"The PorticO"

I have no other job and  more importantly, i deactivated my Facebook,Orkut etc. Twitter has no joy unless you are a star, what else ? BLOG and there is another reason for why i started blogging, i am expressive. be it euphoria or sarcasm, i will share it straight. why i am telling all these ? Because i don't know how to start this post, so just bluffed :P

The Portico is my new blog on wordpress platform, i have decided to use that blog to promote bloggers, amateur,professional whatever blogger you are, i can help you at least to get 5 more readers than your regular stats.
One common question i come across from new bloggers, they think me as a better one(definitely am an amateur kid blogger), i have no idea on how to reply that question, "HOW TO PROMOTE OUR BLOG ?"

There are few people, who try to show that they blog for self satisfaction, obviously at some part of time we have to blog for others and we have to know what others like from us, what's wrong with our writing, these are all possible only when someone reads our blog !
For prominent bloggers, they have no worries, all round the clock they get visitors, but for someone new like me, it is quite difficult to grab visitors.
If we write impeccable posts we will be a PRO BLOGGER on some other day !

The Portico is the blog, which shares your posts and gives a backlink to your blog, which helps you to get some more readers, so by letting someone analyze our posts, we can understand what's wrong and good with us !
It will be pleasure to see someone quoting as "AMAZING STUFF", i have experienced it, they might have lied but certainly it makes me happy to see some +ve comments !

http://deepak360.wordpress.com/  Just a feeble attempt to help upcoming bloggers :)
So Pro bloggers, help upcoming bloggers like me to keep writing by keep visiting !


  1. well u promoted my blog on numerous occasions and always have the intention to promote new bloggers. ur wordpress blog will be an amazing platform for so many newbies who write exceptionally well but no one reads them. however, at the same time we as individuals have to take the initiative to find readers for our blogs. i wish u all success in ur endeavor.

  2. That's great work Karthik...We all need promote the talent. I don't visit you that often but whenever I do, it's worth it. Love the idea...

  3. @Saru Singhal Oh is that SARU ?? I have a AMERICAN ARMY behind me :) yeah !

  4. Twitter has no joy unless you are a star --- hahaah love that.. very true..


  5. I too had the same thoughts from the past few days. So just yesterday made this group, hope people join it and it helps everyone.


  6. hmmm all the best with it, and good to see someone promoting bloggers.

    I dont think anyone is prominent or someone is not prominent , I have been on blogs where there has hardly been a comment but the article is better then what a professional would write.

    Its all about what you write and how you wrie .. and it does take time to know and be known..

    All the best Take care


  7. Nice venture..all the best..i know how difficult it is to get people to read! :)

  8. Wish you all the best in your new venture.. Hope to be a part of it someday.

  9. Nice idea :-)

    We need such promotions! I have been reading your blog the last couple of days..and i should admit..i like your writing!

  10. @Ana_treek thanks a ton, i invite you all there :) it's my pleasure to host you all:)

  11. Deleted Facebook account? How could you????? Please teach me :)

  12. @Kumar Bibek halo bro, its a simple procedure
    plz put that in google :P

  13. Sounds like an interesting idea... what I love about the blogosphere is that if you have an idea, then you have ready opportunity to try it out, all you need is the will to do it. And the best way to find out what works is, to try it.

  14. Sounds Good Deepak. Hope to see something more than splash pages and single page websites slashing 70% of their rates to help(!) us with a ebook to promote our blogs.

    Hope to see more of you now


  15. that's very interesting to see someone coming up to promote other people's blog ...

    i believe we always learn when we write and interact with other bloggers .. promoting someone will always help the person in gaining confidence and getting to know others in the world of blogging !

    good work Deepak !


  16. so thoughtful of you deepak to help newbies like me nd many who dnt get much readers , sob sob :( ,:P :D
    u r a grt blogger no doubt nd write sum exceptional stuff recently d 10 orphans..dat was truely awessssssssoome..:)

    thnx for ur generosity , am sure it wll be of grt help to new bloggers :)


  17. I too tried to deactivate FB, orkut and others... but then again i was compelled to activate.. yu see, i was kind of addicted..

    Worst was i even deleted my first ever blog that i created...

    Anywys Nice thought.. and do on a selfish note.. promote my blog too :D :D

    Best wishes

  18. You have a cool blog. Thanks for visiting my blog!!


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)