Pursuit Of HappYness...

pursuit of happ(i)yness...
There are only 2 kind of Movies ever made...

1) Movies, that we will watch till credits(which runs around for 5 minutes), we will crave "Why don't they extend it ?"..."Why don't they have a sequel".."i will watch it one more time".
2)As you have guessed, other kind of movies will makes us to ask, "When this crap gonna end ?" "Why did i come here to watch this crap?" perhaps most intelligent souls and time keepers will walk out as soon as they touch the limit of patience.

But there is a 3rd kinda movie, tough to say that movie as only one of it's kind, there are several such wonders, if i were GOD perhaps a richest billionaire alive on milkyway galaxy, i will persuade all the selectors in this galaxy to give this FILM all the possible awards in all categories.
"Pursuit of Happyness",i have watched it quite a times... but every time when i watch the climax, i will say this to myself  "i have to watch it again".   

I am not going to tell the story or what i liked it, i am just going to share my euphoria and share my some of the unknown and unnamed state after seeing this movie.
This part of the state i call it as "UNKNOWN STATE".

Every man and woman will have tough tougher toughest time in their lives, few has it emotionally, few economically and few in both kinds.
This movie must be added in all dictionaries officially as a replacement for the word FATHERHOOD.

This movie tells, how a man fight hard to excel, remember not as a bachelor but as a FATHER, this father fights for his future, fights for his dignity, fights for his son and fights for happiness and at the end he accomplishes.
Will smith exceptionally expressed the emotional scenes.
i will share you the one which affected me very badly...( MUST check this one)
This movie to me is a ray of optimism, ray of courage and a ray and an example for a PERFECT FATHER.
Every dialogue of this film must be in Unforgettable dialogues list.
We have 100's of movie to speak about motherhood and certainly motherhood and mothers deserves much better than what we portray and what we praise.

At the same time what about a FATHER like this guy ? for your information this movie is based on a real story not a reel one, an inspiring story that inspires every troubled heart and a must watch master piece. if you haven't watched this movie, don't comment, but watch.. may be in a month,week or years, you will remember this post and then come here and share your views, am not exaggerating anything.
This movie is definitely An elixir composed of Optimism,Love and Courage.
I find shortage with words and phrases to explain about this movie, i would rank this no 1 in Must watch movie.!
for more CHK THIS:The_Pursuit_of_Happyness

There are movies which will make you laugh, will make you cry and will make you think.
This is a movie which will make you to do all those listed above, an INSPIRATIONAL MOVIE !

MEMORABLE QUOTES Pursuit of Happiness:
  • Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.
  • This part of my life, this part right here. this is called "happiness".
  • Don't ever let someone tell you you can't do something,. Not even me. All right?
  • You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. You want something, go get it..


  1. I am a great fan of will smith and I have watched and will watch every single movie of his.. and I love this one..! It's a spectacular movie that leaves you with so much optimism and the zeal to go live your dream! Thank you for taking me through that beautiful movie again..

  2. Deepak , your review is great. Wonderful inspirational movie , a must watch for all.

  3. Sounds interesting. The clip you have added induces interest.

  4. I'll completely agree with you Deepak, This is among THE best movies ever made...I've also watched it quite a few times...and obviously along with the movie...WILL SMITH has put a "cherry on the cake" with his excellent acting... :)

  5. @Gayathriyou two lines are too stronger than my whole review :) thank you !

  6. @CYNOSUREwell said sarab :) thanks again for your visit !

  7. A exceptional move, absolutely inspirational. I cry every time I watch it. It inspires me, fills me with hope. Will Smith is a class apart. Stunning acting again.

    Great review bro. :)

  8. @Akshay Kumar G i will have the same reactions :)
    thanks for your comments :)

  9. It's one of my favourites too .. as a parent now to Smera I must go back to watching this movie to keep myself inspired .. Thanks deepak for reminding me ..

  10. superb movie i watched it in 2007 and really loved this movie

  11. A really great film that one can watch over and over. ANother film that I liked was Road to Perdition.

  12. @Subhorup Dasgupta Road to perdition is fantastic piece, but this one has an edge over it sir :) thank you

  13. watch "Seven pounds" another masterpiece from Will Smith .. quite an inspirational movie this one !

  14. @rahul aggarwalI have watched that too bro, it was not as great as PUH... but a lovely movie too

  15. Agree with you.. it was touching movie.

  16. its one of the best movies i have ever seen......:)

  17. Totally agree:) It's a moving story.

  18. yup! an awesome movie..
    more than that you have a cool look on your blog dude...

  19. :) I love this movie too.
    Told about the movie, well without revealing the story!
    Good Job!

  20. This movie has always, like always, moved me to tears. And trust me, you've chosen the best scene out of the whole movie to depict how beautiful and heart rendering a watch it is. Amazing movie. And amazing review. Kudos to both! :)

  21. •Don't ever let someone tell you you can't do something,. Not even me. All right?

    lovely qoete.. powerful enough to change someone's view about life.. :)

    i love dis film and this review too... cheers..

  22. @Mahima Yes, well said :) thank you.. keep visiting !

  23. a really nice movie...i did not watch until today. but after reading your post, i watched the movie and i was totally moved. i already like will smith but now i love him man... he's awesome. nice emotional and fatherhood movie. a total lesson of not giving up.

  24. I luv this movie and wouldn't mind watching it again and again,.So inspiring! :-)

  25. Even I don't have any words when it comes to this movie. I fell in love with Will Smith after watching this. This is such an inspirational movie. I didn't watch the sub-way scene that you have posted here coz it makes my eyes burn with tears. And I love the way you have adopted the narrative style from the movie. Good work :)

  26. my all time fav movie too and evry time i watch i too decide I gotta watch it again!
    it makes me full and also vacant at the same time
    The whole post is parallel to my thoughts too :)


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