying. when someone helps us in a needy time and needs a same when he is suffering, a good man will not leave him unnoticed, i got benefited from him now he needs me, i must help him- this is what a good soul will say ! everyone who says and who has courtesy with them, they are liable for NOBLE PEACE PRIZE.
4)Determination: Without telling the destination, if someone asks for the distance, he will be either slapped or admitted in asylum. without knowing a target none can chase it, we must know a target and a strong determination to taste them.
5)Humbleness: Amount of white elephant left and amount of people with humbleness will be more or less equal, humbleness is something that every human should have and especially people who are richer and people who are at peak should and must have.

6)Loyalty: Here my hero comes, when someone address a human as dog to hurt him, i will call him as an INSANE IDIOT, there are some people who are poisoned by their relatives or servants, but i have never seen a dog which bites its owner who fed it all his life time. loyalty means a lot to me.
7)Respect: Indian languages has something which English lacks, "hey Tom down have a seat" " Jimmy sit down ".. which one of them is DOG ? Respect is earmark character for Indians,Asians. so only we allowed White skin to rule our land and enjoy our resources,But today.Respect is lying down in ICU.
8)Sincerity: I don't think we all have it so much, it exists only in the LEAVE letter or permission letter, your sincerely xxx. but there are people who will sincerely do a job which has been assigned to them. without sincerity  we cannot execute any of the good or bad virtues.
9)Trust: If world is a car, Trust will be the steering wheel, i ain't say this, there is a Tamil proverb often used but seldom followed, when trust breaks all of us will sink. yes, trust is much needed virtue, we are not dolphins to sleep with eyes opened. if we have someone with us to trust upon, they care the luckiest person according to me.

10)Wisdom: last but definitely not least, to quote an example for WISDOM, to drive a car we must know which one is accelerator pedal and which one is brake, we can't begin a journey by pressing BRAKE pedal, without wisdom all other virtues are just like that.

These are all the 10 orphaned kids and there are so many like them, I believe instead of taking resolution and finding hard to coping it, we can have a resolution everyday that we live, to accomplish a happier,satisfied,worthy life ! My easiest task of so called pointing the points got over, my 2012 resolution is to make someone smile everyday and to live a satisfied, joyful 365 days !


  1. I was somewhat confused at the beginning of the post. I mean the title told me to expect something and here was something else. But in the end, it all was clear :-)

  2. Well said. With youngsters like you, India has a bright future

  3. Well said. With youngsters like you, India has a bright future

  4. Quite appealing post.
    Had come across that situation you mentioned in charity a couple of times, when small kids came and asked for money.
    But then now I have started to buy something for them to eat from nearest stalls instead of giving them any money them because they never get the money we give them.

  5. deepak ....to beautiful a post dude...really loved it :)
    what an unusual way of expressing such a serious yet lovely topic..exceptionally well conceived nd expressed..:)

  6. i completely agree with you .. let your resolution live for a day and make sure you finish it on the same day!!!

  7. @vinay Well said vinay :) Thanks for visiting !


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)